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Gastric Balloon or Intragastric Balloon Cost in Egypt

The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss treatment for people with morbid obesity. In Egypt, many hospitals treat weight loss using surgical and non-surgical methods. The medical treatments provided in Egypt are cost-effective and have higher success rates than other countries. It is one of the most preferred medical destinations to receive high-quality treatment for a lower cost. Intragastric balloon cost in Egypt ranges between 1200 USD to 14,500 USD in hospitals. The average cost in local currency is 397,000 EGP for gastric balloon treatment in Egypt. The cost of Gastric Balloon treatment is more affordable in Egypt than it is in many other countries.

Gastric Balloon in Egypt Amount in USD The average cost in EGP (Local currency)
Intragastric Balloon or gastric balloon 1200 USD to 14,500 USD 397,000 EGP

Gastric Balloon Costs in other countries

Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss or bariatric treatment performed on people with obesity and also morbid obesity. In Egypt, there are many hospitals that provide Gastric Balloon treatment for affordable prices. The hospitals use advanced methods of weight loss that meet the current medical standards. The advancements in medical treatment are provided to patients with extreme care by doctors for affordable prices. In Egypt, the cost of Gastric Balloon starts from 1200 USD to 14,500 USD. The cost is more affordable than the cost in other countries. People all over the world travel to Egypt for its cost-effective treatment.

Countries with Gastric Balloon Starting price in USD
Egypt 1200 USD
Turkey 2300 USD
India 3000 USD
Australia 5600 USD
USA 7000 USD
UK 9600 USD

Factors that Affect the Cost of Gastric Balloon Treatment in Egypt

  • The choice of hospital and location in Egypt affects the overall cost of gastric balloon treatment.
  • The patient’s consultation with dieticians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals affects the cost.
  • The patient’s stay in the hospital room and the length of their stay in Egypt affect the cost.
  • Private rooms in the hospital that are preferred by the patient and the facilities affect the cost.
  • There are separate costs for tests, scans, and rehabilitation.
  • Accommodation available for the patient in Egypt affects the cost.
  • The type of gastric balloon for the patient alters the cost of the treatment.

Hospitals that offer Gastric Balloon in Egypt

In Egypt, hospitals provide high-quality medical treatments for affordable prices. Gastric balloon in Egypt is one of the affordable treatments offered for patients with obesity. The hospitals that provide bariatric treatments are accredited for their outstanding medical standards and clinical care and the facilities provided for the patients. The hospitals in Egypt offer high-quality medical services for native as well as international patients. Some of the top hospitals to consider getting gastric balloon treatment are given below,

  • Slim Fit Clinic, Cairo, Egypt
  • C.Care Clinic, Cairo, Egypt
  • Ganzouri Specialized Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
  • Cosmetica Clinic, Cairo, Egypt
  • New Cairo Clinic, New Cairo, Egypt
  • South Sinai Hospital, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
  • Dr Islam Abdelkhalek Clinic, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Dr Saad Obesity Surgery, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Victoria Clinic, Giza, Egypt
  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Giza, Egypt

What is a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric Balloon or intragastric balloon is a weight loss method where a balloon filled with air or liquid is placed in the stomach. The balloon fills most of the stomach, and the patient has little food and feels full. This method helps in the significant weight loss of the patient. The gastric balloon weight loss procedure does not involve surgery. It is a non-surgical bariatric treatment with a minimally invasive technique that is performed on people with obesity. The balloon is implanted in the stomach to restrict its capacity for a limited time. An endoscope is used to insert the balloon inside the stomach without surgery.

Types of Gastric balloons and which one is for you?

Elipse Balloon or Allurion Gastric Balloon

Allurion Gastric Balloons are swallowable and do not require an endoscopy procedure. The balloon is compressed into a capsule and swallowed with water. This high-tech gastric balloon does not require an endoscopy to insert as well as remove the balloon. After 4 months, when the balloon expires, the contents of the balloon empties by itself and the contents are excreted from the body naturally. This method has minimal or no side effects on the patient. The patient loses about 15 kg – 20 kg in 4 months after having an ellipse balloon. It is ideal for people with a BMI score of 27 – 40 and between the ages of 18 – 65. Due to its advantages, people with obesity prefer this type of weight loss.

Medsil Balloon

Medsil Balloon is inserted into the stomach through endoscopy. A saline-filled silicone balloon requires endoscopy to insert and remove the balloon. Medsil balloon lasts in the stomach for about 6 months, and the doctors remove it through endoscopy. Medical balloons are ideal for people with a BMI score of 27 – 40. After the procedure, the patient loses about 15 kg to 25 kg of their initial weight. The only disadvantage of this procedure is the insertion and removal through endoscopy, which may cause discomfort and pain in the patient. Other side effects include nausea, cramps and sore throat during recovery.

Orbera Balloon

Orbera Balloon is a type of gastric balloon that lasts in the stomach for 12 months. The balloon is inserted and removed through endoscopy. This type of balloon is used for patients with Body Mass Index above 30. Patients who have morbid obesity or class 3 obesity with a BMI of 30 – 40 can choose Orbera Balloon for weight loss. The patient loses 20 kg – 30 kg of their initial weight after one year of placing the balloon. It is a saline-filled balloon that floats in the stomach. Orbera balloon have a higher success rate and have been preferred by most patients. The patients have significantly improved after having an Orbera gastric balloon.

Obalon Balloon

The Obalon Gastric Balloon is similar to the Orbera Balloon and fills most of the stomach. The Obalon Balloon is more expensive than the Orbera balloon. The balloon is swallowed as a capsule and then endoscopy is performed by the doctors to fill the balloon with air. After 2 weeks a second balloon is placed and again after 2 weeks the third balloon is placed in the same way. Three small orange-sized balloons are placed in the stomach. The balloon is placed in the stomach for about 6 months and is later removed through endoscopy. It is also ideal for people with a BMI score above 30.

Spatz Balloon

Spatz Balloon is an adjustable gastric balloon procedure. The Balloon is inserted inside the stomach through endoscopy and it stays in the stomach for one year. Other balloons are filled by the doctors and it remains in the same shape till the balloon is removed. Spatz Balloon size and volume can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs. This type of gastric balloon is for patients with a BMI score above 30 and who need to lose more weight.

Who needs a weight-loss gastric balloon?

  • The gastric balloon treatment is for adults with a BMI or Body Mass Index score of 30 to 40.
  • People who have tried to lose weight by exercising, following a diet plan, and using medications with unsuccessful results can opt for gastric balloon procedures.
  • People who have not had any stomach or oesophagal surgery in the past are also candidates for the gastric balloon.
  • Gastric Balloon is also for young people who prefer non-surgical treatment for weight loss instead of having bariatric surgery.
  • Older people who have other health conditions in their body and are not candidates for bariatric surgery can choose gastric balloon because it is safer than other surgical methods.
  • People who have health conditions related to obesity that makes bariatric surgery unsafe for them use the gastric balloon to lose enough weight to qualify for the surgery.
  • A gastric balloon has relatively lower risks than bariatric surgery and people can choose this method when they are not ready for surgery.

Who are not candidates for Gastric Balloon Treatment?

  • The Gastric Balloon weight loss method is not for everyone. There are certain cases where this method has more life-threatening risks.
  • People who have peptic ulcer disease are not candidates for gastric balloon treatment.
  • People with hiatal hernia, where the top of the stomach bulges. Gastric balloon procedures can be risky for people with hiatal hernias
  • The gastric balloon procedure is also not safe for patients who have blood clotting disorders.
  • Patients with liver disease cannot have gastric balloon treatment as it may cause complications.
  • People with substance use disorder are also not candidates for the gastric balloon.
  • People who have had gastrointestinal surgery in the past cannot have gastric balloon treatment.
  • Pregnant women cannot have gastric balloon treatment, which may create more complications.

How is the Gastric Balloon performed?

Preparing for Gastric Balloon Procedure

The healthcare professionals guide the patient and explain to them the benefits, risks, and alternatives to the procedure. They obtain the patient’s informed consent, which is an ethical and legal requirement for executing a medical treatment. The patient takes medicines to prevent acid reflux after the treatment. A few days before the surgery, the patient takes only a liquid diet to empty the stomach and prepare for the procedure. The patient must not have any food or drinks from the night before the gastric balloon procedure.

How is the gastric balloon inserted inside the stomach?

The medical experts use an endoscope, which is a long flexible tube with a camera attached to the tube. The endoscope is used to insert the intragastric balloon. The gastric balloon passes the mouth and goes through the oesophagus to reach the stomach. The patient remains awake while the procedure takes place and the gastric balloon is inserted. Sometimes the patient requires mild sedative while inserting the gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

The patient has medicines to help them relax and to numb their throat to insert the endoscope. The medical experts examine the oesophagus and the stomach through the screen and make sure that the stomach is ready for placing the gastric balloon without any complications. The balloon is inserted after identifying that it is safe to do the procedure. The balloon is either air-filled or filled with a sterile saline solution. The overall procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

The balloon is placed inside the stomach using the tube. The endoscopist fills the balloon with a syringe that is attached to the catheter. After filling the balloon the syringe is detached and then the catheter is withdrawn. After the balloon is safely placed in the stomach the doctors remove the endoscope tube leaving the balloon behind in the stomach. The balloon has a valve that prevents it from leaking. The fully filled gastric balloon takes up about one-third of the space in the stomach. The weight of the saline fluid makes the balloon sink to the bottom of the stomach.

After the Gastric Balloon Procedure

After the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach, the patient spends a few hours in the hospital to recover. The doctors examine the patient to see if their stomach is tolerating the balloon well. The patient has IV fluids and medicines to prevent nausea and pain. The patient stays on a liquid diet for the rest of the day. The doctors give a diet plan for a few weeks till the patient’s stomach adjusts to the balloon. The patient remains in contact with the doctors so that they can examine till the patient can switch to normal food. The medical experts help the patient through the recovery psychologically and physically till their body adjusts to the balloon without any side effects. The patient gets discharged mostly on the day of the procedure.

Recovering from Gastric Balloon Procedure

It takes a few days or a week for the body to adjust to the balloon that is placed inside the stomach. The patient follows a certain diet plan given by the doctors till the body adjusts. They start with a liquid diet and slowly change it to a soft food diet. Once the body is completely recovered and well adjusted to the balloon in the stomach the patient has normal food. Since the balloon fills most of the stomach, the patient only has a limited amount of food. As a result, the patient loses weight gradually. The patient can continue their normal life and the doctors advise that the patient do exercises to maintain the body weight. It is possible to regain weight after the gastric balloon procedure if the patient does not maintain their diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Health conditions treated by Intragastric Balloon treatment

Obesity can cause other health conditions in the body apart from being overweight. These conditions when it becomes worse can be life-threatening. Weight loss procedures can prevent it from becoming worse and even completely cure certain conditions. Obesity can cause type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, kidney diseases, etc, which require medications for the rest of the patient’s life. Weight loss of just 5% to 10% can help improve these conditions and gastric balloon is one of the non-surgical safe methods of weight loss.

Is Gastric Balloon Procedure a permanent solution for weight loss?

A gastric Balloon is a temporary solution for weight loss where the balloon is removed from the stomach after 6 months. It is a non-surgical weight loss procedure where a balloon filled with air or liquid is placed in the stomach. The balloon stays in the stomach for about six months and is removed or replaced with a new balloon depending on the patient’s condition. During these six months, the patient loses a significant amount of weight. The patient might lose about 20 kg – 25 kg of their initial weight. The patient must maintain their diet even after the balloon is removed. They must be consistent in their diet to maintain their body weight. If the patient does not maintain their diet after losing weight, they might become obese again and regain weight. Weight loss success depends on the patient’s consistency even after the balloon is withdrawn.

Is the Gastric Balloon weight loss procedure safe?

The gastric Balloon weight loss procedure is one of the safest methods of weight loss. Patients who have difficulty opting for bariatric surgery can always choose the gastric balloon method because it is safer than surgery. The gastric balloon has relatively fewer risks than most weight loss procedures. The balloon is made of silicone and it is proven to be safe to place it in the stomach. The balloon fills most of the stomach and the patient feels full after eating a little amount of food. The gastric balloon in the stomach is withdrawn after 6 months. The patient can have another balloon placed or continue without the balloon. It is necessary for the patient to follow the diet even after the balloon is removed to maintain their body weight.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon Procedure

  • Gastric Balloon Treatment is a weight loss treatment that does not involve surgery or any kind of incisions.
  • The patient need not stay in the hospital for days and gets discharged on the day of the procedure.
  • The patient mostly does not require medications after the gastric balloon procedure.
  • Gastric balloon treatment is more affordable than other bariatric or weight loss surgeries and treatments.
  • In other weight loss surgeries, the procedure is not reversible. The gastric balloon can be removed from the stomach after 6 or 12 months and is reversible.
  • Patients who cannot have bariatric surgery or are not comfortable with surgery can always have gastric balloon treatment.
  • A gastric Balloon is the safest bariatric treatment for weight loss than other treatments.

Risks of Gastric Balloon Procedure

  • There are temporary risks of nausea, vomiting, and pain. These symptoms are healed after a few days after having certain medications.
  • If the symptoms do not heal and become severe even after a few days the patient must contact a medical expert.
  • Other serious but rare cases include the deflation of the balloon inside the stomach. This is serious because the balloon might pass through the stomach and get stuck in the intestine.
  • If the balloon gets stuck inside the digestive system, the patient must have another surgery to remove the balloon.
  • Another risk is the overinflation of the balloon in the stomach. This also requires surgery to fix it.
  • Other rare complications include acute pancreatitis, perforation, ulcers, etc.

Reviews of Gastric Balloon Treatment in Egypt

  • Egypt is well known for its top-notch weight loss or bariatric surgery and treatments offered in hospitals.
  • The hospitals in Egypt use advanced technologies to treat patients with obesity.
  • They use advanced equipment and techniques that meet the current medical standards.
  • The patients are immensely cared for by the doctors during the gastric balloon procedure and also during recovery.
  • The hospitals in Egypt have a flawless healthcare system available for native as well as international patients.
  • The hospitals offer high-quality treatment for affordable prices in Egypt.
  • The patients who have had gastric balloon treatment in the past have had successful results and have lost nearly 20 kg to 30 kg of their initial weight.
  • The patients who had gastric balloon treatment, their life improved remarkably after significant weight loss.

The success rate of Gastric Balloon in Egypt

Gastric balloon treatment has a higher success rate in Egypt. Patients who received gastric balloon procedures have significantly lost weight and improved their lifestyles. After having gastric balloon treatment patients lose about 7% to 15% of their initial weight in 6 months. The overall weight loss percentage is 30% to 47% after having gastric balloon treatment. Significant weight loss has helped patients in improving their lifestyles. Other health conditions caused by obesity were also reduced and the health of the patient became better.

Does insurance cover the Gastric Balloon procedure?

In Egypt, the cost of gastric balloon treatment is not currently covered by insurance companies. The patient must cover the full cost of the treatment. The patient can enquire the insurance provider about their company’s plans and request insurance for the treatment. Even if the overall cost is not covered by insurance, according to the company’s policies certain costs are covered. The patient must contact the insurance provider for more information.

International Patients

Gastric Balloon treatment is offered in Egypt for international patients. For people all over the world, Egypt is one of the most preferred medical destinations to receive high-quality, cost-effective medical services. People travel to Egypt to receive medical treatments from medical experts. The overall gastric balloon treatment is budget-friendly in Egypt and foreign patients save money by receiving treatment here. Gastric balloon treatment has a higher success rate in hospitals in Egypt. The patients also recover quickly and stay in Egypt only for a few days for treatment. Special services are offered in hospitals for foreign patients in Egypt.

Facilities available for international patients

  • Visa arrangement for international patients is done by the staff working in hospitals in Egypt.
  • Airport pick-up services and car hire facilities are available for International patients on their visit to Egypt.
  • International cuisine is arranged based on the patient’s personal preference.
  • The patient can request translators and interpreters during their stay.
  • The overall cost estimate of gastric balloon treatment along with the cost of accommodation near the hospital is provided for foreigners.
  • The patient can request personal assistance during their stay in Egypt and there are separate charges for it.
  • Local tourism and sightseeing services are provided for international patients and a separate team works on providing the services.

FAQs on Gastric Balloon cost in Egypt

What is the cost of gastric balloon treatment in Egypt?

Gastric balloon cost in Egypt is 1200 USD to 14,500 USD, and the average cost in local currency is 397,000 EGP.

Is gastric balloon treatment safe?

Yes, gastric balloon treatment is the safest non-surgical weight loss or bariatric treatment.

Is gastric balloon treatment a surgical procedure?

No, gastric balloon treatment is a non-surgical method that takes only 30 minutes.

Who can have gastric balloon treatment?

People with a BMI score above 27 up to 40 can opt for gastric balloon treatment.

Who is a candidate for gastric balloon treatment?

People who have not had bariatric surgery or do not want bariatric surgery can choose gastric balloon treatment for weight loss.

How much weight is lost after gastric balloon treatment?

The overall weight loss percentage is 30% to 47% of the patient’s initial weight after having gastric balloon treatment.

Is Gastric Balloon Procedure a permanent solution for weight loss?

A gastric Balloon is a temporary solution for weight loss where the balloon is removed from the stomach after 6 months. If the patient is not consistently following a certain lifestyle, they might regain the weight.

Does insurance cover the Gastric Balloon procedure?

In Egypt, the cost of gastric balloon treatment is not currently covered by insurance companies.

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