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Necklift Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Necklift is a plastic-cosmetic surgery process addressing the neck part, jaw, and jawline. When patients have extra skin with the jawline and neck, neck lift procedures can be done alone or with a facelift. There are different methods for a neck lift and facelift. The surgical neck lift is a comprehensive procedure to improve neck appearance. As Germany provides expensive and other types of cosmetic surgeries to its national and international patients, it also offers neck lift procedures, including excess skin removal, neck muscle alteration, botox injection, laser, ultrasound, intense pulsed light, filler, and radiofrequency devices. Learn more about Necklift Cost in Germany, Reviews, and Photos.

Choosing a necklift in Germany is the best option to experience advanced technology treatment and quick recovery from visible signs of aging. The lower jawline, neck, and face are necessary for a youthful appearance. A defined jawline and straight, firm skin with a mento cervical angle between the chin and neck on a lateral view achieve a youthful appearance. The aging signs are slightly fine lines and loose skin of the anterior neck part. Most people notice these signs in shadows.

The neck is considered the middle part of an aesthetic unit, including the face, cleavage, and neck – If one does not look similar, the appearance will look mismatched. It does not matter if this is before or after aesthetic surgery. Therefore, all three must have equal balance to look more balanced. Several people have a fullness impression under their chin due to fat.

Each patient traveling to Germany for neck aesthetic surgery should be examined and evaluated on their aging process and anatomy. Fatty jowls, horizontal creases, and vertical banding work together and cause it to look older. A neck lift improves appearance by tightening skin and underlying muscles by enhancing the contour of the jawline. This procedure was done with a combination of facelift, liposuction, and cheek lift with one surgery session.

Necklift Cost in Germany

The neck lift cost in Germany may differ for every patient and depend on the techniques applied for the procedure. However, the average cost of a neck lift starts from €800. a lower neck lift or minimally invasive neck lift costs between €7,098-11,014.

The lower face and neck lift cost in Germany is $3,400. However, if a patient is seeking a complete facelift, it will cost around $3,300. Remember, different patients need different methods and technologies to correct the neck aesthetic.

Necklift Cost in Germany Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Euro)
Full Neck Lift $3,300 3,003 €
Mini Neck Lift $3,500 3,185 €
Lower Rhytidectomy $3,400 3,094 €

Types of Necklift in Germany

Full Neck Lift Cost in Germany: $3,300(3,003 €)

Full neck-lift cover everything from the neck part to the down face. It is a cosmetic surgery to remove extra fat and skin around the jawline, creating a youthful, more defined neck. It will have long-lasting results to delay the aging process. There will be noticeable differences that appear immediately after a full neck lift. As swelling gets over after several weeks, a younger-looking neck will glow. The combination procedure involves trimming unnecessary fat, removing extra skin, and tightening muscles. The patient wishing to under a neck lift should plan it before 1 – 2 weeks off work. The full neck lift provides long-term results for 7 – 15 years.


Mini Neck Lift Cost in Germany: $3,500(3,185€)

A mini neck lift involves a minimally invasive surgical method to remove excess skin in the jowl part and under the chin to create a youthful and contoured neck and jawline. A mini neck lift is less extensive than a full necklift. Therefore, it has smaller incisions with shorter recovery times and risks. The neck lift is effective for younger people with less elastic skin and less hanging and sagging skin. A person in their 40s or 50s can be an ideal candidate for a mini neck lift.


Lower Rhytidectomy Cost in Germany $3,400(3,094 €)

Lower rhytidectomy refers to face-lift. During a facelift, a fold of skin on both sides of the face is pulled back. The tissue under the skin is altered, and unnecessary skin is removed. It provides a more youthful shape face. A lower facelift targets all part under the mouth corners, which includes the marionette lines, jawline, nasolabial fold, jowls, and neck.

Necklift Cost in Germany’s Different Cities

Necklift Cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $3,300 2,970 €
Munich $3,333 3,000 €
Hamburg $3,465 3,119 €
Cologne $3,531 3,178 €
Frankfurt $3,498 3,148 €
Stuttgart $3,482 3,133 €
Dresden $3,498 3,148 €
Bremen $3,548 3,193 €


Necklift Cost in Berlin, Germany: $3,300(2,970 €)

Find the best aesthetic surgery private clinics in Berlin for a neck lift. Aesthetic surgeries are popular and common in Berlin. Necklift usually comes with a facelift combination. However, sitting in the same position for a longer time, having an inactive lifestyle, and an aging process will cause wrinkles and fold on the neck, which can be treated at Berlin under specialist cosmetic surgeons. Berlin city also offers neck lift procedures for men. Berlin city in Germany offers cutting techniques like S-lift, soft lift, and bio lift for extensive surgery with less scarring depending on the amount of excess skin and wrinkle appearance. In addition, they provide long-lasting results of neck lift by tightening underlying muscle layers.


Necklift Cost in Munich, Germany $3,333 (3,000 €)

Private clinics and personalized appointments for neck lift procedures are available in Munich. The doctors and medical team value detailed discussions with the patient to understand their problems and desired outcomes. They provide a targeted approach for a neck lift to create a neck shape and remove the double chin appearance and neck folds. Traveling to Germany for a neck lift is an excellent choice to remove unclear necklines and unattractive wrinkles. Best plastic-cosmetic surgeons in Munich use in-depth neck function and structure knowledge to achieve long-lasting natural results.


Necklift Cost in Hamburg, Germany $3,465 (3,119 €)

A neck lift is safe in Hamburg. Each patient gets cosmetic surgery for neck treatments by board-certified experienced surgeons. A highly skilled surgeon does cosmetic surgeries with fewer complications and scarless surgeries. You can trust cosmetic surgeons who have award-winning practices and are widely recognized for their exceptional results. In addition, several Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery clinics have advanced treatment methods. Only specialists offer private aesthetic and plastic surgery treatments with combined patient care and the best staff equipped with a modern operating room.


Necklift Cost in Frankfurt, Germany $3,498 (3,148 €)

Get neck lift surgery from highly experienced surgeons in Frankfurt, Germany. Easy appointment booking and personalized video consultation are available for patients abroad. Plastic surgery clinics in Frankfurt provide a youthful neck appearance with a defined jawline by removing loose skin. They will also remove aging signs and double chin. Choosing Frankfurt in Germany for a necklift will have the best consultation session to analyze the situation. It is essential to determine the amount of fat accumulation and sagging skin and whether the patient should have a necklift alone or a combination of the procedure.


Necklift Cost in Stuttgart, Germany: $3,482 (3,133 €)

Stuttgart city in Germany offers neck enhancement procedures for men and women. The plastic surgeons in Stuttgart, Germany, will keep neck rejuvenation with natural results as a primary goal. Understanding neck surface and jawline aesthetics and suitable procedure to age, body mass index, attractiveness to plant necessary treatment option. The best cosmetic surgeons in Stuttgart will cover the full range of plastic reconstructive and hand surgery with aesthetic surgery. Each patient has a different cost package in Stuttgart, Germany, for neck-lift as desired.

Necklift Cost in Germany and International Cost Comparison 2023

The necklace is a popular procedure of aesthetic enhancements. Having a straight and thin neck is a sign of younger looks. A face and neck without a double chin will improve the look by removing excess fat and skin and restoring a youthful neck structure. Every country offers different costs for a neck lift. The neck lift procedure cost includes surgeon fees, advanced technologies cost, the latest medicine cost, and clinic infrastructure. Here is the different countries’ cost for a neck lift.

Country Neck Lift Surgery Cost
Germany $3,400
USA $5,774
Mexico $2,500
UK $3,500
Japan $3,000
Australia $3,800
Colombia $2,250
Canada $1,700

Neck Lift Price in Germany

Neck rejuvenation costs will differ in Germany as there are 13 different procedures available performed by different specialists. The neck lift cost starts from €4,812; the national average cost is approximate €4,278. The cost of neck tightening surgery in Germany is €4,900, and the average cost of a neck and chin lift is €4,278.

Necklift Cost in Germany Reviews 2023

Why Travel to Germany for Necklift Surgery?

  • The best board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive plastic and cosmetic surgery.
  • Women and men can both have neck lift procedures in Germany.
  • Germany offers High Def lipo, Vaser lipo, Renovion, Laser lipolysis, and lipofilling for neck improvement.
  • Foreigner patients worldwide have the best options for neck lift surgery from top surgeons with a combined experienced surgeon with the highest precision, ability, and understanding of innovative high-tech technologies.
  • Germany offers the best plastic-cosmetic treatments for the neck with exposure to environmental influences like heat, sun, or cold. Also, they treat aging-related issues of volume and elasticity, causing wrinkles.
  • If you seek cosmetic surgery for reconstructive purposes, Germany offers treatments for severe illnesses, congenital malformation, and accidents. In addition, they provide treatment for scars and deformities in the neck area.

Neck Lift in Germany Success Rate

Top-ranking plastic-cosmetic surgery clinics provide state-of-the-art modern technologies and methods from highly skilled doctors and medical staff, innovative infrastructure, and relaxing environments that contribute to the high success rate of neck lifts in Germany. National and international citizens traveling to Germany can have promising outcomes that last up to 10 – 15 years. In addition, surgical and nonsurgical procedure options like liposuction for fat removal and Laser and Vaser technologies for saggy skin correction attract people from all over the world to come to Germany for a neck lift and other cosmetic treatments.

Does Insurance Cover Necklift Costs in Germany?

Germany’s clinic only accepts German private insurance and self-pay from the patient. As neck-lift comes in elective procedures, they will not be covered by general health insurance, and a 19% VAT will be applied to cosmetic procedures in Germany. After consultation, each patient will get a detailed cost proposal depending on the type of cosmetic correction and reconstructive surgeries that are partially of entirely covered by insurance. If the surgery is medically indicated, the patient is encouraged to apply for private health insurance before undergoing the procedure.

Necklift Before and After Photos

Browse before and after photos of patients who have undergone a neck lift or a combination of surgeries with a neck lift. You can transform the results of an aging neck with wrinkles into a youthful neck. Some patients do not trust photos; in that case, you can check their social media to see if they are available there, and they will surely share their experiences of cosmetic surgeries. The patient is also asked to take before and after-surgery photos to review outcomes. The patient will require to sign documents to share their photos of the neck lift on the chosen clinic website or Instagram. If the patient is not ready, photos will not be shared. Therefore, you can get personalized and customized neck-lift procedures in Germany. Before cosmetic surgery, the neck will have aging signs, wrinkles, folds, and fat. After having neck lift surgery, the neck looks sculpted, with gentle jaw and neck definition, contoured, natural movement, with long-term results.

Are Neck Lifts Worth the Money?

Undergoing neck lift surgery will delay aging and give a youthful neck. Necklift gives permanent results, but aging will still affect with time. 

Who can be a Suitable Candidate for a Neck Lift in Germany?

A healthy person seeking to rejuvenate the neck or neck and face combination procedure can be suitable. A person should be above 18 years old, but the 30s and 40s are the most appropriate age group to undergo neck lift surgery as this age will have sagging skin and fat deposits.


A neck lift in Germany: How to Get an Appointment?

Finding the best plastic surgeon may stress you due to the several options. It would help to choose a board-certified surgeon with six years of specialization in particular areas of plastic-cosmetic surgery with successful results. Contact us. We will provide direct contact with physicians directly. We can help you get an appointment and prepare for treatment and a diagnosis examination. 

After getting an appointment, the patient will discuss the treatment, cost, insurance, and follows up during consultations. The patient needs to provide every detail about their health, surgery history, and medication allergies so that their physician can examine and recommend a suitable treatment for them.


Plastic-Cosmetic surgery is trending all over the world in the present day. Everyone desires to look beautiful and young. A neck lift can help the patient look younger, like in their 20s when they are in their 40s. A neck lift and other facelifts or body contouring procedures will restore beauty. Germany offers the latest medicines, advanced tools, and technologies for the best cosmetic treatments. The expensive cost is worth the treatment as they provide high-quality care and fulfil patients’ desires. Please feel free to learn more about neck lift costs from our experts.

Best Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons in Germany For Necklift

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