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Breast augmentation cost in Chennai

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is a procedure to improve the size of the breast. I do it for women who have lost their fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and also for women who want more. It is a common method used to increase the size, increase the shape of the breast and improve the symmetry of the breast of a woman. This is most commonly achieved with silicone gel-cohesive implants and also with fat-grafting.

Breast augmentation surgery cost in Chennai

Breast Augmentation Cost from (Surgery + Implant) Cost Upto (Surgery + Implant)
Saline Breast Implants 100,000 Rs 120,000 Rs
Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants 110,000 Rs 130,000 Rs
Composite Breast Implants 120,000 Rs 140,000 Rs
Polypropylene Breast Implants 123,000 Rs 135,000 Rs
Gummy bear breast implants 125,000 Rs 130,000 Rs
Round breast implants 115,000 Rs 125,000 Rs
Smooth breast implants 105,000 Rs 115,000 Rs
Textured breast implants 125,000 Rs 135,000 Rs

There are many
Hospitals with highly experienced Breast Augmentation surgery in Chennai. Chennai city also has a very good supply of Implants required for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Chennai.
Chennai is the preferred destination for Breast Augmentation surgery because of the Low Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Chennai ₹ 50,000. Many patients travel from abroad and different parts of the country because
the Breast Augmentation surgery price in Chennai  ₹ 50,000 is affordable. The average Breast Augmentation surgery cost in Chennai is ₹ 45,000.

Breast Augmentation surgery reviews in Chennai by past clients are very encouraging because the Breast Augmentation surgery success rate in Chennai is high.

Breast Augmentation Insurance Surgery coverage in Chennai

Breast Augmentation surgery is a common procedure in Chennai.

Top insurance companies are provided by Breast Augmentation surgery are,

  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Care Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Cholamandalam Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Max Bupa Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Oriental Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • New India Assurance Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Reliance Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Star Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • United India Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage
  • Tata AIG Health Insurance Breast Augmentation surgery coverage

How do I choose my new size?

During your appointment, the surgeons will work with you to decide the size of your breast to improve. As a general rule, every-150cc of implant volume is roughly equal to an increase in the size of a single cup. However, the body of each patient is different. By talking to the surgeon and their clinical staff, you will set positive and safe goals together.

Will my nipple sensation or feelings change?

Most women will experience a loss of feeling or sensation after breast augmentation surgery. Sensation loss can be higher when a periareolar approach to implant placement is chosen. Sensation loss can last 6-12 months before returning to normal.

The cost of Breast Augmentation surgery in Chennai is:

Surgery Name Minimum Price (Rs) Maximum Price (Rs) Average Price (Rs)
Breast Augmentation    100,000 (Rs)  120,000 (Rs)   110,000 (Rs)

The Cost of Breast Augmentation depends on the various factors include such as :

  • Doctor’s Fee
  • Hospital charges
  • Medical condition after Breast Augmentation surgery
  • Type & Quality of Implants/Consumables
  • Lab Tests recommended post-Breast Augmentation

Types of implants

Silicone implants are in a circle or teardrop-shaped silicone shells filled with silicone gel. Newer gels keep their form and do not dissipate like liquids. Silicone breast implants produce near-natural breast sensation.
Saline-filled implants have a silicone shell and require the injection of salt into the implant after placement in the chest’s pocket. They are stiffer than silicone implants and can cause skin rippling and contour changes.

VOLUME & Location OF IMPLANT: The volume of the breast implant used and where it is positioned on the chest–above or below the chest muscle determines the final size of the breast. They are also an important consideration when one wants finer aesthetic details, such as a more pronounced cleavage, smoother convergence with established breast tissue.

As the silicone implants are pre-filled, they need a larger incision while the saline implants need a smaller one.
The 3 most widely used incisions are:

Infra-mammary fold Incision–most common. The dissection is simple, bloodless, and fast. The location of the implant is correct. Postoperative pain and discomfort are lower. They cover the scar along the fold below the breast.

Periareolar incision–favored by those who do not want a big incision. They conceal the scar in the many lines and folds of the areola in this situation (pigmented skin around the nipple).

Axillary Incision–preferred by those who do not want a mark on the front chest. It requires endoscopic implant deployment and is time-consuming. They take the equipment and the time to make it a more expensive choice.

What are the risks of Breast augmentation?

They usually conduct a breast implant surgery with the person under general anesthetic and take between 60 and 90 minutes.
The surgeon cut the skin either at the bottom of the areola or below the breast, dissects the pocket under the breast, and probably the breast muscle, and implants the implant. They’re going to patch the cut back together until they cover it with a dressing.
An individual should not take a slight decision to have breast implants. Not only can this be a costly process, but it is important to realize that it does not assure the outcomes.
There are also potential risks and complications. In this article, we look at some common complications and symptoms.

What to expect after a breast augmentation

After your breast augmentation procedure, your physician will probably suggest that you wear a bandage that compresses your breasts or a sports activities bra for the support you need during recovery. They may give prescribe medication for pain, too.
Your doctor can also make recommendations on when to go back to daily work and recreation. The public may suit lower back to paintings in a couple of days, but you might need up to a week off to recover. The public may fit lower back to paintings in a few days, but you might need up to a week off for recuperation.
For exercise and physical interest, you’re going to want to keep at least two weeks away from something strenuous. After invasive surgery, you’ll want to prevent your blood pressure or pulse from rising. Often, surgeons may also position drainage tubes near the surgical site.
You’ll see effects from your technique right now. Swelling and tenderness can also make it tough to evaluate ultimate consequences until after you’ve had a risk to start recovery.
Even as the results must be long-lasting, breast implants are not expected to last all the time. In the future, you will want to observe surgical procedures to replace implants. Few human beings also want to reverse surgery at a later time.
After surgery, maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Are there natural methods to increase breast size?

They market many nutritional supplements as a natural means of breast enlargement. However, no medical trials have ever shown any benefit. Breast enlargement can be a side effect of some prescription medications, such as hormonal therapy (estrogen), birth control pills, and some antidepressants, although these are not authorized for breast enhancement.

Maintaining an upright posture and doing exercises to improve your chest muscles are safe and balanced ways to enhance the attractiveness of your breasts.

Procedure for breast augmentation :

If you want to have breast augmentation surgery, you are most likely to have breast augmentation surgery performed in an outpatient surgery center or similar facility. Much of the time, patients will go home on the same day as the treatment.

The operation is most likely to be done under general anesthesia so that you do not feel any discomfort. Follow the guidance of your physician to prepare for your operation within 24 hours.

Your surgeon can use one of three types of incisions to insert your breast implants:
Infra-mammary (beneath your breast)
axillary (in the underarm)
Periareolar (in the tissue surrounding your nipples)

Your surgeon will then make a pocket by removing the breast tissue from the muscles and tissues of your chest. Your implants will be put inside your pockets and centered inside your breasts.

If you have opted for saline implants, the surgeon will fill them with sterile saline solution after we have successfully installed the shell. If you prefer silicone, it will already be filled.
Once your surgeon has successfully positioned your implants, they cover the incisions with stitches and tightly bandage them with surgical tape and surgical glue. We will check you for recovery and then allowed you to go home once the anesthesia wears off enough

How safe is the procedure?

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure but, as with any other surgery, there are complications associated with anesthesia and the possibility of infection and bleeding.

Specifically, with surgery, there might be changes in the nipple or breast sensation, slow healing, and scarring of the incision, bleeding or rupture of the implant, defective location of the implant, a discomfort that may linger, and the need for remedial surgery.

What is the Breast Augmentation Success rate in Chennai?

Breast Augmentation Success Rate in Chennai is 98%

Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Chennai

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Top Breast Augmentation Hospitals in Chennai

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