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Eyelids/Blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi

Your eyes have a significant impact on your whole appearance. Many consider them to be the most important feature of the entire face. Upper and lower eyelids play a crucial role in enhancing the appearance of your eyes. But if they are droopy or sunken, the face looks sad and tired. The entire eye area is incredibly delicate and is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, rejuvenates this area, improving the overall appearance of the face. 

In the UAE, places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer cutting-edge cosmetic surgery services. It has notable institutions like the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Burjeel Medical City, NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City that provide best-in-class treatments like blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, and eyelid lift. Abu Dhabi is renowned for cosmetic treatments like rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction, and facelifts, among others. The surgeons here are adept at both invasive and non-invasive blepharoplasty surgeries that offer long-lasting results. 

Find out more about the average lower and upper eyelid surgery cost in Abu Dhabi, its types, and its alternatives. You will also learn about eyelid surgery before and after results and how they enhance the facial appearance. If you are planning for this cosmetic treatment, feel free to consult any one of the top plastic surgeons in Abu Dhabi on our list below.

How Much Does Blepharoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi Cost?

Blepharoplasty Abu Dhabi cost can go up to AED 25000 ($6,806.3). The average minimum price is AED 9000 ($2,450). This is the average cost of Abu Dhabi’s top hospitals and clinics. The cost varies according to the eyelids that are to be operated on, the type of anesthesia, the surgeon’s fee, and blood tests. 

Usually, under or lower eyelid surgery requires more skills and is more complex than upper blepharoplasty. It also requires a general anesthetic, so its cost is higher. The average cost ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 25000. Apart from that, the extent of correction, the location of the hospital, and the diagnostic tests prior to surgery also influence the overall cost. 

Certain clinics have special offers and free follow-up regimes for a year. These offers make lower and upper eyelid surgery cost a lot cheaper. You can consult a surgeon from the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi mentioned below to learn more about these offers. 

The Cost of Blepharoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi And Other Countries

The individual lower and upper eyelid surgery cost in different countries varies according to the surgical advancements, type of procedure, and location of the clinic. It is generally higher in Western countries like the US and UK. This table will help you assess blepharoplasty Abu Dhabi cost in comparison with different countries.

Type of Eyelid Surgery Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Turkey Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Thailand Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in India Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Korea Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in the UK
Upper Blepharoplasty Up to AED 20000 or $5,445 138686 TL or $4,996 90945 THB or $2,501 Up to INR 60000 or $720 3348248 KRW or $2,485 EUR 4873 or $5,143
Lower Blepharoplasty Up to AED 25000 or $6,806 194161 TL or $6,995 109134 THB or $3,001 Up to INR 85000 or $1,020 4017897 KRW or $2,983 EUR 6497 or $6,857
Double Blepharoplasty AED 9000 or $2,450 55474 TL or $1,998 72756 THB or $2,001 Up to INR 100000 or $1,200 2678598 KRW or $1,988 EUR 6000 or $6,332
Transconjunctival Eyelid Surgery AED 12000 or $3,267 110949 TL or $3,997 54567 THB or $1500 Up to INR 70000 or $840 2410738 KRW or $1,789 EUR 4500 or $4,749
Bilateral Eyelid Surgery AED 15000 or $4,083 124817 TL or $4,497 65480 THB or $1,801 Up to INR 72000 or $864 2611633 KRW or $1,938 EUR 2000 or $2,110

Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi Compared to Middle Eastern Countries

Many Middle Eastern countries offer top-of-the-line cosmetic and skincare surgeries. You can compare the lower and upper eyelid surgery cost in UAE’s Abu Dhabi with other Middle Eastern countries in the table below.

Name of the Middle Eastern Country Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery in US Dollars
Iran $8,000
Saudi Arabia $7,000
Turkey $5,000
Israel $8,000
Pakistan $5,000
Egypt $5,600

The Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi and Other UAE Cities

Several multispecialty clinics offer eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi. Many top-notch hospitals with expert surgeons perform blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other cities. 

Here’s the average cost of this procedure in different cities.

Name of the City in UAE Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery (AED) Average Cost of Eyelid Surgery (US Dollars)
Abu Dhabi Up to AED 25000 $6,806
Dubai Up to AED 30000 $8,167
Al Ain Up to AED 26000 $7,078
Sharjah Up to AED 20000 $5,445
Fujairah Up to AED 22000 $5,989
Ajman Up to AED 24500 $6,670
Ras Al Khaimah Up to AED 25000 $6,806

Cost of Factors Affecting Blepharoplasty Surgery Price in Abu Dhabi

Several factors affect blepharoplasty Abu Dhabi cost. Chief among them are the surgeon’s skill, the surgery’s complexity, and the operational facilities. Apart from the surgery, anesthesia and operating room expenses also change the overall price. 

The table below gives you a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with different elements of blepharoplasty surgery in Abu Dhabi. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi Explanation of the Factor Average Cost Associated with the Factor in US Dollars
Type of eyelid surgery Upper eyelid or lower eyelid $5,445 – $6,806
Consultation fee May or not be applicable for the procedure $500
Plastic surgeon Experience and specialty of the plastic surgeon $1,000
Anesthesia General anesthetics costs more than local anesthetics Up to $800
Location Fee of clinics differ where they are located $6,000 to $8,000
Post-operative expenditure Medications, special equipment, and follow-up visits  $1,000 to $2,000

Cost of Diagnostic Tests Before Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi

After your plastic surgeon approves you as a suitable candidate for blepharoplasty surgery, they will recommend various diagnostic tests. These tests examine the existing health of your eye. The major diagnostic tests before eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi include the following:

  1. Complete eye exam: This includes testing the tear production and measuring different areas of the eyelids.
  2. Visual field testing: This diagnostic test is done to determine the presence of blind spots in your peripheral vision. If there are blind spots, your blepharoplasty can be covered by insurance.
  3. Eyelid photography: Photos from various angles help the surgeon plan your surgery. The results of this test also determine whether insurance can cover your blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi.
  4. Schirmer’s test: It determines if your eye generates adequate tears for moisture. 
  5. Tensilon test: This test is for the diagnosis of neural diseases in the eye.

The table below gives the average cost of diagnostic tests before eyelid surgery. They affect the total blepharoplasty Abu Dhabi cost.

Name of the Diagnostic Test Average Cost of the Diagnostic Test in Abu Dhabi Average Cost of the Diagnostic Test in US Dollars
Complete eye exam AED 120 $32
Visual field testing AED 50 $13.10
Eyelid photography No charges No charges
Schirmer’s test AED 100 $27
Tensilon test AED 50 $13.10

When to Get Eyelid Surgery? Signs of An Ageing Eyelid

How do you know when you need eyelid surgery? Anyone over 18 years old who feels their eyes are constantly puffy or notices their lower eyelids sagging can consider eyelid surgery. In your 20s, a blepharoplasty procedure gives your eyes a refreshed look. This will become especially evident when you look at the eyelid surgery before and after images. Blepharoplasty surgery also treats the issue of drooping eyelids. People in their 30s and 40s can plan eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi if they notice increased sagging and loose skin in their eyelids.

Generally, those who are in their 20s need this procedure because of their specific genetics, which causes them to have puffy eyebags and dark undereye circles. In the mid-30s, 40s, and beyond, droopy or baggy eyelids become common. With aging, excess skin on lower eyelids leads to bulges and wrinkles. Also, the excess skin hanging over the eyelashes makes it difficult to see. These issues can be easily resolved with blepharoplasty surgery.

Here are the key signs of an aging eyelid that should prompt you to consult with a surgeon for an eyelid surgery.

  • Crow’s feet and lines between your brows.
  • Excessive skin on the upper eyelids because of decreased production of collagen.
  • Noticeable under-eye bags.
  • Thinning skin under the eyes and on the eyelids.
  • Deep creases under the eyes.

You can also request for eyelid surgery before and after photos from the clinic where you plan on getting the surgery.

Types of Blepharoplasty Surgeries in Abu Dhabi

There are various kinds of cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures that can be performed on the lower, upper or both the eyelids. Surgeons in the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi considers the specific concerns of the patient and then chooses a suitable type of eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty in the upper eyelid  

This surgery addresses problems in the upper eyelid portion. These include puffiness, droopiness, and wrinkling. To correct them, the surgeon makes strategic incisions in the eyelid’s crease. They may tighten the small eye muscles, reposition fat, or remove some skin to deliver the desired results. This surgery lasts for approximately two hours. The recovery time is two weeks. This surgery lasts for eight years and also provides patients with better vision.

Blepharoplasty surgery in the lower eyelid  

With age, muscles under the eyes lose their elasticity. This causes the lower eyelid to become baggy. A lower blepharoplasty corrects this condition. The surgeon creates an incision below the lash line. They remove excess fat and eyelid skin and close the incision with stitches. This surgery takes nearly two hours, and patients can recover in about 15 days. It also lasts for around eight years. 

Double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery 

Double blepharoplasty is suitable for those without a crease on the eyelid. In other words, this cosmetic procedure is for people with monolid eyes. A double eyelid surgery creates natural-looking folds in the eyelids. This forms a crease in the eyelid, giving a more awake appearance. This surgery takes nearly one hour and is performed while the patient is awake. The recovery time is one to two weeks. 

Transconjunctival eyelid surgery   

Transconjunctival eyelid procedure reduces puffiness and swollen eyes. This surgery’s results are particularly evident in people with a reasonable level of skin elasticity. For them, transconjunctival eyelid surgery removes eyebags and makes them look younger. The recovery period is pretty quick, with most people returning to their usual activity within a week of surgery.

Scarless Blepharoplasty – A New Advance in Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of new innovations in eyelid surgery. Plastic surgeons employ the latest advancements to perform more precise surgery that gives patients natural-looking and beautiful results. At the same time, they expedite recovery time and cause minimal bruising. A novel innovation in the field of eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi is the scar-less method. 

Also known as the transconjunctival technique, the scar-less method is a great alternative to traditional blepharoplasty. In fact, it is the best technique for lower blepharoplasty and is practiced at many leading hospitals, like Burjeel Medical City. This method leaves no superficial scars on the lower lids. The procedure entails removing protruding fat pads below the eyes. This, in turn, rejuvenates the eye area that may otherwise look puffed up. This technique is employed from within the eye. It does not leave any visible scarring. 

Revision Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi and Its Cost

Revisional blepharoplasty or eyelid revision surgery is carried out to improve the outcomes of the first eyelid procedure. If you are unhappy with the results of the original blepharoplasty, you can opt for this procedure. Keep in mind that its cost will be significantly higher than the primary blepharoplasty process. It can cost up to AED 40000, or $10,890.4 in Abu Dhabi. 

The most common signs of revision eyelid surgery include:

  • Visible scars and lumps close to the incision areas.
  • Changes in the contours of your lower eyelid because of excessive removal of the skin.
  • Lower eyelid retraction, which causes extreme discomfort.
  • Sagging of lower eyelids.
  • Wrong eyelid alignment, which results in an unbalanced look.

There are three kinds of revisional blepharoplasty. These include:

  • Revision lower eyelid surgery: The surgeon creates small incisions behind the lower eyelids to disguise the scarring developed after the first procedure. The surgeon also takes away excess skin and tightens loose muscles. The average cost of revision lower eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi is AED 50000, or $13,613.
  • Revision upper eyelid surgery: In this surgery, the surgeon makes incisions in the natural creases of the upper eyelids. It also minimizes the look of scars. They also rectify the drooping skin and attach the rest of the skin to impart a more youthful look. The revision upper eyelid surgery cost starts at AED 40000 or $10,890.

Revision transconjunctival eyelid surgery: In this surgery, the surgeon treats under eye bags. They make incisions inside the lower eyelids and remove excess skin pockets. Revision transconjunctival eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi costs around AED 35000 or $9,529.

Blepharoplasty Ptosis Surgery in Abu Dhabi

Ptosis occurs when the upper eyelid starts drooping. Although it can arise due to aging, some people also experience it after an eye injury or surgery. This condition can be congenital, which means it is present from birth. It is essential to mention that ptosis can also point to an underlying medical condition. So, anyone experiencing it should first get themselves examined by a medical professional.

In many cases, a ptosis procedure and upper eyelid surgery are done together to rectify this condition. The procedure sets the height of the upper eyelid correctly and removes excess skin and fat. Sometimes, lash ptosis affects the patient’s vision. In this case, upper blepharoplasty is performed to rectify the field of vision. 

The average cost of blepharoplasty ptosis surgery in Abu Dhabi is $3,000. This cost includes the following:

  • Fee of the surgeon
  • Fee of the facility
  • Expenses associated with surgical supplies
  • Medical tests
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Follow-up appointments

Non- Surgical Blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi

Eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi gives stunning results. However, it is an invasive process that may not appeal to everyone. Non-surgical blepharoplasty or soft blepharoplasty is a non-invasive process to eliminate wrinkles on the eyes and close to the brows and lashes. The best plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi performs it using a plasma pen to heal, tighten, and lift the skin on the eyelids. 

Yet another non-invasive eyelid surgery technique in Abu Dhabi is fractional CO2 laser treatment. It is an ideal option to rejuvenate the areas around the eyes. Here are some common non-surgical blepharoplasty treatments that you can look into. 

Plexr Plasma Pen Eyelid Surgery

Known as the Plexr Plasma Pen non-surgical treatment, it removes eyebags and gives you a youthful appearance. The aim of this treatment in Abu Dhabi is:

  • To treat acne scars
  • To treat wrinkles
  • Remove moles
  • Eliminate eye bags
  • Treat drooping eyelids
  • Sublimate excessive skin on eyebrows and eyelids
  • Get rid of puffiness
  • Get rid of dark circles 
  • Eliminate keloid scars

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Another alternative to blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi is fractional CO2 laser treatment, which improves skin texture and laxity. It also improves brow elevation. Patients experience a brow elevation of around 1 to 2 mm. This treatment tightens the lids and also lifts sagging skin. You may need up to 2 sessions of this non-surgical eyelid surgery to gain the best results.

You will experience the effects of the treatment 6 to 9 weeks post-treatment.


Botox is another non-surgical alternative to blepharoplasty that treats skin deformities and reduces signs of aging. In Abu Dhabi, botox is the most popular, on-demand alternative to eyelid surgery. Botox injections restore skin youthfulness and correct muscle movement. The injections lift the brows, as a result of which the upper eyelids show less drooping. 

It takes hardly 2 minutes to take Botox injections. However, you need regular appointments to maintain results.

Dermal Fillers

In Abu Dhabi, under-eye fillers like Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra, and Belotero Balance are the most utilized fillers to treat under-eye bags. When these fillers are injected under the eyes, they impart the necessary volume, elasticity, and moisture to the eyes. You need a few touch-ups quarterly every year to maintain the results. The success rate of fillers as an alternative to blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi is 92%. 

You can go for this procedure if you have the following problems:

  • Dark circles
  • Hollows under the eyes
  • Tired looking eyes
  • Wrinkles and fine lines


Ultherapy transfers ultrasound energy below the surface of your skin. It stimulates new collagen in the skin layers. This minimally invasive treatment tightens the skin of your upper and lower eyelids. This treatment addresses the deep layer of the skin in a non-invasive manner. 

An ideal candidate for Ultherapy is someone with crow’s feet, hooding on the eyelids, and mild to moderate excess skin.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Cost in Abu Dhabi

The table below gives the average cost of different non-surgical blepharoplasty techniques in Abu Dhabi. You can consult an expert surgeon to find out which alternative to eyelid surgery will be best for you.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Technique Cost of Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Technique in Abu Dhabi (AED) Cost of Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Technique in US Dollars
Plexr Plasma Pen Eyelid Surgery Upto AED 6000 Upto $1633
Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Upto AED 900 per session Upto 245 per session
Botox AED 1000 $272
Dermal Fillers AED 3000 $816
Ultherapy AED 4000 $1,089

Blepharoplasty Vs. Undereye Fillers – Which Is Better?

Two common options for treating the eye area in Abu Dhabi are eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, and under-eye fillers. Both of them provide excellent results. However, the treatments do not work in the same way for everyone. Some will find eyelid surgery gives them better results and vice versa. 

If you are confused about both of these treatments, here are some key points that’ll help you make an informed decision. 

Point of difference Blepharoplasty Under eye filler
Purpose of treatment Treats puffiness and drooping skin under the eyes and sagging skin tissues. Used to restore the skin’s youthfulness and elasticity
Procedure The surgeon tightens the eyelid skin and removes excess skin. The filler injections fills the hollows in the eyes and lowers shadowing
Downtime Considerable downtime that ranges from one to three weeks. Little to no downtime
Results Lasts for several years Fillers need to be injected in every six months to a year.
Cost Costly surgical procedure Cost is considerably less than blepharoplasty

Can You Do Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift Together?

Many people going for an eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi ask if I need a brow lift with upper blepharoplasty. The answer is yes. Brow or forehead lifting, also called eyelid lift, can be done with blepharoplasty. It imparts additional upper facial rejuvenation. You may be surprised to know that combining both procedures will be light on your pocket and help you achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Combining the two treatments is especially beneficial for those dealing with droopy lids. The combination of these two procedures gives a natural rejuvenation to the eye area. It harmonizes the features of your face. When these procedures are combined, it allows surgeons to plan a comprehensive approach that considers the look of the entire face and not just the eye area. Moreover, the recovery time is quick as you do not have to complete the recovery period of the two surgeries separately. 

Cost of Combined Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift in Abu Dhabi

Here’s the combined brow lift and upper eyelid surgery cost in Abu Dhabi and other major cities of the UAE.

Name of the City in UAE Average Cost of Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift Combined (AED) Average Cost of Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift Combined (US Dollars)
Abu Dhabi AED 15000 to AED20000 $4,083 to $5,445
Dubai AED 25000 to AED 28000 $6,806 to $7,623
Al Ain AED 22000 to AED 25000 $5,989 to $6,806
Sharjah AED 12000 to AED 15000 $3,267 to $4083
Fujairah AED 16000 TO aed 20000 $4,356 to $5,445
Ajman AED 16500 to AED 20500 $4,492 to $5,581
Ras Al Khaimah AED 14000 to AED 23000 $3,811 to $6,262

Blepharoplasty Before and After – Results of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi

The best cosmetic clinics in Abu Dhabi utilize cutting-edge technology for eyelid surgery to give a fresh look to their patient’s faces. Modern cosmetic blepharoplasty options in Abu Dhabi combine calibrated removal of fat and skin with technical advances. This enables the surgeons here to tighten lower eyelids, reposition fat, and replace lost volume in the eye area. 

The blepharoplasty before and after photos can be used to get a feel of what this surgery can accomplish. Here are the issues that this surgery resolves. 

Before blepharoplasty 

  • Hooded upper eyelids 
  • Upper eyelid aging 
  • Ptosis or droopy eyelid 
  • Aging of lower eyelids 
  • Excess skin on the eyelids 
  • Heavy lower-lid bags 
  • Heavy upper eyelids 

After blepharoplasty 

  • More defines upper lid crease 
  • Corrects aging of upper eyelids 
  • Correction of ptosis of upper eyelids 
  • Improved vision 
  • Removal of excess skin in the eyelids 
  • Correction of lower lid bags
  • Fresh appearance 
  • Smooth forehead 
  • Correction of drooping upper eyelids 

Blepharoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi – A Patient’s Story

If you choose the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi for eyelid surgery, you’ll certainly get remarkable results. It is evident through the real-life stories of patients who choose a reputed clinic. 

A patient who chooses not to be named shares her real-life story about the difference that blepharoplasty surgery made to her appearance. Her experience will convince you that eyelid surgery before and after photos in reputed clinics are not edited in any way. The surgery gives transformative results to suitable candidates.

The patient would always stare at her photographs and notice that her right eye was almost always closed. This problem affected her professional life to a significant extent. While teaching or in meetings, she felt that she was just seeing herself right back on the screen all the time. 

Frustrated, she consulted a surgeon at the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi. The surgeon performed upper eyelid surgery. She recounts that four hours after the surgery, she didn’t feel any pain at all. She could open and close her eyes easily, although they felt a bit swollen. There was a little bruising, on which she put some cold gauze compresses periodically. 

24 hours after the blepharoplasty surgery, she went to the surgeon, who said that everything looked good. There was a little bit of bruising and some swelling. But overall, she wasn’t in discomfort. She slept easily through the night and also got her work done. 48 hours after the surgery, she could hardly tell if there was any surgery done on her upper eyelid at all. 

On day 7, she was delighted with the way her eyes looked and how easily she was able to perform the activities that she couldn’t earlier. This eyelid surgery before and after story shows how this treatment is perfect for treating various problems.

How Long Is the Recovery After Eyelid Surgery?

If you go for upper or lower blepharoplasty, full recovery can take some time. In the initial 24 – 72 hours after it, you’ll feel exhausted. But this will not last for long. At this time, it is essential to rest your body. The good news is that recovery after eyelid surgery is pretty quick. You can expect to return to your usual activities approximately eight days after the surgery. But ensure not to put any strain on your eyes. Sleep as much as you can, drink plenty of water, and avoid drinking or smoking. Also, don’t expose your eyes to excessive heat. 

Some things you can do to recover faster are:

  • Eat a nutritious diet 
  • Drink lots of fluids 
  • Rest your eyes 
  • Protect your eyes from the sun and other environmental aggressors.
  • Don’t put undue pressure on your body.

Does Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi?

Insurance coverage for blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi is only applicable if this surgery is medically necessary. But if you do it as an elective procedure or for aesthetic purposes, insurance will not cover it. Most insurance providers cover blepharoplasty to correct ptosis. They also cover its cost if you have an eye problem that affects your daily life.

Blepharoplasty is covered by insurance in the following cases:

  • The upper and outer visual fields of the patient are impaired.
  • Corneal irritation because of drooping eyelids
  • Ptosis
  • Presence of repair defects
  • There is excessive eyelid skin that cannot be rectified by alternative procedures.

Note that insurance coverage will only be for the cosmetic procedure. It will not cover additional expenses. These include the fees for the operating room and anesthesia. 

Botched Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi – How to Reduce Surgery Complications 

Abu Dhabi has some of the best plastic surgeons. That’s why more people have been visiting the place for eyelid surgery in recent years. However, there is still a need to be careful when opting for this surgery. If you choose an inexperienced or unqualified surgeon, you’ll end up with a botched eyelid surgery. It will not only ruin your appearance but can also damage your health, not to mention the waste of the money involved. 

Cases of botched eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi have been those when patients chose inexperienced surgeons who removed too much skin during the surgery. It made it difficult for patients to even close their eyes properly. That’s why it’s crucial to review the credentials of your prospective surgeon. Ensure that they have at least a decade of experience in performing this surgery. You must thoroughly consult with your surgeon before the surgery. It will help you learn more about how the procedure can benefit you.

During the consultation, ask your surgeon to show eyelid surgery before and after photos of the patients they have operated on. It will help you gain a good idea of their expertise. 

Success Rate of Eyelid Surgery in Abu Dhabi

The success rate of blepharoplasty in Abu Dhabi is 95%. This surgery is performed by renowned plastic surgeons. There are various hospitals with dedicated plastic surgery departments that use cutting-edge technology for various procedures. The high success rate shows that most people achieve the desired result when they get operated on at the best cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi. 

The table below compares the success rate of eyelid surgery in Abu Dhabi with other cities in the UAE. 

Name of the city in UAE Success rate of eyelid surgery in the UAE city
Abu Dhabi 95%
Dubai 97%
Al Ain 94%
Sharjah 96%
Fujairah 93%
Ajman 92%
Ras Al Khaimah 90%

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does blepharoplasty take?

Blepharoplasty takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. It is an outpatient procedure, which means that patients can return to their homes on the same day. 

2. Are the results of eyelid surgery permanent?

Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids lasts from five to seven years. They can even last for an entire lifetime. Blepharoplasty on the lower eyelids is a one-time procedure that gives long-lasting results.

3. Will there be scars on my face after blepharoplasty?

 There will be scarring after blepharoplasty as the surgeon makes incisions following the natural lines. However, these scars don’t last for a long time. They soon change into the color of your skin. 

4. Who cannot have blepharoplasty?

If you have a chronic dry eye or chronic diseases like hypertension or heart disease, you cannot have eyelid surgery. Besides that, people with circulation disorders and thyroid disorders also cannot have blepharoplasty. 

5. Is eyelid surgery a painful procedure?

Blepharoplasty is not a painful procedure. You only need a small amount of pain medicine after the procedure. It’s also a surgery from which patients recover quickly. 

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