Shoulder Labrum in Bangladesh

The labrum is a cup-shaped rim of cartilage that lines and strengthens the shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint.

The labrum protects the ball-and-socket joint, as well as the rotator cuff tendons and muscles, and serves as an attachment point for the shoulder ligaments. It helps to stabilise the shoulder and, if torn, can cause partial or full shoulder dislocation.

The treatment is determined by the type of tear in the labrum. Tears caused by shoulder instability, such as subluxation or dislocations, necessitate reattachment of the labrum to the socket rim. This can be achieved by an incision in the front of the shoulder or by arthroscopic procedures.

Shoulder Labrum Cost in Bangladesh

Shoulder Labrum in Bangladesh Cost in Taka – BDT
Dhaka 211,000৳
Chittagong 215,220৳
Khulna 219,440৳
Rajshahi 214,165৳
Gazipur 221,550৳
Sylhet 223,660৳
Mymensingh 227,880৳
Barisal 218,385৳
Rangpur 216,275৳
Comilla 220,495৳
Narayanganj 224,715৳

Why Shoulder Labrum Treatment in Bangladesh?

Many patients get Shoulder Labrum treatment done in Dhaka, Bangladesh because of,

  • Availability of Qualified Orthopedic Surgeons in Dhaka
  • Experienced Shoulder Labrum Surgeons in Dhaka
  • High Success Rate for Shoulder Labrum surgery in Dhaka
  • Shoulder Labrum cost in Dhaka is affordable
  • High Shoulder Labrum surgery success rate in Dhaka

Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Bangladesh

Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Dhaka 211,000৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Chittagong 215,220৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Khulna 219,440৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Rajshahi 214,165৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Gazipur 221,550৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Sylhet 223,660৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Mymensingh 227,880৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Barisal 218,385৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Rangpur 216,275৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Comilla 220,495৳.
Average Shoulder Labrum cost in Narayanganj 224,715৳.

Shoulder Labrum Health Insurance in Bangladesh

There are many Health Insurance companies in Bangladesh which covers Shoulder Labrum Surgery. Coverage amount and payment terms depends on Insurance product. Partial payment from patient is required for Shoulder Labrum treatment through Insurance coverage.

Contact here for details on Shoulder Labrum Insurance coverage in Bangladesh.


Who is The Best Shoulder Labrum Surgeon in Bangladesh?

Find The Best Shoulder Labrum Surgeon in Bangladesh based on Rating and Reviews from past clients here

What is Shoulder Labrum Surgery Cost in Bangladesh?

Shoulder Labrum surgery cost in Bangladesh varies based on current medical condition, Hospital, Surgeon, etc. Find average Shoulder Labrum Surgery cost in Bangladesh here

What is Shoulder Labrum Surgery Success Rate in Bangladesh?

Many patients got Shoulder Labrum Surgery done in Bangladesh and they have good success rate.

Where can I find Shoulder Labrum Surgery Reviews in Bangladesh?

Find Shoulder Labrum surgery reviews from past patients here.

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