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Kidney Transplant Cost in Kenya – Find Best Surgeon, Reviews and Success Rate

Kidney diseases are rising in the present world due to lifestyle ailments like diabetes and hypertension. These diseases are more likely to increase the risk of kidney problems and require kidney transplants to treat chronic conditions. Kidney transplant surgery is recommended for suitable candidates like adults suffering from complete kidney damage and children born with congenital disabilities. Let’s find out more about Kidney Transplant Cost in Kenya.

Earlier African citizens had to fly overseas for kidney transplants, and even donors must go out of the country, which used to cost them an expensive budget, including hospital charges, air tickets, stay costs, food, and other additional cost. With at least Sh 2 million, a person could collect funds by selling their property or managing with a fundraiser for transplant costs. Kenya’s hospitals made it possible by performing kidney transplant procedures in their own country and making patients feel comfortable in their place without spending higher costs. In addition, Kenya’s hospital has established a specialized Renel department and kidney transplant laboratory.

Kidney’s government feel proud to provide kidney transplant in this modern world and attract all South African patient to travel to Kenya for surgeries. Kenya’s medical staff and doctors got recognition for their excellent patient care, and donors were encouraged to publish to have safe kidney transplant procedures in Kenya.

African citizens prefer to have kidney transplants in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi city in Kenya is the best place to provide advanced medical facilities with affordable cost, high success rate, and insurance coverage with world-class facilities. We can provide you with the top hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya, with the best reviews and ratings, do write to us.

Kidney Transplant Cost in Kenya

A kidney transplant is a complicated surgery requiring specialized technology, an experienced nephrologist, and medications. When kidney loses their ability to filter waste from the body, treatment is essential to replace the unhealthy and damaged kidney with a healthy kidney. Most kidney failure occurs due to diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, chronic high blood pressure, interstitial nephritis, and glomerulonephritis.

Different conditions of kidney diseases have different cost, which includes Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants cost is$19,500 (KES 24,18,000), Living Donor Kidney Transplants cost $20,500 (KES 25,42,000), Robotic Kidney Transplants $22,000 (KES 27,28,000), Pediatric Kidney Transplants $23,500 (KES 29,14,000).


Price Of Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant in Kenya

Average cost in USD

Average cost in Kenyan Shillings

Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants $19,500 KES 24,18,000
Living Donor Kidney Transplants $20,500 KES 25,42,000
Robotic Kidney Transplants $22,000 KES 27,28,000
Pediatric Kidney Transplant $23,500 KES 29,14,000

Types And Kidney Transplant Kenya Price

Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants Cost in Kenya: $19,500(KES 24,18,000)

Kenya provides deceased kidney transplant donors from recently died persons whose family is willing to donate the kidney for the needed patient. The donated kidney is either frozen or connected to a machine that offers oxygen and nutrients till the kidney is transplanted into the patient. The donor and patient are often in a similar geographic place as the transplant center to lower the time of kidney stopping functions after extracting from the body. Only matched kidneys from deceased persons can replace in the patient’s body. This will prevent advanced stages of kidney failure and death risk. Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants Cost in Kenya: $19,500(KES 24,18,000).


Living Donor Kidney Transplants Cost in Kenya: $20,500 (KES 25,42,000)

Kidney living donor is another way for kidney replacement. The living donor can be a friend, relative, or stranger. Getting a kidney from a living donor provides several benefits. The living donor’s kidney will work immediately and work for longer. A living donor’s kidney’s average timeline lasts 20 -25 years. The living donor success rate is 98% and will last longer. The best suitable living kidney donors are sister, brother, mother, father, son, or daughter. Some cases can also have distant relatives willing to donate the kidney. Living Donor Kidney Transplants Cost in Kenya: $20,500 (KES 25,42,000).


Robotic Kidney Transplants Cost in Kenya: $22,000 (KES 27,28,000)

Robotic kidney transplant, referred to as Robot-assisted kidney transplant, is a minimally invasive method that allows robotic support to do kidney surgery. The robotic kidney transplant operation takes around 2 – 4 hours, and the patient must hospitalize for 24 hours. Then, the patient will wake up with an abdominal drain and go home after the doctor’s final check-up. Kenya offers robotic kidney transplant surgery for African citizens at $22,000 (KES 27,28,000).


Pediatric Kidney Transplant Cost in Kenya: $23,500 (KES 29,14,000)

Kenya offers pediatric kidney transplant procedures. This procedure involves replacing a donated kidney for a child with the last stage of renal disease. Often congenital disabilities and other genetic conditions are the common causes of pediatric kidney failure. After surgery, the surgeon and medical team will closely monitor the body to check if the new kidney is accepted. Pediatric kidney transplant has different types, such as kidney diseases, renal transplant care programs, immunology, and transplants—Pediatric Kidney Transplant Costs in Kenya: $23,500 (KES 29,14,000).

Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost in Kenya’ Different Cities

Kidney Transplant Charges In Kenya

Kenya is a popular country in East Africa with lively cities with abundant tourist attractions. Popular cities like Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu have the best cultural attractions, beach excursions, and medical facilities. Kenya is a safe place to have kidney transplants. Each city mentioned below provides experienced kidney transplant surgeons with affordable cost post-surgery follow-ups. The kidney transplant cost in Nairobi is KES 1,29,600, the kidney transplant surgery price in Mombasa is KES 1,29,600, the kidney replacement cost in Kenya in Kisumu is KES 1,30,140, the kidney operation cost in Nakuru is KES 1,30,140, deceased and living donor kidney transplant cost in Ruiru is KES 1,40,400, and surgical and robotic kidney transplant cost in Eldoret is KES 1,40,400.

How Much Does A Kidney Transplant Cost In Kenya

Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost in Kenya

Average Cost Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)

Nairobi KES 1,29,600
Mombasa KES 1,29,600
Kisumu KES 1,30,140
Nakuru KES 1,30,140
Ruiru KES 1,40,400
Eldoret KES 1,40,400

Kidney Transplant Cost Comparison in Different Countries

The kidney transplant cost overseas depends on the country, operation type, doctor’s qualification, and clinic level. Kenya provides reasonable prices for African citizens. However, every country has a different level of surgeons and technology available that could increase the cost. In addition, patients are prioritized by the duration of the waiting list, immune system, blood type, and disease treatment urgency.

Country Kidney Transplant Cost
South Africa $7,000
Turkey $17,000
South Korea $40,000
Spain $65,774
USA $442,500
UK $21,148
India $13-14,000

Factors Contributing Toward Kidney Transplant Cost

A kidney transplant requires advanced equipment, medical supplies, medications, and an experienced kidney surgeon. Here are the other factors contributing to kidney transplant costs in Kenya:

  • Kidney transplant surgery cost
  • Comprehensive tests and evaluation
  • Outpatient follow-up tests and care
  • Anti-resection medication
  • Other medical professional’s cost
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Does NHIF Cover Kidney Transplant Costs in Kenya?

According to the state insurer, kidney transplants are covered by every family in inpatient and outpatient care. Under the package, NHIF pays around a maximum of Sh500,000 for a kidney transplant for local and international transplants for national members of the scheme.


NHIF Cost Coverage for Kidney Transplant in Kenya

NHIF Cost Coverage for Kidney Transplant


Kidney transplant package- surgical costs and hospitalization duration KES 5,40,000
Renal dialysis (pre-dialysis, intra-dialysis, and post-dialysis care) KES 9,500 per session twice weekly


What Document does a patient need for kidney transplant cost coverage by NHIF?

  • Identified matching kidney donor cost
  • Referral letter from a certified doctor from Kenya
  • Treatment approval letter from the hospital

What is the NHIF Approval Time for Kidney Transplants in Kenya?

  • NHIF takes 48 hours to approve.


Does NHIF Cover Dialysis?

NHIF covers hemodialysis as required, with a maximum of two weekly sessions. The renal dialysis for outpatient or inpatient is covered by KES 9,500 every session.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For A Kidney Transplant?

An adult or child suffering from chronic irreversible kidney problems is not responding to other medical treatments. A person should have the following condition to be eligible for a kidney transplant:

  • have a life expectancy of 5 years
  • have enough nutritional value
  • physically able to tolerate transplant
  • have good caregiver


Who Are Not Suitable Candidates for Kidney Transplants?

A person suffering from other life-threatening diseases, infections, cancer, or heart disease is unsuitable for kidney diseases.

How Many Sessions Of Dialysis Does A Patient Need?

Most patients need 3 sessions of hemodialysis every week. Every session last for 4 hours. This process is done in a hospital or at home. After dialysis sessions, the kidney resumes its functions within some weeks to months after treatment of the underlying cause. Till then, the patient needs dialysis. If kidneys have failed, patients need a transplant or dialysis for the rest of their lives. The doctor will recommend a suitable option for the patient’s condition.

Why Travel To Kenya For A Kidney Transplant?

Experienced Kidney Transplant Surgeons

The growing demand for kidney care specialists in Kenya creates more opportunities at East African Kidney Institute, funded by African Development Bank. Kenya’s health care authority made it mandatory to get specified training in nephrology areas to promote research and improve kidney treatments within and beyond Kenya. In addition, Kenya’s institute has introduced a fellowship program in nephrology to grow the number of nephrologists in the country. As a result, the availability of the best kidney transplant surgeon attracts African citizens and other international countries.


Top-Notch Hospital Services

Nairobi in Kenya is the top place to have the best hospital providing training and referral medical facilities. Kenya’s health facilities have different options, such as private and not-for-profit hospitals providing services to East African patients. The hospital has JCI accreditation with a high mark of excellency. Other hospital facilities for kidney transplants include the latest facilities, medical teams with diverse expertise, and quality patient care during and after the kidney transplant procedure.


Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

The latest technological development regarding kidney transplants is available in Kenya. Only patients with advanced disease of renal require a kidney transplant. The significant rise of robotic kidney transplants made Kineya the most preferred country in Africa. Robotic assistance helps the surgeon perform kidney transplants with the latest medicines and technology. It is a less invasive procedure and delivers better results.

Robotic surgery involves using robotic hands by the surgeon, which provides the best skills than human hands compared to open surgery. More importantly, the robotic transplant needs proper knowledge to undergo kidney surgery. This procedure has small incisions, and the surgeon will decide to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney. The surgeon and medical team will use the 3-D camera to improve the vision and operate every movement during the operation.

Kidney Transplant Success Rate Kenya

Kenya provides successful kidney transplants and saves patients’ life. One year graft and patient survival rate is 90%. Living donor kidney transplants are more successful than deceased donor transplants. However, the latest technologies, robotic surgery, and skilled board-certified surgeon contribute toward the success of kidney transplant surgery in Kenya.

Kidney Transplant Reviews Kenya

  • Keyna is the leading destination in Africa for kidney transplants, kidney grafts, and double kidney transplants.
  • Kenya offers affordable prices for kidney transplants at Sh400,000.
  • There are many kidney dialysis centers in Kenya to help patients have the best treatments.
  • Patients can have suitable treatment options depending on emergency conditions, such as a deceased donor kidney transplant, living donor kidney replacement, or robotic kidney transplant in Kenya.
  • Kenya also provides pediatric kidney transplants.
  • There are NHIF insurance coverage facilities available for suitable candidates in Kenya.
  • Patients get quality care before and after kidney transplants in Kenya from board-certified surgeons and a highly qualified medical team.
  • The top hospitals in Kenya provide highly professional dialysis nurses and technical staff to attend water and machine treatments.

Can You Afford A Dialysis Machine Cost In Kenya?

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure worldwide. This method is used in high-income countries and middle-income countries for kidney transplants. However, it is an expensive treatment to increase survival better quality of life. Still, the cost of dialysis in Kenya depends on the patient’s suitability, donor availability, regional expertise for deceased donors, and immunosuppressive medications for a kidney transplant. There are 74 dialysis facilities in Kenya which include both government and private. The dialysis machine cost in Nairobi, Kenya, is KSh 1,200,000.


Kidney disease and kidney failure are major public health challenges arising from hypertension and diabetes. A kidney transplant is necessary to stop spreading diseases to other organs. In the last stage of kidney problems, the patient will have two choices dialysis or transplant only in their specific matching conditions. The kidney may come from a deceased or living donor. Only matching kidneys are allowed to be replaced with the patient’s kidneys. A successful kidney transplant will save the patient’s life and increase the quality of life. Kidney transplant is safe and secured in Kenya. Please contact us to learn more about kidney transplant costs in Kenya, kidney transplant surgeons, and hospitals.

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