IGRT Surgery Cost in Bangladesh

Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) is a form of radiotherapy that uses X-rays, CT scans, and other imaging techniques before and during treatment. These X-rays and scans reveal the cancer tissue’s scale, shape, and location, as well as the surrounding tissues and bones. Later, this procedure is used to treat cancers and tumours of a specific organ by specifically administering medicated radiations to them and killing any excess growth or tissue.

Prostate, urinary bladder, lung, and gynaecological cancers are the best candidates for IGRT. Doctors can more precisely target radiotherapy care with IGRT, which means the treatment can be more effective in curing or controlling disease.

IGRT Cost in Bangladesh

IGRT Surgery in Bangladesh Cost in Taka – BDT
Dhaka 800,000৳
Chittagong 816,000৳
Khulna 832,000৳
Rajshahi 812,000৳
Gazipur 840,000৳
Sylhet 848,000৳
Mymensingh 864,000৳
Barisal 828,000৳
Rangpur 820,000৳
Comilla 836,000৳
Narayanganj 852,000৳

Why IGRT in Bangladesh?

Many patients get IGRT surgery done in Dhaka, Bangladesh because of,

  • Availability of Qualified Oncologists in Dhaka
  • Experienced IGRT Surgeons in Dhaka
  • High Success Rate for IGRT surgery in Dhaka
  • IGRT cost in Dhaka is affordable
  • High IGRT surgery success rate in Dhaka

IGRT Treatment Options in Bangladesh

IGRT is treated in Bangladesh by team of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists.

IGRT Medical Oncologists in Bangladesh: Medical Oncologist in Bangladesh treat IGRT through Medicines including Chemotherapy. IGRT Chemotherapy in Bangladesh is available with multiple Hospitals. IGRT Chemotherapy uses different levels of drugs based on IGRT Grade, Current Medical condition, Age, etc.

IGRT Surgical Oncologist in Bangladesh: Surgical Oncologist in Bangladesh treat IGRT through Surgery. IGRT Surgery is performed in multiple Bangladesh Hospitals. IGRT surgery is done taking into consideration of IGRT Grade, Age and Patient’s current medical condition.

IGRT Radiation Oncologist in Bangladesh: Radiation Oncologist in Bangladesh treat IGRT through Radiation Therapy. IGRT Radiation Therapy is done only few Hospitals in Bangladesh. IGRT Radiation cycles are decided based on IGRT Grade and current medical condition.

IGRT Immunotherapy in Bangladesh: Immunotherapy for IGRT is done only few Hospitals in Bangladesh. Immunotherapy treatment is decided based on current IGRT grade and patient medical condition.

Average IGRT cost in Bangladesh

Average IGRT cost in Dhaka 800,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Chittagong 816,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Khulna 832,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Rajshahi 812,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Gazipur 840,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Sylhet 848,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Mymensingh 864,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Barisal 828,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Rangpur 820,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Comilla 836,000৳.
Average IGRT cost in Narayanganj 852,000৳.

IGRT Health Insurance in Bangladesh

There are many Health Insurance companies in Bangladesh which covers IGRT Surgery. Coverage amount and payment terms depends on Insurance product.

Most Common IGRT Insurance coverage companies in Bangladesh are,

Asia Pacific General Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Bangladesh General Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Bangladesh National Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Central Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Delta Life Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Dhaka Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Eastern Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Eastland Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Green Delta Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Jiban Bima Corporation IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Mercentile Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Paramount Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Phoenix Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Pragati Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Prime Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Sadharan Bima Corporation IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Sena Kalyan Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Sikder Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
Sonar bangla Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.
United Insurance IGRT Surgery Coverage.

Who is The Best IGRT Surgeon in Bangladesh?

Find The Best IGRT Surgeon in Bangladesh based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is IGRT Surgery Cost in Bangladesh?

IGRT surgery cost in Bangladesh varies based on current medical condition, Hospital, Surgeon, etc. Find average IGRT Surgery cost in Bangladesh here

What is IGRT Surgery Success Rate in Bangladesh?

Many patients got IGRT Surgery done in Bangladesh and they have good success rate.

Where can I find IGRT Surgery Reviews in Bangladesh?

Find IGRT surgery reviews from past patients here.

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