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Scoliosis treatment in Delhi

If you’re looking to get your scoliosis treatment done in Delhi, here’s all the information you need, ranging from the best scoliosis doctors in Delhi to the best hospitals to get your treatment done and all the answers you need to ease your worries before getting the surgery.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the sideways curve of the backbone. Rather than a normal straight looking spine the spine of a person suffering from scoliosis appears an abnormal S or C shaped, giving an appearance that the person is leaning in one side. Mostly diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence.


How many types of scoliosis are there?

In 80 percent of scoliosis cases the reason is unknown, the name for such cases of scoliosis is Idiopathic scoliosis.

Idiopathic scoliosis is the most commonly found and is grouped by age.

Some people may develop scoliosis as a result of degeneration of the spine known as Degenerative scoliosis. 

Sometimes scoliosis may develop in relation to other diseases like Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy in that case it is known as Neuromuscular scoliosis.

When the curve develops before the birth,it is known as Infantile scoliosis or Congenital scoliosis.

Injury or trauma to the spine may also lead to scoliosis.

Scoliosis in children or teens-

Children of age group 3 to 11 are the most commonly affected by scoliosis further categorised into infantile, juvenile or adolescent scoliosis. The already deformed curvature of spine usually worsens during this growing period.

Scoliosis in adults-

Commonly, children and teenagers but sometimes adults may also be diagnosed with scoliosis reason being a preexisting curve in their youth that progressed or a newly diagnosed condition resulting from spinal changes.

Symptoms of scoliosis-

Scoliosis in usual cases does not show any symptoms or pain but the changes in physical appearance and postures are easily noticeable. 

Given below are some common symptoms you might notice in a person suffering from scoliosis

1. Unevenness at the top of shoulders.

2. One shoulder blade is more prominent than the other.

3. One hip appears higher than the other.

4. Elevated rib cage on one side.

5. Abnormally Curved posture.

6. Curved spine resulting in reducing height.

7. Nerve damage causing pain in weakness, numbness specially in legs and feet.

8. People with severe scoliosis may face difficulty breathing.

Diagnosis and Procedure


The most commonly used methods for diagnosing scoliosis are physical examination, x ray, CT scan or an MRI.

Severity of the scoliosis is measured by the number of degrees based on the lateral curvature of the spine.


Not everyone suffering from scoliosis requires to get a surgery done, the need for the surgery arises from the severity of the curve and the pain from it. Spinal curvature of 40 degrees or more might make a healthcare professional consider performing a surgery.

How many types of surgeries are there for scoliosis treatment in Delhi?

Though newer from of scoliosis surgery have been developed spinal fusion is still the most commonly used method for surgically correcting scoliosis.

Spinal Fusion surgery

Spinal fusion surgery includes permanently joining two or more bones in the spine to stop the movement between them.

The surgery for spinal fusion takes upto one to five hours to  perform though it may vary depending upon various circumstances. 

The procedure involves discectomy (removing a disc due to a diseases) sometimes, after removing the affected disc bone grafts are place into the vacated space for retaining the proper height between bones.

Fusionless Surgery

In fusionless surgery spine is stretched by a cord which is held in place by screws placed on the outer side of the curve.

Measures to take before the surgery-

Like other surgeries spinal fusion also follows the usual procedure after the preoperative laboratory testing.

Though there are certain things you may discuss with your physician before getting the surgery done.

1. You consume alcohol 

2.  You smoke, smoking usually causes reduction in the healing abilities of the patient.

3. Other illnesses like herpes, cold or flu.

Measures to take before the surgery-

Like other surgeries spinal fusion also follows the usual procedure after the preoperative laboratory testing.

Though there are certain things you may discuss with your physician before getting the surgery done.

1. You consume alcohol 

2.  You smoke, smoking usually causes reduction in the healing abilities of the patient.

3. Other illnesses like herpes, cold or flu.

What to expect after your spinal fusion surgery?


The recovery period under the supervision of the physician usually takes upto four days.

Your physician will also provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts you’ll need to follow depending upon the reaction of your body to the surgery performed.

You may have to bring changes in your way of walking, sitting as well as standing due to limited flexibility of your spine during this period.

Sometimes braces are also suggested to give your spine a proper straight structure, you may have to cut back on your usual day to day activities until your body has fully recovered from the changes made to your spine.

The process of full recovery takes about half an year depending upon the healing process of your body, your age as well as your overall health.

Scoliosis surgery success rate in Delhi-

The average success rate of scoliosis surgery ranges around 80 – 95% but we will provide you with success rates of different types of scoliosis surgeries in Delhi.

If you get your spinal fusion done in Delhi the success rate is upto 74% while for fusionless surgery the success rate goes up to 75%.

The success rate for Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion is around 90 – 95%.


Scoliosis Surgery success rates in India compared to other countries.

When it comes to something life changing like surgeries we understand your concerns to be well prepared and thorough on the information so we have put together success rates of scoliosis surgery in India, UK, USA and Germany.

Scoliosis surgery success rates country. Success Rate (%) Chances of complication (%)
India Approx. 74% Approx. 1%
United Kingdom Approx. 70% Approx. 2 – 3 %
United States of America Approx. 69% Approx. 2 – 3 %
Germany Approx. 71% Approx. 1- 2%

Will insurance cover your spinal fusion treatment in Delhi?

Yes, Orthopaedic surgery is covered by several health insurance providers that also include various expenses like operation charges, doctor’s fee, admission charges as well as other benefits.

A few health insurance plans cover pre as well as post hospitalisation expenses, a health insurance plan with day care treatment cover will surely cover for your spinal surgery.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that insurance companies generally cover spine surgery only if it is medically necessary.

So, insurance coverage varies depending on the circumstances and terms and conditions of the chosen insurance policy.

Best Health Insurance providers for spinal surgery

Before getting a health insurance policy we advice you to confirm that the policy covers your needs and the hospital you’ve chosen for the treatment will accept your insurance policy.

Best spinal surgery health insurance providers in Delhi

. HDFC health insurance 

. Aditya Birla Health Insurance

. ICICI Health insurance

Do you have a severe scoliosis or mild scoliosis?

The severity of scoliosis is measured by the degree of the curvature of the spine, a curvature of less than 20 degrees is considered mild and doesn’t require treatment.


A curve ranging between 25 to 40 degrees is considered moderate and might   

 need medical attention.


A curve of 40 degrees or above is severe and the person faces discomforts like 

pain and numbness in legs and in some cases difficulty breathing is also noticed.

What are people who had a scoliosis surgery in Delhi saying?

Almost everyone who has had a scoliosis surgery returns to a a normal life after the surgery, to build up your morale we’re bringing you patient’s stories and how they overcame their scoliosis.

Riya’s fight with scoliosis

At 5 years old Riya was diagnosed with scoliosis by her paediatrician, though she was given braces as an option, she denied as the curve was 20 degrees only, falling under mild scoliosis.

Riya’s decision of not choosing braces later on turned into a regret as scoliosis is a progressive condition and not giving proper treatment made the curve of Riya’s spine go worse.

Soon enough she started feeling strong pain in her back as well as legs, After consulting to the doctor the realised that spinal fusion surgery is the only option left for Riya to have a chance at normal life.

Soon after that Riya decided to give the surgery a go even though the whole family was a bit sceptical, the discomfort and pain were increasing each passing day and that made them realise that they will have to choose for surgery.

Today it has been 7 months to Riya’s spinal fusion surgery in Delhi and she has recovered from the post operation and is now enjoying her life without any pain or discomfort.

Sachin’s triumph over scoliosis

 In 2015 the then 17 year old Sachin was diagnosed with scoliosis, after a visit to his physician he was suggested to wear braces as the curve was mild then.

Sachin wore braces for about an year but rather than noticing an improvement that the degrees of curvature were only increasing.

Soon enough Sachin started feeling discomfort and pain and was suggested to stop doing certain physical exercises like games that involve too much effort or too much running even anything that might cause even more discomfort to his spine.

He decided to contact the physician again to find a way out as his scoliosis had started to hammer his normal daily life and he was desperately looking for a solution.

He was suggested to undergo the spinal fusion and he decided to go through with it.

After operation and post op recovery of about 6 months he was once again feeling very well, his spine had been corrected and he could once again enjoy his favourite sports.

“Although I was very scared at first as to what effects would surgery bring in my life but i had very good experience with my scoliosis treatment in Delhi and I’m forever grateful for the changes the doctors brought into my life.”


Average cost of scoliosis surgery in Delhi

Given below are average prices for different states in India, prices may vary depending upon the severity of the condition. 

Scoliosis surgery cost in different cities Minimum Cost. Maximum Cost.
Delhi Rs. 94,500 Rs. 1,40,250
Gurgaon Rs. 90,000 Rs. 1,45,000
Hyderabad Rs. 90,000 Rs. 1,45,000
Mumbai Rs. 99,000 Rs. 1,59,500

Average cost for scoliosis treatment in different countries.

Cost of scoliosis surgery in different countries. Minimum cost Maximum cost
INDIA 9000 USD. 12000 USD.
GERMANY 28800 USD 35200 USD

Prices may vary depending upon the severity.

If you’re thinking of getting your scoliosis treatment, India should be on top of your list of countries for numerous reasons.

The main reason being affordability with world class treatment.

India provides you with most skilled spine surgeons as well certified super speciality hospitals while you also save on the money.

Cost of scoliosis surgery in Delhi by Hospitals


Cost of scoliosis treatment in Delhi by Hospitals Minimum cost Maximum cost
Fortis Hospital Rs. 90,000 Rs. 1,49,000
BLK Super Speciality Hospital Rs. 94,000 Rs. 1,50,000
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Rs. 92,000 Rs. 1,45,000
Sir Gangaram Hospital Rs. 89,000 Rs. 1,40,000
Max Super Speciality Hospital Rs. 92,000 Rs. 1,49,000

Cost of different types of Scoliosis surgery in Delhi.

Cost of different types of scoliosis surgery in Dubai Minimum cost Maximum Cost
Spinal Fusion Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 2,55,000
Fusionless Surgery Rs. 92,000 Rs. 1,30,000

Why to choose delhi for your scoliosis treatment?


1. Affordable


Scoliosis treatment in Delhi is far more affordable compared to other states like Mumbai or Hyderabad so if your looking for a treatment that does not cost you a leg and an arm Delhi should be your first choice.

2. Best Doctors

Delhi provides you with a list of most skilled spine surgeons which explains why the success rate of scoliosis treatment in delhi is as high as 75% with very rare cases facing complications.

3. Best Hospitals


With a combo of both best doctors as well as hospitals Delhi should be your priority for the scoliosis treatment, Delhi has a list of certified Multi speciality hospitals that make your experience a bit smoother.

That’s all the reasons why you should be choosing Delhi for your scoliosis treatment but to ease your journey more we will provide you with a list of best surgeon for scoliosis treatment in Delhi as well as best hospitals for the treatment.


Q. Is permanent treatment of scoliosis possible?

  1. Though there is no permanent ‘cure’ it can still be corrected to give the spine a better straighter posture by surgeries like spinal fusion.

Q. Is it possible to live a normal life with severe scoliosis?

  1. Yes, people with scoliosis can live a normal, active lives with the help of physical therapy that helps the muscle strengthening as well as treatments like spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis.

Q. At what degree is scoliosis considered severe?

  1. The severity of scoliosis is measured by the degree of the curvature of the spine, a curvature of less than 20 degrees is considered mild and doesn’t require treatment.

     A curve ranging between 25 to 40 degrees is considered moderate and might   

     need medical attention.

     A curve of 40 degrees or above is severe and the person faces discomforts like 

     pain and numbness in legs and in some cases difficulty breathing is also noticed.


Q. Can scoliosis lead to other diseases?

  1. Not usually, people suffering from scoliosis may face only discomfort like pain  and numbness but in some severe cases it may bring a few complications like difficulty breathing. The reason for this is the pressing of rib cage against the lungs making it hard to breath. 

Q. Is it possible to fix scoliosis naturally?

 A. No, scoliosis is not only incurable but also progressive so it can only be 

     corrected not cured still there are a few non surgical treatments like physical  

     therapy and bracing that might be able to help control scoliosis naturally.

Q. Are there any side effects to a scoliosis surgery?

  1. Yes, scoliosis surgery may lead to paraplegia that is the loss of movement and feeling in the lower body and legs although very rare it is a tragic complication.

    Some other risks include infection, nerve damage, blood loss and

     bladder problems.

Q. What results can you expect after getting your scoliosis treatment done?

  1. After the surgery you’ll have to go through a recovery period of a about 3 months, due to lack of flexibility the movements must be at their minimum during this period.                                                                                  Once the initial period is over you’ll be able to do more of your daily activities and enjoy a normal life. 

Q. Can you do gym if you have scoliosis?

  1. Yes you can, physical activities benefit your physical health so there’s nothing stopping you from going to gym and doing some good exercise although you should consult a doctor if you face any discomfort or pain while doing the activity.

Q. Things to avoid if you have scoliosis?

  1. Certain things you should avoid if you have scoliosis are lifting heavy objects as extra pressure on the already cured might not prove to be good.

     Exercises like push ups and some stretches should be avoided as they might 

     worsen the condition.

     Avoid wearing footwear that doesn’t provide too much support, high heeled 

     footwear as well as flip- flops can put pressure on your spine 

Q. Best positions to sleep in if you have scoliosis?

  1. On your back, according to most chiropractors sleeping on your back with a  proper mattress will give your spine a more neutral alignment while a sleeping.

Q. Is scoliosis genetic? 

A. Both genetic and hereditary although no direct evidence has been found but scientists based on numerous reasons suggest that scoliosis runs in families

               Top surgeons for Scoliosis treatment in Delhi


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