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Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai – Find Best Female Surgeon and Reviews

Dubai has developed technologies to bring perfection in beauty that include facial enhancement to intimate rejuvenation. There is a solution to every medical problem with the latest and advanced treatments. Lots of females suffer in silence, many of them unaware of the latest rejuvenating techniques that can positively change lives and free them from embarrassment and frustration due to discomfort. Let’s learn more about Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai and the hoodectomy procedure.

Hoodectomy surgery, also known as clitoral hood reduction a medical procedure that aims to remove extra tissues near the clitoris to improve the appearance of the clitoris and vulva. The patient must know that hoodectomy is not genital mutilation and does not involve the clitoris. But hoodectomy removes the excess tissues or enlarged clitoral hood that affect the clitoris functions. It is a crucial procedure performed under general anesthesia for outpatients to carefully trim the surrounding skin of the clitoris without disturbing tissues and nerves.

Often women undergo hoodectomy for aesthetic appearance enhancement and intimate function improvement. The excess skin covering the clitoris often interferes with intimate pleasure and causes discomfort. Hoodectomy also has a similar procedure to other plastic-cosmetic surgeries. It will have an overall health analysis, disease checkup, and blood and urine tests. Consultation is recommended with a specialist such as a hematologist, cardiologist, or endocrinologist if necessary. The patient will get quality care under rehabilitation and recovery for 2 – 3 days and take care of pain management.

Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai

Hoodectomy cost in Dubai is AED 20, 000. The exact cost will be provided during consultation. The Dubai hoodectomy price varies from person to person and depends on the client’s need. The hood reduction cost includes different aspects, so every patient has a different cost.

Hoodectomy Procedures Cost In AED Cost In $
Hoodectomy AED 20, 000 $5,445
Hoodectomy + Labiaplasty AED 20, 000 + AED 15000 $5,445 + 4,084
Vaginplasty + Hoodectomy AED 18000 + AED 20, 000 $ 4,901 + $5,445
Hoodectomy + Mommy Makeover AED 20, 000 + AED 15,630 $5,445 + $4,256
Clitoral Hood Reconstruction Surgery AED 20,000 $5,500

Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai and Different Procedure Combination


Hoodectomy Price in Dubai:  AED 20, 000 ($5,445)

Hoodectomy procedure trims the excess skin that causes discomfort in the patient and is important for medical reasons. It is also called chondroplasty and clitoral unhooding. The clitoral hood and clitoris are part of the female reproductive system and responsible for assisting in childbirth. The clitoral hood is connected to more than 15,000 extremely sensitive nerve endings. Therefore, choosing hoodectomy surgery in Dubai gives health benefits and prevents discomfort.


Hoodectomy & Labiaplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai:AED 20, 000 + AED 15000 ($5,445 + 4,084)

Often hoodectomy surgery is performed as part of labia plasty. This combination of the procedure is suitable for a patient seeking to reduce labia minora and labia majora sagging skin and combined with clitoral hood reductions that create a youthful shape of the clitoral hood.

What is the technique of hoodectomy?

The hoodectomy procedure involves liposuction to remove excess fat, tissues, and loose skin and restore a smooth appearance.


Vaginplasty & Hoodectomy Surgery Cost in Dubai: AED 18000 + AED 20, 000($ 4,901 + $5,445)

A patient experiencing a problem with hoodectomy and seeking to enhance vaginal appearance can choose this combination of hoodectomy and vaginoplasty. Both procedures can simultaneously treat the problem area and enhance the necessary appearance. During the consultation, your surgeon will recommend you the right surgery combination and techniques if you are suitable for the procedure.


Hoodectomy & Mommy Makeover Cost in Dubai:AED 20, 000 + AED 15,630 ($5,445 + $4,256)

Hoodectomy is also performed as part of mommy makeover procedures. A mommy makeover is a rejuvenating procedure after childbirth. It helps a woman to have a youthful body appearance after pregnancy. Pregnancy increases weight; women lose their original contoured body shape. Undergoing mommy makeovers address the tummy tuck and breast surgery. Therefore, Hoodectomy surgery can be performed as a part of a tummy tuck to get a final feminine rejuvenation.


Clitoral Hood Reconstruction Surgery: AED 20,000 ($5,500)

Clitoral hood reconstruction surgery involves partially removing or cutting the clitoris hood to reconstruct and restore the anatomy using customized techniques. In addition, hoodectomy reconstructive surgery is performed to correct injuries.


How much is Clitoral Hood Reconstruction Surgery?

The average expected cost of hoodectomy reconstruction surgery is around AED 20,000 ($5,500), but every patient may have a different cost.

Factors Influencing Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai

Here are the influencing factors for hoodectomy cost in Dubai:


Aesthetic Goals and Patient’s need

The female genitalia follows consistent primary anatomy, but every woman has a different appearance and structure. Furthermore, the outer genital appearance can be impacted by genetics, hormones, aging, weight changes, and childbirth. The prepuce or clitoral hood naturally covers and conceals the clitoris. It most forwards extension of labia minora and lifted out for clitoral exposure. The hoodectomy cost change if there is tissue removal or fat removal. If hoodectomy is combined with other intimate aesthetic procedures like labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, the cost will increase even more.


Surgeon’s Skill

Hoodectomy is crucial surgery performed by cosmetic surgeons who have studied gynecology and have had several years of training in this field. The clitoris hood relates to 15 000 nerves ending. The excess clitoral hood stops extra stimulation in daily activities and creates discomfort and irritation due to contact with cloth rubbing. That is why surgeons with fine skills and good knowledge of the latest technologies will cost more.


Clinic Location and Modern Equipment Use

Choosing a hoodectomy procedure in Dubai changes the price in a different location. There are several cosmetic clinics available in Dubai’s other areas as it is an ultra-luxurious tourist city; it has the best facilities in every part and provides a different range of costs for hoodectomy surgery. The total cost of hoodectomy also depends on using modern equipment such as laser treatment and surgical equipment to prevent complications.


Other Cost

Other costs of hoodectomy surgery may include lab tests, medications, cost anesthesia fees. The amount of anesthesia and the number of lab test requirements may increase the cost.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Hoodectomy Surgery?

  • A woman who is not happy with the vulva appearance after childbirth or because of aging
  • A female who finds it difficult to reach orgasm or less stimulation in the clitoral node
  • Female having enlarged labia
  • Find discomfort while wearing tight clothes like skinny jeans or a bikini
  • Seeking to improve the appearance

Hoodectomy Surgery Reviews in Dubai

  • Hoodectomy or hood reduction is surgery performed under intimate rejuvenation or plastic surgery procedures such as mommy makeovers, tummy tuck, labiaplasty, or vaginoplasty.
  • Hoodectomy surgery is successful in Dubai and is in high demand from several international patients.
  • Female surgeons and female medical staff are available in Dubai for complete hoodplasty surgery.
  • Insurance is applicable for hoodplasty reconstruction surgery, and financing plans are available for elective cosmetic surgeries in Dubai.
  • The international patient can get luxurious benefits of stay, food, travel, and visa facilities by choosing a clinic.
  • Advanced and latest innovative laser treatments available in Dubai are helpful for suitable patients.
  • There are virtual consultation facilities for hoodectomy with confidential procedures.
  • Only board-certified Surgeons are allowed to perform aesthetic Gynaecology procedures in Dubai.
  • The hoodectomy procedure’s average cost is AED 20 000 and may increase with different combinations of procedures.

Does Insurance Cover a Hoodectomy or Clitoral Hood Surgery?

Hoodectomy comes under elective cosmetic surgery, and insurance does not cover the cost. However, several surgeons offer financing policies to make the procedure affordable. Doing hoodectomy surgery for reconstruction purposes due to injury or congenital disability may be covered by insurance partially or fully, depending on the patient’s condition.

Why Travel to Dubai for Hoodectomy Surgery?

 Female Cosmetic Surgeons

Female doctors are why international women travel to Dubai for hoodectomy surgery. It is because they feel more comfortable discussing the embarrassing issues they experience about their own body. Female cosmetic surgeons specializing in gynecology are highly qualified and have several years of experience. But, more than that, they relate to the patient’s problem and try to treat it.


Innovative Procedures

Dubai provides innovative technologies for the treatment of hoodectomy surgery. Dubai welcomes several people who come to Dubai for work and their families and other international women seeking medical procedures. Dubai provides minimal invasive laser treatment to alter the clitoral hood appearance. It is a bloodless procedure that removes excess skin, tissues, and fat. The advanced laser treatment brings back youthful elasticity and comfort.


Professional Surgeons and Dynamic Team

Dubai provides committed doctors and a highly qualified team who provide quality care and compassion toward patients. Only specialized surgeons in gynecology and cosmetic surgery perform the hoodectomy procedure. Dubai offers only board-certified surgeons, certified nurses, and medical staff that are helpful toward the success of intimate rejuvenation.


Hoodplasty Procedures Combinations

International patients can get benefits by getting multiple rejuvenation cosmetic surgery options. They can combine the hoodectomy procedure with other body appearances improvements such as tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, and intimate rejuvenation. While you travel to Dubai for one procedure, you will get different plastic-cosmetic surgery treatments at a reasonable cost.

How To Choose The Right Doctor Or Surgeon for Hoodectomy?

Here is the specialist who can perform hoodectomy:

  • Plastic Surgeon specialized in reconstruction surgery
  • A cosmetic Surgeon is a plastic surgeon who has skills in improving the aesthetics of persons
  • Gynecologic Surgeon is a medical doctor specializing in the reproductive system


What Happens During Hoodectomy Consultation?

Only cosmetic gynecology surgeon in Dubai conducts hoodectomy consultations. The consultation of hoodectomy will be confidential and virtual. The surgeon will know your health and discuss the problem and suitable procedure. Ensure to ask all the questions you need to be answered related to your problem and hoodectomy surgery. The patient must also provide a complete history of diseases and previous surgery.


Hoodectomy Procedure in Dubai

The hoodectomy procedure is performed under anesthesia to numb the surgery region for laser treatments. The laser energy gradually removes excess tissues from the clitoral hood. The laser heat helps revitalize tissues in that region by stimulating collagen production. Because laser energy on the surgery site is cauterized leading to complete blood-free treatment. The precision of the technology provides a natural appearance and prevents bruising. After tissue removal, fine absorbable stitches are applied to reconnect the tissues. The stitches will be removed in the next follow-up session.


What Are The Side Effects Of Clitoral Hood Reduction?

After clitoral hood reduction, the patient may experience mild swelling and bruising. In addition, you may get some discomfort, which will take 2 – 3 days to heal.

Hoodectomy Surgery Before And After

As hoodectomy comes under a cosmetic-plastic surgery, the patient wishes to see before and after surgery pictures to ensure the results are positive. Based on other patients’ successful surgery results, they choose their procedure options. The photos of the before and after hoodectomy surgery will be provided during a consultation with the chosen doctor.

Can You Have Hoodectomy Surgery While Experiencing A Clitoral Hood Cyst?

Epithelial inclusion cysts or epidermoids are common cutaneous cysts on the clitoris hood. The cyst often occurs due to trauma infection or genital mutilation and causes pain. Some women also experience lumps around the vulval area, an unusually blocked sebaceous gland, or cysts. Normal cysts go with as they rupture and drain the fluids. However, if the clitoral hood cyst is left untreated, it may become cancerous and cause bacterial infection and pus. In addition, if these cysts burst inside the body layer, they will cause blood poisoning. 

Your doctor will try to cure the normal cyst with medication before the hoodectomy procedure. If the cyst is large and needs emergency attention, the patient may require surgical removal of the cyst and surrounding part to prevent infection. This surgery will be treated under clitoral hood reconstruction surgery.

Clitoral Hoodectomy Botched Surgery 

When a patient has botched surgery of clitoral hoodectomy, it could be due to an inexperienced surgeon or side effects. Choosing a qualified and skilled surgeon who can understand the patient’s problem and treat the condition while improving aesthetic appearance is important. The botched surgery rate is low in Dubai, as expert cosmetic gynecology surgeons perform successful surgeries. Dubai is a 100% safe place for a hood reduction with minimal complications.


Hoodectomy or hood reduction surgery in Dubai is safe. It is an intimate plastic surgery using the latest technologies to enhance the genital appearance and intimate functions. Consultations are provided with a 100% Privacy Guaranty and patients can have tailored procedures for their needs. Undergoing hoodectomy surgery in Dubai benefits the patient in several ways: feminine appeal, natural appearance, more intimate pleasure, improved stimulation, and comfort.

Best Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology Surgeons in Dubai for Hoodectomy

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