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Dr. Tufan Ergenc is one of the Top Bariatric Surgeons in Izmir, Turkey. He treats his patients all around the world at his clinic in Izmir.
Tufan Ergenc is been experienced for over 20 years and specialized in laparoscopy and obesity surgery. Doctor Ergenc is the Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery accredited by SRC.

He devoted his 11 years of experience to Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery and operates in the field of weight loss surgeries. And this surgery Dr. Tufan performed on more than 4000 patients become a preference for many patients. With many years of experience in Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, he became an expert in this field with his medical team.

Dr. Ergenc develops his own techniques and uses advanced technologies to ensure patients have a safe and secure, surgical experience. He is still working in this Obesity surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy field to make new advancements in patient’s life.

Let’s look forward to Dr. Tufan Ergenc’s reviews, consultation fees, and cost of surgery.

Summary of Dr. Tufan Ergenc:

  • Qualification of Dr. Tufan Ergenc
Specialized in laparoscopy and obesity surgery.
  • Address of Dr. Tufan Ergenc
Mavişehir, Park Yaşam Ofis Yalı Mh 6523 Sk 32/A Kat:6 Ofis:601, 35550 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Turkey
  • Dr. Tufan Ergenc Ratings
  • Is Dr. Tufan Ergenc Friendly?
  • The consultation fee of Dr. Tufan Ergenc
Around 100 USD
  • what is the Contact Number of Dr. Tufan Ergenc
Contact Us
  • Dr. Tufan Ergenc Currently working
Private Clinic in Izmir

Education Background:

  • At Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine – Medical Degree
  • Specializes in Tube Stomach Surgery (stomach Reduction Surgery)
  • Dr. Tufan dedicated his career completely to the field of Obesity surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy since 2009

Work Experience:

  • At Pamukkale University General Surgery Department specialty training  – General Surgery specialist
  • Experienced in General surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Experience over 20 years


Accredited by (SRC) Surgical Review Corporation, International: Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Areas of Interest:

  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Morbid Obesity Surgery
  • Obesity (Obesity)
  • Stomach Reduction Surgery
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Weakening

Treatment offered by Dr. Tufan Ergenc:

  • Gastric Balloon
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Revisional Bariatric Surgery
  • Stomach Botox

Why should I choose Dr. Tufan Ergenc, my doctor?

Doctor Tufan Ergenc is a very professional and experienced surgeon in Bariatric in Izmir, Turkey.
If you are going for any consultation, he is going to describe every possibility of the surgery in detail.
His medical team going to assist you from appointment to post-treatment. The post-treatment recovery period is also well customized for the patients by their dietician or they also recommend to their patients for quick recovery. Patients also considered him the best doctor for weight loss surgery.

What are Dr. Tufan Ergenc’s reviews?

Dr. Tufan Ergenc’s reviews state that he is very professional and his medical team is also very skilled and experienced. After surgery, they also give a proper chart to look after your nutrition and diet and also recommend a dietician for your check-up. Dr. Ergenc gives a proper analysis before surgery and it gives confidence to patients to move forward with the surgery.
His surgery is less painful and the whole team monitors the patients after surgery and takes good care.

What are the botched surgeries by Dr. Tufan Ergenc?

Every surgery has there own complication. The complication is been related to how the patient’s body reacts while surgery or any issues that arise from the side of the doctor. But in the case of Dr. Tufan, his surgeries are well-organized before surgery. His team checks every possible way to look into patients’ medical history before treating any patients. They also check if any complications took place and what they can do while in that case.

What are the consultation fees of Dr. Tufan Ergenc?

Dr. Tufan’s initial consultation fee is around 100 USD. If you want the surgery or any type of treatment, you have to contact us for more information. If you are looking for Bariatric Surgery Consultation or weight loss surgery it depends on medical examination, and blood tests,
which include cardiology, psychiatry, ultrasound, etc.

What is the Cost of surgery by Dr. Tufan Ergenc?

Popular Treatments Estimated Cost (USD)
  • Gastric Balloon
1527 – 2036
  • Gastric Sleeve
3054 – 5853
  • Revisional Bariatric Surgery
4835 – 6617
  • Stomach Botox
509 – 1018

The above cost estimated table of the surgery depends on the surgery, accommodation, nutrition specialist, pre-treatment check-ups, and post-treatment follow-ups.
If you want to know any other type of surgery of Dr. Tufan’s. You can contact us here to take more information.

What is the address of Dr. Tufan Ergenc?

Mavişehir, Park Yaşam Ofis Yalı Mh 6523 Sk 32/A Kat:6 Ofis:601, 35550 Karşıyaka/İzmir, Turkey.


Furthermore, we came to know about Dr. Tufan Ergenc’s reviews, cost and consultant fees in this article. As we know that he is one of the most popular Bariatric Surgeon in Izmir, Turkey.  If you are looking for Top Bariatric surgeon in Izmir for your surgeries you can contact us to book an appointment with Dr. Tufan Ergenc.

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