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Facelift Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure to get a natural and youthful facial appearance. It includes enhanced facial aesthetic subunits to remove aging signs and improve appearance. Every person has a different face structure with a different appearance due to aging. Therefore, it requires performing every facelift in other. A facelift will remove loose skin, reposition sagging muscles and tissues, restore facial volume, and tighten the neck and face skin. Let’s find out more about Facelift Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos.

Facelifts are considered for the cosmetic restoration of sagging, relaxed face skin. It will correct deep folds and fine lines between mouth corners and nose, removes excess facial fat, drooping skin of jaw and cheeks, and extra fat from the neck. Advanced facelift surgery is quite distinct from a traditional facelift. Presently patients can have personalization options, different aesthetic face units, a better understanding of aging anatomy, advanced surgical techniques, and better rejuvenation. The face, cleavage, and neck are considered one aesthetic unit if the aging process has different facial anatomical regions.

A modern facelift addresses small changes necessary to get by others, such as youthful, proportionate, harmonious, or operated. A facelift procedure is suitable for people with aging faces and looking to restore a youthful appearance. The facial structure should not have a fake appearance due to overdosing. Doing a facelift allow removing tiny skin folds and wrinkles near the mouth corner. After achieving the desired face, patients get an emotional boost and improve their social life. A pretty face and contoured body are essential for socializing women who prefer to look good. Germany is the best country to achieve your desired cosmetic goals.

Facelift Cost in Germany

The average facelift cost in Germany is $7,000; the price is high because of advanced technologies in Germany; the attentive surgeons and medical care team value patient satisfaction and offer first-class treatment. Different facelift options will have different prices, such as laser facelift cost is €80; thread facelift cost is €280, and vertical Facelift €300. Additional choices like jawline thread lift and best facelift surgeon fees also change for every patient.


Average Estimated Facelift Price in Germany

Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift cost in Germany $1,900 (1,729 €), Mini Facelift cost in Germany $2,200 (2,002 €), Cheek Lift cost in Germany $2,340 (2,129 €), Mid-Facelift cost in Germany $2,380 (2,166 €) Jaw Line Rejuvenation cost in Germany $2,400(2,184 €), S-Lift cost in Germany $2,450 (2,230 €) Cutaneous Lift cost in Germany $2,300 (2,093 €), Temporal or Brow Lift cost in Germany $2,800 (2,548 €), Liquid Facelift cost in Germany $1,800 (1,638 €).

Facelift Cost in Germany Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Euro)
Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift $1,900 1,729 €
Mini Facelift $2,200 2,002 €
Cheek Lift $2,340 2,129 €
Mid-Facelift $2,380 2,166 €
Jaw Line Rejuvenation $2,400 2,184 €
S-Lift $2,450 2,230 €
Cutaneous Lift $2,300 2,093 €
Temporal or Brow Lift $2,800 2,548 €
Liquid Facelift $1,800 1,638 €

Types of Facelift Procedures in Germany

Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift Cost in Germany: $1,900 (1,729 €)

Deep Plane or SMAS refers to the superficial musculoaponeurotic system facelift focus on the lower and two-thirds of the face, treats excess fat, sagging skin, and jowls, and enhances cheeks volumes. A deep plane approach also improves the neck appearance. A deep facelift lasts longer than the traditional procedure like SMAS facelifts as it targets the deeper muscles and tissues. It involves more profound techniques and long-lasting results.


Mini Facelift Cost in Germany: $2,200 (2,002 €)

A mini facelift is a revised version of the traditional method. The mini version involves making small incisions around the hairline to lift the lower half face for sagging skin correction. Correcting the sagging skin near the jawline and neck is an overall procedure. Mini face lift cost is $2,200 (2,002 €) in Germany.


Cheek Lift Cost in Germany is $2,340 (2,129 €)

Cheeks are the attractive aesthetic focal point of the face. Cheeks make a difference in your younger and older looks. A cheek lift raises the fat pad in the cheek refers to the malar fat pad, offering fullness to the cheeks and eyes. This procedure provides a rejuvenated and refreshed look. It has long-term results by injectables and recovery from mid-face lift quicker than a traditional facelift.


Mid-Facelift cost in Germany is $2,380 (2,166 €)

Mid-facelift refers to cheek lift, a cosmetic procedure that increases the facial skin tightness from the upper mouth to the eye part. This procedure provides a youthful appearance and removes the aging effect. A mid-facelift does not focus on the forehead or jawline.


Jaw Line Rejuvenation cost in Germany $2,400(2,184 €)

Jawline rejuvenation is an essential component of global facial aesthetic rejuvenation. Therefore, it is important to understand how to effectively perform nonsurgical jawline rejuvenation with injectable fillers. Nonsurgical jawline cosmetic surgery with injectable fillers can be done safely with enough regional anatomy and the proper selection of patients.


S-Lift cost in Germany is $2,450 (2,230 €) 

An S-Lift refers to a segmental Facelift, a type of mini-Facelift that offers a wide neck and lower Facelift. Compared to traditional facelifts, it is a quicker surgery with fewer complications and fast recovery. The S-lift is especially suitable for younger and middle-aged patients for dramatic changes in appearance by sagging and tightening muscles and cheeks, neck, and chin skin.


Cutaneous Lift cost in Germany is $2,300 (2,093 €)

A cutaneous facelift removes loose and excess skin to create a tightened look. The remaining skin is repositioned to lift jowls and sagging cheeks. It also enhances the jawline profile. It helps to remove fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, and dark spots on the face.


Temporal or Brow Lift cost in Germany is $2,800 (2,548 €)

A temporal bow lift, also called the lateral brow lift, involves changing the forehead while lifting the eyebrows simultaneously. It is applied to correct the outer part 1/3 of the eyebrow during the eye’s attractive look. The temporal brow lift is done with eyelid surgery. The procedure involves the surgeon creating approximately one-inch incisions back the hairline above the forehead.


Liquid Facelift Cost in Germany $1,800 (1,638 €)

Liquid facelifts provide multiple dermal filler injections. This injection restores facial fullness for a youthful appearance. This procedure has a goal of providing plump skin. A liquid facelift is often favoured with a traditional surgical facelift for several reasons. First, liquid, and surgical facelifts are cheaper and safer with quick recovery time. It will have less bruising. Third, this procedure restores face volume without stretching skin and providing a natural appearance.

Facelift Surgery Cost in Germany’s Different Cities

Facelift Surgery Cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $1,900 1,710 €
Munich $1,919 1,727 €
Hamburg $1,995 1,796 €
Cologne $2,033 1,830 €
Frankfurt $2,014 1,813 €
Stuttgart $2,005 1,804 €
Dresden $2,014 1,813 €
Bremen $2,043 1,838 €


Facelift Cost in Berlin, Germany

The largest private clinic network in Europe in Berlin, offers facelifts. Several experienced and high-standard plastic-cosmetic surgeons are equipped with advanced technologies and an expert medical team. Berlin has an international reputation for high-quality medicine and extensive research facilities and institutions. Therefore, Berlin is a good place in Germany to have a rejuvenated face by removing wrinkles and aging effects. Several foreign patients contact plastic facial surgeons in Berlin for minor to significant face correction. Some patients come here to get long-lasting natural and younger appearances. Facelift Cost in Berlin, Germany, is $1,900 1,710 €).


Facelift Cost in Munich, Germany

The famous city of Munich in Germany provides the best facelift consultation and the correct surgical methods to get the desired outcome by the patient. Patients have minimum to full facial and wrinkle treatment, face modelling, eyelid correction, lip correction, and rhinoplasty. By finding the right cosmetic surgeon’s help, you will have a structured, beautifully shaped face. Foreigner patients can have attractive face volume and a clearly defined jawline. Facelift Cost in Munich, Germany Cost $1,919(1,727 €).


Facelift Cost in Hamburg, Germany

Facelift surgery in Hamburg is the best choice for any foreign citizen as it provides the latest treatment and reverses aging effects. By following trending cosmetic surgeries, everyone seeks a good and attractive face, which is possible in Hamburg, Germany. Several Hollywood started visiting here for cosmetic correction and to get expensive treatments. The average estimated Facelift Cost in Hamburg, Germany, is $1,995 (1,796 €). Still, the exact plastic surgery in Germany prices will differ from one patient to another depending on individual requirements. If a patient wishes to have only selected cosmetic needs like lip filler or eyelid correction, then the lip fillers in Germany price will be provided accordingly.


Face Lifting Treatment Cost Frankfurt, Germany

The famous city of Frankfurt in Germany provides more value to cosmetic surgery like liquid facelifts, deep plane facelifts, lower facelifts, SMAS lifting, cheek lifts, and instant facelifts. Plastic-cosmetic surgery clinics and surgeons are selected based on experience, skill, and successful surgeries in Frankfurt. High specialization of surgeons and skills increases the cost. Facelift Cost in Frankfurt, Germany, is $2,014 (1,813 €). Frankfurt city will offer the best plastic surgery in Europe.


Facelift Cost in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is another famous city in Germany that provides full-fledged medical facilities and innovative technologies for facelifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Stuttgart presently developed new clinics for innovative plastic surgery. They provide facelift cosmetic surgery with high professionalism and modern equipment—Facelift Cost in Stuttgart, Germany, $2,005(1,804).

Facelift Cost in Germany and International Cost Comparison 2023

The excitement of new face beauty expenses may be shocking in developed countries like Germany, the UK, USA is more expensive. The doctor works on something that is not new, but it is like getting a new face but more improved. The high-quality care and innovative methods make the total difference cost of plastic-cosmetic surgeries. On a tangible level, the surgery cost for people, places, and other individualized services. As patients seek perfection and safety, these cannot be taken for granted. Here is the different cost for facelift.

Country Facelift Surgery Cost
Facelift Cost in Germany $7,000
Facelift Cost in US $7,048
Facelift Cost in Thailand $3450
Facelift Cost in UK £7,000
Facelift Cost in Mexico $5200
Facelift Cost in Switzerland $14,100
Facelift Cost in India $1,220
Facelift Cost in Turkey $3,500
Facelift Cost in Korea $7450
Facelift Cost in Japan  ($1,692)

Cost of Full Facelift

The total cost of a full facelift is $8,005, but it may change for every person. A full facelift is a corrective procedure. It is suggested for patients with moderate to innovative aging signs. The full facelift includes the midface regionsagging cheeksjawlinejowls, and lower face. A complete facelift creates a tighter and smoother complexion by surgically tightening lax muscles and excess skin, re-draping the skin over the face and neck. Complete facelift techniques start with the surgical incision near the ear and stretching the hairline in the front and back of the ears.

Additionally, an incision may be created under the chin to correct bands in the front side of the neck. The skin is carefully separated from the underlying facial muscles. Extra fat is removed, and muscles are tightened. The skin is then pulled back and up while skin is trimmed, and wounds are closed using sutures.

Laser Face Lift Cost in Germany

A laser facelift is an advanced cosmetic surgery technique that provides younger-looking, tighter, firmer skin without scars or stitches. The laser skin tightening can be done on any loose and sagging skin. Laser Face Lift Cost in Germany €80. The laser skin tightening treatment remains for two years. This time may be shortened or expanded to different factors like patient health, age, and lifestyle.

Facelift Cost in Germany Reviews 2023

  • Germany offers multispecialty clinics for facelift surgery.
  • Medical experts in Germany carry out intensive interdisciplinary information and utilised advanced innovations to treat challenging facelift procedure.
  • There are world famous plastic surgery clinics in Germany who help patients to get rid of all type of facial defects using innovative methods and unique medicines.
  • Foreigner patients can have several benefits at once by getting access to wide range of cosmetic surgeons, specialists, and medical team.
  • Woman can have popular procedures of liposuction, wrinkle smoothing, Botox injection, laser facial wrinkles correction, and subcutaneous fat removal.
  • Germany offers advanced facelifting techniques such as (SMAS, high- SMAS, MACS,).
  • Face plastic surgery prices are different for every patient depending on customized requirement.

Facelift Procedure in Germany: Success Rate

The success rate of a modern facelift is highly dependent on the proper planning, the aesthetic sense of the surgeon, realistic expectations, and skilled surgical performance of surgery. Patients are often concerned regarding visible scarring, suitable technique, and careful planning with a natural appearance. Germany has achieved a 90% success rate in a facelift as it provides the world’s standard plastic surgery and meets patients’ desires. Germany provides cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive surgery for a facelift. They use new and advanced technologies for every facelift procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Facelift Cost in Germany

Facelift surgery is rarely covered by German health Insurance. However, cases with a reconstructive facelift are different and may have insurance coverage. If a patient needs cosmetic surgery to correct, the defects of trauma or injury will get insurance. Patients from other countries must check with their health insurance company or the chosen clinic. Know about cosmetic surgery packages if they include insurance. The patient will get insurance details during consultations.

Facelift Surgery in Germany Before and After Photos

Facelifts are performed for two reasons such as cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic facelift surgery enhances the current face, removes excess fat, and makes a face fuller and more youthful. But reconstructive surgery of the facelift will correct the defect of injury. The chosen plastic-cosmetic surgeon will ask the patient to take before and after-surgery photos to see the differences and corrections. If you are looking for facelift photos for planning your facelift, check the photo gallery of facelifts given on the clinic website. Remember, each patient has unique and personalized different results.

Facelift in Germany: Consultation

Every patient has different facelift surgery with unique goals. It is necessary to discuss this with a plastic surgeon before the surgery. At your facelift consultation, the patient and surgeon will discuss the following:

  • health history record
  • medical condition, treatments, allergies
  • Medications, supplements, vitamins, tobacco, and drug.
  • Discuss facelift option
  • analyse complete physical health
  • psychological and emotional health
  • Make sure to discuss everything with the surgeon before surgery to plan.


A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat and skin from the face and neck, corrects folds and wrinkles, and tightens facial tissue. There is no medical requirement for a facelift, and risk is also involved. Therefore, it is necessary to keep important preparation and recovery. An experienced plastic surgeon will help manage the complications and improve facial features carefully. The facelift surgery will lift firmness and create a youthful face with a vibrant appearance. Contact us to know the cost of facelift, get appointment with best cosmetic surgeon in Germany.

Best Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons in Germany for Facelift

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