Rhinoplasty in Dubai

Noses vary by size, shape, and position, and they are the center of the face that needs to look perfect. In today’s world, outer appearance has become essential for everyone, and no one wants to look imperfect. A shapeless nose will grab all the attention, and that’s why people get their nose jobs done. Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job. It is a plastic surgery procedure in which a surgeon changes the shape and size of the nose. This procedure is usually done to fix your nose and enhance your overall look. Rhinoplasty is the most common and popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. If you want rhinoplasty to improve the overall appearance, then you should wait until your nasal bone is fully grown. The ideal age for fully grown nasal bone for girls is 15, and it will be a bit older for boys. This surgery can be performed at a younger age if someone gets surgery because of breathing issues.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Dubai

Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Emirati Dirham AED)
Open Revision Rhinoplasty $2,576 AED9,016
Closed Nose Job $2,800 AED9,800
Revision Tiplasty $3,136 AED10,976
Filler Rhinoplasty $2,240 AED7,840
Revision Rhinoplasty $2,912 AED10,192

The Average Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai starts from 2240 USD to 3136 USD.

Is Rhinoplasty a Safe Procedure in Dubai?

Rhinoplasty is one of the safest surgical procedures compared to others. During the procedure, the patient is under general anesthesia, which lowers the risk of experiencing any issue while recovering. The best thing is that this procedure has a faster recovery time than other plastic or cosmetic procedures. The results are permanent, and an experienced surgeon reduces the risk of complications during the surgery.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Procedure

  • Improve confidence
  • Improve breathing problems
  • Restore facial symmetry
  • Correct sinus problems
  • Correct stuffing nose and snoring issues
  • Fix broken nose or deformity

Rhinoplasty costs in UAE cities

Rhinoplasty cost in UAE Average Cost (Emirati Dirham AED)
Dubai 9,000 د.إ.‏
Abu Dhabi 10,350 د.إ.‏
Sharjah 10,170 د.إ.‏
Al-Ain 9,810 د.إ.‏
Ajman 9,720 د.إ.‏

The lowest Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai is 9,500 د.إ.‏. The average Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai is 9,000 د.إ.‏. The average Rhinoplasty cost in Abu Dhabi is 10,350 د.إ.‏. The average Rhinoplasty cost in Sharjah is 10,170 د.إ.‏. The average Rhinoplasty cost in Al-Ain is 9,810 د.إ.‏. The average Rhinoplasty cost in Ajman is 9,720 د.إ.‏.

Why are People Flying to Dubai for Rhinoplasty?

It is becoming increasingly popular for medical tourists to get plastic surgery abroad. There are many popular countries that take part in the race to provide high-quality services to tourists. When it comes to Rhinoplasty, Dubai is one of the most preferred choices for everyone. Getting a nose job done in the UK can be expensive, and with that in mind, patients travel to Dubai to get rhinoplasty at an affordable cost. Dubai plays a host to best-in-class plastic surgeons who are certified by top universities. It is home to some of the renowned rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. It is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to adjust the shape and size of their nose. There are several reasons why Dubai is an ideal destination for rhinoplasty. Some are mentioned below:

  • Highly-Qualified Surgeons: With a quite good number of rhinoplasty surgeons in Dubai, people have excellent options to go for the nose job to enhance their overall appearance. Every person coming for rhinoplasty has different reasons, which a surgeon needs to understand. Dubai has a pool of highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeons that have expertise in rhinoplasty. Surgeons use their skills and experience to deliver outstanding results to every patient. These surgeons are generally from the UK and US and also worked in some of the best hospitals in the world, so the patient can have peace of mind that they can rely on those surgeons and will definitely get better results than they expected.
  • High-Quality Attentive Medical Care: The biggest concern of every medical tourist when traveling to a foreign land is the quality of medical care. Dubai is popular for attentive medical care at an affordable cost. These high standards of medical care make Dubai medical tourism more attractive. Medical tourism is rising and becoming popular in Dubai, especially because of British, American, and Western European patients seeking cheap alternatives nearby. Compared to the UK, the patient can save a significant amount of money in Dubai for rhinoplasty and other equivalent procedures.
  • Many Cosmetic Surgery Clinics: Did you know Dubai has the greatest number of cosmetic surgery clinics in the world? Hollywood is considered the glamour capital of the world; even then, Dubai has the most cosmetic surgery clinics. People from all over the world fly to Dubai to get a perfect look. Rhinoplasty is one of the major cosmetic procedures done in the city. These clinics have high-end and unparalleled technologies to get the job done perfectly. Hygiene is their utmost priority, so all these clinics maintain cleanliness for a comfortable stay for the patients.
  • Faster Services: There are many countries in the world where the patients have to wait for a very long time to consult the surgeons or doctors. But Dubai has the upper hand in it. In Dubai, numerous surgeons and doctors are available, there are no waiting lists, and the patient can easily meet the doctors who can save their time. This facility is a great advantage for those who need timely access and want to plan their visit for when it best suits their schedule.
  • Government Back-Up: Dubai medical tourism continues to grow and has a huge potential to attract international patients. Recently, Dubai Health Authority initiated an online portal where patients can meet the doctors virtually; along with them, they combine hotels, hospitals, travel, airlines, and booking agents. This strategy is very helpful for the patients because they can ask queries regarding medical tourism & surgery, information regarding check-ups, etc. The patient can have a clear picture of the treatment from the comfort zone of their home before traveling to Dubai.
  • Medical Tourism Visa: If you are traveling to Dubai to seek medical care, the Government of Dubai made it easy by allowing you and your companion for a maximum of 90 days. You can extend your stay by giving proof that your medical treatment needs additional time. With the help of legal documentation, it is simple to get a Dubai visa. Dubai is becoming more welcoming for medical tourists worldwide.
  • Support of Public and Private Healthcare: Dubai has both public as well as private healthcare sectors for every tourist. Many patients can’t afford the expensive fees of private healthcare, and that’s why Dubai provides public healthcare facilities that are also of high standards. You don’t have to worry that you can’t get the best standard services in public hospitals. The public hospitals in Dubai are as maintained as private hospitals, but the patient can get more affordable services in public healthcare.

How to Find the Best Rhinoplasty Clinics in Dubai?

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Dubai, you need to find the best clinic or hospital for your procedure. As mentioned earlier, Dubai has the greatest number of cosmetic surgery clinics, so it can become a little overwhelming for someone from a foreign land to find a clinic that understands their requirements and give the best results. Here are some steps to find the best rhinoplasty clinic in Dubai without any hassle:

  • Research is necessary: If you are traveling to Dubai for the first time for your nose job, it is imperative for you to find a clinic that provides the best services so that you will have a great experience. For that, you need to research a little bit. Try to Google the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai that are reputed and have a commendable team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
  • Compare Price: The cosmetic clinics in Dubai offer different prices for rhinoplasty because of the services offered, the clinic’s reputation, and the specialist’s qualifications. Therefore, it is necessary to check out at least 3 clinics that perform rhinoplasty procedures and compare their prices. This price comparison is helpful for those who have a limited budget because they can choose the best for them after comparing the price.
  • Read Reviews: Always remember that patients only leave reviews when they are extremely happy with the services or disappointed with the services. That’s why everyone should read the reviews before finalizing any clinic in Dubai. These reviews will tell you a lot about their standards and services, which will help you to make a proper decision.
  • Get Recommendations: If you know someone who just got their nose job done in Dubai, it will be helpful for you. They can give a clear idea of their experience which can benefit you in a foreign land. It is better to rely on someone who is known rather than going to an unknown clinic in a different place. Make sure to have a conversation with someone who has recently undergone rhinoplasty. Your friends who got their nose job done ten years ago will not help because maybe that clinic does not provide the same services which they offered ten years ago.
  • Check How Long the Clinic has Been There: Experience speaks about the quality of the services the clinic provides. Therefore it is crucial to check how long the clinic has been serving cosmetic procedures if it has all the amenities anyone needs for a comfortable stay, and the clinic’s reputation. There are many cosmetic clinics in Dubai that have established their names by providing excellent services for many years.
  • Check Availability of Surgeons: A clinic is not only famous because of its services but also because of the surgeon working there. Knowing that the clinic you have chosen has cosmetic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty is vital. Don’t forget to check their experience in the respective fields so that you can rest assured that your surgery will be safe and successful.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Dubai

Dubai has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world who provide unparalleled services at an affordable cost. Below is the list of some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Dubai:

  • Dr. Jaffer Khan: He serves at Aesthetics International Plastic Surgery Clinic, which was established in 2011. He has 20+ years of experience and has been practicing in Dubai since 1998. Apart from rhinoplasty, he also performs different procedures such as male breast reduction, mole removal, facelift, mommy makeover, liposuction, etc.
  • Dr. Sakr Habouch: He is a renowned rhinoplasty specialist with more than 26 years of experience. He aims to provide the best services to every patient, and that’s why he has a long list of happy and satisfied patients.
  • Dr. Bashar Bizrah: He is a well-known cosmetic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. He has been practicing for the past 25 years and has performed more than 35,000 rhinoplasty procedures.
  • Dr. Ashok Govila: He is one of the best and most dedicated plastics and reconstructive surgeons in Dubai, having 35 years of experience. His special interests are rhinoplasty, body sculpting, tummy tuck, etc. He has done more than 35,0000 successful surgical procedures. 

Summary of Rhinoplasty in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for medical tourism, especially in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Many popular clinics and hospitals attract international patients to visit Dubai for different cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The city will shortly rank no. 1 in providing the best medical tourism.

FAQs on Rhinoplasty in Dubai

Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dubai?

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How much does Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai?

Rhinoplasty cost in Dubai depends on multiple factors. Contact here for Rhinoplasty prices in Dubai.

Which is the best Rhinoplasty Hospital in Dubai?

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Can I get Rhinoplasty feedback and Reviews from past patients?

Yes. Find Rhinoplasty reviews in Dubai here.

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