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Liposuction Cost in Germany – Find Photos & Reviews

Germany is one of the top countries in quality treatments of liposuction. After the US, Germany is the most preferred country for plastic surgeries. You can find quality standards with additional expertise focusing on patient satisfaction. Germany is also considered a leading country for reconstructive surgeries and applies new growth in their treatment procedure. Presently Germany has developed liposuction procedures at a considerable height. It has around 288 hospitals and clinics for liposuction treatments. Let’s find out more about Liposuction Cost in Germany.

Germany provides advanced treatments in Europe that attract more medical travelers. However, Germany neither offers cheap nor expensive treatments; their cost options differ significantly from other countries, but their medical care has high standards. The growing demand for medical aesthetic treatments has increased the global body contouring devices market, and Germany is one of the top countries to use it.

Germany has an official language such as German, but you will find some English-speaking people also. The German population is multicultural, and most hospitals have a diverse staff and speak different languages. You can access public and private hospitals and clinics in Germany at world standard, making it the best healthcare system globally. However, some people find it an unfriendly country for foreigners. Therefore, getting expert help to find an excellent living place is essential. Overall, Germany is the best place to live and seek liposuction treatment.

Liposuction Cost In Germany 2023

Plastic surgery in Germany’s prices is different for every patient. The prices of Liposuction and additional expenses in Germany depend on whether you want to stay there or have a short treatment stay plan. Every city in Germany has a different range of liposuction prices for minor to major surgical and non-surgical procedures. You will need expert and professional support to plan your treatment in Germany. Please contact us and get a second opinion and a cost idea.

How Much Is Liposuction in Germany?

Liposuction Cost in Germany Average Cost (US Dollars) Average Cost (Euro)
Neck Liposuction $1,792 1,613 €
Abdomen Liposuction $2,016 1,814 €
Chin Liposuction $1,568 1,411 €
Buttocks Liposuction $1,680 1,512 €
Arm Liposuction $1,624 1,462 €
Thigh Liposuction $1,736 1,562 €
Breast Liposuction $1,904 1,714 €
Love handles Liposuction $1,848 1,663 €
Knee Liposuction $1,680 1,512 €
Back Liposuction $1,456 1,310 €
Calf Liposuction $1,344 1,210 €


Liposuction Cost in Different Cities of Germany

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Germany?

Liposuction Cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $1,700 1,530 €
Munich $1,717 1,545 €
Hamburg $1,785 1,607 €
Cologne $1,819 1,637 €
Frankfurt $1,802 1,622 €
Stuttgart $1,794 1,614 €
Dresden $1,802 1,622 €
Bremen $1,828 1,645 €


Liposuction Cost Comparison in Different Countries 2023

Here are different countries’ prices comparison for Liposuction. Every country offers diverse liposuction procedure costs depending on facilities and patient needs.

Country Full Body Liposuction Cost
USA $1,000 – $20,000
UK £2,000 to £6,000
Turkey $2,660 – $2,800
Switzerland CHF 3.500
South Korea $6400
Mexico $5572
Hawaii $6,000

Different Types of Liposuctions Cost in Germany

Full Body Liposuction Cost in Germany

Neck Liposuction Cost in Germany 

People seeking to slim their necks can choose neck liposuction in Germany. Liposuction technology helps to remove unnecessary fat build up and sculpt the neck. Germany provides the latest technology of Vaser Lipo, which brings radical changes in a neck lift. The neck liposuction cost in Germany is $1,792 (1,613 €).


Abdomen Liposuction in Germany

Germany offers liposuction treatments for the abdomen part of the body. Abdominoplasty is a major surgery that eliminates the excess skin and fat from the abdomen. The surgery helps to tighten muscles. It can be the best medical option for a female who cannot lose pregnancy fat. Even men can also have abdomen liposuction and get slim. Men and women with good health can be a candidate for abdominoplasty.

Women planning for pregnancy should avoid this liposuction surgery. The abdomen liposuction cost or Tummy Tuck cost in Germany is $2,016 (1,814 €).


Chin Liposuction in Germany 

Chin liposuction refers to removing a double chin or fat under the chin. More fat accumulation under the chin causes you to look fat and ugly. Chin liposuction is a cosmetic surgery done with local anaesthesia for an outpatient. The chin liposuction or double chin removal Germany cost is $1,568 (1,411 €).


Buttocks Liposuction in Germany

Buttock liposuction or butt lift procedure is also available in Germany. You can find butt lift treatments in different cities in Germany at different prices. Having but lift helps to remove unnecessary fat and loose skin from the buttocks. After removing the fat, the surgeon will recreate the attractive shape and size the patient desires. Buttocks Liposuction cost in Germany is $1,680 (1,512 €).


Arm Liposuction in Germany $1,624 (1,462 €)

Arms are a common body part to flaunt your slimness, and women prefer to wear sleeveless. But aging and weight gain affect the shape and size of arms and make them flabby. Flabby arms lower confidence, and women start hiding in oversize clothes. In Germany, Liposuction procedures help cut down the flabby arm by removing extra fat and creating slim-toned arms. Arm liposuction cost in Germany is $1,624 (1,462 €).


Thigh Liposuction in Germany $1,736 (1,562 €)

Females wish to slim thighs, but it will not happen due to weight fluctuations and aging. Thigh skin loses its elasticity with aging, and connective tissue gets stretched. As a result, heavy, sagging, and plumping skin affect female. Among different things, women seek to have slim thighs due to fashionable clothes. Thigh Liposuction in Germany helps remove extra fat and improve shape and size. The average cost of thigh liposuction in Germany is $1,736 (1,562 €).


Breast Liposuction in Germany $1,904 (1,714 €)

Breast liposuction is the most preferred aesthetic surgery by women with sagging breasts after childbirth and abnormal weight. Sagging skin and tissue can be corrected with liposuction. The liposuction method removes excess fat tissues and loose skin. Then the Surgeon will sculpt the desired breast size by the patient. It will lower uncomfortable feelings and improve confidence about appearance. Breast liposuction cost in Germany is $1,904 (1,714 €).


Love handles Liposuction in Germany $1,848 (1,663 €)

Love handles are a part of the body around the waistline of the front and back and above the hips. This body part is very prone to get fat gain. Liposuction is a safe method to remove ugly love handles and create a contoured waist. Love handles Liposuction cost in Germany $1,848 (1,663 €)


Knee Liposuction in Germany $1,680 (1,512 €)

Knee liposuction helps to remove the fat accumulation in the knee area, which makes you walk uncomfortably. Liposuction is helpful when you have tried everything, like diet and exercise, and the fat is not going. Liposuction removes fat from the inner knees and creates a contoured knee shape. People with good skin elasticity and good health can choose knee liposuction. Knee Liposuction Cost in Germany $1,680 (1,512 €).


Back Liposuction in Germany $1,456 (1,310 €)

Back fat is also called bra rolls or bra bulges. This back fat is hard to remove and does not go with exercise and diet for some people. However, healthy people without the disease can go for liposuction and remove that unwanted back fat. The Surgeon will use different liposuction methods and remove fat cells. After liposuction healing, the patient must maintain a healthy diet to prevent regaining fat on the back. Back Liposuction Cost in Germany $1,456 (1,310 €).


Calf Liposuction in Germany $1,344 (1,210 €)

Calf Liposuction works effectively to improve leg movement and increase confidence. However, swollen calves occur due to several reasons, like fat disorders called lipoedema. The lipoedema condition occurs in women and has symptoms of painful swelling of thighs and buttocks. This condition sometimes occurs due to hormone changes. Therefore, contact us to find calf liposuction in Germany for better treatment. Calf Liposuction Cost in Germany $1,344 (1,210 €).

Liposuction Germany Price

Liposuction Berlin Costs, Germany $1,700

Berlin is the largest city and capital in Germany. There are different ranges of liposuction procedures. Excellent plastic surgery clinics and surgeons focus on balancing natural beauty and look. You will find a wide range of aesthetic surgeries in the Berlin clinic, from minimal invasive operations t surgical methods. They also provide a relaxed and pleasant environment for the patient to feel good. If you are looking for liposuction in Berlin, Germany, there are different options, such as filler, botox injections, or own fat injections.


Liposuction Costs in Munich, Germany $1,717

Munich, in Germany, is a city that provides liposuction clinics. Several clinics are offering cosmetic corrections and liposuction treatments in Munich, Germany. It is a costly city with the most robust economy in Germany, which attract more foreigners due to high work opportunity. You can find surgical procedures in Munich such as breast lifts, rhinoplasties, facelifts, eyelid surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks, genital rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments, laser and vaser treatments.


Liposuction Costs in Hamburg, Germany $1,785

Humburg is a significant domestic and international tourist destination. It is a port city with more international trade and is perfect for a multicultural environment. Humburg is a well know place for aesthetic and plastic surgeries. There are famous plastic surgeons like Dr. med. Timo Bartels, Plastische Chirurgie Dr. Sattler, Clinic Dr. Meyer-Walters, Dr. med. Simone Kirkegaard.


Liposuction Costs in Cologne, Germany $1,819 

Cologne is another largest city in Germany. It is one of the four populated cities with 1 million to 3.6 million people in the urban part. There are famous doctors for various liposuction treatments, such as Ersin Gonullu, Maria Wiedner, MD, Georgios Hristopoulos, MD, and Alexander Hamers, MD. Apart from liposuction treatment in Cologne, Germany, it is attractive for tourism and watching places like Hohenzollern Bridge, quaint churches of the city, Chocolate Museum.


Liposuction Costs in Frankfurt, Germany $1,802

Frankfurt in Germany is considered the best financial center in Europe. It stands out as a global hub for commerce, culture, and education, attracting several foreigners. Frankfurt city is also famous for liposuction plastic surgeries and fat removal procedures. There are prominent surgeons such as Clinic Kaiser Platz, Dr. Alexander O. Loos, Foraesthetic Lounge, and MKG Bethany to choose from at different locations. Frankfurt clinic offers various body contouring therapies, such as cryo lipolysis (non-surgical), to lower stubborn fat accumulation. This method does not require anesthesia and helps remove abdomen fat.


Liposuction Costs in Stuttgart, Germany $1,794 

Liposuction in Stuttgart, Germany, is the best option. Stuttgart in Germany has the most prominent hospitals, more than 50 clinics, and specialist institutes. Therefore, it is an excellent place to have plastic-cosmetic surgeries. Choosing Stuttgart will be beneficial because you will find expert plastic surgeons such as DR. MED. GREGOR F. FUCHSHUBER, DR. MED. CHRISTIAN FITZ, and DR. MED. R. KHORRAM STUTTGART.


Liposuction Costs in Dresden, Germany $1,802 

Dresden is the capital city of Saxony state in Germany. It is Germany’s second most populous city and the 12th most populated city. It is a well-known place for historical memory and cultural centers of World War II. You can find the best plastic surgery hospitals in Dresden, such as Medical Well Clinic Dresden, Praxis für Ästhetik Dresden, Herr Dr. Marcus Fritzsch, and Praxis Königspark.


Liposuction Costs in Bremen, Germany $1,828 

Berman is a northwest located city in Germany. It is a famous historic place to watch museums and galleries. Berman has a multidisciplinary clinic with international medical networks. You will find the best plastic surgeons, such as Dr. med. Marcus Schlichter, Dr. med. Marcus Schlichter, Prof. Dr. med. Christian Herold, Prof. Dr. med. Christian Herold, Dr. med. Maria Heller.

Methods of Liposuction in Germany

Vaser Liposuction in Germany

Germany offers Vaser liposuction to ease the cosmetic procedure, which modifies the shape and contours of the body by eliminating stubborn fat accumulation. During Vaser liposuction, the surgeon will use the vibration increase of sound energy at resonance, an ultrasound technology. This technology will break down the fat cells by using ultrasonic frequency waves.

Vaser liposuction Germany Price

The average cost of liposuction in Germany is $15300, the lowest price is $10700, and the highest cost is $26700.


Laser Liposuction Germany

Laser liposuction refers to light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser light passes through fat tissues and melts them with heat. Later the melted fat will be suctioned out to reshape the body. Laser technology is the best liposuction in Germany. In addition, several surgeons provide laser liposuction for suitable candidates. The laser liposuction cost starts from 2800 EUR in Germany.

Cheap Liposuction in Germany

The cost of liposuction in Germany may vary for each patient and depend on the additional requirement of procedures. The average price of liposuction in Germany’s clinics is €6,000. Also, the liposuction prices may vary between €1500 to €6000. Liposuction cost is not cheap in Germany as they provide high-quality treatments, but the amount of fat removed during plastic surgery may have less or high cost.

Liposuction in Germany Reviews

  • The German people are sometimes called strict and not friendly, but that is untrue. After getting to know German people, warm up the foreign people.
  • According to the corona safety ranking, Germany is the most efficient and safe country globally.
  • Germany owns a high-tech infrastructure system and law enforcement system.
  • Choosing Germany for liposuction will give me the experience of fast city life.
  • Germany’s living standard is very high. Renting is common, and expats can have a comfortable life.
  • Germany has more English speakers.
  • Germany got the best international reputation for its quality healthcare and standard care. Germany has highly qualified doctors, surgeons, medical specialists, and expert nurses.
  • Germany has ruled that medical professionals must have extensive knowledge and training before they are accepted in hospitals and clinics.
  • Germany also provides state-of-the-art technologies that create possibilities to meet patients’ expectations.
  • Germany is also famous for their superior engineering and innovative technologies.
  • Every German hospital is equipped with high technologies like 3D ultrasound and MRI.
  • Hospitals in Germany have surgical robots, targeted radiation therapies, and heart catheters.

Liposuction Advancement in Germany

Germany uses highly advanced body contouring devices, including innovative controlled temperature fat reduction devicesnon-invasive sclerotherapy treatmentcellulite treatment, and Laser and Vaser technique. In addition, they use Accent Prime body shaping devices, which tighten the skin and improve aesthetics. These innovative devices, RF technologies, and ultrasound provide effective and customized liposuction treatment for a long-lasting beautiful body.

Liposuction in Germany Success Rate

Liposuction procedures are frequently performed in Germany. People value their looks and seek aesthetic correction. Around 200 000 liposuction procedures were done in 2003. Germany has achieved 85-95% success in liposuction procedures, and Vaser Liposuction got a success rate of 95%. As Germany uses advanced body contouring devices, patients can expect to have improved body appearance. These aesthetic devices enhance skin texture and body shape, such as resurfacing and tightening. These procedures need highly skilled medical professionals, increasing the overall success rate of liposuction in Germany.


Liposuction in Germany Insurance

Aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries are elective and do not cover by insurance companies. Germany provides special government rules for different health insurance. Private clinics and hospitals offer private German Insurance plans for their patients and accept self-pay. Medical emergencies might be covered by insurance partially or fully. For example, in severe lipedema cases, the insurance company will cover the liposuction cost, but the patient needs to ask about it during consultation.

Lipedema Liposuction Germany

Lipedema is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the legs and arms in some cases. It has pain symptoms that impact everyday life.

Can Lipedema Be Cured with Liposuction?

Liposuction cannot remove lipedema completely. It can only remove excess fat and relieve the symptoms. Therefore, Liposuction is not the best option for everyone to treat lipedema. Like other surgical procedures, Liposuction owns its risk, and every candidate is unsuitable for Liposuction.

What Liposuction Is Best for Lipedema?

Liposuction methods for lipedema are tumescent anesthesia liposuction and water-assisted Liposuction. 


Liposuction in Germany is the best option for patients abroad. Germany is the most developed country in medical treatments, such as plastic surgeries and Liposuction. You can find well-trained doctors and plastic-cosmetic surgeons in Germany who are the best in their treatment categories. Contact us to find liposuction costs and the best plastic surgeons in Germany.

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Germany

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