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Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in Bangalore

Have you struggled with weight loss after following a good lifestyle and exercise regime? But most people scare to go under the knife as surgery frightens them, then the best choice for that kind of people is Gastric Balloon Surgery in Bangalore. Browse the best hospital in Bangalore and book your appointments at expertchikitsa.com right now!

A gastric balloon surgery is one of the best alternatives for weight loss surgery. It is one of the nonsurgical processes to reduce weight loss. It is a boon for those individuals, who are unwilling to go for surgery, and by natural means, they are not losing weight and are under certain medical conditions.

What is the Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery in Bangalore?

The cost of gastric balloon surgery plays a significant role for global patients worldwide in India. Low-cost gastric balloon surgery in India has fascinated many foreign patients because of the affordability of high-quality medical care facilities in the best hospitals in Bangalore. The below table gives you the estimated cost of treatments, which makes the overseas patients look abroad for medical tourism in Bangalore, India. From the below table, you can estimate the Cost of Gastric Ballon Surgery in Bangalore and in major cities of India.

City Minimum Cost (INR) Average Cost (INR) Maximum Cost (INR)
New Delhi  2,65,000 2,65,000 3,40,000
Mumbai  2,00,000 2,75,000 3,50,000
Chennai  2,25,000 3,00,000 3,75,000
Bangalore  2,10,000 2,90,000 3,60,000
Hyderabad  2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000
Ahmedabad  2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Nagpur  1,75,000 2,50,000 3,25,000
Pune  2,00,000 2,75,000 3,50,000
 Gurugram  1,90,000 2,65,000 3,40,000
Kolkata  2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Chandigarh  2,00,000 2,75,000 3,50,000
Jaipur  2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000
Noida  1,90,000 2,65,000 3,40,000
Kerala  2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Goa  2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000


There are some other factors involved in the cost of gastric balloon surgery in Bangalore:

  • Hospital Admission fee
  • Doctor fee
  • Patient Age
  • The hospital and room have opted.
  • Patient medical condition.
  • The cost of post-surgical follow-ups, complications, and consultations.
  • Lab tests or examination tests such as Scanning etc. for the surgery.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Insurance in Bangalore: The average gastric balloon cost for a procedure is INR 208,000. It is generally not covered by insurance, but the doctor may be able to cut the price of surgery incurred at their end. However, the price can be reduced through tax deductions and doctor-specific discount schemes.

Gastric Balloon Payment Modes in Bangalore: The methods of payment for the cost of surgery are done by cash, plastic cash (debit and /or credit card), net banking, cheque, etc.

Gastric Balloon EMI Options in Bangalore: Some medical health finance companies provide easy no-cost EMI options with monthly installments and personalized loans for surgery. Some finance companies give health EMI network cards for instant financing facilities at their network partner clinics or hospitals.

What is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

gastric balloon surgery referred to as an intragastric balloon (IGB) or a stomach balloon surgery, is a non-surgical (endoscopic) process in which a small deflated silicone balloon is placed in the stomach via a food pipe and placed safely in the stomach.

Once the deflated balloon is located in the stomach, this balloon is inflated by filling 2/3 with saline water in the stomach for up to 6 months and ends up eating less and feeling filled as a result of this procedure and losing weight.

There are various types of Gastric Balloon Surgery?

  • Ellipse gastric balloon where no anesthesia was needed and placed for four months.
  • Allergan gastric balloon is an intravenous process that requires six months to be inserted into the stomach.
  • Spatz gastric balloon is a general procedure in which it is located for 12 months.
  • Orbera gastric balloon is being done endoscopically and placed for up to 6 months in the stomach.
  • Obalon Gastric Balloon procedure, where a balloon is swallowed by the patient and remains for up to 6 months in the stomach.
  • Reshape Duo, inserted by endoscopy method, and is placed within the stomach for up to 6 months

Who is Eligible for Gastric Balloon Surgery?

  • You have a Body mass index of more than 40 with obesity-related conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high BP, lipid abnormalities, sleep apnea, etc.
  • You weigh more than 200 kg or 400 pounds.
  • A person who is 18 years old with obesity as a health-related condition.
  • While in the Orbera balloon type, no comorbidities are necessary.
  • One must not have any earlier stomach or esophageal surgery or take medicine of anti-inflammatory or blood clot medicines.

What are the Pros and Cons of Gastric Balloon Surgery?

  • Gastric balloon surgery is a minimally invasive choice available for those people who do not go for weight-loss surgery by surgical methods.
  • In this process, the patients lose twice as much weight with a gastric balloon than with weight loss programs that are traditional means of diet and exercise.
  • Patients can see improvement in their bodies within three months of insertion of the balloon, which decreases their danger of weight-related medical issues.
  • Once the weight-loss it should stay off after removing the balloon if you follow a regular healthy diet and exercise.
  • Long-term effects have been seen, in obesity-related health problems, you may have diabetes, heart problems, mobility, and self-esteem.
  • As it is a temporary procedure and gastric balloon can be removed, when the goal of the weight loss is achieved, and it does not cause any changes in the body.


  • One has to be eligible for Gastric balloons as it is not better to lose weight.
  • Sometimes weight loss options are not covered by insurance, and it can be quite expensive.
  • Some side effects like pain, nausea, back pain, dehydration, and acid reflux affect most people once the balloon is implanted. A doctor can recommend some medications to ease these symptoms.
  • Another con is that an ulcer form in the stomach lining happens by rubbing against the gastric balloon.
  • Indigestion in the stomach.
  • Rupture of the balloon in the stomach.
  • Sometimes Injury is caused by introducing or removing the balloon in the stomach.

What is the Procedure for Gastric Balloon Surgery?

This procedure is performed by a trained best gastroenterologist and bariatric surgeon.

In this procedure, light sedation was given to the patient, then a soft balloon is inserted via mouth by the endoscopic method.

Once the balloon was increased, saline water is filled, through a small filling flexible tube. This procedure takes only 20-30 minutes and is painless. The patient can normally, go home after 2-3 hours of finishing the procedure of gastric ballooning.

After the procedure, Intragastric balloons are placed for up to 6 months and it is removed by using an endoscope once the goal is achieved. It might be possible your doctor may decide to place a new balloon depending on the plan by your doctor for the results.

What are the Recovery Time and Diet Plan After Post-Procedure for the Gastric Balloon Surgery?

The recovery time may vary with every patient. The recovery time is about 2-6 weeks since a Gastric balloon is an outpatient method.

If you have gone through endoscopic placement, the patient has to recover from the sedatives then, you can go home.  In the initial days, you will be on a liquid diet after the procedure, which lasts up to 1 to 2 weeks. Slowly, you will shift to a pureed diet and then go to solid food. While this may take 3 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

Your dietitian will make a diet plan for your meal and you will be getting a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, and additional nutrients. Patients have to chew their food carefully and eat slowly with a gastric balloon once they see the sign of fullness they have to stop. Fats and sugars are avoided and have to follow a balanced diet plan and exercise advice by doctors.

For the subsequent 6 to 12 months, the patient has to follow the careful diet, suggested by a nutritionist. Need to do regular follow-up appointments with your medical team, which comprises your doctor, a dietician, and a psychologist.

Does Gastric Balloon Surgery been done wrong in Bangalore?

If your Gastric balloon surgery goes wrong and the patient regains weight again after the procedure then one has to follow the recommended lifestyle change prescribed by the doctors.

The patient has to incorporate permanent health changes in their diet, with regular physical activity and exercise, which should be done to avoid regaining weight again.

After six months, if the goal of weight loss is not achieved gastric balloon is again fitted to the stomach for a desired period of time by the expert doctors.

What is the Final Result of the Gastric Balloon Surgery?

For a long-lasting weight loss outcome, one has to work in tandem with doctors and the medical team. It will take some time before you reach your aim for weight loss. While this procedure of gastric balloon can help you to attain a weight loss journey.

This gastric balloon procedure helps to lose weight about 10-15 % of the entire body weight in the first six months once the balloon is positioned in the stomach. Total weight loss may differ from 30- 45 % and depends strongly on the suggestions with diet and exercise plans given by the medical health care professionals.

If lifestyle changes and proper care should not be taken into consideration after the gastric balloon’s removal, it is expected to regain the weight after the procedure.

The total weight loss is only dependent on your new daily routine changes, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, regular follow-ups, and how you can make it happen for yourself. Finally, when there is significant weight loss is achieved there then other underlying health conditions are also resolved.

FAQS on Gastric Balloon Surgery?


  1. Does Gastric Balloon Surgery a major surgery or minor surgery?

It is considered to be a minor surgery as it is a minimally invasive technique.


  1. Does Gastric Balloon Surgery painful?

The patient would not experience pain throughout this procedure because the patient is under anesthesia.


  1. Does the patient feel the balloon in their stomach?

The patient may feel some uneasiness during the first few days after the surgery. After a few days, the patient will mostly feel like his stomach is full.


  1. Does the balloon leak or deflate in the stomach?

Though it’s a rare thing, it can be a serious health problem. If this occurs, immediately call the doctors. The balloon will come out naturally from your digestive system if it has been depleted. While in some cases, the doctor will remove it.


  1. Does having the balloon in my stomach limit my day-to-day activities?

Once the balloon is positioned in the stomach one should avoid doing any intense exercise or heavy work during the first week. However, once your body has adapted to this process, it is highly suggested to start moving your body and doing more exercise with a doctor’s consult.

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