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Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya 2023Find Best Plastic Surgeons, Reviews

Breast Reduction Cost in Kenya range between $1,426 (KES 1,97,010) – $3,328 (KES 4,59,690)

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery recommended for women with sagging and shapeless breasts after massive weight loss or pregnancy. Breast reduction is also referred to as mammoplasty. Kenya provides board-certified surgeons in the top hospital committed to patient satisfaction. They go beyond to ensure breast reduction is the perfect fit for unique needs. Let’s find out more about Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya.

Breast reduction is chosen for cosmetic purposes or reconstructive treatments. Breast reduction surgery helps to correct the enlarged breast by reducing the size of breast tissues and nipple and lifting the areola. However, several patients experiencing too large and heavy breasts have neck and back pain caused by excessive weight, skeletal deformities, skin irritation, and breathing problems. In addition, heavy and large breasts can interfere with daily activities like exercise.

Breast reduction surgery removes abnormally grown breast volume and creates a beautiful shape. Plastic surgeons in Kenya remove excess breast tissue from the side, middle, and top so patients can have good cleavage after surgery. Patients undergoing breast reduction surgery seek relief from physical discomfort by removing excess weight from large breasts. Boob reduction surgery also involves areola reduction and nipple reduction surgery, and then the surgeon performs breast lifting work to give the patient a desired shape and size. Kenya, especially Nairobi, is famous for providing desired breast sizes for Kenyan women.

Kenya provides reasonable breast reduction surgery costs. Breast reduction surgery prices in Kenya are different for different types of procedures. Kenya’s plastic surgeons additionally operate advanced procedures of lipo 360 and breast reduction. Choosing the best plastic surgery in Kenya works best for breast reduction surgery recovery. Let’s find out more details about the cost and procedures of breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya

Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Kenya Shilling (KES)
Minimum Cost $1,426 KES 1,97,010
Average Price $2,377 KES 3,28,350
Maximum Cost $3,328 KES 4,59,690


Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Kenya

Breast reduction surgery costs depend on factors such as hospital expenses, plastic surgeon costs, medication, and the latest technology usage. The minimum breast reduction cost starts at $1,426, and the average price for breast surgery is 2,377. However, if the surgeon’s experience is more and uses laser or VASER technique, the breast surgery price increase, and the maximum Cost can be up to $3,328 in Kenya.

Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya’s Different Cities

Cities Average Cost in USD Cost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi $2,259 KES 3,12,000
Mombasa $2,293 KES 3,16,800
Kisumu $2,429 KES 3,35,520
Nakuru $2,443 KES 3,37,440
Ruiru $2,603 KES 3,59,520
Eldoret $2,566 KES 3,54,480
Kikuyu $2,441 KES 3,37,200
Thika $2,405 KES 3,32,160


Breast Reduction Surgery Price In Kenya

Breast Reduction Procedures Average Cost in USD Average Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Anchor Scar Breast Reduction $40,296 KES 55,65,000
Vertical Breast Reduction $41,817 KES 57,75,000
Breast Reduction by Liposuction $43,338 KES 59,85,000
Lollipop Breast Reduction $39,232 KES 54,18,000
Inverted T Breast Reduction $39,992 KES 55,23,000
Anchor Breast Reduction $41,361 KES 57,12,000
Reduction Mammoplasty $42,273 KES 58,38,000
Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction $39,232 KES 54,18,000
Horizontal scar Breast Reduction $39,992 KES 55,23,000
Vertical scar Breast Reduction $41,361 KES 57,12,000
Inferior pedicle Breast Reduction $42,273 KES 58,38,000
Wise pattern Breast Reduction $40,296 KES 55,65,000

Different Types of Breast Reduction in Kenya

Anchor Scar Breast Reduction: $40,296

The breast reduction surgery involving an anchor-like incision for fat removal is called anchor scar breast reduction. It is also called lollipop breast reduction. Anchor or lollipop scar breast reduction allows the surgeon to remove excess fat, breast tissues, and sagging skin. After removing extra things, the surgeon will reshape the breast, and nipple, and stitch back.


Vertical Breast Reduction: $41,817

Vertical breast reduction has verticle shape incision for fat removal. The medial pedicle vertical breast reduction simplified approach. It has less scarring and better shape in both short- and long-term results. This surgery is faster to perform with minimal blood loss. The recovery for the patient is easy and has high satisfaction.


Breast Reduction by Liposuction Cost in Kenya: $43,338

Breast reduction using liposuction can help to reduce the proportion to the volume of at removal. Liposuction lowers breast weight and size by increasing natural elasticity in tissue to retract and create a visible breast lift.


Lollipop Breast Reduction Cost in Kenya: $39,232

Breast reduction with a lollipop is a popular method for reducing and creating a contouring breast area. It is a very effective type of breast reduction that significantly changes breast shape and size. The lollipop breast reduction involves outlining the areola and moving downward in a straight line toward the breast crease. It will create a shape like a lollipop.


Inverted T Breast Reduction Cost in Kenya: $39,992

The inverted T breast reduction is suitable for patients experiencing very large breasts or females with massive weight loss and excess skin. The inverted T pattern breast reduction has a low complication rate. It is also helpful for breast cancer and provides satisfying cosmetic results.


Reduction Mammoplasty Cost in Kenya: $42,273

Reduction mammoplasty is a procedure involving volumetric breast reduction. This process will help to improve the breast shape and reposition the nipple and areola. However, it will have mild complications like nipple sensation, infections, and breast reduction scars.


Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction Cost in Kenya: $39,232

It is a technique of nipple grafting with an inframammary incision without a vertical incision, safely providing promising results. The free nipple graft is the best aesthetic alternative utilized in breast reduction. The free nipple graft suits patients with excessively ptotic or large breasts. It will remove breast volume with good projection.


Horizontal scar Breast Reduction Cost in Kenya: $39,992

Horizontal scar breast reduction is another technique for creating a T scar incision to remove vertical scar leaving the periareolar and inframammary component. This scar is only made under the natural breast fold.

Breasts Reduction Treatment Success Rate In Kenya

Undergoing breast reduction surgery is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Suppose you worry about the outcome of breast reduction. However, you can relax and leave worrying because breast reduction is a safe method with a high success rate in Kenya. Kenya provides the latest techniques with advanced technologies to provide the best possible treatment for removing the weight of sagging breasts and creating improved shape and size. As a result, the success rate of breast reduction in Kenya is high (90%). Several patients have undergone breast reduction treatment and are satisfied with the results.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Kenya: Reviews

  • Breast reduction is available in Kenya’s different places like Nairobi,
  • Mombasa.
  • Patients can opt for breast reduction for plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.
  • Kenya provides the best plastic surgery, which is internationally board certified, which helps the patient have minimal side effects and positive results.
  • Patients seeking breast reduction in Kenya can perform an extensive tummy tuck and bbl surgeries with breast reduction.

Who Is An Eligible Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with the following condition can choose breast reduction:

too large breast

  • large hanging breast with areolas and nipples pointing downward
  • breast asymmetry that one large and one small breast
  • large breast causing neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • restrictions from physical activity
  • self-consciousness and dissatisfaction

Does NHIF Cover Breast Reduction Costs?

Breast reduction performed for cosmetic enhancement is not covered by NHIF. However, NHIF covers the Cost of surgery performed for breast cancer.

A breast surgical oncologist from Nairobi reported that one of his patients disappeared in mid of ongoing treatment and returned after six months with the joy of saving money for her remaining treatment. Therefore the local National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) started helping many patients who cannot provide breast reduction costs. In addition, NHIF covers breast reduction costs for families facing financial hardship so they do not have treatment delays.

Cosmetic Breast Reduction in Kenya

Breast reduction is also conducted for cosmetic reasons. When a woman goes through pregnancy, the hormonal changes highly affect breast shape and size. Choosing breast reduction for cosmetic reasons has reshaped breast and areola reduction. Breast reduction total Cost includes areola reduction cost because it can not be performed separately. Breast and areola reduction scars run around the areola’s outer edges, and the scarring’s severity varies.

Internal Scar Tissue After Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery will have visible marks as every patient have a different healing process after breast reduction surgery. Scar grows after a surgeon creates an incision in the skin and then closes up the incision to allow the body to develop scar tissue. Scar tissue is new skin tissue that fills the gap that occurs by the incision.

What does internal scar tissue feel like?

Scar tissue can have a local part of pain when stretched or touched or produce a pain that feels like a nerve, a constant burn that gradually turns sharp.

Common Problems after Breast Reduction Surgery

Some cases may experience problems that include: scarring, bruising, breastfeeding difficulty, unhappy results, rare cases, and loss of nipple or surrounding skin.


Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Breast reduction can recover in 2 – 6 weeks to completely recover from breast reduction surgery. You may need to take off from work for 2 – 3 weeks. Patients should have family members, friends, or someone to care for and manage housework. The patient should not drive until the pain completely goes away.


Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Week By Week

The patient will have a week-by-week recovery after breast reduction surgery. Healing will take time; incision healing will take 2 – 3 weeks. The patient may feel sore for 2 – 3 weeks and have a stretching sensation in the breast. The doctor will provide pain medicine for one or two weeks which can increase strength.


2 weeks after breast reduction surgery

After two weeks of breast reduction surgery, the patient should not lift heavy things. After that, patients can comfortably do daily activities without straining the body.

Breast Reduction Without Surgery in Kenya

Breast reduction without surgery is suitable for females who have less removal, which can be done with pills, slimming and firming creams, and herbal supplements. Diet and exercise can also be helpful in the initial stage, where a woman can have breast reduction without surgery. However, all these options, like pills, creams, diet, and exercise, are not working for breast reduction and causing discomfort. Therefore, women can opt for breast reduction surgery only if their doctor recommends it and their health is completely normal. Breast reduction surgery will remove extra skin, sagging skin, fat, and enlarged tissues and provide aesthetic enhancement.

Can A Higher BMI Cause A Longer Healing Time After Breast Reduction Surgery?

According to one research study, higher BMI patients take longer to heal from breast reduction. A higher body mass index is one of the risk factors for delayed wound healing in patients opting for breast reduction surgery. Older age is another identified risk factor for minor complications. Age and body weight interfere with healing and increase the complication risk after breast reduction. Therefore, having a healthy body weight and no other health problems is essential for faster breast-reduction healing.

Can You Breastfeed After A Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breastfeeding after breast reduction is more difficult but not impossible. Breastfeeding depends on the way the surgery was done. If you choose a good plastic surgeon who has not damaged any nerve or milk duct system during surgery, the patient can have more breastfeeding success. The potential problem with breastfeeding after surgery may include nipple sensitivity due to improper nerve functions and decreased milk production due to insufficient nutrients as the patient will be taking medicine for surgery pain.


Breast reduction surgery is a standard option for decreasing breast size. However, there are other non-surgical options available in Kenya. Breast reduction surgery prices in Kenya are affordable and provide different procedures. Top hospitals in Kenya provide the best plastic surgeons who are experienced and internationally board certified. Contact us for a second opinion about your condition and Breast Reduction Cost In Kenya.

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