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Liver transplant Cost in Kenya – Find Best Surgeon, Reviews and Success Rate

A healthy liver is necessary for normal body functions. However, certain lifestyles majorly affect liver health and damage, requiring a liver transplant to save the patient’s life. A liver transplant, also called hepatic transplantation a medical procedure involving surgery to replace a damaged or diseased liver with a healthy liver from a donor. The liver transplant cost in Kenya and liver donation price will change for each patient. Kenya provides several hospitals for liver transplant surgery and partial liver transplant. Finding living liver donors and liver surgeons in Kenya is accessible in the modern world. Let’s find out more about Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya.

Some patients may need to replace the whole liver, and others may require a portion of the liver to change. The liver has a remarkable capacity to regrow to its original size, which makes it easy to remove small damaged parts and attach new liver portions. Presently Kenya is the preferred medical destination for Eastern African people to have a liver transplant.

The hospitals in Kenya provide advanced technologies and modern equipment for liver transplants. Additionally, hospitals offer high-quality care and the latest medication to increase fast healing during liver transplant recovery. However, Kenya’s government must invest more in healthcare improvement, including medical training and treatment equipment.

The age and health of the patient and donor contribute to achieving success and increasing the survival rate after a liver transplant. Cirrhosis and biliary atresia are the common liver diseases to get liver transplants. A liver transplant is a necessary treatment for acute liver failure.

Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya

Kenya provides cost-effective liver transplant facilities. The currency value, low cost, and affordable liver replacement facilities are the first choice for the international patient to choose Kenya. Contact us to find out more about liver transplant operations. Kenya offers a different range of prices for liver transplants, such as the Average Cost for a Liver transplant in Kenya is $31,350; the low Cost of a liver transplant is $28,215; and a complex liver transplant cost is $39,188.


Liver Transplantation in Nairobi

Liver Transplantation in Nairobi Cost in USD
Average Cost $31,350
Low Cost $28,215
Complex Liver Transplant $39,188


Different Procedures of Liver Transplant in Kenya

Liver Transplant Surgery in Nairobi Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Kenya Shilling (KES)
Orthotopic Liver Transplant $31,350 Ksh 37,62,000
Living Donor Liver Transplant $32,300 Ksh 38,76,000
Deceased Donor Liver Transplant $30,750 Ksh 36,90,000
Split Liver Donation $34,350 Ksh 41,22,000
Auxiliary liver Transplantation $33,450 Ksh 40,14,000
Pediatric Liver Transplant $36,900 Ksh 44,28,000

Types of Liver Transplant Surgeries in Kenya


Orthotopic Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: $31,350 (KSH 37,62,000)

Orthotopic liver transplantation is a surgery that replaces a diseased native liver with a new liver from a deceased or living donor with a similar anatomic position. Orthotopic liver transplant is the treatment for chronic liver failure. An orthotopic liver transplant is suggested for a patient with a chronic or acute liver disease that cannot be addressed with a non-surgical or alternative surgical procedure. Therefore, this surgery is suitable for adults and children. The most common reasons for orthotopic liver transplant are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis, Metabolic Liver Disease, Acute Liver Failure, Liver Tumour, Biliary Atresia, and End-Stage Liver Failure. Orthotopic Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: $31,350 (Ksh 37,62,000).


Living Donor Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: $32,300(KSH 38,76,000)

Kenya provides living donor liver transplants. A living donor is a live person who donates a part of their liver to a needy patient. The potential living donor must meet psychosocial and good health, aged 18 – 60 years. The living donor liver transplant requirements include the donor being free from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problem. The liver donor survival rate is around 75%, and the patient can live at least five years. Living donor liver transplant risks include bile leakage, which occurs as living liver donors and resolves itself. Some patients might get an infection during healing on the surgery site. Living Donor Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: $32,300(KSH 38,76,000). The liver donor’s life expectancy range between 5 years to more depending on the patient’s health and lifestyle.


Deceased Donor Liver Transplant: $30,750 (KSH 36,90,000)

A deceased donor is someone who died, and their liver is extracted to donate. The deceased donor’s liver can be donated to an adult or child, and it can be fully or partially. The deceased donor’s liver lasts 6 hours after taking it out of the body, while the liver can function for up to 12 hours. Deceased Donor Liver Transplant: $30,750 (Ksh 36,90,000). The criteria for deceased donors should be less than the age of 55.


Split Liver Donation Cost in Kenya: $34,350(KSH 41,22,000)

Split liver transplantation provides a good way to increase the number of cadaveric grafts. In addition, it allows the surgeon to lower pediatric waiting list mortality. It is the most preferred approach to replacing a left lateral and a right extended liver graft into an adult and a child. The second way of splitting the liver offers two full hemi-grafts-the- the left side for a child or adult or medium size for the adult patient—split Liver Donation Cost in Kenya: $34,350(Ksh 41,22,000).


Auxiliary liver Transplantation Cost in Kenya: $33,450 (KSH 40,14,000)

Acute liver failure is an uncommon condition linked with a high mortality rate, rising to 80-85% in pre-transplantation. Therefore, auxiliary liver transplantation has emerged as a valuable change to orthotopic liver transplantation. The graft allows liver function and native organ failure, giving the needed time frame to regenerate the injured liver—auxiliary liver Transplantation Cost in Kenya: $33,450 (Ksh 40,14,000).


Pediatric Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: $36,900 (KSH 44,28,000)

A liver transplant in children is called a pediatric liver transplant. A pediatric liver transplant may take a liver from living or deceased donors. A living donor for a pediatric liver transplant can be a family member with a matching blood type. The partial liver transplant grows itself and comes to normal size, whereas a completely damaged liver needs full liver replacement.

Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in Kenya’s Different Cities

According to research data from 2022 Ministry of Health Kenya welcomed more than 4,000 medical tourists from other African countries. Around 10, 000 Kenyans seek medical treatments in other countries. That is why Kenya has developed medical tourism facilities in each city and provides specialized healthcare services.

Find Liver Transplant Procedure Cost in Different Locations of Kenya

Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in Kenya
Average Cost Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
Nairobi KES 1,04,000
Mombasa KES 1,04,000
Kisumu KES 1,56,000
Nakuru KES 1,56,000
Ruiru KES 2,08,000
Eldoret KES 2,08,000

Liver Transplant Cost Comparison in Different Countries

The liver transplant cost in different countries varies from patient’s to patient depending on age, health type, and location. The country with more liver supply in urgency has a low liver cost, whereas other countries waiting for a liver from another location have more prices. South Africa provides a good number of liver donors and a short waiting list, with an average cost of liver transplants of $400,000.

Country Estimated Cost in USD
USA $700,000
India $40,500
Singapore $400,000 and $1 million
Turkey $80,000
Egypt $70,000
Germany $400,000
South Africa $400,000
UK $90,000.00
Saudi Arabia $80,000.00

Does Insurance Cover Liver Transplants in Kenya?

A liver transplant is a major surgery to save a patient’s life. Some hospitals in Kenya accept insurance coverage for liver transplant costs. However, the Cost can vary and depend on the patient’s need and the insurance provided with a specific policy. Therefore, the patient should contact their insurance provider to know the liver transplant coverage in Kenya. Patients must research insurance options and understand their coverage before undergoing a liver transplant in Kenya.


NHIF Insurance Coverage for Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: KES 57,20,000

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is Kenya’s government health insurance program. NHIF coverage for full or partial liver transplants is available for eligible patients. However, the specific terms and conditions for insurance may vary from the first liver transplant to the second liver transplant. Therefore, knowing everything about liver transplant operations, tests, procedures, post-operative care, medication, and other expenses is essential. NHIF liver transplant cost in Kenya is KES 57,20,000.


NHIF Insurance Cost Coverage in Kenya for Liver Transplant

NHIF Liver Transplant in Kenya

Average Cost in USD

Average Cost in Kenya Shilling

Orthotopic transplant $26,520 Ksh 35,74,896
Living Donor Transplant $28,600 Ksh 38,55,280
Split Donation $29,120 Ksh 39,25,376
Auxiliary liver transplantation $27,560 Ksh 37,15,088
Pediatric Liver Transplant $29,640 Ksh 39,95,472

Note: This listed cost will change for every patient depending on the medical requirements.

NHIF Liver Transplant Process to Kenya

  • Collect every needed document for NHIF liver in Kenya.
  • Find the best liver transplant hospital in Kenya based on the good reviews, success rate, and Cost. Get a cost estimate and acceptance letter mentioning the liver transplant get and the liver donor’s name.
  • Apply to the Local NHIF office for liver transplant approval.
  • Attend the approval meeting and collect all the necessary details.
  • If NHIF liver in Kenya is approved, you will get an approval letter.
  • Apply for Kenya Medical VISA
  • NHIF advancement payment to Kenya transplant hospital
  • Travel to Kenya for transplant


What Documents are Required for NHIF Liver Transplant?

  • Passport copy for liver transplant patient and donor for liver
  • Bank account details
  • Other National ID
  • Referral letter from the hospital and Kenya’s Hepatologist
  • Liver transplant cost estimate from a reputed hospital in Kenya
  • NHIF card details
  • Acceptance letter from Kenya’s hospital for liver transplant
  • Liver Transplant authentication documents


Do You Need An Application For An NHIF Liver Transplant?

You can have a standard application for a liver transplant from the NHIF office or online.

The patient needs to provide all the necessary details for a liver transplant in Kenya by applying.


What Is The NHIF Approval Time For A Liver Transplant?

NHIF liver transplant application takes 2 – 4 weeks. Once the patient provides all necessary documents to the local NHIF office, it is forwarded to the concerned authority in the central office. The liver transplant application required multiple approvals.


What Is The NHIF Cost Coverage Limit For Liver Transplants?

NHIF covers SH 5 million or $33 000 for international patients for liver transplants.

Why does Liver Transplant is Expensive Treatment?

As the liver transplant is a major surgery needing experienced surgeons and other medical professionals with high-end instruments, medical products, and medicines, liver surgery in Kenya is expensive. Other contributing factors toward liver transplant cost include:

  • Evaluation and comprehensive tests
  • surgery
  • post-operative stay
  • outpatient followup tests
  • anti-rejection medication
  • hepatologist, transplant surgeon, and anesthesiologist cost
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Liver Transplant Cost in Kenya: Reviews

  • There are advanced treatment facilities available for liver transplants.
  • Compared to other countries, the Cost of liver surgery in Kenya is relatively lower and attracts more patients.
  • Kenya’s liver transplant success rate is 92%, and Google ratings are 4.7 from more than 4000 patients.
  • After liver transplants, the survival rate is higher in Kenya as board-certified and experienced surgeons perform the procedures with the latest technologies and modern medicines.
  • Patients can get benefits of NHIF insurance coverage for liver transplants in Kenya.
  • Also, every popular city in Kenya has reputed hospitals with international branches providing liver transplant procedures.

Liver Transplant Success Rate in Kenya

Kenya’s liver transplant success rate depends on procedure type, patient’s medical history, surgeon qualification, and experience. However, the success rate of hepatic or liver transplants is 92%. Liver transplants in Kenya are only performed by a specialized surgeon and well-trained team equipped with the latest technologies and follow-up quality care.


Who is a Good Candidate for a Liver Transplant?

Here are the conditions for needing liver transplant in a person:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis B
  • fatty liver disease
  • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
  • Primary liver cancers
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Why Travel to Kenya for Liver Transplant?

Kenya is the preferred medical provider for liver transplant surgery for African citizens. Let’s find out why we choose Kenya for Liver Transplant:


Experienced Surgeon

In the modern world, Kenya has developed in the medical sector. Kenya provides experienced Surgeons who are specialized in liver transplant surgery techniques. Best Liver Surgeons in Kenya have all the knowledge of the latest technology and modern laser treatment methods, which prevent surgical complications during and after liver transplants.


Reasonable Liver Transplant Cost

Compared to other developed countries, Kenya offers reasonable Costs for liver replacement. However, several patients travelled to other countries and paid huge Costs for liver treatments. Now Kenya is the best place to offer liver disease treatments at an affordable price for its surrounding countries and African people.


Evolved Hospitals

Hospitals in Kenya provide advanced equipment for liver transplant procedures and international-level facilities. Every reputed hospital in Kenya provides the best treatments, board-certified surgeons, a highly qualified specialist team, and advanced medical operating rooms. Patients can also benefit from international surgeons who visit Kenya to participate in complex surgery.


Quality Care for Liver Transplant 

Kenya’s hospitals and doctors provide the best quality care for the patient. The patient can receive pre-transplant care and information about their liver surgery procedure. After the liver transplant, the patient will get follow-ups from the medical team to check the patient’s recovery and improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Liver Transplant In Kenya?

Kenya is the preferred medical destination for Eastern African citizens for liver transplants, as several hospitals offer high-quality surgical procedures at a reasonable cost.


Which Is The Best Liver Hospital In Kenya?

Many reputed hospitals in Kenya for liver transplants, such as The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.


How much is liver in Kenya?

KES 500.50/500g (Inc. VAT)


What is the average wait time on the liver transplant list in Kenya?

The waiting times for deceased donor transplants can start from less than 30 days to 5 years, depending on the urgency of the patient’s condition.


Who gets a liver transplant first?

Patient with higher MELD scores is preferred first to provide liver.


How many liver transplants are rejected?

Liver rejection occurs in up to 30 in 100 patients. The rejection completely depends on the patient’s health.


Liver transplant is safe in Kenya. Kenya is the preffered place for liver replacement surgery by several African citizens. Kenya has evolved and adopted the latest advancements in liver procedures. The best hospitals in Kenya have been actively providing health services for more than 60 years. Kenya’s doctors and medical team value patient health and provide quality care. Every hospital has JCI accreditation and board-certified surgeons who offer the best liver treatments. Please contact us to know more.

Best Liver Transplant Surgeons and Hospitals in Kenya

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