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Knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty is a surgery performed to replace a knee joint with an artificial man made knee joint, known as a prosthetic.To bring the damaged knee joint back to function the damaged parts are removed and knee implants are used.

Nigeria has emerged as a country with great medical facilities, the country also has high success rates for knee replacement surgery. With many certified orthopedic surgeons, super speciality hospitals and affordable prices Nigeria should be on the top of your list of countries to get the Knee replacement surgery done.

If you are thinking of getting your knee replacement surgery in Nigeria Expert Chikitsa will provide you with all the necessary information ranging from the cost of knee replacement surgery in. Nigeria to Best orthopaedic surgeons in Nigeria. 

Cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

Knee replacement surgery is considered a rather expensive surgery and there are various reasons for that. The average cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria is 9,066 USD while in other countries like the UK and USA the average price can go as high as 19,200 USD.

The minimum cost of a knee replacement surgery in Nigeria ia around 5,204 US Dollars and the maximum cost can go as high as 13,000 US Dollars.

Knee replacement surgery average cost in Nigeria 7,000,000 NGN
Minimum cost (in Naira) 4,000,000 NGN
Maximum Cost (in Naira) 10,000,000 NGN
Average cost (in USD) 9,066 USD

Cost of Knee replacement surgery in different states of Nigeria

Nigeria’s emergence as a medical tourism destination has brought many medical advancements and achievements to the country, many states in Nigeria now offer best in class medical services with affordable prices which also means very competitive prices in different states.

The table below shows knee replacement prices in various states of Nigeria

Knee replacement surgery cost in different cities of Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum Cost (in Naira) Average Cost (in US Dollars)
Lagos 3,000,000 NGN 9,898,000 NGN 8,390 USD
Port Harcourt 4,500,000 NGN 10,000,000 NGN 9,432 USD
Abuja 3,789,000 NGN 9,000,000 NGN 8,319 USD
Benin 4,890,000 NGN 10,000,000 NGN 9,686 USD
Ibadan 4,000,000 NGN 9,500,000 NGN 8,782 USD
Kano 3,890,000 NGN 9,750,000 NGN 8,873 USD
Enugu 3,988,000 NGN 9,450,000 NGN 8,741 USD
Kalaba 3,789,000 NGN 9,789,000 NGN 8,874 USD
Kaduna 4.000,000 NGN 9,899,000 NGN 9,089 USD
Aba 3,999,000 NGN 10,000,000 NGN 9,154 USD

Cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria compared to other countries

The cost of a knee replacement surgery can vary a lot from country to country, the surgery which can be performed in Nigeria in approximately 10,000 USD may cost as high as 20,000 USD in any other country.

The table below compares the cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria compared to cost in other countries although the prices may vary.

Knee replacement surgery cost in Nigeria compared to other Countries Average cost Average cost (in US Dollars)
Germany 13,261 EUR 14,000 USD
Switzerland 9,800 CHF 11,900 USD
France 14,000 EUR 14,779 USD
Singapore 25,000 SGD 17,308 USD
United Kingdom 14,500 GBP 17,716 USD
Norway 169,724 NOK 15,500 USD
United States of America 19,200 USD 19,200 USD
Canada 28,688 CAD 21,000 USD
India 6,00,000 INR 7,204 USD
Thailand 454,425 THB 12,500 USD
Mexico 318,463 MXN 17,800 USD
China 94,933 CNY 13,000 USD
Korea 4,094,810 KRW 17,890 USD
Finland 16,946 EUR 19,800 USD
Spain 17,903 EUR 18,900 USD
Japan 2,171,187 JPY 14,500 USD

Factors affecting the cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

The prices may vary significantly depending upon numerous factors like the hospital chosen, experience of the surgeon, type of implants used etc.

A private hospital may have higher charges compared to a public hospital and whether the procedure was an inpatient ( the patient will not be discharged the same day ) or an outpatient ( the patient will be discharged the same day)

Given below is a list of factors that might cause variation in the prices of your knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

  1. Consultation fees
  2. Diagnostic tests
  3. Physical therapy (if needed)
  4. Hospitalization charges
  5. Preoperative medications
  6. Surgeon Fees
  7. Postoperative medications
  8. Additional tests

The table below shows the variation that the above factors may cause in your knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

Factors affecting the cost of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria Average price (in Naira) Average price (n US Dollars)
Consultation fees 8,000 NGN 10 USD
Diagnostic tests 10,000 NGN 13 USD
Physical therapy (if needed) 22,000 NGN 28 USD
Hospitalization charges 89,800 NGN 116 USD
Preoperative medications 20,500 NGN 26 USD
Surgeon Fees 1,80,000 NGN 234 USD
Postoperative medications 30,000 NGN 40 USD
Additional tests 22,000 NGN 28 USD

Cost of knee replacement surgery in different government hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of knee replacement surgery in government hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (in Naira) Average cost (in US Dollars)
Ashaka Government hospital 1,500,000 NGN 2,000 USD
Lagos state General hospital 1,000,000 NGN 1,301 USD
Karshi general hospital 990,000 NGN 1,230 USD
Maitama District Hospital 1,250,000 NGN 1,626 USD

Cost of knee replacement surgery in different private hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of knee replacement surgery in private hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (In Naira) Average cost (in USD)
Primus super speciality hospital 6,000,000 NGN 7,806 USD
Lagoon Hospital 5,500,000 NGN 7,155 USD
Royal specialist hospital 6,000,000 NGN 7,806 USD
Evercare Hospital 5,000,000 NGN 6,505 USD
Nisa premier hospital 5,750,000 USD 7,481 USD

Cost of knee replacement surgery in top hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of knee replacement surgery in top hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (in Naira) Average Cost (in US Dollars)
Reddington Hospital 6,887,000 NGN 9,006 USD
Lagoon Hospitals 6,999,000 NGN 9,154 USD
St. Ives Specialist hospital 6,998,000 NGN 9,152 USD
Primus super speciality hospital 7,000,000 NGN 9,154 USD
EKO Hospital 6,780,000 NGN 8,866 USD
First consultants Medical Centre (FCMC) 7,000,000 NGN 9,154 USD
Euracare Multi- Specialist hospital 6,789,000 NGN 8,866 USD
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital 6,999,000 NGN 9,152 USD
University of Abuja Teaching Hospital 7,100,000 NGN 9,285 USD

Types of knee replacement surgeries performed

  • Total Knee replacement (Average price : 9,366 USD)

In this procedure three areas of the knee joints would be replaced by your surgeon, it is one of the most commonly performed knee replacement surgeries. Your surgeon would replace the inside, outside and under your kneecap.

This procedure is often performed when arthritis is present in the whole knee.

  • Partial Knee replacement (Average price : 10,083 USD)

This procedure focuses on partially replacing the parts of your knees, it can either replace the inside, outside or the kneecap part of the knee.

The surgery is commonly performed when arthritis is present only in part of the knee.

Partial knee replacement is done with smaller incisions which means that the recovery time is not very much.

  • Kneecap replacement (Patellofemoral arthroplasty)  (Average Price : 9,758 USD)

This type of surgery is performed when arthritis affects the surface of the kneecap and its groove .

although this type of surgery has higher risks of failure when compared to total knee replacement which might be due to arthritis progressing to other parts of the knee

  • Complex or Revision knee replacement (Average Price : 10,473 USD)

This type of procedure is most suited for people who have severe arthritis. If you are thinking of getting revision knee replacement done then it’s most probable you have already had knee replacement once or twice.

Cost of different types of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

Cost of different types of knee replacement surgeries in Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum cost (in Naira) Average Cost
Total knee replacement 4,500,000 NGN 9,898,000 NGN 9,366 USD
Partial Knee replacement 5,500,000 NGN 10,000,000 NGN 10,083 USD
Kneecap replacement 4,999,000 NGN 9,999,000 NGN 9,758 USD
Revision knee replacement 6,000,000 NGN 10,100,000 NGN 10,473 USD

Cost of different types of Knee replacement surgery in Nigeria compared to other countries

Name of the country Total knee replacement surgery Average Price Partial Knee replacement Average Price Kneecap replacement
Average Price
Revision knee replacement Average Price
Germany 12,000 USD 10,000 USD 13,200 USD 15,000 USD
India 7,500 USD 7,100 USD 8,200 USD 8,500 USD
United Kingdom 16,500 USD 14,500 USD 15,000 USD 18,000 USD
France 14,500 USD 13,300 USD 15,500 USD 17,870 USD
China 12,320 USD 13,500 USD 14,200 USD 15,000 USD
United states of America 19,200 USD 18,900 USD 19,900 USD 20,000 USD
Canada 19,800 USD 18,990 USD 20,000 USD 21,500 USD
Mexico 17,500 USD 18,200 USD 19,000 USD 21,000 USD

Alternatives to Knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

  • Arthroscopic washout and debridement (Arthroscopy)

          (Average price : 4,163 USD)

This procedure is used in very specific cases, the debris and cartilage is removed by using washout, it may prevent getting knee replacement surgery for time being.

  • Microfracture (Average price : 4,000 USD)

In this surgery holes are made in exposed bone surfaces which encourages the new cartilage to grow from the bone marrow.

The procedure is not recommended for people with severe arthritis.

  • Osteotomy (Average Price : 3,318 USD)

The procedure is highly recommended for young patients, the procedure includes making an incision on the shin bone which diverts the load away from the affected area.

The surgery is only a way to put off knee replacement surgery for a while.

  • Autologous chondrocyte therapy (ACT) (Average price : 4,553 USD)

The procedure is suitable when only hard cartilage is damaged ,it is mainly designed to repair small areas of cartilage damage resulting from accidental injury to the knee joint.

Cost of different knee replacement alternatives in Nigeria

Alternatives to knee replacement cost in Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum cost (in Naira) Average cost (in USD)
Arthroscopy 1,900,000 NGN 4,500,000 NGN 4,163 USD
Osteotomy 1,000,000 NGN 5,000,000 NGN 4,000 USD
Microfracture 1,500,000 NGN 5,100,000 NGN 3,318 USD
AC Therapy 2,000,000 NGN 5,000,000 NGN 4,553 USD

Cost of different types of knee replacement alternatives in Nigeria compared to other countries

Name of the country Arthroscopy Average Price Osteotomy Average Price Microfracture Average Price AC Therapy Average price
Germany 10,220 USD 9,888 USD 10,000 USD 11,890 USD
India 6,400 USD 5,782 USD 7,200 USD 8,000 USD
United Kingdom 12,300 USD 10,990 USD 11,100 USD 9,899 USD
France 12,500 USD 9,900 USD 10,000 USD 11,500 USD
China 11,400 USD 9,999 USD 11,290 USD 12,000 USD
United states of America 16,800 USD 14,779 USD 15,780 USD 15,500 USD
Canada 17,800 USD 13,450 USD 14,440 USD 17,800 USD
Mexico 14,600 USD 13,400 USD 14,560 USD 16,780 USD

Different types of knee replacements implants

If you are thinking of getting your knee replacement surgery done you might need to know about different types of knee replacement implants, the implants are categorized by the materials used in your implants which rub against each other when you flex your knee.

  • Metal on plastic

This is the most commonly used implant and also the least expensive and the most safe type of implant though the one disadvantage of metal on plastic implants is that the tiny particles may wear away causing the bone to break down.

  • Ceramic on plastic

This type of implant is most suitable for the people who are sensitive to nickel present in the metal implants.

The metal components of the implants are covered by ceramic coating , this type of implants also have the same disadvantage as the metal on plastic ones.

  • Ceramic on Ceramic

In this type of implant both the components are made from ceramic as ceramic is most likely to react with the body but the disadvantage of using this kind of implant is that they might make a squeaking noise or even in rare cases shatter due to heavy pressure.

  • Metal on Metal

This kind of implant is not commonly used due to the fear of traces of metal being leaked into the bloodstream, these traces can cause various infections or inflammations.

Cost of different types of implants in Nigeria

Cost of different types of implants in Nigeria) Average price(in Naira) Average price (in US Dollars)
Metal on metal 870,900 NGN 1,133 USD
Metal on plastic 990,000 NGN 1,288 USD
Ceramic on Ceramic 900,000 NGN 1,170 USD
Ceramic in plastic 745,000 NGN 969 USD

Success rate of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria

Due to good medical facilities and certified surgeons the success rate of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria is quite high compared to other countries.

The success rate of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria is as high as 98% with very rare instances of complications.

Success rate for knee replacement surgery in Nigeria 98%
Chances of complications Approx. 1 %
Revision rates for knee replacement surgery Approx. 1 %

Success rate of knee replacement surgery in Nigeria compared to other countries

Success rates of knee replacement surgery Success rates (%) Chances of complications
Mexico 96 % Approx. 4 %
India 98 % Approx. 1%
United Kingdom 97 % Approx. 2 %
Turkey 98% Approx. 1%
United States of America 96% Approx. 4 %
Germany 97 % Approx. 3 %
Canada 97% Approx. 3%
Dubai 98 % Approx. 1%

New knee replacement technology in 2021

Genicular Artery Embolization is an alternative to knee replacement surgery which reduces pain in the patient’s knee and is performed to treat osteoarthritis. The procedure is most suitable for people suffering from mild to moderate pain.

The procedure although new has shown profound impact on the patient and is being highly recommended, the results have shown less pain in the patient.

When should you consider getting knee replacement surgery?

There are many non surgical alternatives to a knee replacement surgery like physical exercises, physical therapy, swimming or taking pain medications but there comes a time when surgery becomes a necessity and it is important to know when is the right time to get the surgery done.

Given below are a few signs that might mean that you need to get the knee replacement surgery done

  1. Lack of relief from non surgical treatments.
  2. Intense and frequent pain.
  3. Limited mobility.
  4. Swelling in the knee.
  5. Difficulty doing everyday chores.

What is the most suitable age for getting a knee replacement surgery

The most suitable age for getting a knee replacement is 60 – 80 years, but in most hospitals there is no upper limit for getting the knee replacement surgery.

There however can be some reasons due to which your surgeons might say no to your knee replacement surgery

  1. Your pain is not related to arthritis.
  2. You are overweight.
  3. The skin covering your knee is weak.
  4. You are suffering from a terminal disease.

Best knee replacement implants brands

  1. Johnson and Johnson
  2. Stryker
  3. Medtronic 
  4. Orthofix
  5. Globus Medical
  6. Zimmer Biomet
  7. Smith + Nephew
  8. Uteshiya Medicare
  9. Enovis
  10. NuVasive

Procedure and Recovery

Before deciding, make sure to consult a physician to check what is the best option for you, a thorough consultation is the key, make sure to convey all the problems you are facing.

Make sure to discuss your previous health conditions and the current medications you might be taking,you surgeon might provide you with instructions about what to do and what not to do before the surgery and make sure you follow them.

Before the procedure :

The surgeon will take a few diagnostic tests and discuss with you the results and risks, you will be administered anaesthesia before the procedure. The procedure takes about 1 or 2 hours, it can be an outpatient procedure or an inpatient procedure depending upon the anesthesia you were given.

During the procedure :

During the surgery the surgeon would make an incision according to the type of knee replacement surgery you are having. The surgeon then removes the damaged bone and cartilage and replaces it with the implants. 

After the surgery :

After the 2 hours of surgery you will either leave the same day or stay a day. Your surgeon will provide you with post operative medications and give you instructions about things you should do and what you should not do.


What to do for a speedy recovery? There’s a list of things you should or avoid that might speed up your recovery process.

  1. Walk often after the surgery
  2. Use supportive devices for a few weeks.
  3. Clean the incision to prevent infections.

Will your insurance policy cover your knee replacement surgery? 

Yes, the knee replacement surgery is covered by health service providers but it varies depending upon the hospital and your insurance policy.

It would be better to discuss beforehand with the insurance providers as well as the hospital you chose for your surgery.

The important thing is that your doctor must order you for a knee replacement surgery or it should be considered medically necessary to be performed.

Given below are a few top Health insurance policy providers in Nigeria

  1. AXA Mansard Health insurance
  2. Clearline health insurance
  3. Hygeia health insurance
  4. Leadway health insurance
  5. HCI health insurance 

Why should you choose Nigeria for your knee replacement surgery?

  • Best Hospitals    

 Nigeria has a range of certified Multi speciality hospitals, making your treatment an easy and safe ride.

Good Hospitals are a must for a treatment because they will ultimately ease your treatment process with the facilities available.  

  • Best Doctors

A place with good hospitals will eventually lead you to the best doctors which is always a must for a treatment, a good combination of these two will definitely mean a smooth experience for your treatment.

  • Affordability

   Nigeria is a place that offers you not just best doctors and hospitals but all this at an affordable price when compared to other developed countries.

These reasons are why you should get your knee replacement surgery in Nigeria, with a success rate of almost 98% and very rare instances of complications Nigeria should be on your list of top countries to get your surgery done.

Patient success stories

Bob’s story:

Bob loved participating in marathons, he was also a winner of few, he was the kind of person who loved performing various physical activities be it swimming, racing or bicycling.

Ever since he was young he believed in maintaining good physical health and taking good care of his diet, as he grew older he started experiencing a little pain in his knees although he didn’t pay much attention to it at the time and continued despite the little pain.

Whenever the pain would increase he would take pain medication and it would give him relief for about an hour or so, all this continued until the regular pain medicines stopped providing any relief.

It was then he decided to consult a physician, he was told that the pain he was feeling was mild arthritis and he was given medication for pain relief and was also asked to give a thought about knee replacement surgery but due to fear of surgery he decided to stick to medications only.

After a few years the pain and swelling became unbearable and due to it he was not able to do his day to day activities. He then decided to consult a surgeon and put a stop to the misery, he underwent total knee replacement at the age of 46 and the surgery was successful.

Today Bob is happy about the decision he made and highly recommends getting your knee replacement surgery done in Nigeria.



Q.1 How long will it take to recover?

 The average recovery time for a knee replacement surgery is 6 months although it varies from person to person. The total time to recover is approximately 12 months.

Q.2 Is it possible to walk after a knee replacement surgery?

Yes, after a few weeks of surgery you will be able to walk a few distances, after 6 months you will be able to do most of your daily activities.

Q.3 Is knee replacement surgery painful?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, some people have higher pain tolerance levels compared to others. You will be provided pain medications so the pain would be bearable.

Q.4  Is knee replacement surgery a risky surgery?

Just like every other surgery knee replacement surgery also involves some risks like blood clotting, infections etc. 

Top orthopaedic surgeons in Nigeria

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