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Labiaplasty Cost in Dubai – Find Best Female Surgeon and Reviews

You are not alone in seeking labiaplasty; several women suffer in silence with discomfort. Labia rejuvenation surgery can change your life; you will no longer feel irritation and will live life freely and happily. Labiaplasty is a medical procedure involving the surgery of the labia skin part of the vaginal opening. Labiaplasty is chosen to prevent discomfort, irritation, or cosmetic reasons. Labia surgery is in high demand procedure worldwide, especially in Dubai. A female’s labia skin folds can vary in shape, size, and color. When labia get enlarged or have asymmetrical because of childbirth, genetics, or aging, it leads to discomfort or pain during physical activity while wearing tight clothing or intimate activity. Let us find out more about Labiaplasty Cost in Dubai.

Labiaplasty procedures have different types, such as labial reduction, labia minora surgery, labia majora plasty, labial hypertrophy, labia reconstruction surgery, labiaplasty revision, and labiaplasty realself. Commonly women seek to have labia correction or labia trim depending on their conditions. Every female experience different problems with labia that can be cosmetic Gynecologist surgeons in Dubai. Dubai’s hospitals provide private gynecology clinics or departments in reputed hospitals where you can get advanced labiaplasty treatments with laser.

Labia surgery price are reasonable in Dubai. Dubai’s reputed healthcare provider offers international and national patients customized and personalized medical care. Traveling to Dubai ensures getting JCI-accreditated hospitals with highly skilled board-certified cosmetic Gynecology surgeons for labia removal and Labiaplasty with laser. Additionally, Dubai offers high-standard surgical treatments and medical procedures with world-class care and satisfactory comfort. Therefore, Dubai is the best destination to get a labia lift or labia reduction without surgery for people traveling from North-west Africa, European countries, and Gulf countries.

What All Women Need To Know About Labiaplasty Procedure

Earlier, labiaplasty was considered taboo, meaning an act of prohibition, or forbidden. Still, the increasingly innovative technologies, scientific research, and high demand for successful labiaplasty surgery have become popular over the past many years. According to the recent international survey on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures issued by the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery, labiaplasty surgery raised by 23.3% from 2017 – 2021. Modern people call the “new normal” for abnormal labia skin.

Women mainly choose labiaplasty for increasing self-esteem and intimate reasons. Choosing the best labiaplasty surgeon for labia trim gives safe and exceptional results with high satisfaction. These better results and technical improvements in labia reduction are proof of aesthetic surgery to attract more and more women to feel empowered to change their body appearance without hesitation.

Regarding censorship, medical procedures involving nudity are still considered a problem, and not every woman feels confident. Therefore, labiaplasty surgeons schedule virtual consultations to discuss the procedure by phone or online and provide previous successful procedure outcomes. There presently, Dubai is a sensational destination for labiaplasty and rejuvenation.

Average Labiaplasty Cost in Dubai

Are you one of those women searching on the internet – labiaplasty cost near me? Do not worry if you are in Dubai or an international citizen; Dubai offers a wide range of cosmetic gynecology treatments, including Labiaplasty. The average Labiaplasty Dubai price is AED 15000 ($4,084). The minimum cost of Labiaplasty is AED10,000, and the maximum cost of Labiaplasty is AED 50,000. The labiaplasty cost in Dubai may increase depending on procedure type, hospital facilities, and combination of procedures done simultaneously, such as hymenoplasty with Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Cost in Dubai Average Cost in AED Average Cost in $
Labiaplasty AED 11,000 – AED 30,000 $2995 – $ 8,168
Average Cost of Labiaplasty AED 15000 $4,084
Minimum Cost of labiaplasty AED10,000 $2,722
Maximum Cost of labiaplasty AED 50,000 $13,614
Cheapest cost of labiaplasty AED 15,457 $4,209
Laser Labiaplasty costs in Dubai AED25,000 to AED30,000 $6,807 – $8,168
Labia minora reduction surgery price AED 12,500 $3,400
Labia Majora Plasty AED 18,000 $4,901
Femilift costs in Dubai AED 6999 to AED 9800 $ 1,905 – $ 2,668
Labial hypertrophy surgery cost in Dubai AED20,000 $ 5445
Labia Reconstruction Surgery AED 12,000 $ 3267
Labiaplasty Revision AED 14,000 $3811

Factors Influencing Labiaplasty Price in Dubai

Surgeon’s Qualification

Dubai provides diverse and numerous medical groups. Doctors travel to Dubai from different schools and countries, giving them other treatment specialties and skills. Most doctors and surgeons are from Europe, the UK, and the USA, where some doctors have regional qualifications. All Gynecologists, cosmetic gynecologists, and plastic surgeons own specific skills and training for labia operation. The more experienced surgeon has extra costs.


Hospital Reputation

Labiaplasty treatment from a reputed hospital is usually more expensive than the less popular clinics. Therefore, institutions make more investments to grow a trusted brand with high-quality patient care, making Labiaplasty expensive.


Experience of the Labiaplasty Surgeon

More experienced Cosmetic Gynecologist surgeon will charge more cost for the same procedure, which have a low cost for inexperienced doctor. The charges are expensive because of their specialized skills and techniques in a particular field.

Types of Labiaplasty Procedures in Dubai

Labiaplasty procedures have different types of procedures in Dubai. After diagnosis, the labiaplasty surgeon recommends suitable procedures, including the following:


Labia Minora Surgery Cost in Dubai: AED 12,500 ($3,400)

Labia minora surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons or physical discomforts linked with daily activities, wearing tight undergarments, or during intercourse. The labia minora surgery involved cutting and removing two inner folds on the skin surrounding the vagina opening. There are two types of surgical techniques applied for labia minora operation, such as trim technique or wedge technique to reduce labia extra skin.

Does Labia Minora Reduce Without Surgery In Dubai?

Dubai provides scarless non-surgical treatments for labia minora reduction. Skilled cosmetic gynecology surgeons use laser treatment or radiofrequency energy with thin probes to gently heat labia tissues to bring instant tightening and stimulate elastin and collagen formation. In addition, laser labiaplasty will help to improve mild sagging issues.


Labia Majora Plasty Cost in Dubai: AED 18,000 ($4,901)

A Labia Majoraplasty is a surgical procedure to lower the size of the outer labia majora. Women experiencing labia majora hang down or become too large, causing discomfort during physical activities, may choose labia Majoraplasty. This procedure removes two slight folds of skin from the inner part of each labium. The labia Majoraplasty procedure involves two slight skin fold removal from the inner part of the labium. This procedure may risk hematoma, bleeding, scarring, infection, overreaction, and undersection. The patient may take around one week to recover from pain and swelling. The results of labia Majoraplasty provide tighter, smaller labia majora.


Labia Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Dubai: AED 12,000($ 3267)

A labiaplasty reconstruction surgery is done with general anaesthesia or local anaesthetic with sedation. This surgery involves shortening and reshaping the vaginal area by removing unwanted tissues with a laser or scalpel. The loose edge requires to be stitched with dissolvable and fine stitches. The labia reconstruction recommendation treats the defects with a combination of clitoral hood flaps, YV advancements, and wedge excision.


Labiaplasty Revision in Dubai Cost in Dubai: AED 14,000 ($3811)

A revision labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery to correct the undesirable results from the first Labiaplasty from another surgeon. A botched plastic surgery may have unwanted results from an outdated or inexperienced surgeon without a good understanding of the latest techniques. The correction process involves resecting the labia minora. The other surgeon will remove scar tissue from the tissue by performing the original procedure. The reasons to choose labiaplasty revision surgery include Asymmetry, scar tissue with pain, insufficient Labia Minora Removal, and Prominent or Bumpy Suture Lines.


Laser Labiaplasty Cost Dubai: AED 6999 to AED 9800($ 1,905 – $ 2,668)

Laser labiaplasty cost start from AED25,000 to AED30,000 but may change for every patient to the need and problem. Laser labiaplasty is applied for excess tissue removed from the labia minora, making it symmetrical and smaller with less bleeding.

Does laser labiaplasty hurt?

As labiaplasty surgery with laser is performed under anesthesia, the patient will feel little to no pain or discomfort. However, there will be some pain after surgery.


FemiLift Dubai: AED 6999 to AED 9800($ 1,905 – $ 2,668)

Labiaplasty laser surgery, also called FemiLift or Femtite, is a laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Femilift is FDA approved procedure and recommended for females suffering from various conditions, such as Femilift for incontinence and Femi tightening. Femilift costs in Dubai are AED 6999 to AED 9800. The Femilift procedure uses laser treatment and a short recovery time to restore the woman’s comfort.


Labial Hypertrophy Surgery cost in Dubai: AED20,000

Labial hypertrophy is a medical condition that has larger labia skin than normal. This condition mainly affects both the inner and outer labia, and the sagging skin is fatty tissue covering the vagina. Labia hypertrophy symptoms include noticeable larger labia, discomfort and pain, bulges in a swimsuit, chronic yeast infections, and discomfort during intercourse.

The labia hypertrophy condition occurs during childhood or puberty, which can be confirmed with diagnosis.

The treatment of labi hypertrophy depends on individual symptoms, and surgery is recommended to remove excess skin.

Why Would Someone Get A Labiaplasty?

A woman with the following conditions can opt for Labiaplasty:

  • Sagging vaginal skin
  • Chronic pain and discomfort in vaginal walls
  • Vaginal walls are disproportionate to one another
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Difficulty working out or daily activities
  • Painful, intimate activity
  • Problem with wearing tight clothes like a bikini
  • Self-consciousness about poor body image
  • Patient need to be Above 18 years, Mentally and physically healthy, Do not smoke

Labiaplasty Surgery Procedures Techniques

Dubai provides the latest surgical techniques, which include:

The Trim Labiaplasty Technique

The trim technique resembles the traditional reshaping of labial tissues and skin procedures. However, this procedure involves excess part removal of labia minora with a cut and giving a proper shape.


The Wedge Labiaplasty Technique

The wedge labiaplasty involves removing a part of loose skin in a wedge shape of labia minora. This procedure is crucial, and the surgeon must carefully perform surgery without damaging the mucous membrane of the submucosa layer. In addition, the cosmetic surgeon needs fine skills to correct the appearance and maintain natural contours. The wedge labiaplasty may be chosen only if there is a need. Choosing a board-certified specialist Cosmetic Gynecologist is vital to get the benefits.


How To Know Which Labiaplasty Procedure Is Right For You?

After analyzing the patient’s health and problem, the doctor will recommend a suitable labia correction procedure. Make sure to express your concern so your doctor can treat the problem.

Labiaplasty Reviews in Dubai

  • Labiaplasty is a successful procedure and highly demanding medical surgery in Dubai.
  • Female surgeons are available to make patients comfortable and coordinate during the whole procedure.
  • All the labiaplasty procedures are approved by the FDA and Dubai health authority to practice only by Board certified cosmetic Gynecologists.
  • Latest technologies, like Laser techniques for Labiaplasty, are available in Dubai with quick recovery, and patients can resume normal life in a week.
  • Appointments with cosmetic surgeons are hassle-free, and patients can have personalized virtual consultations to maintain their privacy.
  • The labiaplasty cost in Dubai is AED 11,000 – AED 30,000, which is reasonable for different types of procedures.


Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty procedures are elective surgery and do not cover by insurance. However, some insurance may offer partial coverage if you prove the procedure is important for medical needs.  If a patient has chosen Labiaplasty for reconstruction purposes to correct the abnormal structure of traumatic injury to improve appearance and functions. Cosmetic Labiaplasty is for improving or reshaping normal structure, which is helpful for a woman’s self-esteem or physical image. If your labial reduction surgery is not applicable for insurance, no worries; you can have financing options for treatment costs. The expensive treatment from a labiaplasty specialist can be done monthly. The patient needs to ask about insurance during the labiaplasty consultation in Dubai.


Labiaplasty Success Rate in Dubai

Labiaplasty’s success rate is very high in Dubai. The best female cosmetic gynecologist surgeons with international standard training and advanced skills provide the best treatments. The more successful labia surgeries have made Dubai a world attraction for cosmetic gynecology procedures. In several countries, women travel to Dubai annually for minor to major labiaplasty treatments.

Why Travel to Dubai for Labiaplasty Surgery?

Let us find out why more women traveling to Dubai for Labiaplasty procedures:


Labiaplasty Female Surgeon Dubai

Labiaplasty is uncommon; not every woman experiencing a problem seeks treatment. Women often have little confidence in explaining their problems with vaginal issues. Dubai provides female doctor and female surgeons as a national female citizen of UAE seek female doctors. Therefore, it is good to benefit other countries’ women to travel to Dubai and have treatment for Labiaplasty. Female cosmetic gynecologists in Dubai have years of experience, the best cosmetic improvement knowledge, and the latest laser treatment skills, which increase the success of Labiaplasty. Women feel comfortable explaining themselves in consultation without hesitation, and female doctors relate with patients and understand every minor issue. Additionally, female cosmetic gynecologists in Dubai have advanced training from international boards in advanced cosmetic surgery and energy-based devices. They provide a variety of surgical and non-surgical labia reduction.


Combination of Rejuvenation Surgeries

When international patients visit Dubai, they can get various options for cosmetic surgeries. As a patient, if you are choosing labiaplasty correction surgery, you can have a combination of other surgery too, such as skin lightening of the intimate area or mild prolapse of bladder/perineum/Rectum. In addition, if a woman suffers from labia discomfort accompanied by urinary incontinence, she can have both treatments. Other comprehensive procedures include Labia Majora with Vulva augmentation by fat grafting, fillers, or PRP.

Dubai’s medical services make women happy with combined surgical and medical gynecology, anti-aging procedures, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and functional gynecology. Other treatments with Labiaplasty include:

  • Hormonal treatments for acne, PCOS, Irregular menstruation
  • Menopause management
  • Urinary disturbances
  • Vaginal mass and pelvic floor problems like prolapse
  • Benign breast conditions
  • Recurrent vaginal infections
  • Polyps
  • Endometriosis


Pediatric and Adolescent Labiaplasty Treatments

Labiaplasty is for females ages 30-40, but in rare cases, congenital disabilities may require Labiaplasty for reconstruction purposes in children and teens. Pediatric Labiaplasty in Dubai treats the physical deformity causing discomfort in daily life. In addition, it will treat pain and other issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Labiaplasty After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks of Labiaplasty, the patient will feel good to perform daily activities. The patient can also resume fitness regimes, but those activities or exercises put pressure on the surgery site.


Labiaplasty Week 5

After 5 weeks of Labiaplasty, women feel normal and can resume their daily activities. However, it is necessary to avoid intercourse because increased blood flow affects recovery.


Pain 3 months after Labiaplasty

There might be some pain and periodic soreness after 3 months of labiaplasty surgery.


How painful is labiaplasty recovery

The pain during labiaplasty surgery might vary from person to person. Your surgeon will provide pain medications, but the patient can expect some swelling and soreness as part of the healing process.


How to sleep after Labiaplasty

During the first week, sleep, rest on your back, and keep your head elevated after Labiaplasty. The patient can also keep their legs slightly separated.


Labiaplasty recovery time

day-by-day labiaplasty recovery timeline change and the patient has had temporary discoloration, soreness, and swelling for some days. It may take around 4 -6 months for healing and swelling to go away before the result of Labiaplasty.


Labiaplasty in Dubai is safe. It effectively improves the cosmetic and aesthetic requirements of labia and makes a woman feel comfortable with their body. It also relieves the discomfort and pain linked with enlarged asymmetrical labia. It is essential thing for women to know the procedure and risk of surgery before choosing. Dubai provides a highly qualified female doctor who practices the latest techniques to improve problem areas with quick recovery. Choosing the right surgeon will help you get positive results and life-changing experiences. Write to us for Labiaplasty Cost in Dubai and Procedure.

Best Female Cosmetic Gynecology Surgeons in Dubai

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