Breast Lift cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Breast lift is an elective surgery offered by Germany to national and foreign patients from neighbouring countries or countries. Germany constantly attracts medical travellers, including patients seeking plastic-cosmetic surgery like a breast lift. Most people visit Germany from France, Romania, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait. A patient experiencing rare illnesses wishes to get the best possible treatment and consider traveling to Germany. This breast lift plastic surgery is requested by women who seek beautiful body correction after weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast sagging, age problem, and poor strength of connective tissue. Breast lift surgery in Germany creates a youthful and natural appearance with appropriate breast size. Let’s find out more about Breast Lift Cost in Germany.

A Breast lift, also called Mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to lift the sagging skin and reshape it by removing extra fat and tissue from the breast. The breast lift helps to tighten the supporting tissues and can be combined with other procedures, such as breast reduction or augmentation. It is a challenging surgery with a short recovery time if proper post-surgery care is followed.

Having plastic surgery treatment in Germany is a matter of prestige. Encouraged by globalization, medical tourism has been growing every year in countries like the US, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey, which are among the famous medical destinations for people seeking treatment abroad. Germany also provides a reasonable cost for health care. Generally, more than 65,000 foreigners from 177 countries visited Germany for medical treatment. In addition, plastic-cosmetic surgery hospitals in Germany have a financial hit due to running separate medical care for non-Europeans.

Breast Lift Cost in Germany

The average cost of breast lift in Germany is $7,000 – $8,000. Cosmetic surgery cost may not be as competitive as the different countries in Europe. But the cost of food, accommodation and travel is lower than the UK. Several people get offer initial and follow-up consultations. There are different breast lift cost and procedures available in Germany such as Crescent Breast Lift $2,800 (2,520 €), Peri-Areolar Breast Lift $2,700 (2,430 €), Vertical Breast Lift $2,750(2,475 €), Anchor Breast Lift $2,650 (2,385 €), Breast lift with implants $3,200(2,880 €), Breast lift with fat transfer $2,850 (2,565 €).

Breast Lift Cost in Germany   Average Cost (US Dollars) Average Cost (Euro)
Crescent Breast Lift $2,800 2,520 €
Peri-Areolar Breast Lift $2,700 2,430 €
Vertical Breast Lift $2,750 2,475 €
Anchor Breast Lift $2,650 2,385 €
Breast lift with implants $3,200 2,880 €
Breast lift with fat transfer $2,850 2,565 €

Types of Breast Lift in Germany

Crescent Breast Lift Cost in Germany

The crescent lift is suitable for breasts with minor sagging. This procedure needs to combine with breast augmentation. The plastic-cosmetic surgeon creates a crescent-shaped incision with the upper half of the areola. The crescent skin is removed, and the implant is added. Germany’s Crescent Breast Lift Cost is $2,800 (2,520 €).


Peri-Areolar Breast Lift Cost in Germany

The peri-areola is a breast lift technique suitable for females with small breast sizes and who have minimal sagging but desire to improve their shape and size. This technique enhances the nipple size and can be combined with breast augmentation. This procedure has circular incisions around the areola, which allows the lowered height to be around 1.5 inches in diameter. The peri-areolar technique is a minimally invasive procedure to lift breasts. This is a less extensive incision than other techniques. However, not every patient is suitable for this technique for correcting sagging breasts. The Peri-Areolar Breast Lift Cost in Germany is $2,700(2,430 €).


Vertical Breast Lift Cost in Germany

The vertical breast lift is also called the lollipop breast lift. It is suitable for females with mild to severe ptosis. This technique prevents unnecessary skin and corrects the breast incision around the areola.

The extra skin is eliminated, and deeper breast tissue is sutured together to create the shape. Finally, the surgeon will move up the areola, close the skin from the center, and down which breast’s inflammatory folds. The scars are hidden under the breast. Germany’s Vertical Breast Lift cost is $2,750 (2,475 €).


Anchor Breast Lift Cost in Germany

The anchor breast lift has an incision pattern shape like an anchor. The incision pattern looks like upside down anchor. It is also named an inverted-T breast lift. For this method, three incisions are needed. One incision is created around the areola edge. After making the incision, the plastic surgeon will remove extra tissues. The breast skin will be tightened and lifted. Later they will create a curving horizontal incision created inside the inflammatory crease. This breast lift is suitable for sagging breast tissues. The Anchor Breast Lift Cost in Germany is $2,650 (2,385 €).


Breast Lift with Implants Cost in Germany

During this breast lift surgery, the patient gets implants. This procedure creates contour, position, and size of the breasts for improved appearance and youthful shape. This technique removes the excess skin and tightens breast tissues. Adding implants provides a fuller breast appearance. In Germany, breast lifts with implants cost $3,200 (2,880 €).


Breast lift with Fat Transfer Cost in Germany

Fat transfer with a breast lift is a method to improve breast volume by extracting fat from different body parts using liposuction and fat injection into your breast. This procedure is natural and provides natural outcomes. It can also be combined with other breast surgeries like augmentation or reduction. Breast lift with fat transfer cost in Germany is $2,850 (2,565 €). 

Mastopexy Price in Germany

Germany’s average Mastopexy (breast lift) price is €9,000, 20% less than the USA breast lift prices. The total cost of Mastopexy depends on the German specialist’s cost and the reputation of the chosen clinic. Higher qualifications and years of experience in breast lifting skills also increase the mastopexy cost. Even the complexity of breast lift or challenging surgery and medical material will cost more.

Breast Lift Surgery Price Germany

Plastic surgery is expensive in Germany, but they provide standard safety protocols. Over 400,000 females have plastic surgery in different countries, including breast lifts. Foreigner patients get plastic surgery treatment from the largest multidisciplinary hospitals in Germany, where mastopexy/boob lift is performed by a plastic surgeon with several years of experience equipped with high-quality materials, advanced safety technologies, and high-quality materials. The average Breast Lift starts from $7,000 -$8,000.

Breast Lift Cost in Germany’s Different Cities

Breast Lift Cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $2,700 2,430 €
Munich $2,727 2,454 €
Hamburg $2,835 2,552 €
Cologne $2,889 2,600 €
Frankfurt $2,862 2,576 €
Stuttgart $2,849 2,564 €
Dresden $2,862 2,576 €
Bremen $2,903 2,612 €


Breast Lift Cost in Berlin, Germany

Scarless breast lift treatment is available in Berlin, Germany. Their top plastic surgeons provide different surgical techniques and procedures to improve the breast appearance, size, shape, and quality of life of patients. Berlin’s plastic surgery emphasizes patient safety during microsurgical treatments, aesthetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery to provide natural breast skin tightening results. Breast Lift Cost in Berlin $2,700(2,430 €).


Breast Lift Cost in Munich, Germany

Appearance influences more on self-confidence. Medical facilities are possible regarding breast lift plastic surgery in Munich with or without surgery. Each cosmetic surgery clinic has an expert team to arrange an appointment for different types of breast lifts in Munich.

The range of plastic-cosmetic surgical procedures beyond liposuction and breast lift depends on the patient’s desire. The breast lift procedure in Munich provides wrinkle treatments, wrinkle injections, Breast tightening, and advanced liposuction. The Breast Lift Cost in Munich, Germany, is $2,727(2,454 €).


Breast Lift Cost in Hamburg, Germany

Breast lift surgery and Breast firming treatment are offered at a suitable location in Hamburg, Germany. Patients can have options to get Mastopexy combined with breast augmentation to give a complete appearance change. This procedure has advanced techniques, including fat transfer or implants, to increase the breast volume and uplift the dropping and sagging Breast due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. The breast lift and fat grafting procedure improve the breast volume, shape, and position to restore a youthful appearance. Breast Lift Cost in Hamburg, Germany, is $2,835 (2,552 €).


Breast Lift Cost in Frankfurt, Germany

Find the solution for sagging Breast, loose skin on breasts, or breast reshaping in leading plastic surgery clinics in Frankfurt, Germany. Choosing Mastopexy in Frankfurt, Germany, treats drooping or sagging Breast and provides a natural and younger appearance. The patient also has the choice to change or keep their natural cup size during breast lift surgery. In addition, the patient is seeking to correct upper pole fullness, which does not benefit from a breast lift but can choose a combined breast lift and breast augmentation procedure in Germany. Breast Lift Cost in Frankfurt $2,862 (2,576 €).

Breast Lift Price Comparison 2023

Country Breast Lift Cost
UK £ 8000
USA $ 8693
Ireland €9.000
Canada 9000 CAD
Mexico $4,100
Netherlands € 3000
Poland $US 2,500
Czech Republic $4850

 Breast Lift Price Comparison in Different Countries

Every country has different prices for breast surgery, including surgeon, hospital, and test costs. For example, the breast lift cost in the USA is $4,636, and the breast lift cost in the UK is £4,450. The average cost of breast reduction and lift in Ireland is €9.000. mastopexy cost in Canada is 9000 CAD. breast reduction and lift price in Mexico $4,100. The boob lift price in the Netherlands is € 3000, average breast lift price in Poland is $US 2,500. Sagging breast surgery cost in the Czech Republic is $4850.

Breast Lift Clinics & Hospitals in Germany

Breast Lift Clinics & Hospitals Of Germany


Essen University Hospital Universitätsklinikum Essen, Hufelandstraße, 45147, Essen, Germany
University Hospital Rechts Der Isar Ismaninger Str. 22, 81675 München
Nuremberg Hospital Prof. Ernst-Nathan-Str. 190419 Nuernberg
Helios Medical Group Schwanebecker Chaussee 50, 13125 Berlin, Germany
Asklepios Medical Group Asklepios Barmbek: Rübenkamp 220, 22307 Hamburg
Dermatologikum Berlin Friedrichstraße 89, 10117 Berlin
Freiburg University Hospital Hugstetter Str. 55, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
University Hospital Düsseldorf Moorenstraße 5, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
University Hospital Of Köln Kerpener Str. 62, 50937 Köln, Germany

Breast Lift Surgery in Germany Reviews

Why Travel to Germany for Breast Lift?

  • Patient care and safety is the primary approach by plastic surgeons and medical staff in Germany.
  • Plastic surgeons in Germany required six years of training to become specialists. Therefore, you can have a safe breast lift procedure.
  • Breast lifts, boob tightening, and Mastopexy with implants are available in popular cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, and Bremen.
  • The plastic-cosmetic surgery clinics in Germany provide the latest equipment, effective medications, and minimally invasive operations with fewer side effects.
  • Patients are satisfied with breast lift surgeries; medical staff comprehensively answers patients’ questions.
  • You can find painless, and scarless breast lifts surgery.
  • Breast lift surgery in Germany lasts 2- 4 hours, depending on the type and size. A more extensive breast lift may take more time. But the experienced plastic surgeon will manage the time and prevent complications.
  • Choosing breast lift surgery in Germany takes around 3 – 4 weeks for recovery, and scars will fade away slowly.

Breast Lift in Germany Success Rate 

The breast lift success rate is 95% in Germany, with low complications. Germany achieved a high success rate of breast lifts because of advanced technologies and highly qualified surgeons who perform surgery in a quick time with minimal complications. There are the largest hospitals in Germany with a specialist, including plastic surgeon who is good at performing reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Breast lift procedure costs vary depending on the patient’s need. Germany’s hospitals have separate medical teams for foreign patients to make necessary arrangements. Therefore, they have successfully operated several plastic surgeries and attracted medical tourists from surrounding countries.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Lift in Germany?

Breast lift is an elective surgery not covered by general health insurance in Germany. Around 19% of VAT is applied to plastic surgery in Germany. Germany’s plastic surgery clinic provides detailed costs during consultations. Medical indicated surgeries like reconstructive surgeries might cover by insurance depending on the size and shape of the surgeries. The private clinic may offer financing options before undergoing breast lift surgery.

Breast lift in Germany Before & After Photos

Patients undergoing breast lifts may require to take before and after photos to mark the affected area and assess the results. The patient may also see previous breast lift surgery photos for results. The photos of the breast lift procedure can be seen on the chosen plastic surgery hospital’s website in Germany. The before and after-surgery photos are displayed on the hospital website only with the patient’s permission. If the patient does not allow sharing photos, they will not be shared on the website.

Essential Things to know before Breast Lift?

  • A breast lift differs from breast augmentation; the augmentation procedure improves volume and lifts the entire breast shape. It will create a youthful position. The breast lift can be combined with augmentation to enhance fullness in the upper breast part.
  • The patient does not have a surgical drain during the breast lift procedure.
  • After breast lift surgery, the breast looks fuller due to swelling for the initial days. Swelling will remain for some weeks, and it will get back to normal.
  • The patient needs to wear a surgical bra if you feel comfortable.

How Painful is Breast Lift Recovery?

There will be some swelling, pain, discomfort, and bruising. The skin around breast may fell tight and get better within two weeks of time.


Who is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Lift?

People seeking breast lift procedures should be experiencing breast volume loss, sagging breasts, loss of elasticity, and wish to improve shape and size. But the patient should not have any risky health diseases.

What Do You Need To Prepare And Plan for Breast Lift in Germany?

An abroad patient who needs to plan and prepare for a breast lift in Germany may get good results. The advanced 3D technology in Germany gives better outcomes and a natural breast appearance. However, enough planning before surgery is the right decision to achieve the timeline before and after the procedure.

What does the Outcome of Breast Lift Surgery in Germany?

Undergoing a breast lift surgery provide desired shape and size of the breast. The plastic surgeon uses advanced technologies like liposuction and laser treatment to remove the excess fat and skin from sagging parts. They will cut the large breast tissues and reposition the breast and areola to enhance the natural breast. The patient needs to attend two weeks follow-up to resume normal life activities.

Breast Lift Surgery Consultation in Germany

Surgical procedures will have a consultation and physical examination by a plastic surgeon. Every patient has a unique physical structure and aesthetic desires. Detailed discussions and tailored treatment achieve the best result of breast lift. The patient may be required to take photos and diagrams to explain the procedure and assess the effects. The surgeon will explain the possible outcomes and risks. The patient needs to be mindful and keep realistic expectations. The incision’s complexity and challenging complication depend on age, skin quality, breast shape, and size.

How to Get an Appointment for Breast Lift in Germany?

An honest discussion with a plastic surgeon in Germany is essential to get better results from breast lift procedures. However, the patient needs to keep realistic expectations to prevent disappointments. Choose a surgeon who is passionate about their skills and patient satisfaction.

During the consultation, the patient should ask about their techniques and technologies. Understanding the latest infrastructure helps to improve results and provide a natural breast appearance within a short time. Then, contact us to book an appointment for a breast lift in Germany. Our expert will guide you through the procedure and provide a second opinion.


Breast lift in Germany provides a firmer and more natural appearance. The scars of surgery will heal over time, depending on an individual’s healing process. Advanced breast lift surgery techniques may lower scarring and prevent weight changes. A person must be healthy and desire to enhance breast shape and size. This surgery will remove sagging skin and abnormal conditions. Please get in touch with us to get a second opinion about your treatment and get an appointment with the best plastic surgeons in Germany.

Best Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons in Germany for Breast Lift

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