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Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Mommy Makeover is a combination of aesthetic procedures to bring the body back to its original shape and close to a natural appearance. Often women lose their body appearance after childbirth due to weight gain and hormonal fluctuations. Some stubborn fat accumulation around the waistline and thighs may not go. Some women stay active, follow diets, and fail to get rid of those fat pockets. Let’s find out more about Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany.

Mommy Makeover Surgery is available in Germany. The Mommy Makeover helps to restore the body like pre-pregnancy. Every Mommy Makeover procedure is customized to suit personalized needs. So when a woman finally decides to have no more babies in the future, they can choose the Mommy Makeover procedure.  Generally, a woman should have around 10 – 20 pounds of ideal weight with a BMI of 30 or less. Tummy tuck helps to contour the body and remove fat cells that will not return, but new fat may accumulate if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Germany offers high-standard plastic surgeons well versed in performing Mommy Makeover and hiding scars to provide scarless procedures. A woman’s body changes include belly expansion, foot swelling, enlarged breasts, and weight gain. Once a baby is born, the body returns to normal, but not everyone will have a slim body back.

The mommy makeover death rate is low in Germany as there are experienced plastic surgeons who perform plastic surgery in less time and prevent complication risk. Suppose you are searching mommy makeover package price near me in Germany. You will find several plastic surgery clinics with different costs for different combinations of plastic surgery procedures with fewer mommy makeover scars on the body. Germany offers the best mommy makeover surgeon for foreign patients to trust and get comfortable during their stay in Germany.


Why Does Corporate Woman Choose Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for every woman, and it causes some unexpected changes to the body. It also depends on hormonal changes and health type. Some women naturally become slim after childbirth, but not everyone, resulting in huge fat gain around the waistline and an ugly body. Mommy Makeover is the best plastic surgery procedure in Germany that provide different treatments such as tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, breast reduction, breast lift, labiaplasty, and body contouring to get back younger looking body after pregnancy.

The mommy makeover procedure is highly satisfying and provides desired results. However, the recovery time of a mommy makeover depends on the patient’s health and healing process.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany

The average cost of Mummy’s makeover in Germany is approximately €10,000. The cost of a Tummy Tuck and breast reduction cost is $4,003, and the cost of a tummy tuck combined with vaginoplasty cost is $4,448. If a patient chooses a mommy makeover with a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and Vaginoplasty, that cost is $4,226. A liposuction mommy makeover is available with Vaginoplasty, which costs around $4,760. There are different costs available for every patient according to their customized requirements.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany

Average Cost (US Dollar)

Average Cost (Euro)

Mommy Makeover Type 1: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction $4,003 3,687 €
Mommy Makeover Type 2: Tummy Tuck + Vaginoplasty $4,448 4,097 €
Mommy Makeover Type 3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty $4,226 3,892 €
Mommy Makeover Type 4: Liposuction + Breast Reduction $4,448 4,097 €
Mommy Makeover Type 5: Liposuction + Vaginoplasty $4,670 4,301 €
Mommy Makeover Type 6: Liposuction + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty $4,670 4,301 €


What All Include in Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany?

Mommy Makeover Type 1: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction

The tummy tuck and breast reduction combination is offered in Germany. This procedure suits females seeking to tighten belly skin and restore perkiness to have a youthful appearance choosing. Mommy Makeover Type 1, which includes Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction, costs around $4,003(3,687 €) in Germany. This procedure involves removing the abdomen’s excess fat tissues and abdominal wall tightening. It may require various body contouring techniques, including liposuction, laser treatment, and suction-assisted lipectomy. With the combination, the patient gets breast reduction surgery involving excess fat and enlarged tissue removal. It will also remove inflammatory folds depending on the anatomy of the patient.


Mommy Makeover Type 2: Tummy Tuck + Vaginoplasty

The second type of mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck combined with vaginoplasty. The plastic surgeon will remove access fat and sagging skin during this process. In addition, they will contour the body and improve volume loss. The patient can choose tummy tuck and vaginoplasty combinations. The vaginoplasty specialist tightens loose vagina skin and muscles caused by childbirth during this procedure. Mommy Makeover Type 2: Tummy Tuck + Vaginoplasty Cost in Germany $4,448(4,097 €).


Mommy Makeover Type 3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty

People seeking mommy makeovers in Germany can have another combination of a tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, and breast reduction procedure. The average cost of Mommy Makeover Type 3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty Cost in Germany is $4,226 (3,892 €). Still, it may vary from patient to patient according to their need. This procedure involves three different procedures and might cost more for some patients. Still, you can find the total cost of a mommy makeover with breast reduction and vaginoplasty procedures.


Mommy Makeover Type 5: Liposuction + Vaginoplasty

A woman seeking a mommy makeover can also choose the option of liposuction with Vaginoplasty if a woman does not have much abdomen fat removal and only seeking body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation that restore tightness and flexibility. It will also treat discomfort and uneasiness. The cosmetic surgeon will use liposuction techniques to remove small pockets of fatty tissues and create body contours. The Mommy Makeover Type 5: Liposuction + Vaginoplasty Cost in Germany $4,670(4,301 €).


Mommy Makeover Type 6: Liposuction + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty

Mommy makeovers with liposuction, breast reduction, and Vaginoplasty allow for correcting the whole body simultaneously. The cosmetic surgeon performs multiple procedures during the same breast reduction surgery and vagina correction. Mommy Makeover Type 6: Liposuction + Breast Reduction + Vaginoplasty $ 4,670 (4,301 €). Each patient may have a different cost depending on personalized needs.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Different Cities in Germany

Mommy Makeover Cost in Germany

Avergae Cost in (USD)

Average Cost (Euro)

Berlin $3,900 3,510 €
Munich $3,939 3,545 €
Hamburg $4,095 3,686 €
Cologne $4,173 3,756 €
Frankfurt $4,134 3,721 €
Stuttgart $4,115 3,703 €
Dresden $4,134 3,721 €
Bremen $4,193 3,773 €


Mommy Makeover Cost in Berlin, Germany: $3,900(3,510 €)

Mommy makeover in Berlin is a standard combination of abdomen, belly, and breast rejuvenation treatment and cosmetic procedures to restore the body before, like, pregnancy. For example, suppose you are from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, and the Middle East. In that case, Berlin is the nearest location for choosing a mommy makeover with breast reduction, abdominoplasty, and sliming arms and leg using liposuction.


Mommy Makeover Cost in Munich, Germany $3,939(3,545 €)

A mommy makeover in Munich costs $3,939(3,545 €). This price will include clinic costs, surgeon costs, and additional medicine or equipment costs. 

Several plastic surgery clinic in Munich, Germany, provides combined cosmetic surgery procedures for international patients, especially from nearby countries like Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Czechia, Austria, and Middle East, which will benefit abroad patients with airport and transportation, hotel, translator, and follow-ups.


Mommy Makeover Cost in Hamburg, Germany $4,095 (3,686 €)

Mommy Makeover in Hamburg is easy to find as many plastic surgery clinics provide tummy tuck, belly fat removal, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Implant Change, Breast reconstruction, Breast fat grafting, and overall body contouring. 

Best plastic surgeons in Hamburg, Germany, use liposuction, laser treatment, and autologous fat transfer to create body contours. Hamburg is the best location for foreign patients seeking mommy makeovers from Netherlands, Poland, UK, and Denmark. Contact our specialist to book an appointment in Hamburg plastic surgery clinics.


Mommy Makeover Cost in Frankfurt, Germany $4,134 (3,721 €)

People looking for mommy makeovers from the UK, France, Belgium, and Paris can choose Frankfurt. There are a good number of internationally accredited plastic surgery clinics and board-certified Plastic-Cosmetic surgeons who restore the unattractive body after pregnancy. Females can have a mommy makeover in Frankfurt under advanced technologies and boost self-confidence. There are correction procedures available for sagging skin of the Breast, tummy fat, back fat, and thigh fat with laser techniques.


Mommy Makeover Cost in Stuttgart, Germany $4,115 (3,703 €)

Mommy makeovers are available with modern methods in Stuttgart, Germany, for patients traveling from Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, and Czechia. The plastic surgery clinics in Stuttgart provide individual therapy concepts to restore beautiful bodies lost during pregnancy. In addition, you can have non-surgical and innovative approaches that enhance skin appearance and scars. There are also options for minimally invasive inner and outer tummy tucks, navel shaping, major tummy tucks, breast lifts, and targeted body contouring with liposuction and Vaginoplasty.

Mommy Makeover Cost Comparison in Germany and Different Countries 2023


Mommy Makeover Estimated Cost

UK $12,000
USA $9000
Spain $9750
Itali $5,989
Thailand $7300
Belgium $2,722
Japan $16,200
UAE $12730
Mexico $6000
Colombia $15,000.000

Mommy Makeover cost is 70% lower in a European country like Germany than UK and USA. Several people travel to nearby countries or faraway countries to get plastic surgeries. The total cost of a mommy makeover includes different prices for anesthesia, blood tests, drugs, and surgeon. Traveling abroad is moving out of your comfort zone to find the best treatment at a reputed and world-class clinic.

Mommy Makeover in Germany Reviews

Why do People Choose to Travel to Germany for Mommy Makeover?

  • Germany is a trending and leading country with advanced technologies for plastic surgery and reconstructive surgeries.
  • Around 40% of Hollywood travels to Germany for aesthetic correction.
  • Germany provides cosmetic correction and reconstructive surgeries for a mommy makeover.
  • There are high-standard services with comfort like home for patients.
  • Mommy makeovers in Germany may be proper for you as there are highly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeons who have the best skills to correct complex conditions.
  • You may find outpatient basis surgical procedures and go home the same day. Foreigner patients can rest in nearby hotels till recovery.


Which Hospital/Clinic to choose in Germany for Mommy Makeover?

It is recommended not to contact any hospital by yourself. Take a trusted expert’s help by writing in our contact form. Our experts will provide the right information, which includes:

  • the type of plastic surgery you need
  • Plastic Surgeon experience
  • They also arrange your travel to Germany, providing information about the hospital and surgeon, language translator, City to choose from, and medical visa information.

Essential Things to Know Before Choosing Mommy Makeover in Germany

  • The mommy makeover procedure is outpatient, and they can recover at home/hotel.
  • The patient will get initial 24 hours assistance and allow to stay in the hospital for observation.
  • The mommy makeover recovery may take around 1-2 weeks and also depend on the specific type of procedure.
  • The patient may get swelling and bruising after surgery, therefore, do not panic. The swelling may go in 6 months.
  • The patient must take an off from work and get help from family and friends to care for her.
  • Avoid driving or traveling quickly after surgery because the pain-stopping medication may affect you.
  • Avoid heavy lifting after surgery, including your babies.
  • Avoid smoking before and after mommy makeover as it affects the blood circulation and delays the surgery wound healing.
  • Choose only the best and board-certified plastic surgery in Germany for a mommy makeover; take our expert help by requesting in the contact form.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to cope with plastic surgery and boost your self-confidence.

Mommy Makeover Regret: Does it Worth Going to Germany?

Several females are excited after mommy makeovers to get firm and younger skin. However, some patients experience regrets as they do not get desired results, which can happen with any surgery. Cosmetic surgery is invasive and needs your time and care for healing to give better results.

Mommy makeover cost is expensive in Germany, depending on the type of procedure involved. Not getting the desired results after high expenses may make the patient regret it.

The patient may feel guilty about not working or caring family members and children for several weeks. Yes, it happens because, after mommy makeover surgery, the patient must rest completely and stay stress-free to achieve better results.

There is also the possibility of getting upset a few weeks after mommy’s makeover surgery with unrealistic expectations. But patients should be required as every patient has a different time to heal the stitches and show results.

Mommy Makeover in Germany Before and After Photos

During the mommy makeover procedure, patients need to provide photos before and after surgery if they are comfortable. Photos of surgery like tummy tuck, breast lift or reduction, liposuction, and abdominoplasty will help to assess the results and correction. Some patients are uncomfortable sharing pictures, so you can also request the clinic staff to keep your photos private from their website for further patients. Some patients ask for images of surgery before choosing the treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Mommy Makeover in Germany?

Mommy Makeover is an elective surgery and not covered by general health insurance. There is a 19% VAT applicable on cosmetic surgery in Germany. Check with your original country’s insurance plans or Germany’s chosen plastic surgery clinic. They may offer to finance mommy makeover procedures. If you do not get insurance and financing options, try taking a bank loan to pay for your makeover surgery.


Mommy Makeover in Germany Success Rate

Germany is the most developed country in central Europe. Mommy makeover in Germany is expensive because of advanced technologies and high-standard plastic surgeons. Germany has a 95% of success rate of mommy makeover procedures with different combinations of liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and Vaginoplasty.

How to Get Mommy Makeover Appointment in Germany?

It is recommended to write to us. Our expert will guide you through booking an appointment in Germany for a mommy makeover and how to choose the best plastic Surgeon. We also provide a second opinion about your problems and treatment. During the consultation, the patient needs to discuss the problem and expectations. Then, a board-certified plastic surgeon will check your health history and recommend the right procedure depending on the requirement of cosmetic goals and physical features.


Mommy makeover in Germany is safe. Contact us to find the top and board-certified plastic surgeons and the best clinics. Please write to us; we will provide a second opinion about your treatment and appointments. Mommy makeover is a combination of different surgeries to create a contoured body. You can have scarless surgeries in Germany and restore a younger appearance.

Best Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons for Mommy Makeover in Germany

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