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Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore – Compare Best Surgeons, Top Hospitals, Reviews and Success Rate

Several women and teenage girls suffer in silence due to enlarged breast size and abnormal shape. It affects girls since from their schools, whatever they wear, the dress looks ugly, and they feel humiliated. Women, after childbirth, suffer from hormonal changes that cause enlarged breasts, affecting their appearance in social life. A woman named Aditi shared how enlarged breasts affected her emotionally and mentally. Going to school was the biggest challenge for her; she was going through embarrassment every day, facing other students’ comments about her body. She kept thinking about changing schools or moving to another city and cried in silence; she felt bad about her body at the age of 19. But no worries now the advanced technologies and cosmetic surgery in Bangalore help women to reduce that awkward breast shape and size. Let’s find out more about Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore.

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size and reshape overly large breasts to create a more proportionate and balanced appearance. Plastic surgery in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, is commonly performed by the best plastic surgeons in Bangalore, with accredited medical facilities in top hospitals. Expert Chikitsa, well-known and widely connected in different countries, provides a Medical Second Opinion to a patient in a dilemma about their health condition and decision about treatments. This article’s content will talk about the patient experience of breast reduction surgery in Bangalore and other survey data for success rates and reviews from patients who underwent breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore Overview

According to a survey conducted by Expert Chikitsa on 521 patients who underwent breast reduction surgery in Bangalore. This survey gathered information about the satisfaction level of patients, medical facilities, different cost options, procedures, and insurance coverage.

Age: 19 – 45
Gender: Female
Nationalities: National and International Patients Seeking Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore
Hospital Selection  
120 patients chose the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore based on a recommendation
114 prioritized Plastic surgery clinics with advanced technologies, best-experienced surgeons in Bangalore
Cost Budgeting  
Breast reduction surgery cost in Bangalore varies for each  patient, depending on the desired size
The average breast reduction surgery cost in Bangalore range between ₹77,000 – ₹1,76,000
Factors Influencing Breast Reduction Cost
Skilled Plastic Surgeons in Bangalore, experience, methods, procedures, and location determine the cost.
Additional factors hospital facilities and complication prevention.
Satisfaction Levels  
85 of the survey participants are satisfied with the overall experience  of breast reduction surgery in Bangalore
75 of the patients were satisfied with the results of different methods of breast reduction
Post-Surgery Support
58 of the survey participants underwent breast cosmetic surgery in Bangalore with quality care and standard follow-ups.
Additional Guidance from
best breast surgeon in Bangalore and recovery program
Additional Expenses  
35 had unexpected costs during breast reduction linked with cancer
Unexpected breast reduction costs include Stay facilities, travel expenses, and unexpected medical need
33 of the survey participants would recommend the best breast surgeon in Bangalore
Positive reviews highlighted the successful results of desired breast size and unwanted skin and fat removal

Embracing Freedom: Aditi’s Journey with Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore

Aditi Ahuja, 28, from Punjab, shared her breast reduction surgery experience during an interview with Expert Chikitsa. She told how she struggled with heavyweight, shoulder pain, back pain, limitation to physical activities, and additional emotional pain. It felt like a daily battle affecting her self-esteem, quality of life, and physical discomfort. Her decision to undergo breast reduction surgery became a turning moment in her journey toward getting back her confidence and comfort in her skin. Researching options and consulting with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon in Bangalore helped her understand the possibilities, different costs for different breast reduction techniques, breast surgeons, and potential outcomes. It wasn’t solely about altering her appearance; it was about seeking relief from the burdens she carried for so long.

She had a consultation in Delhi, and her doctor recommended plastic surgery with breast reduction that could help her find relief. During her research Aditi found different places offering breast reduction surgery in India, so she thought to take a second opinion and choose her final treatment location.

Aditi had a video consultation with a breast surgeon provided by Expert Chikitsa for a second opinion. The plastic surgeon discussed her health, suitable surgery methods, and average expected cost options. Let’s have a look at different types of breast surgery methods and female breast reduction surgery cost in Bangalore.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Bangalore 2023

Aditi found out Breast Reduction Surgery costs in Bangalore vary depending on the technique applied. There are different hospitals in Bangalore where you can find a plastic surgery department mainly focused on breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons and reconstructive needs. The best breast reduction surgeon in Bangalore applies advanced techniques, including liposuction and various incision methods, to good successful results while valuing patient safety and post-surgery care. Patients considering breast reduction surgery in Bangalore are encouraged to consult with certified plastic surgeons to discuss their personal needs, expected outcomes, potential risks, and post-operative recovery.

A comprehensive survey was conducted by Expert Chikitsa, encompassing the responses of 957 individuals who had undergone breast reduction surgery in Bangalore. The survey aimed to evaluate and understand the overall satisfaction, experiences, and results of the boob reduction procedure. Boob Reduction Results indicated a high level of satisfaction among survey participants, with an overwhelming majority expressing significant progress in physical well-being and quality of life post-surgery. We have compiled the cost spent for different breast reduction techniques and a number of people in the below table.


Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Bangalore

Number of Participants Breast Reduction Cost in Bangalore Average Cost (INR) Spent
190 Anchor Scar Breast Reduction ₹ 94,500
85 Vertical Breast Reduction ₹ 1,01,250
66 Breast Reduction by Liposuction ₹ 97,200
46 Lollipop Breast Reduction ₹ 99,900
38 Inverted T Breast Reduction ₹ 1,03,950
84 Anchor Breast Reduction ₹ 1,01,250
110 Reduction Mammoplasty ₹ 1,08,000
97 Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction ₹ 1,08,000
63 Horizontal scar Breast Reduction ₹ 1,10,700
36 Vertical Scar Breast Reduction ₹ 1,05,300
79 Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction ₹ 1,14,750
63 Wise Pattern Breast Reduction ₹ 1,17,450

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Bangalore Vs Other Cities In India

According to Expert Chikitsa survey data, the cost of breast reduction surgery in different cities across India can vary based on other factors, including the plastic surgeon’s skills, geographical location, hospital or clinic facilities, procedure complexity, pre-operative tests, post-operative care, and additional services. Here are the average price ranges in different Indian cities:

Cities Breast Reduction Cost
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Bangalore ₹ 66,000 – ₹ 1,95,650
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Chennai ₹ 66,550 – ₹ 1,93,570
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Delhi ₹ 67,100 – ₹ 1,95,650
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Gurgaon ₹ 66,440 – ₹ 1,96,300
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Hyderabad ₹ 57,750 – ₹ 1,94,350
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Mumbai ₹ 87,450 – ₹ 1,93,700
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Noida ₹ 76,440 – ₹ 1,96,300
Breast Reduction Surgery Cost In Pune ₹ 66,000 – ₹ 1,95,000


Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Break-Up, in Bangalore

Variable Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
Surgeon’s Fee ₹ 31,500 ₹ 43,200 ₹ 55,000
Room Rent ₹ 2,100 ₹ 5,400 ₹ 8,800
Diagnostic Tests ₹ 525 ₹ 1,890 ₹ 3,300
Anesthesia Charges ₹ 2,100 ₹ 7,560 ₹ 11,000
OR & ICU Charges ₹ 5,250 ₹ 8,100 ₹ 11,000
Medications ₹ 1,050 ₹ 3,240 ₹ 5,500
Support Garments ₹ 1,050 ₹ 2,160 ₹ 3,300

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Bangalore and Other Countries Cost Comparision

The breast reduction surgery cost varies significantly from country to country. It depends on various factors, including the geographical location, the plastic-cosmetic surgeon experience, the patient’s desired breast size, risk and complication management, hospital facilities, innovative infrastructure, operating room, and customized packages for overseas patients. Expert Chikitsa shares the breast reduction cost in different countries for comparison to make an informed decision.

Here is the potential cost range for breast reduction surgery in different countries:

Which Country Is The Cheapest For The Breast Reduction?

Country Average Cost
United States $5,000 – $10,000
United Kingdom $5015 – $7522
Canada $6,000 – $12,000
Australia $8,000 – $15,000
Germany 5015 – 10030
India $840 – $4200
Mexico $3,500 – $6,000
Colombia $2,500 – $5,300

Top 10 Plastic Surgeons In Bangalore, India

Best Breast Reduction Surgeon In Bangalore 2023

Surgeon Name Expertise Experience Consultation Fees
Dr. Kanti Shetty Plastic Surgeon 25 years ₹ 800
Dr. Keertana Devasani Plastic Surgeon 13 years ₹ 700
Dr. Ramani C V Plastic Surgeon 12 years ₹ 700
Dr. Sunil Kumar K S Plastic Surgeon 23 years ₹ 500
Dr. Srikanth V Plastic Surgeon 21 years ₹ 5,600
Dr. Sahebgowda Shetty Plastic Surgeon 22 years ₹ 800
Dr. Ashok B C Plastic Surgeon 33 years ₹ 1,100
Dr. M G Madhukumar Plastic Surgeon 25 years ₹ 1,000
Dr. Suhas S Plastic Surgeon 13 years ₹ 700

Best Plastic Surgery Hospital In Bangalore, India

Expert Chikitsa provides information about the Best Plastic Surgery Hospital In Bangalore to help you decide on breast reduction surgery. Several reputable clinics and hospitals provide specialized plastic surgery services. All the hospitals offer comprehensive healthcare services, including plastic and reconstructive surgeries, a dedicated team of plastic surgeons, various cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and modern facilities with a multidisciplinary approach. Here is the top well-regarded cosmetic surgery in Bangalore.

Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Bangalore Average Cost
Fortis Hospital, Bangalore ₹ 1,05,050
Manipal Hospital ₹ 1,11,375
Sakra World Hospital ₹ 1,06,920
Aster CMI ₹ 1,09,890
Aesthetics Plus ₹ 1,14,345
Marvel Multi-Speciality Hospital ₹ 1,11,375
Vydehi Super Speciality Hospital ₹ 1,18,800
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore ₹ 1,20,800
Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic ₹ 1,26,800
Trustwell Hospitals ₹ 1,18,800

Exploring Advanced Techniques in Breast Reduction Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide to Options in Bangalore

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction: The plastic surgeon creates an anchor-shaped incision around the areola that goes down to fold.

Cost: ₹ 77,000


Vertical Breast Reduction is a variation of the vertical method that uses a complete thickness medial pedicle for nipple circulation.

Cost: ₹ 82,500


Breast Reduction by Liposuction allows plastic surgeons to remove excess fatty tissues effectively and safely with less scarring. Liposuction is an alternative method for open surgery, especially for heavy breasts with more fat.

Cost: ₹ 79,200


Lollipop Breast Reduction is performed with a circular incision around the areola with a straight incision that goes down toward the breast crease.

Cost: ₹ 81,400


Inverted T Breast Reduction is a reliable technique for treating bilateral breast ptosis with less complication. The Inverted T breast reduction is suitable for breast cancer patients.

Cost: ₹ 84,700


Reduction Mammoplasty technique reduces the breast shape and size with a breast lift combination procedure.

Cost: ₹ 88,000


Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction removes the nipple or reattaches a new nipple with a skin graft.

Cost: ₹ 88,000


Horizontal scar Breast Reduction is created under the natural folds and creates horizontal scar within the crease.

Cost: ₹ 90,200

Understanding Breast Reduction Candidates: Who’s Ideal and Who Might Not Be Eligible

Who Are Suitable Candidates For Breast Reduction Who Are Not Eligible For Breast Reduction
Women With Excessively Large Breast Lactating Mother
Physical Discomfort Women With Diseases
Should Be Healthy And Stress-Free Women With Weight Fluctuation
Should Have Stable Weight Planning For Pregnancy
Should Be Non-smokers Planning For Other Surgery
Lower Self-Esteem Recently Had Different Plastic Surgery
Find Difficulty With Active Lifestyle
Chafing, Rashes, Infections, Under The Breasts

The Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure in Bangalore

The day of the breast reduction surgery arrived, and though nerves were present, a sense of hope outweighed any fear. The medical team’s professionalism and cosmetic care made the process smoother. The Best Plastic surgeon in Banglore and his team performed breast reduction surgery. Generally, the breast reduction surgery takes around 3 to 4 hours. Waking up after the procedure, she felt a mix of emotions – relief, tension, and a bit of soreness, which was expected. She received anesthesia at 9 am, and her doctor told her she would be asleep during surgery; Aditi Ahuja woke up at 4 pm. She asked the doctor if the surgery was done, and the medical team told her surgery was successful; excess fat and skin were removed and created the desired shape, but the final result would be noticeable after recovery.

Breast Reduction Recovery Time

Breast reduction recovery day by day was challenging. There was discomfort during the initial days when the anesthesia effect was reduced, but the gradual improvement restored hope. The post-operative care and guidance from my surgeon were valuable in guiding the healing process. Breast reduction recovery week by week had stretching and pulling feeling in the skin. The physical transformation was noticeable, but what truly amazed her was the shift in my emotional well-being. The weight lifted off her shoulders wasn’t just physical; it was a newfound freedom that allowed her to stand taller and feel more confident.

Aditi started to recover after 12 weeks, and she started to embrace daily activities. As time passed, she began to feel comfortable as her swelling reduced and her clothes fit well, boosting her confidence. Her husband was the main support system and played an important role. Family and friends witness her physical transformation. Her doctor’s encouragement and understanding made the breast reduction plastic surgery in Bangalore journey more fulfilling.

Common Problems After Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Weakness
  • Scarring
  • Soreness
  • Delayed healing
  • Difficulty nursing
  • Hematoma
  • Asymmetry
  • Sensation loss
  • Necrosis
  • Infection

Insightful Reviews of Breast Reduction Surgery Experiences in Bangalore Disclosed

Patient reviews are necessary for further guidance and making an informed decision. According to a survey of Expert Chikitsa conducted on 554 patients who underwent breast reduction surgery in Bangalore. This survey aimed to find the satisfaction rate and worst experience for those who are considering similar cosmetic surgery in Bangalore.

Questionnaire Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied
Total Experience 82% 15% 2% 1%
Surgical Outcome Satisfaction 85% 8% 6% 1%
Communication with a Plastic Surgeon 81% 14% 4% 1%
Hospital Facilities and Hygiene Level 80% 11% 6% 3%
Pre-operative Information Provided 76% 19% 3% 2%
Post-operative Care & Follow-up Satisfaction 67% 24% 5% 4%
Willingness to Recommend the Breast Reduction Hospital, Bangalore 83% 12% 3% 2%
Overall Rating (1-10) 9 8 2 0

Latest Innovation for Breast Reduction Surgery

The latest advancements in breast reduction surgery focused on improving techniques for less scarring, improving surgical precision, and optimizing patient outcomes.

Minimal Scar Techniques which is different from heavy scarring in traditional method. Latest skilled plastic surgeon practice minimizing scars for breast reduction procedures.

Improved Anchor Technique for breast reduction was created around the edge of the areola, with a longer horizontal incision and down to the breast crease under the breast.

Minimal Surgical Drains are only allowed if necessary to prevent pain and discomfort.

The internal Bra Technique is a new variation for breast surgery that aims to enhance the longevity of both breast reduction and breast lift. 

Maintaining Nipple Sensitivity and functions that help further breastfeeding and milk supply. This technique prevents internal breast scarring and cutting off milk ducts and nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Breast Reduction A Safe Procedure?

Breast reduction is a safe procedure for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

What Are Breast Reduction Surgery Side Effects?

Like every surgical procedure, breast reduction has the risk of infection or bleeding, swelling, and discomfort.

How To Find The Best Plastic Surgery Hospital In Bangalore?

Do your research and get a second opinion. Please write to us about the best plastic surgery hospital in Bangalore.

Can You Have A Video Consultation With The Best Plastic Surgeon In Bangalore?


Is There Any Breast Reduction Without Surgery?

Low-calorie and highly nutritious diet and exercise can help to shrink breast tissues for the initial stage but you need surgery for enlarged breasts.

What Are Breast Reduction Weight Requirements?

Women with 18.5 to 24.9 BMI are ideal candidates for breast reduction.

How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take?

Breast reduction surgery may take around 3 – 4 hours.

What Are The Types Of Breast Reduction Incisions?

The most common breast reduction incisions include anchor, donut, and lollipop.

 Can you breastfeed after a boob reduction?

Yes, a woman can breastfeed after breast reduction, but the ability of breast milk production will be limited.

How can I make my breast bigger after breast reduction?

There are options like augmentation fat grafting, which can increase the breast size after reduction.


Aditi’s breast reduction journey was not just changing her physical appearance, but it was a transformation of her life that touched every aspect of my life. The decision to undergo surgery empowered me to live life more fully without the weight that had burdened her for years. It’s a journey of self-acceptance, empowerment, and embracing a newfound sense of freedom that I’ll forever cherish. Please write to us for Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore, plastic surgeon in Bangalore, plastic surgery in Bangalore, and a second opinion.

Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Bangalore

Top Breast Reduction Hospital in Bangalore

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