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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

The most advanced country Germany provides a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). BBL surgery enhances the shape and size of the patient’s buttocks. It makes the butt lift and body appearance contoured and attractive. Presently curvy body is in high demand. Celebrities and stars are the main attractions for people who want a similar body shape. Brazilian butt lifts require highly advanced methods and technological equipment to sculpt the buttock’s contour. Let’s learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos.

The Brazilian butt lift involves fat transfer from different body parts to butts to reshape and create body contour. The BBL procedure obtains fat from the abdomen, back, love handle, and thighs for fat distribution. Then, the fat is collected from another body part before it is injected into the buttocks feature.

Brazilian butt lift is not about lifting or Brazilian. It is an operation to enhance waist circumference to restore body curves naturally. This procedure uses the patient’s body fat to fill the buttock part. BBL lifting involves listing the sagging skin around the abdomen. Patients must carefully discuss their bbl plastic surgery expectations so their surgeon understands what they seek. A complete assessment of the patient’s hips and waist structure, abdominal skin laxity, and stretch marks will determine the results of the Brazilian butt lift.

Butt surgery in Germany can be performed non-invasive bbl or lipo 360 bbl cost. Finding the best bbl surgeon is essential to get desired results. Butt lift treatments have butt fat injections, bbl implants, and butt grafting for the safest bbl in Germany. Some surgeons use butt implants to create a fuller look, and implant extrusion. Plastic surgeons in Germany have developed an innovative process that allows injecting a higher volume of fat to help in buttock fat grafting. This method has more advanced results that can be achieved in buttock improvement surgery. Earlier, the primary focus was on tightening of buttocks. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Germany

The BBL surgery cost in Germany depends on the overall procedure cost, including surgeon’s fees, hospital infrastructure fees, advanced technology use fees, and additional costs. The average cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Germany is $6,482 or more. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Germany

Average Cost (US Dollar)

Average Cost (Euro)

Mini BBL $4,300 3,913 €
Lipo 360 and BBL $4,800 4,368 €
Plus Size BBL $4,900 4,459 €
J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift $4,750 4,323 €
Non-surgical BBL $4,850 4,414 €
Non-invasive BBL $4,950 4,505 €
Sculptra BBL $4,600 4,186 €
Hourglass BBL $5,200 4,732 €


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Prices in Germany

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost in Germany

Average Cost in (USD)

Average Cost (Euro)

Berlin $4,300 3,870 €
Munich $4,343 3,909 €
Hamburg $4,515 4,064 €
Cologne $4,601 4,141 €
Frankfurt $4,558 4,102 €
Stuttgart $4,537 4,083 €
Dresden $4,558 4,102 €
Bremen $4,623 4,160 €


BBL/ Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost in Germany and Global Cost Comparison 2023


Average Cost of BBL/ Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Germany $6,482
United Kingdom $5,000
Colombia $5,000
Mexico $3,000
Australia $4,500
Dubai $5,000
Japan $4,000
Thailand $4,750
Canada $8,000

Every country has different types of Brazilian Butt lift surgery procedures depending on the cost of bbl will be provided.

Types of Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery in Germany

Mini BBL Cost in Germany $4,300(3,913 €)

Mini BBL is a different version of BBL that involves fat removal by liposuction but in small quantities. Minimal fat is removed from other body parts and injected into the buttocks. The Mini BBL cost in Germany is $4,300(3,913 €). Mini BBL results are immediately visible, and final results are visible after one year of surgery.


Lipo 360 and BBL Cost in Germany 

The surgical procedure BBL combines lipo 360 with fat transfer and butt augmentation, essentially using the patient body to create body curves and contours. Lipo 360 is a liposuction procedure that makes contours and smooth skin with the whole midsection to create a more sculpted look. Lipo 360 and BBL Cost in Germany is $4,800 (4,368 €).


Plus Size BBL Cost in Germany

Germany plastic surgery hospitals offer plus size bbl. Plus size means the large size of Brazilian butt lift surgery, which involves huge fat removal and transfer to the buttock to create the desired shape. The average cost of a plus-size Brazilian butt lift in Germany is $4,900 (4,459 €).


J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Germany 

J Plasma refers to Renuvion. J Plasma is a cosmetic technology offered as a complementary treatment combined with liposuction or as a single procedure for those getting optimal results without surgical removal of tumor or mole. Germany offers J Plasma BBL to rejuvenate buttock shape and size and increase volume. The average cost of J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift in Germany is $4,750 (4,323 €).


Non-surgical BBL Cost in Germany

The plastic surgery clinic in Germany has non-surgical bbl procedure options. A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is a choice for some patients seeking aesthetics without surgery. This procedure involves adding volume and buttocks lifting with dermal fillers—the average cost of Non-surgical BBL Cost in Germany is $4,850 (4,414 €).


Non-invasive BBL Cost in Germany

People seeking a Brazilian butt lift can have several safe options without surgery. A non-invasive Brazilian butt lift can get EmSculpt, injectable fillers, or CryoSkin technology. Non-invasive BBL Cost in Germany is $4,950 (4,505 €).


Sculptra BBL Cost in Germany

The Sculptra is an hour’s filler that refers to a poly L-lactic acid that can contour the butt by improving collagen production in the body. It is an alternative to surgical butt lifts and other procedures. Germany also provides non-surgical butt lift, which involves injecting the Sculptra BBL filler into the buttocks. Sculptra and fillers like hyaluronic acid. Sculptra helps to stimulate an inflammatory response by creating scar tissue and adding fresh collagen to increase the plumpy look of the butt. Sculptra BBL Cost in Germany is $4,600 (4,186 €).


Hourglass BBL Cost in Germany 

Brazilian butt lift also has the treatment option of hourglass BBL, which is body contouring like an hourglass. During hourglass BBL surgery, the plastic surgeon transfers the patient’s fat to the required area, making the buttock look full. Then, it is performed with liposuction technique and fat transfer to enhance the silhouette into the hourglass shape. Hourglass BBL Cost in Germany is $5,200 (4,732 €).

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Cost in Different Cities in Germany

Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Berlin Germany

You can find Brazilian butt lift treatment in Berlin, Germany’s chief urban area and capital. Berlin city has health insurance facilities for emergencies. In addition, there are private and public hospitals. You can find BBL plastic surgery like fat enlargement from autologous fat, an alternative to silicone. It has the significant benefit of no visible scars and less pain—Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Berlin$4,300 (3,870 €).


Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Munich

The City of Munich in Germany has reputed cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics and institutions. Well-experienced surgeons providing full body rejuvenation, including Brazilian butt lift. The patient gets BBL surgery treatment and follow-up sessions. Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Munich $4,343 (3,909 €).


Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Hamburg

Hamburg is another famous city in Germany; women come to have feminine curvy bodies here. The plastic surgery clinics in Hamburg provide BBL with new technologies to look good for fuller and rounder bottoms. Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Hamburg $4,515 (4,064 €).


Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Cologne

BBL surgery is also available in the city of Cologne, Germany. There are the best plastic surgeons, such as Alexander Hamers, MD, Georg Roth, MD, and many others, who offer the best cosmetic treatments with their experience in the finest methods. For example, the plastic surgeons in the clinic of Cologne performed liposuction to remove fat and transfer it to the butt part. Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Cologne $4,601 (4,141 €).


Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Frankfurt

Frankfurt city in Germany has the best butt lift clinics. You can find scar removal procedures from specialists. The cosmetic clinic in Frankfurt offers Dermal filler procedures and butt lift procedures. These clinics have international accreditations—Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Frankfurt $4,558 (4,102 €).


Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Stuttgart

Choosing Stuttgart city in Germany for a Brazilian butt lift is a good option for patients abroad. There are the best plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Oliver Klosters and Dr. Christian Fitz. They provide an innovative form of improving butt size and shape. Moreover, they perform outpatient bbl procedures in Stuttgart. Contact us for an appointment—Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery Cost in Stuttgart $4,537 (4,083 €).

Brazilian Butt Lift Reviews in Germany 2023

  • BBL plastic surgery is safe in Germany, with alternative treatment options.
  • There are highly qualified plastic-cosmetic surgeons with several years of experience.
  • Germany offers Brazilian butt lift with fewer complications and pain.
  • Plastic Surgeons are helpful and kind toward patients, and patients feel satisfied with treatment explanations and results.
  • Plastic surgery clinics in Germany use FDA-approved medications and chemicals to enhance body shape and size.
  • Brazilian butt lift cost ranges for each patient according to their need.
  • Patients can have personalized treatment options guided by surgeons.
  • Public and private Hospitals are comfortable in Germany. The medical staff is friendly and caring.
  • National and foreign patients can access advanced medical technologies for aesthetic treatment like butt lifts.
  • While you seek a Brazilian butt lift in Germany, your treatment will go through a high-tech diagnosis machine and robotic system.

Brazilian Butt lift Success Rate in Germany

Brazilian Butt lifts have both successful and risky adverse outcomes. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who uses laser technology and knows enough about quick complications management can prevent the risk. Germany has highly qualified and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons, which contributes to the high success rate of a Brazilian Butt lift. Germany’s plastic surgery clinics and hospitals have improved efficiency, safety, pain management, and low morbidity.

Brazilian Butt Lift Insurance in Germany

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery performed for cosmetic reasons is not covered by general health insurance plans. Therefore, during BBL consultation, the patient must ask the chosen surgeon or medical team if they provide Brazilian butt lift surgery insurance. The bbl surgery for reconstructive surgery may have insurance, but the beauty-enhancing procedure requires the patient to pay without insurance.

Brazilian Butt Lift Botched Surgeries in Germany

The Brazilian Butt Lift Has Gone Wrong?

Some unexpected complications cause a botched Brazilian butt lift. If more fat is injected during butt lift surgery, the large fat cells supported by tissues will die, referred to as fat necrosis. There is some risk of bbl, such as poor wound recovery, fluid build-up under the skin, scarring, and skin sensation change that may lead to botched surgery. People dealing with bbl surgery gone wrong can have correction surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photos Germany

Brazilian butt lift procedure involves using the latest technologies and methods, such as liposuction combined with Laser and Vaser treatments. During the process, the patient is asked to take pictures before and after to assess the changes in the body and Butt; by seeing those photos patient can get an idea about the changes made. Some clinics have their previous patient’s pictures to show and explain the possible shapes, sizes, and outcomes. You can see photos on the chosen hospital website, surgeons’ website, or Instagram handle.

Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation in Germany

Medical treatment in Germany for foreigners may require more work to find the right clinic and suitable plastic surgeon. Please get in touch with us. We will provide information about Germany’s top plastic surgery clinics and hospitals. During Brazilian butt lift consultation, the patient needs to provide complete health information and previous surgery or disease information—discuss with your surgeon about the bbl procedure, bbl surgery insurance coverage, and results. Your surgeon will explain the process, tests, outcomes, and follow-ups.

Do You Need a Medical Visa for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Germany?

Yes, a Germany Medical Visa allows the foreign patient to enter to get medical treatment. Foreign patients get the right to have any medical treatment like plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery inside Germany as much as they can afford. The patient needs to have a valid visa with extended validity from German Embassy in your country.

Who is a Suitable candidate for a Brazilian butt Lift in Germany?

  • A patient who is looking for Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  • People with good health without any disease
  • Women are seeking to enhance body contours with enough fat.


How Long Does A Non-Surgical Bum Lift Last?

The non-surgical bum lift may be permanent. For example, some people’s bbl results may last 2 – 3 years or four.


Brazilian Butt Lift Death Rate

Generally, some patients may feel paralyzed due to nerve damage or long-term pain. However, the Brazilian butt lift is successful when performed by experienced surgeons, and the death rate is only 3%.


How Long Does a BBL Surgery Take?

During the BBL surgery day, the surgery will take around 5 hours. After that, the procedure will take 3-4 hours, and the remaining time will require to manage anesthesia.


How Long Does A Bbl/Bum Lift Last?

The Brazilian butt lift results are permanent, as the autologous fat grows around 75% and then works like fatty tissue in different body parts. In a week, the patient can see the result of how much fat is inserted.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Butt Lift/BBL Surgery?

Skip Alcohol and Stop Smoking

Avoid alcohol and stop smoking because smoking affects the healing process of butt lift treatment.


Drink More Water and Eat a Healthy Diet

It is essential to remain healthy before your bbl surgery. Following a healthy diet and drinking enough water will keep your health good, supporting surgery and recovery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also gives long-lasting results.


Maintain Your Ideal Weight

During Brazilian butt lift surgery, the surgeon will use your body fat from another part to improve buttock size. Maintaining a healthy and ideal weight before surgery will benefit.


Mentally prepare yourself for BBL Procedure

The bbl surgery will change your appearance and improve your confidence. The patient needs to be mentally prepared for the procedure and body changes. The patient is not allowed to sit for some days till they recover, and it can be challenging. Therefore, do not get panic and get realistic expectations.


Set up a comfortable Recovery Place at Home

Before having bbl surgery, the patient and their family need to prepare for after surgery process. Recovery space is essential so that the patient feels comfortable and recovers fast.


Germany is one of the famous and leading destinations for aesthetic treatments. General data say that millions of people visit Germany from 170 countries to seek various treatments, including plastic surgery. Germany provides the best healthcare in Europe. Plastic surgeries and Brazilian butt lift surgery is chosen in Germany due to higher quality treatments. Please contact us to book an appointment in Germany’s aesthetic surgery clinics. We will provide a second opinion about your treatment and the best plastic surgeon in Germany.

Best Plastic Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift in Germany

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