Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore 2023

Surrogacy is an incredibly fulfilling and pleasing experience for the intended parent and surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a type of pregnancy option for parents unable to have their child due to certain factors like age, genetic problems, conceiving problems, miscarriage, abnormal baby growth, etc. The surrogacy procedure involves carrying a child from the donor egg fertilized in the lab and later inserted in a surrogate mother who will carry the child for 9 months, deliver and gives it to the parent. Men or women, anyone can choose the surrogacy procedure to have a child with or without a partner. Some women who suffered from cancer and had radiation therapy or chemotherapy experience fertility problems. Therefore, they can opt for surrogacy to have a healthy baby from another woman. Let us find out more about Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore 2023.

According to recent government rules, no surrogacy procedure is allowed without the couple having a certificate provided by District Medical Board specifying the requirement for gestational surrogacy. Therefore, the couple needs to have genuine reasons to choose surrogacy. In addition, there should be real medical problems for a couple not to have a pregnancy and opt for a surrogate.

The surrogacy specialist in Bangalore is highly expert in treating different fertility problems, from minor to complicated. Top surrogacy specialists in Bangalore and Surrogacy centres in Bangalore are highly recognized as the best fertility centres. Couples who are unsuccessful in previous treatments can still get unique quality care from advanced qualified specialists in fertility problems. Surrogacy centres in Bangalore help couples wanting to have their child and build happy families. Several people have already got excellent results from Surrogacy and healthy babies.

Infertility impact on both women’s and men’s health. Importantly females under 35 years unable to conceive in one year should consult with a fertility specialist. Females 35 and above age may find difficulty with fertility and pregnancy. The surrogacy procedure helps achieve pregnancy for any age people as they will have a baby from a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

The surrogacy cost in Bangalore may range between INR 150,0400 to INR 203,1500. The total cost depends on the surrogacy expert’s experience, success rate, and surrogacy clinic location, which have the consultations, medicine, ultrasounds, investigations, IVF lab, Transportation and pickup for abroad patient, and embryology, sperm freezing for one year, and egg donor compensation by IVF expert.

Average Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore Cost
Staring Cost of Surrogacy INR 15 lacs
Average cost INR 1,006100
Maximum Cost INR 2,035,500
Consultation Fees INR 600 to IRN 1000


Surrogacy Package in Bangalore

Surrogacy Procedure Cost in Bangalore Cost (Surrogacy Package)
Surrogacy with own eggs & own sperms INR 10 Lakh – INR 12 Lakh
Surrogacy with own sperms with donor eggs INR 10.5 Lakh – INR 11.5 Lakh
Surrogacy with own eggs and donor sperms INR 10.5 Lakh – INR 11.5 Lakh
Surrogate Mother Cost INR 5 – INR 6 Lakh
IVF & Embryo Transfer Cost INR Rs. 4 Lakh
Surrogate Mother Selection Cost + Surrogate Mother Preparation & Blood Tests Cost INR Rs. 1 Lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery Cost INR Rs. 30,000
Caesarean section Cost INR 1 Lakh – INR 2 Lakh
Housing for Surrogate mother + Food Cost INR Rs. 3 Lakh
Caretaker, Cook, Maid for Surrogate Mother Cost INR Rs. 1 Lakh

Gestational Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

Gestational surrogacy is another successful treatment and preferred procedure. However, surrogacy is incomplete without IVF. Sperms and eggs are collected from male and female partners during gestational surrogacy, combining them for natural fertilization. The Gestational surrogacy cost in Bangalore may range between INR 10,000,00 to INR 17,000,00 if the couple has frozen fertilized embryos or donated eggs. This procedure involves gestational carrier, agency fees, social worker, attorney, medical and legal expenses.

Surrogate Mother Cost in Bangalore

The different locations of Bangalore have different types of surrogacy treatments. Several couples travel to other locations per their requirement, cost, and treatment cycles. Please contact us to find top surrogacy centres in Bangalore with high success rates. There are also low-cost surrogacy centres offering low-cost surrogate mothers that include surrogate mother cost fertility specialist costs in Bangalore.  Surrogate Mother Cost in Bangalore is INR 5 – INR 6 Lakh.

Surrogacy Cost in Different Countries 2023

Country Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy Cost in India

Rs 10,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000
Surrogate Mother Cost in the United States $140,000
Surrogate Pregnancy Cost in Greece $85,000
Private Surrogate Cost in Canada $85,000
Surrogate Mom Cost in Ukraine $55,000
Affordable Surrogacy Cost in Colombia $67,000
Surrogacy Cost in Mexico $72,000
Surrogacy Cost in Georgia $32,000
Surrogacy Cost in Russia $45,000

Internationally Georgia, Ukraine, India, USA considered as best countries for Surrogacy. The surrogacy treatment cost is expensive in Canada and USA. Countries like Kenya and Laos offer low-cost Surrogacy without any legal protection. Therefore, choosing the best country with affordable cost and legal surrogacy procedures is essential. If you are seeking the cheapest country for Surrogacy, then you can choose from Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia—surrogacy costs in Georgia range between $32,000 to $42,000 on average. Ukraine offers surrogacy costs between $32,000 to $45,000. Choosing Surrogacy in Russia costs around $45,000 to $60,000. Similarly, the surrogacy procedure cost in Colombia is $64,000.

Surrogate Price in Bangalore

Every surrogacy case has unique pregnancies with different factors that impact the total cost of the surrogate price. The surrogate mother can get insurance coverage for 10 months apart from a monthly INR 3000 payment. The surrogate mother will get Rs 2 lakh after childbirth. The Surrogacy procedure is a practical option for a female who cannot carry a baby. As Surrogacy is an assisted conception, it is usually considered only by patients who are medically unsuitable or in pregnancy and childbirth. The surrogate price covers all genuine expenses of pregnancy. Documentary proof of financial arrangement for Surrogacy must be available.

Factors Affecting Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore

The surrogacy cost depends on different factors in different places and the type of surrogacy needs. Here are the factors to increase the expenses of Surrogacy cost:


Agency Cost

Surrogacy arrangements might be complicated and time-consuming. Special surrogacy agencies do this service to provide the best services to couples, but agencies have high price tags. When you hire a surrogate from the agency, the agency will include activities and infrastructure costs in total surrogacy costs. Those activities include:

  • Finding a healthy and qualified surrogate, arranging her legal, medical, and psychological clearance
  • Educating parent
  • Surrogacy treatments and medication, stay, and food cost


Matching Surrogate

Finding a matching surrogate is difficult; sometimes, the couple has to wait for years to seek a suitable surrogate. Professional recruiters do a surrogate matching process with a couple of information.


Legal Cost

As surrogates only have the right to carry a child and after birth, only parents have the right to look after the child, there should be a legal agreement required to complete the procedure to prevent further issues.


Surrogate Compensation and Prenatal Care

The surrogate will get monthly payments to look after herself and another payment for carrying another’s child, medicine costs, and travel expenses. As the surrogate gets pregnant, she will also have routine check-ups, monthly ultrasound scans, and hormone supplements cost.


Delivery Expenses

The medical insurance of the surrogate should cover delivery charges and complication management. However, insurance providers routinely deny some costs and require to do co-payments. Therefore, the parent must pay expenses other than insurance.



If you are an international parent hiring a surrogate in Bangalore, you must get the baby’s passport and citizenship after delivery. This process will take 3 – 4 weeks. After getting the necessary certificate, the parent and baby can return to their home country.

Surrogacy for Single Man\Woman Cost

Single man or women can also opt for Surrogacy to have a baby without a marriage partner. Several celebrities have had successful surrogacy procedures in India and have healthy babies. Single man\woman require to follow a similar procedure as couples. Single also need to pay for the surrogate mother’s cost under the legal procedure and sign an agreement—the average cost of surrogacy range between Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 12 Lakh in Bangalore. Every patient has a different cost depending on age and other criteria. Single-parent Surrogacy can be better than adoption and have own biological child. The only difficulty for singles is that the procedure is very expensive, so you must be prepared financially.

Surrogacy Treatment in Bangalore Reviews 2023

Why Choose Bangalore for Surrogacy?

  • Bangalore is the most known and preferred place for successful surrogacy treatments.
  • Highly trusted and successful surrogacy specialist and professional team available in Bangalore.
  • Bangalore’s surrogacy centres have achieved a 95% of success rate for allowing the childless couple to experience a parent journey.
  • The surrogacy cost is very reasonable with quality treatment and customized options; there will be no hidden cost.
  • Patients can get 24/7 medical support, food, and stay facilities.
  • The patient will get dedicated efforts from the infertility centre and medical team.
  • Patients feel lucky to have surrogacy treatment in Bangalore and to be blessed with a complete family.
  • There are also successful twins, pregnancy, and childbirth.
  • Patients unable to afford the cost of Surrogacy can find a low-cost surrogate mother in Bangalore.

Surrogacy Success Rate in Bangalore

Bangalore is a developed city in India with advanced technologies and innovation regarding Surrogacy and infertility. People travel to Bangalore from all over India and other countries to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. The best surrogacy centers in Bangalore have achieved a 95% – 100% success ratio when patients have chosen their own egg or with the donor.

Does Surrogacy Cover Insurance in Bangalore?

No insurance is designed to cover Surrogacy or other treatment without an emergency. Insurance covers only emergency medical conditions. Surrogacy may be applicable for insurance as an add-on to maternity insurance plans. Once the surrogate mother gets pregnant, she will get prenatal care expenses from a separate health insurance policy that the parent will buy for a surrogate.

Surrogacy is a complicated and delicate procedure with expensive treatments. Surrogates and couples need to validate personal policies carefully evaluated by fertility experts and Insurance specialists to qualify for suitable insurance for the maternity cycle. 

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Surrogacy?

When a woman is diagnosed with a medical condition that can cause life-risking complications in carrying a child can be a suitable candidate for Surrogacy, other requirements include:

  • uterus malformation
  • uterus absence due to congenital or hysterectomy
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Repeated implantation failures
  • Medical conditions like breast cancer, severe diabetes, and heart disease make pregnancy life risk for the baby and mother.


Who Can be a Surrogate Mother?

Here is the requirement for a surrogate:

  • The woman should be between 23 – 35 years of age
  • A woman should not smoke or drugs
  • she should have her baby
  • A woman should not have a history of STDs

Surrogacy Process Step by Step


As the patient enrolls for a surrogacy program in Bangalore, looking at medical and physical criteria, the fertility centre in Bangalore will contact the partner bank to assign a suitable surrogate.



The surrogate mother needs to go through blood tests and scans to analyze the potential of pregnancy.



Commonly, three parties are involved in legal contact – the surrogate and the couple. The contract will be valid throughout the pregnancy. Then, another agreement needs to be signed by the surrogate, reproductive back, patient, and partner along with the contract. After signing both contacts, the patient will be responsible for the surrogate mother, child, and pregnancy expenses until birth. According to the surrogacy agreement, the surrogate mother will no longer hold any rights for the child after delivery.


Uterus Preparation

The surrogate’s uterus will be prepared for embryo transfer. In addition, she will get the necessary medications to prepare for the uterine lining.


Embryo Transfer

In the final step, the parent would be the couple’s eggs, and sperm will be combined for the fertilization process in the lab. Then, the surrogacy expert will transfer the matured eggs into the surrogate’s womb for the pregnancy procedure. After one- or two weeks surrogate will get a positive result for pregnancy.

Surrogacy Consultation and Appointment in Bangalore

Get an appointment and book a free consultation for initial Surrogacy. During a consultation with a fertility specialist, the childless couple will have to provide all details of the health of both partners, diseases, previous surgery or injury, and emotional and psychological health. The surrogacy consultation may take around 2 hours. Then, depending on the requirement of treatments, and health type, the specialist will discuss the cost and procedure length, number of cycles, and surrogate information. If a couple or a single person is working on finances, they can get the option to schedule a consultation within the next year.

Do Surrogates Get Paid If They Miscarry?

Surrogate mothers get pain as they achieve a milestone of pregnancy and the surrogacy journey. If the surrogate has an unexpected miscarriage during this time, she will only be compensated up to that point.


What Age Can You Be a Surrogacy?

A woman should have age between 21 to 45 to become a surrogate. Over 45 ages have a potential risk for maternal age.


Are Surrogate Babies Healthy?

Surrogate babies are normal and healthy, like babies born through a normal pregnancy.


The surrogacy procedure in Bangalore involves lending the uterus to a couple to have a healthy baby. These couples should have medical reasons to hire a surrogate to complete their family with their child. National and International couples can have legal and comfortable surrogacy procedures in Bangalore. Childless couples can get a guaranteed surrogacy program and a healthy baby in Bangalore. Please get in touch with us for further inquiries and cost details.

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