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GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost in Bangalore, 2023 – Find the Current Price List, Exclusive Packages, and Charges

Garbhagudi Hospital Cost Range Between INR 90,000 – INR 5,00,000

GarbhaGudi is a well-known chain of infertility care hospitals operating advanced technological care to treat infertility issues. GarbhaGudi Hospital provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and fertility care. This hospital was founded by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, fertility specialists, and gynaecologists, Dr Asha S Vijay, Vijay Kumar Sheshadri, and Hari Srinivasan. Garbhagudi IVF Centre is mainly managed by Dr Asha, a postgraduate in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Bangalore medical college who started a career at Kidwai Institute of Oncology. Later, she started her own Sannidhin Multi Speciality Hospital. She got motivation by seeing women struggling with infertility and treatment costs. She decided to help people with reproductive disorders with the mission of GarbhaGudi. Let’s find out more about GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost, and infertility treatment packages. 


GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, Bangalore
Cost Standard
Doctors & Surgeons High Profile & Leading
Specialization IVF, Infertility, Surrogacy
Availability Bangalore
Technology Advanced & Latest
Insurance Coverage Accept
Reviews Good
Ratings 4.7
Hours 9 am – 6 pm

Fertility Experts at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, Bangalore

Doctors Qualification
Dr Asha S Vijay MBBS, DGO-DNB, Medical Director
Dr Mahehwari MBBS, MS-OBG, FRM, Assistant Medical Director
Dr Lakshmi Priya MBBS, MS (OBG), FRM, Fertility Specialist
Dr Srinivas B V  MBBS, MS, DNB Urology, FAMH, Urologist & Andrologist
Fyzullah Syed MSc Embryology, MSc Microbiology, BSc MLT, Director of Embryology
Vidyalakshmi A P G diploma, Clinical embryology, Lab manager, Sr Embryologists

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost for Female Treatments in Bangalore

Procedure Cost
Natural Pregnancy INR 90,000
Infertility INR 1,57,500 – INR 3,15,000
IVF INR 1,05,000 – INR 4,20,000
IUI INR 15,750 – INR 52,500
ICSI INR 1,63,170 – INR 2,17,560
FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) INR 2,62,500 – INR 5,25,000
Laparoscopy INR 96,600 – INR 1,80,810
Hysteroscopy INR 57,750
Embryo Donation INR 52,500 – INR 1,05,000
Egg Donation INR 36,750 – INR 52,500

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost for Male Infertility Treatments in Bangalore

Procedure Cost
PESA & TESA INR 15,000 – INR 22, 000
Semen Freezing INR 7700
Varicocele INR 38,000 – INR 71,500

Advanced Fertility Treatment GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost

Procedure Cost
Egg Freezing INR 39,000 – INR 90,000
Endometrial Rejuvenation
Sequential Transfer

IVF Packages at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

IVF Treatment Plans Cost Services
Essentials ₹ 90,000 Consultations
Follicular Monitoring
Stimulation Injections
Investigations during Stimulation Cycle
• Consultations
• Follicular Monitoring
• Stimulation Injections
• Investigations during Stimulation Cycle
• (Estradiol,Luteinizing Hormone,Progesterone)
• Other Specific Investiagtionsincluded in Plus
• FET 1 Cycle
• Blastocyst
• Freezing charges (1 Year)
• OPU Charges
• Ward Charges
Plus ₹ 1,50,000
Premium ₹ 2,20,000


Standard Facilities at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre

GarbhaGudi provides top-class treatments at affordable costs with a high success rate. The GarbhaGudi Centre have advanced apparatus and infrastructure to handle complex cases. They have up-to-date technologies and are available 24/7. The centre is operated by only expert fertility doctors and a dedicated team to help infertile couples. 

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost Estimate for Different Procedures, Bangalore

Garbhagudi  Cost+A43:B71 Average Cost
In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost ₹ 2,20,000
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost ₹ 27,500
Testicular Biopsy Cost ₹ 28,600
Need Sperm Donor ₹ 6,600
Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) Cost ₹ 34,100
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Cost ₹ 2,53,000
Egg Donor (without IVF) Cost ₹ 99,000
Egg Freezing Cost ₹ 39,600
Semen Freezing Cost ₹ 7,700
Embryo Freezing Cost ₹ 39,600
DNA Fragmentation Cost ₹ 9,130
Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) Cost ₹ 28,600
Embryo Donation Cost ₹ 88,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cost ₹ 91,300
Blastocyst Transfer Cost ₹ 33,000
IUI (without Inj.) Cost ₹ 27,500
IUI (2 Cycles with Inj.) Cost ₹ 22,000
Ovary Stimulation Cost ₹ 93,500
IVF 3 cycle (Without Inj.) – Own egg & Sperm Cost ₹ 4,65,300
Ovarian Drilling Cost ₹ 55,000
Myomectomy Cost ₹ 77,550
Polypectomy Cost ₹ 33,000
Hysteroscopic Synechiolysis Cost ₹ 46,200
Tubal Patency Tests (HyCoSy) Cost ₹ 11,000
Ovulation Induction Cost ₹ 93,500
Semen Analysis Cost ₹ 1,100
Semen Culture Cost ₹ 1,942
Sperm Morphology Assessment Cost ₹ 1,100

Lab Tests & Assessment GarbhaGudi IVF Centre Cost, Bangalore

GarbhaGudi IVF Center Cost Estimate Average Cost (INR)
AI – Artificial Insemination (30 mins) ₹ 1,15,500 – ₹ 1,26,000
Blastocyst Transfer ₹ 420 – ₹ 840
Cycle Monitoring ₹ 10,500 – 12600
Embryo freezing charges are for 6 months ₹ 26,250 – ₹ 42,000
Egg freezing charges are for 6 months ₹ 1,47,000 – ₹ 1,89,000
Egg Sharing ₹ 78,750 – ₹ 1,78,500
Embryo Donation ₹ 21,000
Embryo Freezing ₹ 525 – ₹ 1,050
Initial Consultation ₹ 2,100
Fertility Test ₹ 42,000 – ₹ 78,750
ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ₹ 78,750 – ₹ 99,750
The charges is for usage of oocyte retrieval in OT, embryology lab usage, ICSI procedure and culture of the embryos. Blastocyst charges are extra ₹ 3,675
Semen Preparation ₹ 1,20,750
IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection ₹ 11,550
IUI under General Anesthesia ₹ 1,15,500 – ₹ 1,26,000
Injections, OT Consumables, Freezing charges and Blastocyst culture charges will be extra ₹ 1,57,500 – ₹ 2,36,250
IVF with Donor Eggs ₹ 3,150 – ₹ 15,750
Ovulation Induction ₹ 10,500 – ₹ 15,750
SO-IUI – Superovulation with Intrauterine Insemination ₹ 788 – ₹ 1,050
Sperm Assessment ₹ 5,250 – ₹ 12,600
Sperm DNA Fragmentation ₹ 5,250
Sperm Freezing ₹ 15,750 – ₹ 26,250
Surgical Sperm Retrieval ₹ 18,900 – ₹ 26,250
TESA – Testicular Sperm Extraction ₹ 18,900 – ₹ 26,250
MESA ₹ 15,750
Testicular Biopsy (Unilateral) ₹ 26,250
Testicular Biopsy (Bilateral) ₹ 26,250
TESA with Anesthesia ₹ 10,500 – ₹ 18,900
TESA without Anesthesia ₹ 31,500 – ₹ 57,750
Hysteroscopy Diagnostic ₹ 18,900 – ₹ 23,100
Hysteroscopy Operative ₹ 26,250 – ₹ 78,750
Hystero-Laparoscopy ₹ 18,900 – ₹ 31,500
Orchidopexy ₹ 15,750 – ₹ 36,750

Female Infertility Treatments and Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore


In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Price List at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

IVF Treatments Average Cost
IVF with self-Eggs & Sperm ₹ 2,20,000 – ₹ 4,40,000
IVF With Donor Egg/Sperm ₹ 2,75,000 – ₹ 5,50,000
IVF with Embryo Donation ₹ 3,30,000 – ₹ 5,50,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer ₹ 3,30,000 – ₹ 5,50,000


In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: ₹1,05,000 ₹ 5,50,000

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre is one of the leading infertility treatment clinics in Bangalore, proving that In vitro fertilization is the most preferred reproductive technology that helps couples experiencing infertility. GarbhaGudi IVF hospital provides state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced embryologists and doctors who work together to offer personalized care and support to couples undergoing IVF in Bangalore. Garbhagudi IVF centre cost has different procedures and different prices which includes IVF with self-Eggs & Sperm Cost ₹ 2,20,000 – ₹ 4,40,000, IVF With Donor Egg/Sperm Cost ₹ 2,75,000 – ₹ 5,50,000, IVF with Embryo Donation Cost ₹ 3,30,000 – ₹ 5,50,000, Frozen Embryo Transfer Cost ₹ 3,30,000 – ₹ 5,50,000.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

IUI Average Cost
IUI Procedure ₹ 15,750 – ₹ 52,500
IUI (without Inj.) Cost ₹ 27,500
IUI (2 Cycles with Inj.) Cost ₹ 22,000
IUI under General Anesthesia ₹ 1,15,500 – ₹ 1,26,000
SO-IUI – Superovulation with Intrauterine Insemination ₹ 788 – ₹ 1,050


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: ₹ 15,750 – ₹ 52,500

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure at GarbhaGudi is another fertility treatment available and carried out under infertility experts. Women who are facing difficulties with pregnancy can choose IUI. IUI involves placing sperm directly in a female uterus using advanced technology for fertilization. The IUI is a relatively simple and less invasive procedure used in case of infertility caused by ovulation problems. IUI procedures can be done alone or with fertility treatments like ovulation induction medications. The IUI success rate varies according to the patient’s condition and type of procedure. Different IUI procedures cost: IUI Procedure Cost ₹ 15,750 – ₹ 52,500, IUI (without Inj.) Cost ₹ 27,500, IUI (2 Cycles with Inj.) Cost ₹ 22,000, IUI under General Anesthesia Cost ₹ 1,15,500 – ₹ 1,26,000, SO-IUI – Superovulation with Intrauterine Insemination Cost ₹ 788 – ₹ 1,050.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

ICSI INR 1,63,170 – INR 2,17,560
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Cost ₹ 2,53,000
ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ₹ 78,750 – ₹ 99,750
The charges are for usage of oocyte retrieval in OT, embryology lab usage, ICSI procedure and culture of the embryos. Blastocyst charges are extra ₹ 3,675


Garbhagudi ICSI Treatment Cost INR 1,63,170 – INR 2,17,560 in Bangalore

Garbhagudi IVF Centre provide ICSI Pregnancy. ICSI fertility is robust assisted reproductive technology that has been helping several couples to overcome male infertility. The ICSI in vitro fertilization involves injecting a single sperm directly into the egg to increase fertilization chances. Garbhagudi Center provides compassionate ICSI experts and an experienced team to guide the patient through the procedure. ICSI is a part of IVF treatments. The ICSI procedure at Garbhagudi helps to treat infertility, make sperm move naturally, prevent sperm attaching problems to the egg, be helpful for multiple failed IVF cycles, and remove male reproductive tract blockages. ICSI cost at Garbhagudi have different prices that, include ICSI costs INR 1,63,170 – INR 2,17,560, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) Costs ₹ 2,53,000, ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection cost ₹ 78,750 – ₹ 99,750. ICSI procedure helps ferfertilize% to 80% of eggs and has a high success rate depending on patient health.

Laparoscopic Surgery Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

Laparoscopy Procedure Cost
Laparoscopy INR 96,600 – INR 1,80,810


Laparoscopic Surgery Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: INR 96,600 – INR 1,80,810

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre provide Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical alternative to creating small incisions inside the body. GarbhaGudi Hospital uses the latest technology and experienced Laparoscopic surgeons in Bangalore to provide effective and safe procedures. Laparoscopy is helpful surgery to discover problems in the abdomen or female reproductive system. Certain infertility diagnoses need Laparoscopy for fertility problems. It will help the infertility specialist to have a view of the exact problem by knowing it from a camera-attached Laparoscopy with a video monitor. The infertility doctor suggests laparoscopy if the patient has problems like acute period cramps, sexual intercourse pain, severe endometriosis, pelvis diseases, extrauterine pregnancy, blocked fallopian tube, Ovarian cyst, and PCOS. Laparoscopy cost at Garbhagudi is INR 96,600 – INR 1,80,810.

Hystero-Laparoscopy Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

Hystero-Laparocopy Procedure Cost
Hystero-Laparoscopy INR 18,900 – INR 31,500


Hystero-Laparoscopy Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: INR 18,900 – INR 31,500

GarbhaGudi IVF Centre offers a Hysteroscopy procedure, a minimally invasive surgical method for diagnosing and treating uterus issues. Hysteroscopy has two systems of diagnostic and operative. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy examines the uterus problem causing infertility, such as polyps, fibroids, or adhesions. Operative Hysteroscopy treats the issues. The hysteroscopy procedure uses specialized instruments to remove fibroids, polyps, and adhesions. A hysteroscopy procedure is recommended for females who experience abnormal uterine bleeding, repeated miscarriages, infertility, suspected uterine anomalies or foreign body presence. This procedure offers faster recovery, minimal scarring, and less pain. It is effective and safe procedure on an outpatient basis.

Embryo Donation Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

Embryo Donation Cost
Embryo Donation INR 52,500 – INR 1,05,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cost INR 91,300
Embryo freezing charges are for 6 months INR 26,250 – INR 42,000
The charges are for usage of oocyte retrieval in OT, embryology lab usage, ICSI procedure and culture of the embryos. Blastocyst charges are extra INR 3,675


Embryo Donation Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: INR 52,500 – INR 1,05,000

Embryo donation is a part of IVF treatment at GarbhaGudi. Some patients have multiple embryos than they have. The extra embryos are frozen for later use. But if the first Embryo succeeds, the frozen Embryo is discarded or given to research or another woman. However, embryo donation is a third-party donation. Embryo donation is recommended for females with conditions such as untreatable infertility, unknown infertility in both partners, women with recurrent pregnancy loss, and genetic disorders impacting both partners. GarbhaGudi follows FDA guidelines for testing people who are donating embryos. Every patient has to provide complete medical history and have a test for hepatitis, HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and chlamydia. Embryo donation is carried out only after discussing the risk with recipients. Embryo donation cost includes: Embryo Donation INR 52,500 – INR 1,05,000, Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cost ₹ 91,300, Embryo freezing charges are for six months ₹ 26,250 – ₹ 42,000.

Egg Donation Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

Egg Donation Cost
Egg Donation INR 36,750 – INR 52,500


Egg Donation Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: INR 36,750 – INR 52,500

Egg donation is from third parties to couples who are experiencing infertility. Egg donation is helpful for females with conditions like menopause, premature ovarian failure, bilateral oophorectomy, absent ovaries, and cancer chemotherapy. Donor egg helps to prevent miscarriage risk and risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

Natural Pregnancy Pricelist at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore

Procedure Cost
Natural Pregnancy INR 90,000


Natural Pregnancy Cost at GarbhaGudi, Bangalore: INR 90,000

GarbhaGudi not only help infertile couples and IVF procedures, but women can also have natural pregnancy help. Dr Asha Vijay and team help the patient to follow all the necessary guidelines to boost natural pregnancy and have a healthy baby. The cost of natural pregnancy procedure is INR 90,000 at GarbhaGudi.

Male Infertility Treatments Pricelist at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, Bangalore


PESA & TESA Pricelist

Procedure Cost
PESA & TESA INR 15,000 – INR 22, 000
Testicular failure

GarbhaGudi IVF Center in Bangalore offers PESA and TESA treatments for male infertility. They provide advanced procedures without creating incisions in the body. PESA is a successful method for sperm aspiration. The TESA method is more recommended for males with Azoospermia who lack sperm in ejaculation. Lab facilities at GarbhaGudi use the ICSI method to check sperm quality and inject it directly into the egg for fertilization. The PESA & TESA and Azoospermia Testicular failure treatment cost range between INR 15,000 – INR 22, 000.


Semen Freezing Pricelist

Procedure Cost
Semen Freezing INR 7700

 GarbhaGudi provides a Semen freezing procedure to preserve male fertility by freezing sperm for future use. It is a valuable method to save sperm while undergoing other medical treatments like cancer because radiation or chemotherapy damages sperm quality. Later, frozen sperm was used in IVF and IUI treatments for pregnancy. Semen freezing cost at GarbhaGudi start with INR 7,700.


Varicocele Treatments Pricelist

Procedures Average Cost Maximum Cost
Open Varicocelectomy ₹ 38,000 ₹ 45,000
Microscopic Varicocelectomy ₹ 50,000 ₹ 60,000
Varicocele Embolization ₹ 1,27,000 ₹ 1,50,000
Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy ₹ 60,000 INR 71,000

GrabhaGudi offers treatments for Varicocele conditions with low sperm production or poor sperm quality.  The therapy will correct the affected vein and restore blood flow, usually improving sperm quality. The Varicocele cost may vary for different conditions, which include Open Varicocelectomy: ₹ 38,000-₹ 45,000, Microscopic Varicocelectomy: ₹ 50,000-₹ 60,000, Varicocele Embolization: ₹ 1,27,000 – ₹ 1,50,000, Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy: ₹ 60,000 – INR 71,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of GarbhaGudi IVF?

GarbhaGudi has achieved more than 57% of success rates.


Does GarbhaGudi fertility treatments are expensive?

Garbhagudi provides affordable IVF packages starting from ₹ 90,000.


Does GarbhaGudi offer treatment for females?

GarbhaGudi offers complete treatments for all infertile couples.


GarbhaGudi is the best IVF treatment provider, ranked among India’s top IVF centres with a high success rate. The centre offers new-generation infertility treatments with the help of advanced technologies and innovative procedures. Females and males can have infertility treatments and hope for a child. Experienced and top experts handle every process, like IVF, IUI, ICSI and male fertility. Please feel free to write to us, get a second opinion and know more about the cost.

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