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Dislocated Shoulder in Bangladesh

During the physical exam, the doctor will look for tenderness, swelling, or deformity in the affected region. The dislocation may be visible on an X-ray of your shoulder joint, which may also reveal broken bones or other shoulder joint injury.

Shoulder dislocated. The top of your arm bone pops out of the shoulder socket as a result of a fall or blow. Unlike certain other joints in your body, such as your elbow, the shoulder is extremely mobile. Your upper arm can be twisted and moved in almost every direction.

Shoulder separation. This injury does not directly impact the shoulder joint, despite its name. A fall or blast, on the other hand, breaks one of the ligaments that links the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

If you have a weak shoulder joint or ligaments and recurrent shoulder dislocations despite adequate strengthening and recovery, surgery may be necessary. If your nerves or blood vessels are affected, you can need surgery in extreme cases.


Dislocated Shoulder Cost in Bangladesh

Dislocated Shoulder in Bangladesh Cost in Taka – BDT
Dhaka 255,000৳
Chittagong 260,100৳
Khulna 265,200৳
Rajshahi 258,825৳
Gazipur 267,750৳
Sylhet 270,300৳
Mymensingh 275,400৳
Barisal 263,925৳
Rangpur 261,375৳
Comilla 266,475৳
Narayanganj 271,575৳

Why Dislocated Shoulder Treatment in Bangladesh?

Many patients get Dislocated Shoulder treatment done in Dhaka, Bangladesh because of,

  • Availability of Qualified Orthopedic Surgeons in Dhaka
  • Experienced Dislocated Shoulder Surgeons in Dhaka
  • High Success Rate for Dislocated Shoulder surgery in Dhaka
  • Dislocated Shoulder cost in Dhaka is affordable
  • High Dislocated Shoulder surgery success rate in Dhaka

Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Bangladesh

Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Dhaka 255,000৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Chittagong 260,100৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Khulna 265,200৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Rajshahi 258,825৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Gazipur 267,750৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Sylhet 270,300৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Mymensingh 275,400৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Barisal 263,925৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Rangpur 261,375৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Comilla 266,475৳.
Average Dislocated Shoulder cost in Narayanganj 271,575৳.

Dislocated Shoulder Health Insurance in Bangladesh

There are many Health Insurance companies in Bangladesh which covers Dislocated Shoulder Surgery. Coverage amount and payment terms depends on Insurance product. Partial payment from patient is required for Dislocated Shoulder treatment through Insurance coverage.

Contact here for details on Dislocated Shoulder Insurance coverage in Bangladesh.


Who is The Best Dislocated Shoulder Surgeon in Bangladesh?

Find The Best Dislocated Shoulder Surgeon in Bangladesh based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is Dislocated Shoulder Surgery Cost in Bangladesh?

Dislocated Shoulder surgery cost in Bangladesh varies based on current medical condition, Hospital, Surgeon, etc. Find average Dislocated Shoulder Surgery cost in Bangladesh here

What is Dislocated Shoulder Surgery Success Rate in Bangladesh?

Many patients got Dislocated Shoulder Surgery done in Bangladesh and they have good success rate.

Where can I find Dislocated Shoulder Surgery Reviews in Bangladesh?

Find Dislocated Shoulder surgery reviews from past patients here.

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