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Dr. Tuna Bilecik – The Top Bariatric Surgeon in Turkey

Dr. Tuna Bilecik is a general surgeon based in Turkey who specializes in obesity and metabolic surgery. He is also highly experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery, gastrointestinal robotic surgery, and cancer or oncological surgery. Dr. Bilecik is a member of several medical societies, such as the Turkish Obesity Surgery Society, the Turkish Surgery Association, and the Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. He has been treating obesity through bariatric surgery since 2007. Until now, he has performed over 1500 successful surgical operations. Besides metabolic surgeries, Dr. Bilecik has translated over 20 articles, which are published in reputed SCI-e and SCI journals. Currently, he works in the Mediterranean Weight Loss Clinic in Turkey.

Dr. Tuna Bilecik Surgery Prices

Dr. Bilecik performs various types of bariatric surgeries for people in Turkey and those who come from abroad. Here are the average prices of his surgeries.

Name of the surgery Price of the surgery by Dr. Tuna Bilecik in US dollars
Sleeve Gastrectomy $4271
Gastric Balloon Procedure $3737
Secret Sleeve Surgery $4805
RNY Gastric Bypass $5339
Gallbladder Removal $747
Hernia Repair $747
Revision surgery for any procedure Up to $8550

Prices of Dr. Tuna Bilecik’s Surgeries Compared to the UK and US

Dr. Tuna Bilecik performs bariatric surgeries at cost-effective rates. Patients from the UK and the US regularly visit him. This table provides the average cost of his surgeries compared to those in the UK and the US.

Name of the surgery Price of the surgery by Dr. Tuna Bilecik in Turkey (US dollars) Price of the surgery in UK (in US dollars) Price of the surgery in US (in US dollars)
Sleeve Gastrectomy $4271 $10678 $10000
Gastric Balloon Procedure $3737 $6406 $7000
Secret Sleeve Surgery $4805 $12813 $16200
RNY Gastric Bypass $5339 $10678 $25000
Gallbladder Removal $747 $8542 $5201
Hernia Repair $747 $5339 $6043
Revision surgery for any procedure Up to $8550 Up to $15997 $18675

Why Trust Dr. Tuna Bilecik?

Dr. Tuna Bilecik has been providing surgical operations and psychological and dietetic services to patients for 16 years. You can trust his expertise in treating obesity with surgery because of the following factors:

  • Dr. Bilecik has a specialization in general surgery from the Antalya Training and Research Hospital, which he completed in 2008.
  • Dr. Bilecik served as the Manager – Chief Physician at the Sinop Atatürk State Hospital between 2014 and 2016. 
  • He has also been a general surgery specialist at the Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital. 
  • Apart from being a part of the Turkish Surgical Association, he is also a member of the Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Association and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders.
  • Dr. Bilecik’s reviews by patients are mostly positive. His patients are delighted by the weight loss they experience after the surgery.
  • He has been featured in popular shows, such as Show TV, CNN Turkey, and Kanal D Life Healthy Beautiful Program. 

Dr. Tuna Bilecik Gastric Bypass Cost

Dr Bilecik is known for performing successful gastric bypass surgeries to treat obese people. The price of a gastric bypass by Dr. Bilecik is $5339. In this surgery, he creates a small pouch from the patient’s stomach, which he connects to the newly created pouch to the small intestine. Post-surgery when the patient swallows food, it goes into this pouch created by him and straight into the small intestine. Thus, it bypasses the majority of the stomach area along with the small intestine’s first section.

Dr. Tuna Bilecik Sleeve Gastrectomy Cost

A sleeve gastrectomy by Dr. Tuna Bilecik costs $4271. It is a laparoscopic surgery wherein Dr. Bilecik makes small incisions in the patient’s upper abdomen. He removes most of the left portion of the stomach. What remains of the stomach is just a narrow tube which is referred to as a sleeve. The food that the patient eats comes out of the stomach’s bottom into the small intestine. After this surgery, the patient feels full even after eating a small amount of food.

Price of Hernia Repair by Dr. Tuna Bilecik

Dr. Tuna Bilecik performs hernia repair for $747. Hernia refers to a bulge of tissue below the skin. It is due to a weakness in the abdominal wall that makes the tissue present inside the body protrude into an area where it should not. During a hernia repair surgery, Dr. Bilecik pushes the tissue back into its original place. He repairs the hernia defect or the weakened connective muscle and tissue. Sometimes, he uses a supportive mesh material to give strength to the weakened area.

Dr. Tuna Bilecik Reviews – Personal Experiences of Patients

Patients are mostly satisfied with Dr. Tuna Bilecik’s weight loss surgeries. According to Bellinda, a YouTuber who had gastric sleeve surgery by Dr. Bilecik, ‘’The surgery went fine. The only thing that was painful was a scar on the side of my stomach.’’ There were two to three scars but one of them was very painful. When she asked the doctor about it, he told her that it hurt more because it was where they actually pulled the stomach out. There was also a dent in her stomach because of the stitches. Two days after surgery, she was still finding it hard to drink water and milk. She also experienced a kind of reaction two days after the surgery. When she woke up she found that she had some bruises on her legs and arms. Three days after the surgery, she got the energy to get out of her bed and move. She started drinking more fluids on the third day but the pain was still there. When she coughed, it hurt her belly. As days passed, she started feeling better. She could walk upright without excruciating pain and felt more confident in herself on the last day in Turkey (i). 

We also found positive reviews for Dr. Tuna Bilecik on his clinic’s website. Patients have given him five stars and are happy with the results. According to many, doctor Tuna and his team are extremely professional and meticulous. His facility is very clean and hygienic. He provides individualized care to every one of his patients. Dr. Tuna’s knowledge of weight loss surgery is simply unparalleled. 

Getting Appointment with Dr. Tuna Bilecik

You can get an appointment with Dr. Tuna Bilecik to treat your condition resulting from obesity. Here are the parameters that make you a suitable candidate to get an appointment with Dr. Tuna. 

  • Your body weight is more than 100 pounds or 45 kgs over the ideal weight.
  • Your BMI is over 35 or 40.
  • You have medical complications related to obesity like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and gallbladder disease.
  • No amount of weight management techniques have helped you lose weight successfully.
  • You don’t have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Why Choose Dr. Tuna Bilecik’s Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Tuna Bilecik and his interdisciplinary team in Turkey provide comprehensive and research-backed solutions to obesity and related conditions. Here are some reasons to choose his clinic for surgery in Turkey.

  • Prior to surgery, Dr. Tuna’s team assesses your health, diet, and weight loss history.
  • Dr. Tuna’s team conducts several tests to ensure that your surgery will go successfully. 
  • To date, no operation by Dr. Tuna has been delayed.
  • Dr. Tuna and his team completed the weight loss surgery within an hour. They carry out the process laparoscopically. This method leads to more accurate and effective results. It also does not have a long recovery time.
  • Dr. Tuna’s team provides complete support after the surgery. They inform the patient how they will be able to eat and how much quantity they can eat properly.
  • When you book surgery with Dr. Tuna, you stay for four nights and five days in Turkey. It includes a four-night stay, which is divided between the clinic and the hotel according to your recovery.
  • The patient is provided with medications, meal replacement shakes, aftercare, and airport transfers.
  • There is no hidden fee.
  • Patients can bring a companion with them. This companion can stay with the patient for free. 

Get a Medical Second Opinion to Consult Dr. Tuna Bilecik

Getting a second opinion before and after any type of bariatric surgery provides valuable insights. Note that bariatric surgery is an irreversible procedure. A second opinion from a qualified physician, regardless of your physical location will help you make the correct decision. 

If you are planning to undergo surgery in Turkey by Dr. Tuna but want a second opinion about it, connect with us at Expert Chikitsa. Our medical professionals specializing in bariatric surgery will understand your concerns, and questions, and give you suitable treatment options. It will help you make a more informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can I eat seven days after gastric sleeve?

After seven days, you can introduce liquid foods into your diet. These include soy drinks and unsweetened yogurt. After two weeks, you can start consuming mashed or pureed foods. These include soups, low-fat cheese, and pureed vegetables and fruits. 

2. Are there any bad reviews of Dr. Tuna Bilecik?

Dr. Tuna Bilecik has performed innumerable weight loss surgeries. It’s a possibility that some may have not gone as intended. However, we cannot see any negative reviews or bad personal experiences about his surgery. On the contrary, everyone seems to appreciate his professionalism and individualized treatment plans. 

3. How to lose weight ten years after gastric bypass?

You must follow the dietary phases after the bariatric surgery. In phase one, consume clear liquids only and in phase two, lose your excess body weight. It’s essential to limit your fat and carbohydrate intake to 30 grams or 60 grams or less per day, respectively. 

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