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Dubai Medical Tourism

Dubai is considered one of the best medical tourism destinations globally. It secures 6th position among 46 contesting medical tourism locations. Medical tourism in Dubai has achieved milestones in recent years, and now a large number of medical tourists visit there for high-quality care. The majority of tourists are from Asia, Arab & Gulf countries, Africa, Europe, and America.

Dubai provides remarkable services and facilities, making it an ideal destination for medical tourism. People prefer traveling to Dubai rather than Europe or the USA because of affordable treatments, simpler visa procedures, and the best quality care.


Popular Medical Treatments in Dubai

  • Dental treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Dermatology
  • Fertility treatments


What makes Dubai an Ideal Medical Tourism Destination?

Dubai attracts thousands of medical tourists every year, and it is possible because it provides high-standard, reliable, and cost-effective healthcare facilities. Travelers from worldwide visit Dubai because they get a blend of a medical trip and a holiday as Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Below are some of the best reasons why people prefer Dubai for medical tourism:


  • Qualified Doctors: One of the critical things every medical tourist wants when they travel to another country is the availability of skilled and trained medical specialists. In Dubai, patients can meet experienced healthcare professionals who are available round the clock to provide high-quality medical care. Patients can also get price quotes from multiple doctors for a specific treatment. Usually, this process takes months, but it is a one or two-day process in Dubai. The medical staff can communicate in all major languages and prevent language barriers.


  • Cost-Effective Treatment: The high standard of medical care along with affordable costs attracts more medical tourists every year. It is the best place for healthcare seekers who may experience a lack of insurance coverage for some procedures. Compared to other nations, Dubai is on the top game for providing the best treatment without burning a hole in the medical tourist’s pocket. Patients can save 30-40% on any surgeries as compared to equivalent procedures in the UK.


  • Advanced Technologies Available: Medical tourists come to Dubai because of the lack of advanced technologies in their own country. Dubai has its name for high-end, sophisticated, and innovative technologies in the medical field. The excellent use of AI and Robotics in surgeries provides unparalleled services to patients worldwide. The Dubai Health Authority will also use 3D printing technologies for dental treatments. Moreover, wireless brain censors, CRISPR, MRI, PET, and CT scans are also added to the list.


  • Cosmopolitan Population: The best part about Dubai is that most of the population is from different parts of the world. That’s why Dubai is considered to be highly diverse, and it is beneficial for medical tourists because they can easily find a medical professional who speaks their language. When they get treatment from someone who speaks their language and belongs to their community, they don’t feel they are away from their home. This makes them feel comfortable even in a foreign land.


  • Tie-Ups with Hotels: The hotels in Dubai also assist in medical tourism. Patients can find the hotels near their hospitals, and while resting in their hotels, they can get tuned with a medical professional to confirm their meetings. These hotels have all the amenities one can need for a comfortable stay. The hotels are also in places where the neighborhood offers fun and leisure activities.


  • Accessible Medical Tourism Visa Policy: Dubai is more convenient than traveling to Europe or America because of easy visa procedures. If someone wants to travel to Dubai for medical purposes, the Dubai government allows the medical tourist with a companion to stay there for a maximum of 90 days. They can easily get a Visa after they provide legal documents. This simpler process also makes Dubai more welcoming for the patients.


  • Attractive Tourist Destination: Apart from medical facilities, Dubai is also known for its nightlife, high-end hotels, and eye-catching destinations. There are some of the best tourist attractions in Dubai which definitely grab everyone’s eyeball, such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Bur Dubai Village, Jumeirah Beach, and many more. A medical tourist can spend some of the best days in the beautiful city post-treatment.


  • Mouth-Watering Cuisine: Dubai dishes are something everyone falls in love with. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian, there is something for every traveler. There are several dishes anyone can try when they are in Dubai, such as Manousheh, Mandi, Shawarma, Samboosa, and Falafel, and the list is very long. From authentic Arabic food to inexpensive street food, Dubai has everything to offer. Oozie is one of the amazing dishes to try in the month of Ramadan.


Things to Consider Before Selecting Hospital in Dubai

Selecting a hospital in a foreign land is a challenging task for a medical tourist. The patient has to do extensive research among the best hospitals and compare them to find a suitable match. It is imperative to collect all possible information about the hospital in Dubai to get the best medical care.


Below are some tips that help a medical tourist to find the best hospital in Dubai without any hassle:


  • Check Hospital’s Website: It is extremely important to check the hospital’s website before initiating any step. A well-maintained website will tell the quality standards of the hospital. The hospital’s website will tell a lot about the hospital. Check whether they have a team of specialists for the treatment you are seeking. If they have a team, it is mentioned on the website. Read patient testimonials as well. That’s why checking the website is necessary.


  • Hospital’s Credential: One of the major steps in finding the best hospitals in Dubai is checking the credentials and certifications of the hospital. JCI accreditation is one of the recognized accreditation bodies, so check if the hospital is JCI accredited and whether the accreditation is still valid or not. You can confirm it by checking the hospital’s list accredited by JCI. You can also check for ISO accreditation.


  • Services: When you are traveling to a foreign land for medical purposes, you expect high-quality hospital services. Before finalizing any hospital, make sure that they provide the best services for a comfortable stay. Check if they offer airport transfers, accommodation, interviews with the doctors, etc. Also, check if special suites and rooms are available for the patients and their companions. If you want any special services such as a prayer room, or international cuisine, make sure to ask beforehand if they can arrange it or not.


  • Doctor’s Availability: Before selecting any hospital, check that specialists are available for your treatment or not. If you want the best treatment, look for their years of experience, board certification, qualification, and specialty. You can also check these things from the website because almost every hospital puts their doctor’s profiles on their website.


  • Customized Care: Patients from worldwide travel to Dubai to seek medical care because it is one of those places that respect everyone’s culture, religion, and background. Patients can get someone from their nation because of the cosmopolitan population. But, it is imperative to find a hospital that provides customized care so that the patient can comfortably stay in the hospital. If you have any queries regarding individualized care, as the medical staff before your arrival so that they can make proper arrangements for you.


  • Cost: It is also one of the critical factors before selecting any hospital. Dubai has both government and private hospitals to suit everyone’s needs. So before choosing any hospital, make sure to check you are comfortable with the treatment cost the hospital offer. If you feel that private hospitals will be expensive for you, you can go to government hospitals that also offer high-quality treatments at an affordable price.


Cost of Medical Treatments in Dubai

  • Face Surgery: 5000 USD – 1000 USD
  • Bariatric Surgery: 5000 USD – 6000 USD
  • Ear Surgery: 4000 USD – 5000 USD
  • Nose Surgery: 6000 USD – 8000 USD


As mentioned, medical treatments in Dubai are much more affordable than in Europe or UK, and this is the major reason that attracts medical tourists.


Dubai Medical Visa Requirements

Before traveling to Dubai for medical purposes, you must keep the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of financial stability
  • A letter from the hospital with an explanation of the visit
  • Proof of medical insurance


Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of arrival. If you are traveling with any prescribed medicines for personal use, you need to meet the specific requirements of the UAE for your medicines to be allowed.


If you have medicines that the UAE class as narcotics or psychotropics, you will need approval from UAE authorities in advance.


Blooming Future of Medical Tourism in Dubai

Dubai has a bright future as a medical tourism destination, and it is attracting a large number of medical travelers globally. The city is home to several internationally accredited hospitals and healthcare professionals that offer services on par with UK and US. For some, it provides fast treatments, and for some, it is budget-friendly with a holiday trip.


We hope this article helps you understand medical tourism in Dubai and why numerous people travel to Dubai every year for medical purposes.


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