what we do

About Us

Expert Chikitsa has largest network of Hospitals who provides high quality treatment and world class facilities at affordable cost. All our doctors are highly experienced and performed numerous surgeries in critical cases and got us paramount results. We have our presence throughout India (Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune, etc.) and currently we have 45+ Multi-Specialty and Super-Specialty Hospitals in our network.

Expert Chikitsa Vision: Transform Tertiary and Quaternary health care services to be more Accessible, Affordable and Acceptable.

Expert Chikitsa Belief: Healthy Life, Happy Life.


Below are key differentiates or unique way we want to serve our patients,

1) We provide multiple treatment plan and surgery options to patient and enable them with all required information. Patient has Freedom to choose best option based on Quality, Cost and availability. We provide expert advice to patient for making decision.

2) We collaborate with only Hospitals which provides high Quality medical treatment and can perform complex surgeries. 

3) All our consultants understands medical terms, treatment plan and surgeries. We can seamlessly communicate with hospital, doctor and patients. We provide dedicated Expert Chikitsa Consultant throughout treatment process.

4) Post-Travel connect with patients to check status of recovery and if required we will connect patient to doctor and hospital.

5) We are Patient-Friendly, Dedicated and Empathetic to patients