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Gynecomastia in Dubai

The fact is quite surprising but true that 1 out of 4 men has naturally large breasts. Believe it or not but in many cases, it causes mental discomfort and embarrassment at the same time. This condition of large breasts in men is known as Gynecomastia.

In gynecomastia, the breast tissues of men are enlarged. The condition can arise or happen due to various conditions like hormonal fluctuations and imbalances and the use of steroids.

Enlarged breast is common in overweight or obese men where deposition of fat in the pectoral area of the chest occurs, and the fatty tissues over the breast area give an appearance of enlarged breasts. This condition is known as pseudo-gynecomastia and can be treated with various methods like surgical or non-surgical.

Gynecomastia cost in Dubai

Gynecomastia cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Emirati Dirham AED)
Gynecomastia Grade 1 $1,120 AED3,920
Gynecomastia Grade 2a $1,344 AED4,704
Gynecomastia Grade 2b $1,568 AED5,488
Gynecomastia Grade 3 $1,792 AED6,272
Gynecomastia Grade 4 $2,016 AED7,056

The average Gynecomastia cost in Dubai is $1500. 

Risks and complications of Gynecomastia

There are several risks coming naturally with any kind of surgery. The risks also arise due to anesthesia. Although the risks are not likely to occur, some of the possible risks include Chest infections, blood clots and allergic reactions ( occur due to anesthesia) and bleeding, infection, scars, allergic reactions, partial or complete loss of flap, and sensation and implant rupture.

As per the reports, there is increasing evidence of substance abuse causing gynecomastia in young men who aspire to become bodybuilders. In Dubai, many young bodybuilders have or are using various substitutes for hormones like testosterone, androgen, growth hormones, etc. These men are especially facing the issue of having painful glands in their chest. Men who have undergone surgery to correct previously occurred gynecomastia have also faced the same issues.

Types of gynecomastia surgery in Dubai

Surgery of gynecomastia is the process of rebuilding the breasts of a man to normal appearance, shape, size, and proportion.

The three main techniques that are involved in surgery of gynecomastia are:

  • Liposuction technique
  • Surgical excision of the extra tissues
  • Combined (surgery+liposuction)

Liposuction technique

When the elasticity of the skin is good, and when the small-sized correction of gynecomastia is required, this technique works really well. This process of gynecomastia correction resembles liposuction of any other part of the body, but the expertise is needed to get the correct shape and contours on the chest.

In this technique, the surgeon makes a tiny incision along the side of the areola. Using a thin hollow metal attached to suction, excess fat is allowed to drain out.

After the removal of fatty tissue from the structure of the breast, the surgeon pulls out the glandular tissue underlying the breast through the incision.

The technique is hence also named Pull through Technique. At last, the incisions are closed very carefully to ensure that the scars are scarcely visible.

The liposuction technique is also the highly preferred method for treating Pseudo-gynecomastia. But on the basis of the desired shape, physical condition, and amount of tissue present in your breast area, the surgeon will determine if this method will suit you or not.

Surgical excision of extra tissue

This surgical procedure for gynecomastia correction is performed under general anesthesia, and sometimes men have to stay in hospital for one night.

When the elasticity of the skin is not good and more extensive gynecomastia correction is needed, the surgeon needs to do a more invasive breast reduction surgery.

Hence general anesthesia is required, and the procedure can last for approx. 2-3 hours. The main aim of this surgery is to restore the normal shape of the male breast by removing excessive skin and tissue.

Since the structure of the chest is a blend of adipose tissue, glandular tissue, fibrous tissue, muscle, and skin hence structure of bone, proportion, and symmetry of the chest affects the overall appearance. Therefore, great care and expertise are needed to visualize the end result correctly and to implement the changes well.

The gynecomastia surgeon decides the type of incision needed to get the best results. The most common approach is known as the WEBSTER incision, also famous by the name ‘Intra-Areolar incision.’

In this method, the incision is made in the lower hemisphere of the breast, along the circumference of the areola. The surgeon then excises the tissues around the breast area to give it the desired new shape.

Based on the need of the body, the surgeon may decide to select the use of a ‘Transverse Nipple-Areola’ incision or the ‘Triple V-incision.’

For massive gynecomastia, a resection of excessive skin and breast tissue with a nipple grafting may be recommended but in very rare cases.

The latest approach is introduced to minimize the size of the incision to 2-3 cm. This is popularly known as ‘keyhole surgery’ for gynecomastia.

There are non-surgical methods of treating gynecomastia, such as ultrasound (often referred to as “ultrasonic liposuction”), lipolysis, or even exercise.

What To Expect from Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai?

  • Before surgery, you will be put under appropriate anesthesia so that there is no pain during the whole procedure.
  • During Surgery: Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai usually takes 2-3 hours. Breast reduction techniques used are liposuction and mastectomy, i.e., removing fatty tissue and removing breast tissue. Excess breast tissue is drained or removed through a minor incision, resulting in minimal scarring. The procedure is painless.
  • After surgery: You can expect to get discharged on the very next day. The recovery that follows is usually quick and complete. For at least two weeks, you will be advised to take a rest and avoid any painful or heavy work activity.

Important factors to be considered before choosing gynecomastia surgeries in Dubai

  • Qualification of the practitioner:

Dubai is known to have vast and numerous medical groups. Every physician comes from a different school of view and thoughts and gives their own perspective on the best treatment options.

Some doctors are board-certified from the UK, Europe, or the USA, while others have regional qualifications. All of whom possess a knowledge base with a specific set of training and practical knowledge. Do proper research about the qualification of surgeons before making any decision.

  • Brand awareness of the clinic:

Treatments from more reputable hospitals usually cost high than clinics not widely known to people. Institutions make huge investments to build a trusted brand, and patients pay a premium for that brand.

Certain local clinics in Dubai have established a history of providing excellent care to people and, in turn, are more expensive. Hence it is imperative to choose the clinic wisely.

  • Experience of the practitioner:

It is quite obvious that you need to pay more for a service from a more experienced practitioner. For cosmetic procedures, you will usually need to pay more to get treatment from consultants rather than specialists, GPs, and other physicians, since they are more experienced in the field.

Price for gynecomastia surgery procedures in Dubai

Most clinic in Dubai first evaluates the body of the candidate, his health condition, and the expected results to recommend the most suitable gynecomastia surgical treatment.

In some cases, Surgeons recommend both liposuction and excision for better results. Therefore, a complete in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon is vital for a clinic to quote a price for the requested treatment.

The price range for gynecomastia surgery procedures typically starts at AED 10,000 to AED 40,000. The average price for gynecomastia surgery in Dubai is approximately AED 25,000.

How much does Gynecomastia Cost in Dubai?

Gynecomastia cost in UAE Average Cost (Emirati Dirham AED)
Dubai 3,900 د.إ.‏
Abu Dhabi 4,485 د.إ.‏
Sharjah 4,407 د.إ.‏
Al Ain 4,251 د.إ.‏
Ajman 4,212 د.إ.‏

The lowest Gynecomastia cost in Dubai is $3,900. The average Gynecomastia cost in Dubai is 3,900 د.إ.‏. The average Gynecomastia cost in Abu Dhabi is 4,485 د.إ.‏. The average Gynecomastia cost in Sharjah is  4,407 د.إ.‏. The average Gynecomastia cost in Al-Ain is  4,251 د.إ.‏. The average Gynecomastia cost in Ajman is 4,212 د.إ.‏.

Best known surgeons for gynecomastia surgery in Dubai

  • Mohammed Asif Qureshi:

He is a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is a well-reputed name in Tajlmeel Royal Clinic, Dubai. He is a specialist in Dermatology and cosmetology at Tajmeel Specialised Medical center –Al Dar Hin. Dr. Qureshi holds 18 years of rich experience in cosmetology and dermatology at some of the finest facilities in India and the Middle east.

In the past, he was associated with Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India. He later served in Najran Armed Forces Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and later moved to UAE. He had worked with notable and well-known health care brands in UAE.

  • Stefano Pompei:

He is a well-known cosmetic surgeon at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai. He is one of the leading and highly educated Cosmetic Surgeons with more than 30 years of experience. He completed his medical degree in 1980 from University La Sapienza, Rome, followed by a residency program in 1985. In 1988, he completed his accredited residency program at the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. In 1990, he completed his residency program at Catholic University, Rome.

He is a reputed cosmetic surgeon famous for doing an immediate and delayed reconstruction of the breasts, head and neck reconstruction, microsurgery, reconstruction surgery for oncological dermatology, limb reconstruction for soft tissues, and bone loss and burns treatment.

  • Ibrahim Abi Abdallah:

With 27+ years of experience, Dr. Ibrahim Abi Abdallah is the most renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in UAE in Saudi German Hospital Dubai. He holds expertise in Tummy Tuck & Mommy Makeover, Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Liposculpture & Brazilian Butt lift, Breast Augmentation & Lift, and Buttock Augmentation with Implants.

  • Mohan Rangaswamy:

He is a well-known name in the field of Plastic surgery with more than 30 years of experience and is a reputed surgeon in Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai.

He is known to hold expertise in post-burn deformities, correction of congenital disabilities, correction of defects due to cancer treatment, coverage of exposed bone in orthopedic cases, difficult hernias, and nerve problems. Dr. Mohan has worked earlier in Dubai Healthcare City and has a fellowship at the Royal College in Glasgow, UK.

  • Frank Conroy:

Dr. Frank Conroy is a renowned Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgeon practicing for more than 25 years in an American hospital in Dubai. He is well expert in Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery, and Breast Surgery. He holds fellowships in Sports & Exercise Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and Breast Surgery from Vancouver, Canada.

Is the Gynecomastia Cost Covered by Insurance?

Cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance because they are not deemed medically necessary. You can find out all of the prices in advance by contacting your insurance company and asking if they offer payment plans. In Dubai, EMI may be an option for patients who want therapy but cannot afford it.

Payment modes available in Dubai for Gynecomastia

Dubai clinics accept every mode of payment for Gynecomastia including credit cards of VISA and Master card, and also cash.

Gynecomastia EMI Options in Dubai

Yes, EMI option is available in Dubai for Gynecomastia surgery.

From international accounts, several banks provide an EMI Payment option for Gynecomastia in Dubai.

Credit card companies also provide EMI Payment options for Gynecomastia in Dubai.


Gynecomastia treatment requires surgical expertise and good knowledge of the procedure. For you, choosing a surgeon and clinic with an exceptional record in minimizing risks and complications is important. Although there are so many choices available for gynecomastia surgery in Dubai, still choose wisely after gathering all the relevant information.

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