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BGS Global Hospital Cost Bangalore 2023 – Find the Current Price List, Exclusive Packages, and Charges

BGS Global Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore. BGS Hospital in Bangalore is a premier healthcare provider throughout India with its multiple super specialty hospital chains. This hospital offers different health services for heart transplants, liver transplants, Kidney transplants, Bone marrow transplants, Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Gynecology, Infertility, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, ENT, and general surgeries. BGS Global Hospital received several awards for its safety, state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive range of medical services, world-class medical treatments, and customized care. The BGS Global Hospital provides standard facilities such as Airport Pick up, Personal Assistance, Wifi, Phone Room, Online Doctor Consultation, Rehabilitation, Air Ambulance, Private Rooms, health insurance, and follow-ups. The BGS Global Hospital has the best Cardiac Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Laparoscopic Surgeon, Hematologist, Gynecologist, Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Interventional Cardiologist, Neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, ENT surgeon, Pediatric Neurologist, Radiation Oncologist, Urologist. Let’s find out more about BGS Global Hospital Cost Bangalore.

BGS Global Super Specialty Hospitals, Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore
Cost Standard
Doctors & Surgeons High Profile & Leading
Specialization Multispecialty
Availability Bangalore
Technology Advanced & Latest
Insurance Coverage Accept
Reviews Good
Ratings 4.6
Hours 24 hours
Emergency Care Available

BGS Global Hospital Cost Bangalore: Specialities

BGS Global Hospital Procedures Price List
Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine INR 1,06,200
Bariatric Surgery INR 3,00000 – INR 6,00000
Bone Marrow Transplantation INR 1,65,1200 – INR 1,88,1600
Breast Oncology INR 3,79,200 – INR 2,29, 200
Cardiology INR 2,70,000
Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery INR 1,33,200
Dentistry INR 42,000
Dermatology INR 6,000 (per session)
Endocrinology INR 600 – INR 1,800
ENT INR 40,950 – INR 76,440
General Medicine INR 46,680 – INR 13,80,000
General Surgery INR 2,40,000
Gynecology INR 12,000 – INR 84,000
Heart Transplantation INR 31,96,800 – INR 42,62,400
Hepatology INR 15,98,400
HPB & Liver Surgery INR 9,60,000 – INR 48,00,000
Interventional Radiology INR 18,000 – INR 24,000
Kidney Transplantation INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,000
Liver Transplantation INR 20,40,000 – INR 22,80,000
Medical Gastroenterology & Endoscopy INR 38,400 – INR 78,000
Medical Oncology INR 6,00,000
Minimal Invasive Surgery INR 2,87,712
Nephrology INR 18,00,000
Neurology INR 60,000 – INR 36,00,000
Neurosurgery INR 60,000 – INR 3,60,000
Plastic Surgery INR 19,260 – INR 3,21,000
Paediatrics Surgery INR 24,00,000 – INR 36,00,000
Radiation Therapy INR 2,70,000
Radiation Oncology INR 2,70,000
Spinal Surgery INR 2,76,000 – INR 3,60,000
Urology INR 1,50,000
Surgical Oncology INR 1,20,000 – INR 6,00,000
Orthopaedics Surgery INR 3,84,000 – INR 7,68,000

BGS Global Hospital Prices for Different Treatments & Surgeries in Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore offers the best patient experience, including state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced treatments, and care. The expert doctors in BGS Global Hospital work best to get a successful outcome and help patients remain healthy. The highly quality doctors and surgeons are available for every minor to major health problems, such as cardiology surgery, liver transplant, and kidney transplant. They are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for patients. Patients can receive innovative therapies, caregivers, and compassionate care to create hope in a patient about good health.

The paramount treatment price at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore, includes:

Bone Marrow Transplantation Cost INR 1,65,1200 – INR 1,88,1600, Breast Oncology Cost INR 3,79,200 – INR 2,29, 200, Cardiology Cost INR 2,70,000, General Surgery Cost INR 2,40,000, Heart Transplantation  Cost INR 31,96,800 – INR 42,62,400, Kidney Transplantation Cost INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,000, Liver Transplantation Cost INR 20,40,000 – INR 22,80,000, Plastic Surgery Cost INR 19,260 – INR 3,21,000, Paediatrics Surgery  Cost INR 24,00,000 – INR 36,00,000, Radiation Therapy Cost INR 2,70,000, Radiation Oncology Cost INR 2,70,000, Spinal Surgery Cost INR 2,76,000 – INR 3,60,000.

BGS Global Hospital Consultation Cost & Tests Prices in Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital Consultation Fees Cost in INR
OPD Consultation Registration Fees INR 150.00 – INR 300.00
OPD General Consultation Fees INR 1,000
OPD Specialist Consultation Fees INR 1,500
ICU Charges INR 9000
NICU (Bed Charges) INR 6000
NICU (Doc. Visit Fees) INR 1200
Doctor Visit Charges (ICU) INR 840
Ventilator Charges INR 9,600
Blood Sugar Test INR 216
Lipid Profile INR 960
Thyroid Test INR 1,140
Urine Routine INR 240
HbA1C Test INR 1,176
Cholesterol Test INR 240
Creatinine Test INR 288
Renal Profile INR 1,056
Bleeding / Clotting Time Test INR 444
Total Protein Test INR 240
Reticulocyte Count Test INR 384
Uric Acid Test INR 288
HCV Antibody Test INR 1,200

BGS Global Hospital OPD Fees, Bangalore

Book appointments with the best surgeons and top doctors for oncology, cardiology, kidney transplant, liver transplant, pain management, General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Paediatrics Surgery, and Orthopaedic surgery. The OPD Consultation Registration Fees start with INR 150.00 – INR 300.00. OPD General Consultation Fees: INR 1,000 at BGS Global Hospital for General Medicine and Surgery. If you need to consult a specialized surgeon for a bone marrow transplant or heart or liver, the OPD Specialist Consultation Fees: INR 1,500 or may increase depending on the surgeon’s qualification, experience, and patient conditions.

BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore ICU Charges

BGS Global Hospital ICU charges per day in Bangalore is INR 9000. The ICU charges include expenses for general medical support, ICU bed, monitoring devices, intensive charges, and critical care nursing. Other ICU costs include Doctor ICU Visit Charges: Rs. 700.00. A patient must deposit Rs. 50000 or more for ICU admission. The Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU bed charges are INR 6000. Every NICU doctor visit fee is INR 1200.


BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore ICU Price list

ICU Charges Cost
ICU Charges (per day) INR 9,000
Doctor ICU Visit Charges INR 700
ICU Admission Deposit INR 5,0000
NICU bed charges INR 6000

BGS Hospital Full Body Checkup Cost, Bangalore

A Routine or full body checkup is necessary for overall health and wellness. The modern lifestyle and stressful working life often affect health slowly. A routine health check of the full body at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bangalore, offers a comprehensive view of overall health. The patient will have the following health analysis for a full body checkup.

BGS Hospital Full Body Checkup Price list, Bangalore

Tests Price List
Complete Blood Count ESR/PS INR 300 – INR 600
Glucose -Fasting & Post Prandial INR 100
Total Cholesterol INR 350
Triglycerides INR 200
HDL/LDL cholesterol INR 300 – INR 500
VLDL cholesterol INR 300
Total Bilirubin INR 100
Direct bilirubin INR 300
Albumin INR 200
Globulin INR 150
A/G Ratio INR 60
Alkaline phosphatase INR 180
Blood Urea INR 250
Serum Creatinine INR 250
Serum Uric Acid INR 300
Urine Routine & Microscopy INR 200
ECG INR 300 – INR 600
USG Abdomen and Pelvis INR 1,000 – INR 2,000

BGS Global Hospital Ward Facilities Cost in Bangalore

Hospital Ward Facility Fees Cost
General Ward Price INR 2,280
Semi-Private Ward – Twin Sharing Price INR 4,800
Private Ward with AC Price INR 7,200
Private Ward – Deluxe Price INR 9,600
Private Ward – Suite Room Price INR 14,400


BGS Global Hospital General & Private Room Charges, Bangalore 

The BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Bangalore. It offers multispeciality services and advanced facilities for every category of patient. Patients can feel satisfied and feel at home. The general and private room charges include General Ward Price: INR 2,280, Semi-Private Ward – Twin Sharing Price: INR 4,800, Private Ward with AC Price: INR 7,200, Private Ward – Deluxe Price: INR 9,600, Private Ward – Suite Room Price: INR 14,400.

BGS Global Hospital Bone Marrow Transplantation Cost in Bangalore

Bone Marrow Transplantation Procedures  Cost Doctors
Thalassemia INR 11,72,160 1. Dr Rajeev Vijayakumar (HOD, Sr Consultant, BMT, Medical Oncolosit, & Hemato Onclogist)
2. Dr Prerna S Nesargi (Consultant Hamatologist and Paediatric Oncology)
3. Dr Govind Eriat (Consultant BMT Medicine and Hematology)
Aplastic Anemia INR 42,00,000
Multiple Myelomas INR 2,82,600
Lymphomas INR 2,96,400
Leukemia INR 24,00,000


Bone Marrow Transplant Cost & Surgeons at BGS Global Hospital Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital offers an excellent centre that has succeeded in various bone marrow transplants with superior care. The BGS hospital offers the best doctors and technicians who are well-trained and experienced, with several years in their field. Patients seeking bone marrow transplants can find different treatments such as Thalassemia, Cost INR 11,72,160, Aplastic Anemia Cost INR 42,00,000, Multiple Myelomas Cost INR 2,82,600, Lymphomas Cost INR 2,96,400, Leukemia costs INR 24,00,000. The bone marrow transplant department of BGS Hospital provides specialized doctors and surgeons listed above in the table.

BGS Global Hospital Cardiology Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Cardiology Surgery Cost  Cost Doctor
Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery INR 78,000 – INR 1,92000 1. Dr Raghavendrra Chikatoor
2. Dr Ravindranath Reddy D R
3. Dr P R L N Prasad
Heart transplantation INR 2,66,4000 – 3,55,2000


Cardiologist in BGS Hospital Cost and Treatments in Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital provides an expert cardiology team dedicated to offering top-class cardiac services for a patient experiencing heart disease. BGS Hospital in Bangalore owns advanced technologies, qualified staff, skilled physicians, and well-equipped wards that help treat heart conditions like irregular heartbeat, myocardial infarction, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and abnormal cardiac rhythm. Patients can receive a prompt diagnosis to relieve symptoms and signs of heart disease. The cardiac department has the best staff to quickly provide essential tests such as imaging, stress test, and angiography. BGS Global Hospital offers the best heart surgeons for heart treatment, such as Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery costs: INR 78,000 – INR 1,92000, and Heart transplantation Cost: INR 2,66,4000 – 3,55,2000.


BGS Global Hospital Ward & Bed Price Category for Heart Surgery

Bed Category for Heart Surgery Price
 Semi Private ward Price INR 2,34,000
 Private Ward Price INR 2,97,600
 Deluxe Room Price INR 3,42,000
 Suite Room Price INR 3,96,000
 General ward Price INR 1,80,000

BGS Global Hospital Cost for Liver Transplantation in Bangalore

Liver transplantation Procedures  Cost Doctor
Liver transplantation INR 20,40,000 – INR 22,80,000 1. Dr Ravindra Nidoni (Consultant – Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery)
2.Dr Mahesh Gopasetty (HOD & Senior Consultant – HPB and Transplant Surgery)
3. Dr Pramod Kumar (Consultant Hepatologist and liver transplant physician)
Living Donor Transplant INR 20,00,000
Split Donation INR 19,00,000
Auxiliary liver transplantation INR 20,00,000
Pediatric Liver Transplant INR 18,00,000
Liver Function Test (LFT) INR 880
Robotic Liver Transplant INR 21,00,000


BGS Global Hospital Liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital Bangalore provides comprehensive liver transplant that aims to improve patient’s life who are suffering from liver diseases. The BGS Global hospital centre is a committed pancreatic and liver care division. There are best liver transplant surgeons who operate every transplant with specialized team of hepatologists, transplant anesthesiologist, transplant surgeons, transplant nurses, transplant coordinators, physiotherapists for liver care for different conditions such as Liver transplantation cost INR 20,40,000 – INR 22,80,000, Living Donor Transplant Cost INR 20,00,000, Split Donation Cost INR 19,00,000, Auxiliary liver transplantation Cost INR 20,00,000, Paediatric Liver Transplant Cost INR 18,00,000, Liver Function Test (LFT) Cost INR 880, Robotic Liver Transplant Cost INR 21,00,000.

BGS Global Hospital Cost for Kidney Transplantation in Bangalore

Kidney transplantation  Cost Doctor
Kidney transplantation INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,000 Dr Anil Kumar (HOD and Sr. Consultant – Nephrologist and Transplant Physician)
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,001
Living Donor Kidney Transplants INR 48,00,000 – INR 87,60,000
Robotic Kidney Transplants INR 1,020,000
Kidney / Renal Function Test Rs. 600.00


Kidney Transplantation Cost at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Kidney transplantation is another specialty treatment at BGS Global Hospital. Leading kidney surgeons and specialized departments are equipped with surgical rooms, well-maintained labs, and advanced machines to operate the surgery easily. BGS Hospital offers both liver and cadaveric transplants. The prices of kidney treatments include Kidney transplantation, Cost INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,000; deceased Donor Kidney Transplants Cost INR 48,00,000 – INR 96,00,001; Living Donor Kidney Transplants Cost INR 48,00,000 – INR 87,60,000, Robotic Kidney Transplants Cost INR 1,020,000, Kidney / Renal Function Test Cost Rs. 600.00.

BGS Global Hospital Cost for Plastic Surgery in Bangalore

Aesthetic Surgery Procedures Cost Doctor
Plastic Surgery INR 19,260 – INR 3,21,000 Dr Naveen Kumar H R (MBBS, MS- General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive surgery) Sr. Consultant Cosmetic surgeon
Cosmetic surgery INR 70,800
Reconstructive surgery INR 96,889
Facial cosmetic surgery INR 3,21,000
Rhinoplasty INR 1,92,000
Hair Transplantation INR 1,08,000
Breast Surgery INR 1,80,000
Cancer Reconstruction INR 6,00,000


BGS Global Hospital Prices for Plastic Surgery in Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital is the best place for various plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The BGS Global Hospital provides the best plastic surgeons who combine advanced technology and skills to bring natural beauty to you. Every year BGS plastic surgeons perform more than 500 cosmetic surgeries. The main aesthetic procedures Cost include Plastic Surgery, Cost INR 19,260 – INR 3,21,000, Cosmetic surgery cost NR 70,800; reconstructive surgery Costs INR 96,889; facial cosmetic surgery, Cost INR 3,21,000; Rhinoplasty costs INR 1,92,000, Hair Transplantation Cost INR 1,08,000, Breast Surgery Cost INR 1,80,000, Cancer Reconstruction Cost INR 6,00,000. Patients can have treatments for cosmetic care, scars removal, and dermatological problems.

BGS Global Hospital Price List for Paediatrics Surgery in Bangalore

Paediatrics Treatments & Surgery Procedures Cost Doctor
Cardiology INR 24,00,000 – INR 36,00,000 1. Dr Ramu D S ( Sr Consultant & Paediatric Intensivist
2. Dr C Sai Narasimha Reddy (Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist
Juvenile diabetes
Cold and flu
Urinary tract infection
Ear nose and throat infection


BGS Global Hospital Cost for Paediatrics Surgery in Bangalore

BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital offers high-quality and child-centric care for children suffering from pediatric ailments. BGS provides the best consultant pediatricians who discuss the child’s condition with parents and provide personalized care. The Paediatric treatments in BGS Global Hospital include Cardiology, Paediatric liver intensive care, Juvenile diabetes, Constipation, Cold and flu, Vomiting, Urinary tract infection, Infection, Ear, nose, and throat infection. BGS Global Hospital Cost for Paediatrics is INR 24,00,000 – INR 36,00,000.

Orthopedics and Joint Replacements Price List at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Orthopedics and Joint Replacements Cost Doctor
Arthroscopy INR 3,84,000 – INR 7,68,000 1. Dr J.V.S. Vidya Sagar (Sr.Consultant – head of orthopedics)
2. Dr Ashwin Kumar (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
3. Dr V V Satyanarayana E (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Bone density test
Bone scan
Bone reconstruction
Total Knee Replacement
Total Hip Replacement
ACL Reconstruction
Biceps Tenodesis
Deformity correction
Bone tumors
Bone and joint malformation surgery


Orthopedics and Joint Replacements Cost at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital provides effective solutions for painful joints and manages movements. The specialized Orthopaedic department provides a different range of joint treatments. Patients suffering from joint pain like knees can expect mobility restoration. Highly qualified orthopedic surgeons and teamwork best on bone scans, bone reconstructions, knee replacements, and hip replacements to provide the best joint treatments. The Orthopaedic treatment cost range between INR 3,84,000 – INR 7,68,000 at BGS Global Hospital Bangalore.

Neurology & Neurosurgery Price List at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Neurology & Neurosurgery Cost Doctor
Brain tumor INR 60,000 – INR 36,00,000
INR 60,000 – INR 3,60,000
1. Dr J. Gauri Shankar (Sr. Consultant – Brain & Spine Surgeon)
2. Dr Suresh Reddy (Consultant – Neurology)
3. Dr Praveen Changala (Consultant – Neuro Physician)
4. Dr Kalyan Bommakanti (Sr. Consultant – Neuro & Spine Surgery)
Cerebral Aneurysm
Movement disorders
Brain and spine surgery
Vascular malformation
Head injuries


Neurology & Neurosurgery Cost at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital offers world-class nervous system treatments and neuro surgeries for Brain tumours, Cerebral Aneurysms, Movement disorders, Hydrocephalus, Brain and spine surgery, Vascular malformation, and Head injuries. The BGS hospital offers the best neurologists and neurosurgeons with modern technological skills and a well-trained team to keep the patient’s nervous system on track. INR 60,000 – The Neurology Treatment cost is INR 36,00,000 & Neurosurgery cost is INR 60,000 – INR 3,60,000 at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore.

Other Emergency Care Price List at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Emergency Care Price
Critical Care INR 10148
Diabetology (Consultation Fees) INR 2760
Infectious Diseases (Consultation Fees) INR 500 – INR 1000
Interventional Radiology INR 18,000 – INR 24,000
Pain Management INR 500 – INR 1,600


Emergency Care Cost at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

BGS Global Hospital provides emergency treatment for adults and pediatric cases for several conditions, including Critical Care Cost INR 10148, Diabetology Consultation Fees of INR 2760, Infectious Diseases Consultation Fees of INR 500 – INR 1000, Interventional Radiology Cost INR 18,000 – INR 24,000, Pain Management Cost INR 500 – INR 1,600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BGS Hospital Famous for?

BGS Global Hospital in Bengaluru is famous for various types of specialty treatments such as Bone marrow transplants, Liver & Kidney transplants, Heart surgery, and many other general and emergency conditions.


What BGS Hospital Kengeri’s Contact Number?

Please contact us we will provide a second opinion and a specific doctor appointment.


What are BGS Global Hospital Consultation Charges?

The general consultation fee is INR 150 – 500 at BGS Global Hospital.


BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital is one of the famous and leading hospitals in Bangalore, offering multispeciality treatments for brain, heart, organ transplant, plastic surgery, emergency care, and pediatric treatments. The BGS hospital has advanced and innovative technologies, well-trained medical and surgical teams, and the best surgeons. Please get in touch with us to get a second opinion and BGS Global Hospital Cost Bangalore.

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