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Breast Reduction Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Breast reduction or mammoplasty is a surgical technique created to decrease breast size and weight to get desired size and shape. The breast reduction procedure has surgical incisions to eliminate extra sagging skin, tissues, and fat. This procedure uses liposuction. Patients seeking breast reduction surgery can relieve their ongoing symptoms linked to heavy and large breasts. Some patients suffering from back and shoulder pain may also get safe breast reduction in Germany. Undergoing breast reduction will create a better breast proportionate to the body, improve appearance and self-confidence, and remove the physical and emotional weight of the heavy breast. Let us find out more about Breast Reduction Cost in Germany.

Choosing an experienced plastic-cosmetic surgeon and well-performed breast reduction surgery will give positive and long-term outcomes. Breast reduction will not impact future breastfeeding. Germany has standard plastic surgeons who do proper plans with the patient about their desires, execute and correct the shape of the breast and nipple, and breast tissues and glands.

Like every surgical procedure, breast reduction also has some complications in rare cases, such as infection, seroma, hematoma, slow healing, and minor wound healing. However, the entire risk is only 5% when breast glands are not correctly preserved or massive volume reduction.

Breast reduction techniques and scar management are essential to improve good shape. A shorter scar technique called key to hold, or lollipop incision, creates two cuts near the areola and a second from the front nipple to crease the breast. The plastic surgeon uses anchor incisions that involve three amounts during the more extensive scar technique. All the breast reduction techniques depend on the size of unnecessary skin removal. Once scar tissues are completely healed, the patient can choose fractionated laser treatment to lower scars.

Breast Reduction Cost in Germany

The breast reduction price changes from person to person according to their complexity, size and shape, procedure length, and surgical techniques. The commonly average cost of breast reduction involves three different costs: hospital fees, surgeon fees, and medications. A plastic surgeon with more experience will cost more. In some cases, the boob reduction price might be fully or partially covered by health insurance. In addition, liposuction breast reduction prices will depend on technologies applied during surgery. You can also contact us to find the total breast reduction cost or find top plastic surgeons in Germany. The average breast reduction cost is $7,000 – $ 8,000.


Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Germany

Breast Reduction Cost in Germany Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Euro)
Anchor Scar Breast Reduction $2,449 2,253 €
Vertical Breast Reduction $2,560 2,355 €
Breast Reduction by Liposuction $2,449 2,253 €
Lollipop Breast Reduction $2,727 2,509 €
Inverted T Breast Reduction $2,616 2,406 €
Anchor Breast Reduction $2,671 2,458 €
Reduction Mammoplasty $2,727 2,509 €
Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction $2,616 2,406 €
Horizontal scar Breast Reduction $2,504 2,304 €
Vertical scar Breast Reduction $2,393 2,202 €
Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction $2,504 2,304 €
Wise pattern Breast Reduction $2,449 2,253 €

Breast Reduction Price in Germany

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction $2,449 (2,253 €)

Anchor scar breast reduction is breast surgery that removes the extra breast tissue and raises the nipple, fat, and areola, as shown on top. After the extra tissue removal, the surgeon combines the skin underneath the breast using stitches. It is called an anchor scar because the plastic surgeon will create an incision like an anchor or inverted T. A suitable candidate for this procedure is one with a sagging or asymmetry breast. It is also for patients who wish to have a few cup sizes or more during anchor reduction. Anchor Scar Breast Reduction $2,449 (2,253 €).


Vertical Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,560(2,355 €)

Vertical breast reduction surgery is a famous method. Vertical breast reduction follows the basic rules of plastic surgery with a complete Dermogladular pedicle, and there is no skin undermining. It is a short scar technique, and the best method to use in a different situation can expand breast reduction by a plastic surgeon—vertical Breast Reduction Cost in Germany is $2,560(2,355 €).


Breast Reduction by Liposuction Cost in Germany $2,449 (2,253 €)

A breast reduction using liposuction can be done in one hour. This method is more suitable for a female who only needs a small number of extra breast tissues removed. However, breast reduction using liposuction does not remove sagging skin and needs surgery to cut excess sagging skin, tissue, and fat—breast Reduction by Liposuction Costs in Germany $2,449 (2,253 €).


Lollipop Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,727 (2,509 €)

Lollipop breast reduction is a method of plastic surgery. It is also called short scar breast reduction. It will use some incisions to remove excess tissue and reshape the size of the breast by lowering the scarring. It will not have a scar with an inframammary fold but uses an areola and a vertical incision down part of the breast. The lollipop reduction is suitable for women who are unhappy with the size and sagging breasts. Females with more breast size will experience discomfort and pain. Patients considering lollipops should be a non-smoker and have good health. Lollipop breast surgery depends on different factors. Lollipop Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,727 (2,509 €).


Inverted T Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,616 (2,406 €)

Inverted-T pattern breast reduction is a technique to correct bilateral breast ptosis with less complication rate. Therefore, this method can get both satisfying cosmetic results. Furthermore, this method will reduce large breast size and prevent irritation, rashes, and back pain—inverted T Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,616 (2,406 €).


Anchor Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,671 (2,458 €)

Anchor breast reduction is another technique used for correcting breast size. It involves three separates but connected to one incision, like a vertical straight line, around the areola and a short horizontal crescent. Extra skin is removed, and tightened the shape. The areola and nipple are repositioned higher up toward the breast. Anchor Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,671 (2,458 €).


Reduction Mammoplasty Cost in Germany $2,727 (2,509 €)

Breast reduction, called mammaplasty, removes fat, tissue, and skin from the breast. Breast reduction surgery can improve appearance and ease discomfort for those with large breasts. Mammoplasty has two types: reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy, and skin excision patterns and pedicle formation techniques, with the difference being resected breast tissue. Reduction Mammoplasty Cost in Germany $2,727 (2,509 €).


Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,616 (2,406 €)

Free nipple grafts are a traditional breast reduction method in which the nipple is removed from the breast and changed with a skin graft. The nipple graft method is safe and supplies good blood supply as required. Nipple grafting is simple and quick to do from a plastic surgeon’s point of view. The disadvantage of nipple grafting is that it will numb the sensation as it has detached from the body and divided the nerve attachment—free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction $2,616 (2,406 €).


Horizontal scar Breast Reduction Cost in Germany is $2,504 (2,304 €)

Horizontal breast reduction methods differ depending on the pedicle and skin incision. Lower pole scarring is less through horizontal and vertical scars only. This incision is kept within the natural breast fold and left using a breast reduction scar hidden within the crease.


Vertical scar Breast Reduction Cost in Germany is $2,393 (2,202 €)

Vertical scar Breast Reduction is famous but has a less aesthetic scar that takes some time to settle; dog ears or parenchymal excision may occur less. The vertical scar technique is unfamiliar as it is not routinely used in plastic surgery training programs.


Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,504(2,304 €)

The inferior pedicle of the breast method involves leaving a pedicle of tissue with the nipple in the upper part of the pedicle and creating a wedge-shaped pedicle down toward the chest wall. The superomedial pedicle helps to improve the upper pole of breast shape and fullness.

Wise pattern Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,449 (2,253 €)

The wise pattern breast reduction is the oldest and most common technique. This method is an incision created around the perimeter of the areola and vertically down the center of the breast. This method is called to produce the scarring. It is best suitable for females who desire to remove large breasts with sagging skin. It is also called T-scar, T-incision, or Inverted – T pattern. Wise pattern Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $2,449 (2,253 €)

Breast Reduction Cost in Germany’ Different Cities

Breast Reduction Surgery Price

Average cost of breast reduction in Germany starts from $2,393 and increases depending on the technique applied during the surgery. Liposuction breast reduction price is high in Germany that could, ranging from $8,000 to $10,000. The total cost of breast reduction can be calculated during the consultation after analysing the patient’s health and requirement for breast shape correction.

Breast Reduction Cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $2,400 2,160 €
Munich $2,424 2,182 €
Hamburg $2,520 2,268 €
Cologne $2,568 2,311 €
Frankfurt $2,544 2,290 €
Stuttgart $2,532 2,279 €
Dresden $2,544 2,290 €
Bremen $2,580 2,322 €


How much does Breast Reduction Cost in Germany?

 Breast Reduction Cost in Berlin, Germany $2,400 (2,160 €)

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is available in Berlin for national and foreign patients. Berlin became famous for top-class medicine and popular among Europe’s largest university hospitals, extensive medical networks, and institutions. Berlin offers a spectrum of advanced technologies and the latest medications for high-standard plastic surgery, including breast reduction.


Breast Reduction Cost in Munich, Germany $2,424(2,182 €)

Munich in Germany has top-class but expensive treatments for breast reduction. Foreigner patients get excess public and private medical care for emergency purposes. Large private clinics and hospitals are available for several types of plastic surgeries, including breast reduction surgery. Patients can choose expert clinics with several years of practice in Munich.


Breast Reduction Cost in Hamburg, Germany $2,520 (2,268 €)

Breast reduction surgery available in Hamburg can treat significant discomfort affecting daily life. There is safe procedure available in Hamburg with advanced surgical method. There are proven successful clinics and plastic surgeons who offer the best plastic-cosmetic surgery depending on the patient’s desires, anatomy, and goals. Patients can get one night stay in the hospital after surgery in Hamburg. The patient also receives the latest medications for quick recovery and follow-up. Please write to us for an appointment with the top plastic surgeon in Hamburg.


Breast Reduction Cost in Frankfurt, Germany $2,568 (2,311 €)

Seeking Breast Reduction in Frankfurt, Germany, is not difficult. We can help you find highly qualified, experienced plastic surgeons and a medical team. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Frankfurt provide the highest quality care and utmost treatments to patients with advanced medical equipment. Breast reduction surgeons work with other medical and non-medical staff to provide international patient healthcare standards. Most plastic surgery hospitals in Frankfurt are well-equipped with cutting-edge medical devices and have an ultra-modern infrastructure.


Breast Reduction Cost in Bremen $2,580 (2,322 €)

Aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics are offering breast reduction in Bremen. Foreigner patients can get customized cost plans for needed aesthetic correction. The patient can choose from top plastic surgeons for hand surgery, reconstructive surgery, burn surgery, and aesthetic surgery. Only doctors with six years of specialist aesthetic surgery training can perform breast reduction surgery. Aesthetic surgery has the goal of restoring an attractive body. Therefore, realistic surgery goals should be discussed with a specialist to get positive results.

Breast Reduction International Cost Comparison 2023

Several developed countries, including Germany, are growing liposuction device technologies by 2023 -2032. Due to COVID, each country faced unforeseen implications in the supply chain of liposuction surgery equipment, but now they have recovered and using advanced technologies. At some point in life, having a contoured body with lifestyle changes is hard, and women choose cosmetic surgeries. Most women need liposuction to remove extensive fat from the body and advanced surgical skills to cut the enlarged tissues to sculpt the desired body part, including breast reduction. Here are the different countries prices for breast reduction.

Country Breast Reduction Cost (USD)
Breast Reduction Cost in UK $7,865
Breast Reduction Cost in USA $5,000
Breast Reduction Cost in Mexico $6,000
Breast Reduction Cost in Germany $7,000
Breast Reduction Cost in Brazil $15,484
Breast Reduction Cost in Singapore $18,000
Breast Reduction Cost in Thailand $3,900
Breast Reduction Cost Japan $7,531
Breast Reduction Cost in Switzerland $10,407
Breast Reduction Cost in India $1,134
Breast Reduction Cost in UAE (Dubai) $9,528

Breast Reduction in Germany Reviews

Why go to Germany for Breast Reduction?

  • Choosing breast reduction prevents neck, back, shoulder pain, and nerve pain.
  • Germany has clean, cozy, and relaxing environments for patients.
  • Plastic-cosmetic surgeons are professionally highly qualified with specialist training of 6 years.
  • The medical staff and surgeons speak English or their translators.
  • Famous surgeons in Germany are members of recognized national and global plastic surgery organizations, so there is no doubt.
  • Germany is an excellent place to have treatment for complicated reconstructive procedures resulting from cancer treatment or burns, or traumatic injuries.
  • Germany’s plastic-cosmetic surgery clinics provide state-of-the-art techniques.
  • Every patient can get personalized and customized treatment for breast reduction.
  • The local currency is available in euro, 1 dollar = 0.81 EUR.
  • ATMs are also available nationwide for easy money and payment methods. Credit cards are not widely accepted in Germany, which is the reason to carry cash.
  • The official language in Germany is German, but people in major cities speak English.

What To Know Before A Breast Reduction?

  • The patient will immediately feel lightweight after breast reduction.
  • Undergoing breast reduction surgery helps to improve overall health. It corrects the physical strain and removes pressure from the spine, shoulder, and neck.
  • The patient must wait six weeks before wearing a bra to prevent pain and discomfort.
  • Wait to have breast reduction until you stop breastfeeding and child planning.
  • During breast reduction surgery, if required, the plastic surgeon will resize the nipple-areola after removing sagging skin.

Breast Reduction in Germany’s Success Rate

Breast reduction is not always successful for everyone due to the patient’s health and healing process. In addition, sometimes patient’s immune system reacts abnormally to medications that impact desired results. Nevertheless, the success rate of breast reduction in Germany is high, which mainly depends on proper planning, the aesthetic skills of the surgeon, the patient’s realistic expectations, and the surgical skills and techniques applied. Please get in touch with us to learn more about breast reduction procedures and consultations.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

An ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is healthy and should not have health diseases like diabetes or hypertension. In addition, they should not smoke or have cancer risk. A woman looking for a breast reduction after pregnancy or breastfeeding can be a good candidate.


Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cover by Insurance?

Breast reduction surgery comes under two categories, medical and cosmetic. Breast reduction chosen for cosmetic surgery will have insurance coverage. A medically required breast reduction surgery may be eligible for Insurance, but the process is lengthy. The patient will know about insurance coverage during the consultation. If your surgery is unsuitable for Insurance, ask for financing options in private clinics.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Before and after breast reduction have visible results of surgery. Breast reduction before and after images is vital to the patient’s journey to find the right plastic surgeon patient’s results. Images will allow you to find the difference between experienced surgeons’ results. The breast reduction photos are shared only with the patient’s permission. Some patients wish to see previous patient surgery photos to see the differences in surgery. Usually, after breast reduction, the body gets slim; there will be contours and good shape and size of body parts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Age

The candidate for breast reduction should be above 18 years and most suitable for the 30s and 40s age group of women.

Tourist Medical Visas in Germany

Germany is a member of the European Union, so European citizens do not need a visa to enter Germany. In other countries, citizens require a medical visa from the embassy to get entry and treatment. So, make sure to apply for a visa and have extended validity.

Book Your Consultant in Germany for Breast Reduction

Choosing a consultant can be confusing when you see an endless list of specialists. Please write to us by filling contact form to get the hand-picked finest plastic surgeon from Germany. Our experts will guide you in detail. Initial appointments have 24 hours; then, the patient needs to book an expert diagnosis for a treatment plan.



Breast reduction is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that lowers the sagging breast part. A plastic-cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess fat, tissues, and loose skin from the breast through incisions under the breast. They may also reposition the areola and nipple—breast reduction surgery for an outpatient with less risk. Complications are rare, like scarring, infection, and sensation loss in the breast and nipple. Best plastic surgeons available to perform challenging surgeries. The cost of breast reduction is also expensive in Germany as there are high standards and quality care and treatments. Contact us for second opinion about breast reduction surgery and find best plastic surgeon in Germany.

Top Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons in Germany for Breast Reduction Surgery

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