Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos

Germany offers perfection toward specialization of Rhinoplasty. Their ENT expert surgeons aim to provide a natural-looking nose that suits the patient’s face and desires. The qualified rhinoplasty surgeons of Germany consider the safety of patient health and overall facial aesthetics to provide exclusive nose jobs. They offer rhinoplasties with the latest techniques using ultrasonic scalpels, nasal bridge preservation methods, and dorsal preservation. Their primary focus is improving patients’ nose and breathing functions so that they feel comfortable and get a perfect suitable nose. Let’s learn more about Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany, Reviews, Photos.

Rhinoplasty is also called a nose job which means correcting the abnormal size and shape of the nose with surgical or non-surgical methods. The Rhinoplasty procedure can entirely change the face’s appearance or enhance it as the patient desires. It will make you look more beautiful. Nose surgery is also a complicated and challenging procedure. A treatment plan needs a good understanding of nose anatomic analysis and functional assessments.

Several international patients visit Germany for nose correction. Patients often seek Rhinoplasty for many reasons, such as correcting nose bone, straightening nose cartilage, and inner nose correction for ease of breathing. In addition, the patient is generally demanded to get a pleasant appearance by improving the small part of the nose, creating a more balanced and appropriate appearance.

Rhinoplasty in Germany has different cost options and types. If a person chooses minor changes in the nose tip without impacting on nose bone, the price will be less. A complex nose job involves multiple nose bone, cartilage, and inner structure correction corrections. Some nose surgeries have results different than expected due to certain factors such as patient health, the healing process, and reactions. This type of surgery will require revision rhinoplasty, which will be challenging and expensive.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany

Germany has become a top choice for correcting nose appearance. Nose surgery costs in Germany are very competitive, which include renowned surgeon’s fees, the latest medical infrastructure, and additional procedure costs. The average cost of Rhinoplasty in Germany is $9800, the minimum price is $7500, and the maximum price is $13000. Nose surgery in Germany prices depends on different types of procedures. You can find nose plastic surgery costs in Germany during consultation.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Euro)
Open Revision Rhinoplasty $2,446 2,226 €
Closed Nose Job $2,558 2,327 €
Revision Tiplasty $2,780 2,530 €
Filler Rhinoplasty $2,446 2,226 €
Revision Rhinoplasty $2,780 2,530 €

Types of Rhinoplasties and Cost in Germany

Open Revision Rhinoplasty Cost $2,446(2,226 €)

Open revision rhinoplasty referred to as an external rhinoplasty, improved accuracy by the surgeon as it is done by creating a small incision on the columella of the patient. Open Rhinoplasty is applied to gain exposure to the nose structures under the skin for alternation. The external incision will be closed with layers of stitches and removed within one week. Open revision rhinoplasty cost in Germany is $2,446(2,226 €).


Closed Nose Job Cost $2,558 (2,327 €)

Closed Rhinoplasty is only possible if you choose an expert surgeon with excellent skills to perform a closed-nose job. The problem is to do a complete operation with a keyhole. Cutting and sewing from a small tunnel. It requires superior skills and training, and experience. This requires the surgeon to visualize the patient’s nose without seeing it. The average cost of a closed-nose job in Germany is $2,558 (2,327 €).


Revision Tiplasty Cost $2,780 (2,530 €)

Revision Tiplasty refers to revision Tympanoplasty. This surgery aims to repair the eardrum, a thin tissue layer that vibrates for a sound response. In addition, the revision Tiplasty is performed to improve the cartilage of the nose. The Revision Tiplasty cost is $2,780 (2,530 €).


Filler Rhinoplasty Cost $2,446 (2,226 €)

Filler Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical rhinoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery where dermal fillers are applied temporarily to change the nose shape. It is an alternative for people who do not wish to have plastic surgery. This procedure can complete on the treatment day, and results may remain for six months. Filler Rhinoplasty cost in Germany is $2,446 (2,226 €).


Revision Rhinoplasty Cost $2,780 (2,530 €)

Revision rhinoplasty is performed when nose surgery goes wrong or won’t get desired results due to patient health type, poor healing, or anesthesia side effects. Revision Rhinoplasty can be challenging for the surgeon to correct structure loss and extensive scarring. Therefore, it should only be done by surgeons specializing in nasal procedures and with more experience performing challenging surgery.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Germany’s Different Cities

Rhinoplasty cost in Germany Average Cost in (USD) Average Cost (Euro)
Berlin $2,400 2,160 €
Munich $2,424 2,182 €
Hamburg $2,520 2,268 €
Cologne $2,568 2,311 €
Frankfurt $2,544 2,290 €
Stuttgart $2,532 2,279 €
Dresden $2,544 2,290 €
Bremen $2,580 2,322 €


Nose Job Cost in Germany

A nose alteration for common aesthetic purposes must be paid for by the patient’s pocket. The nose job cost varies significantly because of different anatomical conditions and desires. The average nose job cost in Germany is 6000 to 10,900 euros. Foreigner patients have more choice of locations because popular cities in Germany provide all types of Rhinoplasty treatments. You can choose from Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Bremen, Munich, and Hamburg, nearest your location. There are good airport facilities, and you can have a nearby hotel stay to reach plastic surgery clinics. Please contact us to find a second opinion for your treatment and cost.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany and Global Cost Comparison 2023

Country Rhinoplasty Cost
Rhinoplasty Cost in Germany $9800
Rhinoplasty Cost in Mexico $2400
Rhinoplasty Cost in Dubai, UAE $2,576
Rhinoplasty Cost in the UK £4,000 to £7,000
Rhinoplasty Cost in Poland $2200
Rhinoplasty Cost in Ukraine $2400
Rhinoplasty Cost in Czech Republic $2250
Rhinoplasty Cost in USA $1,800 – $13,600
Rhinoplasty Cost in Thailand $1150 – $7150

Ethnic Rhinoplasty will be trending worldwide in 2023. People are seeking to enhance their natural noses with a surgical alteration. It can be challenging to perform a nose job, which involves correcting nose bone, skin, and cartilage. Advanced laser treatment technologies, experienced surgeons’ skills, and advanced medicines made it possible to prevent complications. Therefore, each country has a different cost for Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Germany Cost in Different Cities

Rhinoplasty Cost in Berlin, Germany

The rhinoplasty procedure is available in Berlin. Choose Berlin for the nasal septum correction procedure. Popular plastic surgery clinics perform treatments for crooked nasal septums causing breathing problems. In addition, you can find cosmetic treatments in Berlin that correct the nose bridge by removing excess cartilage tissue or humps. Rhinoplasty Cost in Berlin, Germany is $2,400 (2,160 €). Please contact us to book an appointment with the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Berlin, Germany, such as Prof. Dr. G. Bjorn Stark (35 years of experience) and Prof. Dr. Steffen U. Eisenhardt (15 years of experience).


Rhinoplasty Cost in Munich, Germany

Abroad, patients can find rhinoplasty treatment in the city of Munich. These famous cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals aim to provide nose correction surgery and increase the self-worth of a patient. Apart from straightening the nose and nasal septum correction, they offer treatment for nose correction related to breathing problems. Please contact us to book an appointment with the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Munich, Germany, like Prof. Dr. med. Milomir Ninkovic (29+ years of experience)Prof. Dr. Med. Hans Gunther Machens (30 years of experience).


Rhinoplasty Cost in Frankfurt, Germany

Rhinoplasty surgery is also available in the famous city of Frankfurt, Germany. There are advanced technologies available for stubborn fat deposit removal. S-thetic is one of the most popular and trusted plastic surgery clinics offering nose correction treatments. There is also Dr. Bianca Knoll, who is offering Rhinoplasty in Frankfurt. They provide open and closed Rhinoplasty with a one-day procedure, anesthesia use, and surgery completion in 3 – 4 hours. Rhinoplasty Cost in Frankfurt, Germany, is $2,544(2,290 €).


Rhinoplasty Cost in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart city in Germany is another option for Rhinoplasty. Set your goals clear for a beautiful nose, whether reconstructive or cosmetic. The plastic surgeons in Stuttgart clinic analyze the patient’s nose anatomical structure entirely and then recommend suitable alternation or correction rhinoplasty options. They own computer-stimulated nose visualization of advanced technologies. Plastic surgery clinics in Stuttgart have outpatient procedures that take 1 – 2 hours under general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty Cost in Stuttgart, Germany, $2,532 (2,279 €).

Rhinoplasty in Germany Reviews 2023

Why Travel to Germany for Rhinoplasty?

  • Germany is a top choice for Rhinoplasty in Europe, where you can get the best nose correction surgery.
  • Germany offers combinations of advanced medical facilities, competitive cost options, and renowned doctors and surgeons for their prospective patients.
  • Abroad, patients choosing Rhinoplasty in Germany can get access to the best plastic surgeons in Europe.
  • Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeons and medical staff have impressive qualifications, world-standard training, and more experience in nose job specialization.
  • Germany provides well-versed care for their national and foreign patient seeking Rhinoplasty.
  • Abroad, patients can get English-speaking staff and the best rhinoplasty packages to make patients feel at home.
  • International patients can easily travel to Germany. UK patients can reach Germany in 1-2 hours, and airlines are budget-friendly.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Germany

Germany has the best Rhinoplasty Surgeons for Aesthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery to improve patients’ health, harmony, and well-being. You can find specialized private medical practitioners for aesthetic and plastic surgery. The surgeon’s goal is to provide customized plastic surgery treatment plans to their patient to fulfil their desires and feel happy about their appearance. Germany’s Plastic surgeons focus on providing natural-like noses and improving defects. Please contact us to find a suitable Plastic surgeon in Germany.

Rhinoplasty Success Rate in Germany

Rhinoplasty demand is growing worldwide, and advanced technologies are making it possible to fulfil patient desires to achieve suitable results. Patients look for reconstructive nose surgery due to injury or congenital disability, or people choose Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. This nose job surgery enhances the nose’s shape and size and makes it perfect. Germany has achieved an 80% to 95% success rate with board-certified plastic surgeons who are experienced and best in their rhinoplasty skills.

Rhinoplasty Insurance in Germany

Does insurance cover Rhinoplasty in Germany?

Rhinoplasty comes under elective surgery that will not cover by general insurance plans. However, nose surgery done for reconstructive purposes may have some percentage of cost coverage. Still, the patient must discuss the nose plastic surgery insurance during consultation.

Rhinoplasty Botched Surgeries in Germany

Rhinoplasty botched surgeries are rare in Germany as qualified and well-trained plastic surgeons perform nose jobs. There are also low chances of botched surgeries in Germany because the plastic surgeon must pass 6 years of specialist examination with the state medical association before, they can start practicing in a clinic.

How To Prevent Botched Surgery?

  • Choose an experienced and board-certified plastic-cosmetic surgeon who has already performed challenging surgeries.
  • Know your health, allergies, medicine, and chemical allergies during tests.
  • Avoid flying after plastic or cosmetic surgery that can increase the risk of affecting the surgery’s healing. Instead, stay near the clinic for regular follow-ups so you can have a fast recovery.
  • Follow the guidelines of your surgeon, and take medications on time.
  • Eat healthily and stay positive.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos Germany

Rhinoplasty is a common nose surgery, so the chosen plastic surgeon or clinic will show you photos of previous patients before and after. It will give you an idea about your expectations. Even they take your nose photos before and after surgery to assess the results. Therefore, telling your doctor what you expect about size and shape is essential. The plastic surgery clinic in Germany has a photo gallery on website, which is generously allowed to share their nose job before and after.


Rhinoplasty Consultation in Germany

Rhinoplasty Consultation booking in Germany’s aesthetic surgery clinics can be accessible through our help. Our expert provides a second opinion about the treatments. We also have worldwide collaboration with hospitals and surgeons.

If you research on the internet and find yourself, it might be challenging to trust. There will be scammers and duplicate website traps. Therefore, contact us to find trusted Clinics and top plastic surgeons in Germany.

During consultation booking, the patient must provide a health record and any previous surgery details. Find out rhinoplasty surgery cost and outcomes.


Do you need Visa for Rhinoplasty in Germany?

Germany is constantly becoming a prominent destination for medical visitors, including aesthetics purposes. High-quality care and strict ethical standards provide quick access to expert medical care at a cost-to-quality ratio. A medical visa is necessary for traveling to Germany for aesthetic treatment. You can apply before planning the treatment. Also, get extended validity from the international embassy in your country.

Rhinoplasty Who is a Suitable Candidate 

People looking for nose correction and enhancement can be suitable candidates. But the person should be healthy enough to get the treatment. There should be no record of any recurring disease. The patient must undergo certain tests to determine whether or you are suitable for Rhinoplasty.


After Rhinoplasty

After Rhinoplasty surgery, the patient slowly starts to recover and gets noticeable results in 3 months. However, the final result appears after one year of surgery performed.


Rhinoplasty After 20 Years

After 20 years of Rhinoplasty, you may notice changes different from the results. Afterall aging process will do its work. With aging overall body and face will change. But you will have minimal change in 20 years. 


Rhinoplasty in Germany is Safe. There are several options for Rhinoplasty in different cities in Germany. There are renowned and experienced surgeons and internationally accredited plastic surgery clinics. Germany has strict rules: each surgeon must complete six years of training and examination before starting surgeries. Germany is one the top-ranking countries in Europe, offering nose jobs at the lowest to highest prices depending on the patient’s requirement. They also have surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures combined with laser treatments. Contact us, book an appointment or get a second opinion.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Germany

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