Bone Fracture in Bangladesh

A bone fracture is a medical disorder in which the bone’s integrity is disrupted. High force impact or tension causes a large number of bone fractures.

A fracture, on the other hand, may occur as a result of certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis, certain cancers, or osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as brittle bone diseases).

A bone can fracture in many ways; for example, a closed fracture is a break in the bone that does not damage surrounding tissue or tear through the skin.

Types of Bone fractures

Avulsion fracture occurs when a muscle or ligament pulls on the bone, causing it to fracture.
The bone is fractured into several fragments in a comminuted fracture.
The spongy bone in the spine is commonly affected by compression (crush) fractures. Osteoporosis, for example, may cause the front portion of a vertebra in the spine to collapse.
Fracture dislocation occurs when a joint dislocates and one of the joint’s bones fractures.
Greenstick fractures occur when a bone fractures on one side but may not fully break so the remainder of the bone can bend. Children’s bones are thinner and more elastic, so this is more natural.

A partial fracture of the bone is known as a hairline fracture. This form of fracture can be difficult to detect with routine xrays.
If a bone is broken, one fragment of the bone is forced into another.
Intraarticular fracture – a crack that reaches through the joint’s surface.
A longitudinal fracture is one in which the break runs the length of the bone.
An oblique fracture is one that occurs around the long axis of a bone.
Pathological fracture – occurs when the bone has already been weakened by an underlying disease or condition, resulting in a fracture (bone fracture caused by an underlying disease or condition that weakened the bone).

A spiral fracture is one in which at least one portion of the bone is bent.
Athletes are more likely to suffer from stress fractures. Repeated pressures and strains cause a bone to crack.
The bone deforms but does not break in a torus (buckle) fracture. Kids are more prone to it. It hurts, but it’s manageable.
A transverse fracture is a crack in a bone that runs straight through it.


Bone Fracture Cost in Bangladesh

Bone Fracture in Bangladesh Cost in Taka – BDT
Dhaka 235,000৳
Chittagong 239,700৳
Khulna 244,400৳
Rajshahi 238,525৳
Gazipur 246,750৳
Sylhet 249,100৳
Mymensingh 253,800৳
Barisal 243,225৳
Rangpur 240,875৳
Comilla 245,575৳
Narayanganj 250,275৳

Why Bone Fracture Treatment in Bangladesh?

Many patients get Bone Fracture treatment done in Dhaka, Bangladesh because of,

  • Availability of Qualified Orthopedic Surgeons in Dhaka
  • Experienced Bone Fracture Surgeons in Dhaka
  • High Success Rate for Bone Fracture surgery in Dhaka
  • Bone Fracture cost in Dhaka is affordable
  • High Bone Fracture surgery success rate in Dhaka

Average Bone Fracture cost in Bangladesh

Average Bone Fracture cost in Dhaka 235,000৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Chittagong 239,700৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Khulna 244,400৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Rajshahi 238,525৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Gazipur 246,750৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Sylhet 249,100৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Mymensingh 253,800৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Barisal 243,225৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Rangpur 240,875৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Comilla 245,575৳.
Average Bone Fracture cost in Narayanganj 250,275৳.

Bone Fracture Health Insurance in Bangladesh

There are many Health Insurance companies in Bangladesh which covers Bone Fracture Surgery. Coverage amount and payment terms depends on Insurance product. Partial payment from patient is required for Bone Fracture treatment through Insurance coverage.

Contact here for details on Bone Fracture Insurance coverage in Bangladesh.


Who is The Best Bone Fracture Surgeon in Bangladesh?

Find The Best Bone Fracture Surgeon in Bangladesh based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is Bone Fracture Surgery Cost in Bangladesh?

Bone Fracture surgery cost in Bangladesh varies based on current medical condition, Hospital, Surgeon, etc. Find average Bone Fracture Surgery cost in Bangladesh here

What is Bone Fracture Surgery Success Rate in Bangladesh?

Many patients got Bone Fracture Surgery done in Bangladesh and they have good success rate.

Where can I find Bone Fracture Surgery Reviews in Bangladesh?

Find Bone Fracture surgery reviews from past patients here.

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