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Cardiac Surgery in Kenya

Looking for cardiac surgery in Kenya if you are dealing with a severe heart problem can worry you and your entire family. Heart problems in Kenya are increasing along with the upsurge in other non-communicable illnesses. Cardiovascular disease will likely become the nation’s most significant health problem in the next decade. It will place substantial strain on the health care system and the economy as a whole in Kenya. Kenya is keen on delivering the highest excellent treatment for heart conditions. The patient will get high-quality treatment from a dedicated and highly qualified cardiac team in a leading hospital at a predictable, cardiac surgery cost in Kenya.

Kenyans with heart diseases can now get focused treatment in significant hospitals with help from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). The top hospitals will do cardiac surgery in Kenya with NHIF insurance of up to Sh500,000 per patient. Kenya hospitals have the best interventional cardiologists and surgical specialists. In addition, they have state-of-the-art surgical techniques, equipment, and devices, as well as minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Kenya. Most heart surgeons in Kenya specialize in cardiac surgery for adults and children with all disorders.

The hospitals are well-prepared with an advanced operation theatre, devoted and custom-made to the individual patient. They will be completed with a specifically skilled team of cardiac surgery in Kenya working together to provide wide-ranging care before, during, and after cardiac surgery. Furthermore, at expertchikitsa.com, we will ensure you can explore a reasonable cardiac surgery cost in Kenya for your heart ailments.

Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya

Improvement in the critical cardiac surgery cost in Kenya varies between Sh400,000 and Sh500,000. In comparison, India costs around Sh2 million, while in South Africa, it is approximately Sh3 million. In addition, private hospitals in Kenya spend around Sh35,000 per day in ICU.

Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya

 Cardiac Surgery in Kenya Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Kenya Shilling (KES)
Bental’s Procedure $10,384 Ksh 1,246,104
BT Shunt $5,816 Ksh 697,896
BD Glenn Shunt $5,816 Ksh 697,896
ICR (TOF) $8,932 Ksh 1,071,792
Aortic Arch Repair $9,346 Ksh 1,121,472
PDA Ligation $4,984 Ksh 598,104
Coarctation Repair $5,816 Ksh 697,896
PA Banding $5,816 Ksh 697,896
Atrial Septal Defect Closure(ASD) $7,477 Ksh 897,264
Minimally Invasive $9,554 Ksh 1,146,528
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) $7,477 Ksh 897,264
AP Window $8,307 Ksh 996,840
AV Canal $8,307 Ksh 996,840
Valve Repair $9,346 Ksh 1,121,472
Ebstein Repair $8,307 Ksh 996,840
RSOV Repair $8,307 Ksh 996,840
SAM Excision $5,816 Ksh 697,896
Senning $9,346 Ksh 1,121,472
TAPVC $8,307 Ksh 996,840
Fontan $9,346 Ksh 1,121,472
Rastelli $11,216 Ksh 1,345,896
REV Procedure $11,216 Ksh 1,345,896
ROSS Procedure $12,461 Ksh 1,495,368
Arterial Switch $10,384 Ksh 1,246,104
Truncus Arteriosus Repair $12,461 Ksh 1,495,368
Norwood Operation $18,693 Ksh 2,243,160
Double Switch $18,693 Ksh 2,243,160
Single Stage Unifocalization &ICR $19,732 Ksh 2,367,792

What is Cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac surgery, or cardiovascular surgery, is the procedure of the heart or the blood vessels that transport blood to and out of the heart.

It is used to cure problems of ischemic heart disease (like coronary artery bypass grafting); to correct congenital heart ailment; or to treat valvular heart disease from many causes, including endocarditis, rheumatic heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

In addition, it is used for heart transplantation. Cardiac surgeons perform cardiac surgery.

What are Cardiac Surgeon Treatments in Kenya?

Cardiac surgeons can manage any disease, disorder, or injury that involves surgery to repair or improve. For example, anything from trauma such as a car crash, stab wound, or gunshot treats heart damage from a disease or a condition. The most common conditions that involve a cardiac surgeon include:

-Heart valve diseases

-The heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias)

-A Heart failure

-Aortic dissection

-Congenital heart complications such as holes between chambers of the heart, involving ventricular septal and atrial septal defects.

Types of Cardiac Surgery 

BT Shunt: A Blalock-Taussig (BT) shunt is a small tube that joins the arterial circulation to the pulmonary circulation to get more blood to the lungs. The BT shunt is a series of operations needed to repair complex congenital heart defects. BT Shunt surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 697,896 and $5,816.

BD Glenn Shunt: The bidirectional Glenn (BDG) shunt, or bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis, is a surgical method done in pediatric cardiac surgery to temporarily improve blood oxygenation in patients with an inborn cardiac defect arising in a single functional ventricle. BD Glenn Shunt’s surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 697,896($5,816).

Aortic Arch Repair: Aortic arch surgery is a highly intricate procedure. It needs a heart-lung bypass, via which, after opening the chest, circulation is deflected from the heart and lungs, and oxygenated blood is pumped all over the body by the external machine. Aortic arch replacement is an open-heart surgery done by a cardiac surgeon specializing in the technique. Aortic arch surgery in Kenya is Ksh 1,121,472 and USD 9,346.

PDA Ligation: Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a congenital heart problem. A vein usually closed at birth (the ductus arteriosus) stays open when the illness is present. It leads to oxygen-rich blood that should be circulating in the body in place of going back to the lung. PDA ligation is a technique to correct this condition. PDA Ligation surgery price in Kenya is Ksh 598,104 and $4,984.

PA Banding: Pulmonary artery banding (PAB) is a palliative surgical method used to improve congenital cardiac deformity, characterized by pulmonary over-circulation formed by left-to-right shunting of blood. PAB is performed for palliation in a specific subset of infants with complex congenital heart disease. PA Banding surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 697,896($5,816).

Minimally Invasive: Minimally invasive heart surgery, termed keyhole surgery, is used for conventional methods and operated on or inside the heart using a small cut. The surgeon occasionally uses specific instruments for surgery. Minimally Invasive heart surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 1,146,528 and $9,554.

AP Window: Treatment for aortopulmonary window includes surgery closing the hole between the aorta and the pulmonary artery with a patch. This surgery is usually performed as early as possible after the detection is made, generally when the child is a newborn. AP Window surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 996,840($8,307).

AV Canal: Atrioventricular canal defect, also named atrioventricular septal defect, is an integration of heart problems involving the heart’s center. Heart illness is a congenital heart defect. Children born with this problem have a hole in the heart’s chambers and difficulties with the valves that control blood movement in the heart. AV Canal surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 996,840 while $8,307.

Valve Repair: Heart valve operation repairs or changes a valve that’s too small or doesn’t close right. Valves must work effectively to help blood flow in the right direction via the heart. Heart valve surgery possibilities involve open, minimally invasive, or via vein access to the heart. Recovery time is one or two months, based on the surgery. Valve Repair surgery price in Kenya is Ksh 1,121,472 and $9,346.

SAM Excision: Subaortic membrane resection is an open-heart surgery carried out under general anesthesia with the help of a heart-lung bypass machine. The surgeon will expose the chest and the aorta close to the aortic valve. As a result, the subaortic membrane is eliminated, which will return blood flow from the left ventricle to the body. SAM Excision surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 697,896 and $5,816.

Senning: The Senning technique is named after its inventor; the Swedish cardiac surgeon Åke Senning is an atrial switch heart surgery to cure the arteries’ transposition. An arterial switch operation is a surgery to reverse the transposition of the arteries leaving the heart (TGA) with or without ventricular septal defect (VSD). Senning surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 1,121,472($9,346).

Fontan: The Fontan process denotes any surgical process that results in the systemic flow of venous blood to the lungs without passing via a ventricle. The Fontan procedure is a form of open-heart surgery. Children aged for this surgery are 18–36 months old. Fontan surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 1,121,472, whereas $9,346.

REV Procedure: The REV procedure is a surgical method used to cure transposition of great arteries related to ventricular septal defect and blockage of the pulmonary outflow tract. REV procedure cost in Kenya is Ksh 1,345,896($11,216).

ROSS Procedure: The Ross procedure for aortic valve restoration helps improve your quality of life. It changes a nonfunctioning aortic valve with the pulmonary valve. Then, a healthy donor valve adjusts the original pulmonary valve. After getting better, many people live a healthy, active lifestyle for a year. This intricate heart surgery is for adults and children with aortic valve complications. Ross procedure cost in Kenya is Ksh 1,495,368 and $12,461.

Arterial Switch: The arterial switch technique is called the Jatene switch procedure. An arterial switch procedure is an open-heart surgery that reinstates normal blood circulation in the baby’s body. Arterial Switch procedure price in Kenya is Ksh 1,246,104 while $10,384.

Single Stage Unifocalization &ICR: Single-stage unifocalization is a proper treatment selection in ventricular septal defect, pulmonary atresia, and major aortopulmonary collateral arteries. Single Stage Unifocalization &ICR surgery cost in Kenya is Ksh 2,367,792($19,732).

Symptoms Cardiac Surgery

Heart disease symptoms can differ depending on the conditions.

Signs of abnormal heart rhythms are like:

-Pounding or racing heart (palpitations)

-Chest pain



-Shortness of breath

Indications of heart valve disease are:



-Chest pain


Symptoms of obstructions in the blood vessels in the heart, other organs, or all over the body may contain:

-Pain in the chest or upper body

-Neck pain

-Heartburn or indigestion


– Breathless

-Nausea or vomiting


Signs of heart-pumping difficulties consist of:

-Inflammation in the lower body


-Shortness of breath

Heart difficulties that you’re born with may have signs that are:

-Heart whisper

-Inability to do exercise

-Shortness of breath

Complications with the heart’s lining can give symptoms such as:

-Chest pain is usually sharp and deteriorates with deep breathing


-Breathing problem

-Swelling in the lower portion of the body

Kinds of Tests for Cardiac Diseases

The common tests to detect cardiovascular disease involves:

-Blood work measures constituents in the blood that specify cardiovascular health, including cholesterol and specific proteins.

-Electrocardiogram (EKG)

-Ambulatory monitoring


-CT Cardiac

-MRI Cardiac

-Stress tests

-Cardiac catheterization

Risks and Benefits of Cardiac Surgery

Heart surgery has better results overall. But there are still several risks related to the surgery. Potential dangers and difficulties are as below:

-Allergic reaction to anesthesia



-Confusion or problem in thinking clearly

-Damage to neighboring blood vessels or organs

-Infection in the incision or inside the chest


The risks are higher if patients have these health situations:


-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

-Kidney disorders


-Peripheral artery disease

-Smoking and tobacco surge the risk of difficulties during and after surgery.

Benefits are:

Some of the possible benefits of heart surgery involve:

-The lesser risk of stroke

-Fewer difficulties with memory loss and thinking skills

-Lower death rate, particularly among women and high-risk patients

-A lesser requirement for transfusion

-Lessened injury to the heart

-Shorter hospital stays

-Fewer heart rhythm difficulties

Summary of Cardiac Surgery in Kenya

Requiring heart surgery can be a daunting, even fearsome, condition to face. Every patient who requires heart surgery has a team of healthcare providers and specialists, ranging from technicians and support staff to nurses, expert physicians, and surgeons in Kenya. A patient’s requirement for cardiac surgery is the only condition to visit a cardiac surgeon.

Talk to the cardiologist that helps you deal with your overall heart health. Without proper treatment, cardiovascular disease can cause heart attacks or strokes. Adopt good lifestyle changes or take medications to handle your cardiovascular condition. Early diagnosis can help with effective treatment, so always notices your symptoms. As a result, many people live active life with cardiovascular disease.

FAQs of Cardiac Surgery in Kenya

-What would be the survival rate of heart surgery?

Heart surgery survival rates vary with the surgery and how many complications are repaired in operation. Survival rates are:

Mitral valve restoration for mitral valve prolapses: 100%. Aortic valve replacement: 98.1%. Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG): 97.8%.

-Can heart surgery be painful?

Pain after the cardiac surgery is most extreme in the first 24 hours and reduces on subsequent days. However, pain occurs severely in patients after open thoracic surgery.

-How much time does a heart surgery take?

Heart surgery typically takes three to six hours, varies on how complex the operation is.

-Can an ECG identify a blocked artery?

No, an electrocardiogram cannot find the blocked arteries. So instead, clogged arteries are analyzed with a nuclear stress test, cardiac pet scan, coronary CT angiogram, or traditional coronary angiogram.

-Which test is best for heart blockage?

Heart (cardiac) CT scan

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