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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya

Kenya provides heart care for infants, children, and adults with every cardiac problem. The best heart hospital in Kenya aims to diagnose every heart condition and provide treatments. Pediatric heart surgeons in Kenya believe in improving patients’ life quality at the Cardiovascular center in Kenya. Let’s find out more about Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya.

Pediatric cardiac surgery is a heart operation in infants and babies with heart defects or heart problems due to diseases. Cardiac surgery in Kenya is recommended to correct heart defects and improve a child’s long-term well-being. Certain heart defects may need emergency surgery after birth. In addition, some cases require heart surgery after some months or years after birth.

Every pediatric cardiac surgery in Kenya has different types and several surgeries depending on the patient’s condition. Pediatric heart surgeons in Kenya are well-trained to provide comprehensive and exclusive treatments and care to children to correct heart defects. Many people travel to India for pediatric cardiac surgeries in complicated cases. Kenya provides small services, and more complex cases require more advanced technologies and finely skilled surgeons.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya

Pediatric heart surgeries are among the most expensive treatments and a single cardiac surgery costs between Sh 500,000 and 1.2 million. The cardiology health care providers will determine the best suitable treatment, and the cost will vary.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Kenya Average Cost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Bental’s Procedure KES 18,31,040 $13,079
BT Shunt KES 10,25,497 $7,325
BD Glenn Shunt KES 10,25,497 $7,325
ICR (TOF) KES 15,74,904 $11,249
Aortic Arch Repair KES 16,47,904 $11,771
PDA Ligation KES 8,78,861 $6,278
Coarctation Repair KES 10,25,497 $7,325
PA Banding KES 10,25,497 $7,325
Atrial Septal Defect Closure(ASD) KES 13,18,450 $9,418
Minimally Invasive KES 16,84,722 $12,034
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) KES 13,18,450 $9,418
AP Window KES 14,64,769 $10,463
AV Canal KES 14,64,769 $10,463
Valve Repair KES 16,47,904 $11,771
Ebstein Repair KES 14,64,769 $10,463
RSOV Repair KES 14,64,769 $10,463
SAM Excision KES 10,25,497 $7,325
Senning KES 16,47,904 $11,771
TAPVC KES 14,64,769 $10,463
Fontan KES 16,47,904 $11,771
Rastelli KES 19,77,676 $14,126
REV Procedure KES 19,77,676 $14,126
ROSS Procedure KES 21,97,312 $15,695
Arterial Switch KES 18,31,040 $13,079
Truncus Arteriosus Repair KES 21,97,312 $15,695
Norwood Operation KES 32,96,126 $23,544
Double Switch KES 32,96,126 $23,544
Single Stage Unifocalization &ICR KES 34,79,262 $24,852

NHIF Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cost in Kenya

Pediatric cardiac surgery costs can have insurance coverage from major hospitals with the help of the National Hospital Insurance Fund. They cover the cost of the treatment of removing clogged blood vessels (angioplasty), valves, and pacemaker surgery (angiogram). They are now accessible for NHIF members who cannot afford the high cost of Kenya’s private hospitals.

The NHIF cost coverage for every patient can be up to Sh 500 000. The cost for open heart surgery starts from Sh 1.2 million in private hospitals, including five days’ stay in ICU.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cost In Different

Country USA UK India Germany UAE
Cost $92,529 $2860 $4000 $14300 $25010

Each listed country provides world-class cardiac services with expertise depending on a different level of facilities. The dedicated heart surgeon’s team and innovative technologies create more possibilities for saving a child’s life from risky diseases.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Reviews in Kenya

  • Pediatric cardiac surgery is safe in Kenya.
  • The hospitals in Kenya provide treatments for heart conditions such as Aortic disease, Congenital heart disease, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Pericarditis.
  • Coronary artery disease, Heart failure, Amyloidosis
  • NHIF covers the cost of pediatric cardiac surgery in Kenya.
  • The best surgeons in Kenya are board certified and provide treatment with advanced techniques like transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

What is a Pediatric Heart Condition?

Heart conditions in children with defects are divided into two categories, such as congenital disabilities or congenital heart ailments which slowly develop after birth and can be life-threatening.


Symptoms of Pediatric Cardiac Problems

Pediatric heart problem symptoms include the following:

  • Pale skin
  • Fatigue
  • Poor growth
  • Breath shortness
  • Difficulty feeding
  • Blue color around the lips

These symptoms occur due to the low level of oxygen supply in the body due to blood not getting enough oxygen or the heart finding it difficult to pump the necessary amount of blood.


Causes of Pediatric Heart Diseases

  • Genetic conditions
  • Combination of genes
  • mother’s diet
  • medication uses during pregnancy


How Is Pediatric Heart Disease Diagnosed?

The pediatric cardiac surgeon may recommend several tests and evaluations to diagnose heart disease. Some of these tests can be done before the baby gets heart disease signs. 

Heart problems in Teens

Heart disease signs in teens are the same in young kids. Usually, teens actively playing sports have pediatrician exams to find heart problems. However, if teen athlete complains of chest pain or other heart symptoms during activity, consider scheduling a screening and check-up by a pediatric cardiologist.

Heart Tests Before Surgery in Kenya

A patient should have pre-surgery imaging tests such as chemical stress or exercise test with imaging with the help of echocardiography or ultrasound. The test may be done with a small dose of nuclear cardiology or a Cardiac CT scan which shows the risk of heart problems like a heart attack.

Tests Before Cardiac Surgery Cost
ECG test cost in Kenya Sh300 and Sh2,000
coronary angiogram cost in Kenya Sh 420,000
echocardiogram cost in Kenya Sh5,000 and Sh8,500

Pediatric Heart Specialist in Kenya

Kenya’s top hospitals provide the best pediatric cardiologist specialist in Nairobi. There is a special unit of pediatric heart surgeons who value children’s care while treating complicated congenital heart ailments. The pediatric cardiology section offer high-quality, evidence-based treatments to children suffering from cardiovascular pathology with a multidisciplinary approach.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Sucess Rate in Kenya

The pediatric cardiac surgery success rate in Kenya is 98%. Most infants and children are undergoing heart surgery to survive the procedure. The success of pediatric cardiac surgery depend on the expertise of surgeon, up to date knowledge and skills of advanced technologies, subspeciality care, dedicated anesthesiologists, cardiac ICU rooms for parents to comfort the child and support parent.


How Risky Is Open-Heart Surgery For Kids?

Cardiac or heart surgery in kids and infants can be risky and have chances of complications during and afterward. The death risk from heart defects is only 1% in 100, but complications during surgery may increase the risk. Therefore, choosing the best and most experienced pediatric cardiac surgeon will tell you the risk of cases.

Pediatrician Nairobi For Cardiac Surgery

A pediatrician in Kenya generally costs around Ksh 165 268, depending on the pediatrician’s experience. Pediatric cardiac surgeon work on surgical interventions in neonates and newborns. Heart surgeries are performed in infants born with congenital disabilities in the heart of children, which is important to correct wellbeing of the child. Heart procedures include open heart surgery, where an incision is performed on the breast bone, and closed heart surgery, with the help of special instruments and a tiny camera, to perform coronary bypass surgery that reconnects conduit vessels and removes saphenous vein blockages. Keyna’s pediatric cardiac surgeon provides successful diagnosis and treatments at cardiac surgery centers. There are specialists’ team have expertise in neonatal cardiac surgery. Please contact us for consultations and appointments in Kenya.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Recovery Kenya

The recovery after cardiac surgery depends on the size and type of surgery. Commonly recovery starts to show results in 6 weeks when the incision heals. A child will take some time to recover fully and get back to normal activities.



What Is The Number One Cardiovascular Problem In Kenya?

Around 25% of hospital registers and 13% of death cases in Kenya are due to Cardiac problems. 


Best Heart Hospital in Kenya

Leading hospitals like Aga Khan Hospital, The Karen Hospital, Mediheal Hospitals, and Nairobi Hospital provide the best heart surgeries to adults and pediatric cardiac surgery in Kenya. The best cardiologists in Kenya aim to prevent heart diseases. They make people aware of heart diseases, caution their babies to regular checkups, and prevent heart ailments.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons in Kenya

Dr. Naomi Gachara

  • Naomi Gachara is a pediatrician and cardiologist who has been practicing at KNH for over 20 years.
  • She provides consultation to patients at Cardicare Medical Centre, which is situated at Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza.
  • Dr. Naomi Gachara did M.B., ChB, and M.Med and got training in UON.


Dr. Bernard Gitura

  • Dr. Bernard is a leading Cardiologist providing pediatric treatments. He is a nationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon and award-winning heart disease specialist.
  • Dr. Bernard studies primary and secondary education in Kenya. Later he dif M.B., ChB, from the University of Nairobi Medical School. Then he completed Master o Medicine and fellow cardiology.
  • Presently Dr. Bernard is known as the president of Kenya’s Cardiac Society; earlier, he was a secretary of the Kenya Cardiac Society and a Fellow at the American College of Cardiology.
  • Dr. Gitura provides pediatric cardio surgeries for conditions like heart blocks, heart attacks, vascular disease, diabetes, heart murmurs, cardiac surgery, and palpitations.


Dr. Anthony Gikonyo

  • Dr. Anthony is an Interventional cardiologist.
  • He studies M.B., ChB, and MRCP and specializes in pediatric cardiology and adult general surgeries.
  • Dr. Gikonyo performs coronary artery and aortic procedures and participates in internship programs.
  • He has been practicing for 17 years and providing pediatric cardiac surgery treatments.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Hospitals In Kenya

Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya

Aga Khan is a top medical service provider in Kenya. This hospital aims to offer the best health care and quality treatment for pediatric cardiac surgeries. There are experienced cardiologists in Aga Khan Hospital specializing in pediatric heart surgeries and treatments. They manage anesthesia complications during surgery and correct risky diseases quickly to save the infant or child’s life. Aga Khan Hospital provides the best facilities, such as an ultra-modern operation room, ICU, post-operative care, and rehabilitation center for post-heart surgery.

The heart surgery procedures include:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting for single and double valve surgery
  • Aortic dissection and Aortic Aneurysms
  • Atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, patent Ductus arteriosus


MP Shah Hospital in Kenya

MP Shah Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Kenya providing cardiac surgeries. The hospital offers highly skilled and experienced specialists and a professional medical team. They care about excellent standard treatment for the patient. The MP Shah Hospital is a one-stop Central and Eastern Africa healthcare provider. They value patients without discrimination of religion, racial, or political issues. MP Shah Hospital has been recognized as the

Nairobi Hospital in Kenya

The Nairobi Hospital is a popular non-profit organization in Kenya. It is a leading provider of medical expertise and achieved recognition in East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, referral, and treatment center. Nairobi Hospital has invested more in the latest technologies and advanced medical equipment to become a leader in medical procedures in Kenya.

Nairobi hospital offers high-quality professionals who make patients comfortable explaining their problems. In addition, they care more about pediatric cardiac surgery and take every possible information from parents to determine the suitable cardiac surgery.

Mediheal Hospitals in Kenya

The Mediheal hospitals is another leading medical service provide for pediatric cardiac surgeries in East Africa. They value high quality, world-class health care and reasonable heart surgery cost, depending on the patient’s condition. This hospital has existed for 14 years and expanded to 10 different locations and treating millions of patients. The medical specialists offer personalized treatments with advanced evidence-based medicine and the latest technology. 

The MediHeal hospital provides all major and minor pediatric cardiac surgeries and primary medical care.


Pediatric cardiology surgery is a branch of cardiology that help to treat congenital disability of the heart in new-born babies. In addition, pediatric Cardiology surgery treats congenital heart problems. It corrects the problem with valves and blood vessels in new-borns and young children. Kenya provides the best heart surgeons for cardiac treatments. There are hospital branches in India for heart surgery. Contact us to find the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India. and Pediatric cardiac surgery cost in Kenya.

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