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IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore 2023

IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization, meaning conception outside the woman’s body. This medical procedure is performed in the lab. IVF is a medical treatment option for females who cannot conceive naturally due to specific health problems or are trying for a baby in their late 40s. Some women also need IVF at in early age due to the inability to conceive successfully. Often females with fertility problems may suffer from miscarriages, which becomes problematic later. In such cases of severe fertility problems, doctors recommend IVF treatment to have a safe pregnancy. Let us find out more details about IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore.

The In-Vitro fertilization process involves extracting an embryo (egg) from the ovaries of the mother female and fertilizing it with sperm in a medical lab. This is the fertilization process that happens outside of the womb. After the fertilization process in the lab, the embryo undergoes isolation, which lets it grow for some days. After a few days, 1 or 2 fertilized embryos are transferred back to the female uterus for growth and pregnancy. If the embryo keeps growing, it is considered a healthy pregnancy. However, the process must be repeated if the embryo does not develop.

Some patients are eager to know how many injections for IVF treatment. The number of injections and medications depends on the patient’s health and chosen treatment plan. The IVF injection varies from 1-2 for a complete cycle to 1-2 daily. So, a patient will get up to 90 shots during each cycle. The cycle completion may take around six weeks. Once the embryo is transferred, the patient waits two weeks to test for pregnancy and know the results of the IVF cycle.

Bangalore is the most developed city in India to find advanced medical treatments. There are more than 30 IVF clinics in Bangalore and 84 IVF specialists in Bangalore. The best fertility clinics in Bangalore include Mannat Fertility Clinic, Nova IVF Fertility Center, and Ayaansh Hospital.

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore

IVF treatment in Bangalore is an expensive treatment. It will have different stages and cycles, needing expensive medicines and injections that increase the actual prices. Other factors of increasing cost include tests, ultrasound scans, donor eggs cost, embryo freezing, and fertility conditions. The IVF treatment cost in Bangalore range between ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 4,00,000. It means a person should have ₹ 25,000 as the initial amount to spend for starting the IVF treatment procedure, and later the total cost will reach ₹ 4,00,000.

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore Cost
IVF Treatment ₹ 1,00,000 and ₹ 4,00,000
Staring Cost of IVF ₹ 25,000
Average cost ₹ 140,000
Maximum Cost ₹ 200,000
Consultation Fees ₹ 500 – 900

Factors Contributing to IVF Cost In Bangalore

The total cost of IVT treatment in Bangalore can be based on different factors. These factors highly impact the overall success rate of IVF treatment and cost in Bangalore. Several IVF clinics in Bangalore offer a cost of Rs. 200,000 with 10% discounts. Here are the main factors adding to IVF cost:

  • The IVF treatment cost increase as the initial consultation fee is Rs.500 – Rs.1500.
  • The female age, infertility problems, and chosen IVF cycles can affect cost.
  • The laboratory cost is more expensive than the IVF cost. However, it is lower than the total costs of IVF treatment.
  • Other factors like donor’s eggs, sperm, and surrogacy options increase the total cost of IVF up to ₹ 4,00,000.
  • Freezing the embryo might also increase the total cost of IVF.
  • Some cases need Infertility treatments called Testicular sperm aspiration before IVF which could also raise the price to Rs.18,000.

IVF Packages in Bangalore

  • Consultations
  • Follicular Monitoring
  • Stimulation Injections
  • Investigations during Stimulation Cycle
  • (Estradiol, Luteinizing Hormone Progesterone)
  • Other Specific Investiagtions
  • FET
  • Blastocyst
  • Freezing Cost (1 Year)
  • OPU Cost
  • Ward Cost

Different Types of Fertility Treatments Prices – 2023

IVF treatment process cost in Bangalore is different for each patient. Each patient will have a customized treatment plan. Due to fertility problems or genetic issues, every patient may have a different IVF experience. Therefore, the IVF hospital cost varies, and medication prices during and after treatment will change for each patient.

IVF/ICSI Cost in Bangalore Rs. 69,000
IUI or Intrauterine Insemination Cost in Bangalore Rs.6,000
Donor Sperm Cost in Bangalore Rs.2,000 – Rs.5,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cost in Bangalore Rs.50,000 – Rs.60,000
Laparoscopy Cost in Bangalore Rs. 65,000
Hysteroscopy Cost in Bangalore Rs.20,000
Testicular Sperm Retrieval (TESA) Cost in Bangalore Rs.20,000 – Rs.25,000
Embryo Freezing Cost In Bangalore Rs. Rs. 150,000
Laser Assisted Hatching Cost In Bangalore Rs. 150,000
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cost In Bangalore Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 40,000
Surrogacy Cost In Bangalore Rs. 800,000

IVF Treatment Cost Comparison in Different Countries 2023

Country IVF Cost
India $2000
Hong Kong $10,000
Canada $7,200
Australia $5,200 -$7,000
Hungary $3,700
Turkey $3,000
Singapore $12 000
Spain $5300
Ukraine $2500

IVF treatment cost is expensive in developed countries. This treatment requires advanced technologies and careful lab testing and procedure, which increases the total cost. IVF procedure medicines and injections are also costly, which adds to the cost. The countries listed above offer different IVF treatment prices with additional criteria such as own egg, donor egg, donor sperm, or surrogacy. Bangalore in India provides an affordable cost for IVF compared to other countries.

Advanced IVF Techniques in Bangalore

The top IVF center in Bangalore has revolutionized technologies for better medical care. Advanced IVF techniques are available in every IVf center, which includes the following:


Laser-Assisted IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore

Laser-assisted hatching is an advanced method combined with IVF to increase embryo implantation chances. The patient will get a recommendation for laser-assisted hatching if they have IVF failure for unknown reasons. The laser-assisted IVF is a safe procedure suitable for women aged 37, females with high follicle-stimulating hormones, and frozen embryos with thick zona. Depending on the reproduction facilities, laser-assisted hatching IVF costs may range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. 


Inta-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Cost in Bangalore

This technique increases the possibility of conceiving. It is one of the more reliable and preferred advanced methods for IVF. It involves injecting sperm directly into the egg for fertilization outside the female body. The ICSI cost in Bangalore is Rs. 79,000/- to Rs. 1, 40,000 per cycle.


Embryoscope Cost in Bangalore

The growth failure of the embryo is the basic reason behind conception failure. The embryo scope is an advanced IVF technique to find out embryo growth. Embryoscope Cost in Bangalore is INR 35,000.


Peri-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Cost in Bangalore

Along with the fertilization techniques, there are also other IVF techniques to understand the viability of an embryo or zygote formed. PGD is an advanced technique where embryo cells are procured and analyzed. This analysis shows the abnormality and damage of the embryo. The pre-implantation genetic diagnosis cost in Bangalore is INR30,100.


IVF With Egg Donor Cost in Bangalore

Healthy eggs are essential for successful IVF treatment. If the woman’s partner cannot have eggs naturally, they can be acquired with the help of donors. However, the process of having healthy eggs need surgical attention. This process needs good medical facilities, and IVF couple requires an average cost of Rs. 100,000 to retrieve healthy eggs.

IVF Refund Program

IVF refund programs provide the possibility of a partial or full refund if the IVF treatment is not successful. This refund program of IVF, shares risk due to the clinic taking the risk to return the amount. Generally, an IVF refund package will need a flat fee for 3 – 6 cycles of IVF, though the refund program offers a partial amount after one cycle. The IVF refund programs are rub by IVF and other times handled by financial agencies, which provide financing with associated fertility hospitals.

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore Reviews 2023

Why choose Bangalore for IVF Treatment?

  • Bangalore offers the best fertility treatments for couples who are unsuccessful in conceiving.
  • Advanced fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGD, and PGS are available in Bangalore.
  • Patients can get free consultations, personalized discussions, confidential testing, and treatment option available in Bangalore for IVF.
  • Bangalore’s IVF centers help several couples have wonderful pregnancy and child life stages.
  • Dedicated doctors and IVF experts are available with modern technologies to provide successful pregnancy.
  • The patient can receive comfortable accommodation, advanced infrastructure, hygiene maintenance, and the best reproductive techniques.

Who is an Eligible Candidate for IVF?

If a woman is suffering from the following problems, she can be a candidate to try IVF:

  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulation problems
  • Blocked Fallopian tubes
  • Poor Egg quality
  • Antibody issues, which affect eggs or sperm
  • Sperm count or motility problem
  • Unexplained infertility

IVF Eligibility Criteria:

  • A woman should be in her early 40s, but in the present world, few young couples facing conceiving problems can go for IVF.
  • Couples trying IVF should not smoke or consume alcohol, narcotics, or other illicit drugs.
  • The couple should not be obese as obesity affect pregnancy’s ability
  • The couple should not have a mental disorder

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) Procedure in Bangalore

Being a childless couple, finding the best IVF center with a high success rate can be frustrating. However, choosing the best doctor and IVF center is essential for a successful pregnancy and safe childbirth. IVF is a complex process that involves several stages of fertilization to pregnancy. Here is the complete understanding of the IVF treatment process step by step:

Ovarian Stimulation

During ovarian stimulation, the patient receives hormone medication for ovulation that makes ovaries produce multiple embryos (eggs). It is also called controlled ovarian stimulation or improved follicular recruitment.


Oocyte Retrieval

During oocyte retrieval, eggs are removed from the patient’s ovaries (reproduction organ). It is one of the procedures of IVF. This procedure involves operation through the vagina while the patient is asleep after fertilizing the embryo in the laboratory.


Eggs and Sperm Preparation

After five hours of egg extraction, the partner sperm sample was added to the egg in the lab. Then, the expert embryologist may decide to work on intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment to ensure fertilization in case of abnormal quality sperm.


Egg Fertilization

The IVF expert examines the eggs after assessment of quality and maturity. Then they remove the incubator and keep it in a specific culture medium; mature eggs and sperm get fertilized within some hours.


Embryo Culture

IVF needs embryo growth, which is a crucial stage. During this stage, the donor or partner’s sperm is combined with extracted eggs from the ovaries in an artificial medium to create a fertilized egg.


Embryo Transfer

It is a simple procedure, the patient receives anesthesia, and the embryo is transferred to the uterus by the cervix with the help of a thin catheter that is filled with the agreed upon different embryos and a small amount of fluid.



The last step is pregnancy. As the embryos are placed in the uterus, it needs to attach themselves to a wall of the uterus or womb. After a few days or a week, the patient should have positive pregnancy results.

Does IVF Cover in Insurance Bangalore?

IVF treatment is expensive and does not consider an emergency medical need. So general health insurance plans do not cover IVF. However, As IVF has a hormonal assessment, OT cost, medical test cost, and anesthesia charges, the expenses are, and several insurance companies have separate IVF coverage insurance. The insurance may have add-on coverage in a general health insurance plan. For example, some plans come under maternity insurance coverage. The benefit of the coverage for infertility in these modern health insurance plans may differ between insurance plans. Some people may cover only specific infertility treatments. It is important to carefully check the inclusions, exclusions, and coverage limits for infertility before buying an insurance plan.

IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore: Success Rate

The average success rate of IVF in young females is 40%. Females under the age of 35 have more success. The success rate of this is widely done with assisted reproductive technologies.


IVF Fresh Cycle Success Rate

A fresh IVF cycle is done with embryos and eggs that were not frozen but taken fresh. After egg extraction from ovaries, they are quickly fertilized by semen in the lab. The fresh IVF cycle may take around 2-3 weeks.

Why is a fresh embryo transfer better?

Fresh eggs and embryos work faster and are less expensive than frozen eggs. The IVF Fresh Cycle Success Rate is 70% in Bangalore.


Frozen Embryo IVF Transfer

The frozen embryo is the process of freezing fertilized eggs. During the frozen embryo transfer (FET), the embryos are thawed and added to the uterus. It is done during the menstrual cycle, which is the best suitable environment for pregnancy. The IVF – FET is 10% more likely to give a positive result in a live birth than the fresh cycle. A frozen transfer is the best option for fertility doctors or couples unsuccessful in previous attempts. The frozen Embryo IVF Transfer success rate is 50% in Bangalore.

Multiple Births in IVF

Some cases have multiple births, which is common in fertility treatments. Patients have multiple fertilization and give birth to twins, triplets, or more. It happens because doctors are not sure if transferring one embryo will succeed, so they transfer more than one during the procedure. Having multiple births can cause high risks to the mother and babies. It might succeed in some cases, but most babies have birth defects or cannot survive. Multiple Births in IVF success rate is 5.32%.


Live Birth Rate Per Embryo Transfer

The live birth rate for each embryo differs from as high as 43% for fresh blastocysts in the age group of 35 and lower to 1% for frozen embryos. The live Birth Rate Per Embryo Transfer success rate is 34.80%.

IVF Cost Bangalore: Appointment and Consultation

Contact us to book an appointment with the Best IVF Center in Bangalore. Infertility specialists in Bangalore offer free consultations to give an idea about the IVF Treatment cost and procedure options. Later every patient has different prices for further consultation. Infertility doctors in Bangalore and IVF centers in Bangalore facilitate childless couples to get healthy babies and fulfil their dreams. Every patient will have a chance to see the IVF treatment video and ensure their treatment. The experienced IVF physician and medical professionals in Bangalore create possibilities for having a child.


Choosing IVF can be a complicated decision to spend a lot of money on treatment without knowing if it will succeed. Hope is everything for a child. The physical, emotional, and financial toll of the IVF process may make you frustrated. Discussing your problem with a physician will help you understand things better and choose the proper treatment. You can also get counsellor support or our expert’s second opinion about your condition and suitable IVF treatment.

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