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Spine surgery in Nigeria

Spine surgery is often performed to cure spinal issues like instability in spine, bone spurs, herniated discs, scoliosis and spine tumour. During the procedure an orthopedic surgeon makes an incision on the back of the patient’s spine through which the surgeon removes bone spurs or thickened ligaments pressing on the lower back.

Nigeria is witnessing growth in the medical field, recently it has emerged as a country that provides not only advanced medical facilities but all that at an affordable price too. 

If you are thinking of getting your spine surgery done in Nigeria, here is a list of  information that you might need ranging from various costs of spine surgery in Nigeria to the top orthopedic surgeons in Nigeria to help you along the way.

Cost of spine surgery in Nigeria

Spinal surgery is considered to be an expensive surgery, due to growing age one in fifteen people suffer from back pain and spinal problems , the decision of getting a surgery can be a tough one.

The price for a spinal surgery can vary a lot depending upon various factors. The price of spinal surgery has an average cost of 4,000,000 NGN in Nigeria while the same surgery can range as high as 19,000 USD in countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Spine surgery average cost in Nigeria 5,000,000 NGN
Minimum cost (in Naira) 2,000,000 NGN
Maximum Cost (in Naira) 8,000,000 NGN
Average cost (in USD) 6,539 USD

Cost of spine surgery in Nigeria compared to different countries

Spine surgery cost in Nigeria compared to other Countries Average cost Average cost (in US Dollars)
Germany 17,261 EUR 18,253 USD
Switzerland 10,700 CHF 11,896 USD
France 16,000 EUR 16,920 USD
Singapore 27,000 SGD 19,734 USD
United Kingdom 16,500 GBP 20,088 USD
Norway 2,50,724 NOK 22,902 USD
United States of America 18,200 USD 18,200 USD
Canada 29,888 CAD 21,909 USD
India 9,00,000 INR 10,813 USD
Thailand 530,425 THB 14,602 USD
Mexico 412,463 MXN 22,915 USD
China 98,933 CNY 13,548 USD
Korea 6,000,810 KRW 7,890 USD
Finland 16,946 EUR 17,920 USD
Spain 14,903 EUR 15,760 USD
Japan 3,120,187 JPY 20,844 USD

Cost of spine surgery in Nigeria compared to other countries in the African continent .

Cost of spine surgery in different countries of Africa Minimum Cost ( in Naira) Maximum Cost (in Naira) Average price (in US Dollars)
Egypt 2,723,000 NGN 6,720,000 NGN 8,788 USD
Kenya 2,000,000 NGN 7,500,000 NGN 9,808 USD
South Africa 2,500,000 NGN 6,640,000 NGN 8,683 USD
Sudan 2,780,000 NGN 6,555,000 NGN 8,572 USD
Algeria 2,556,000 NGN 6,897,000 NGN 9,019 USD

Cost of spine surgery in different states of Nigeria

A thorough knowledge about h the surgery you’re going to be having is necessary, the price of the surgery can vary at any small change, if you are thinking of getting the surgery done under a certain budget, cost comparison can be very helpful

Spine surgery cost in different cities of Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum Cost (in Naira) Average Cost (in US Dollars)
Lagos 3,000,000 NGN 6,798,000 NGN 6,406 USD
Port Harcourt 3,500,000 NGN 7,000,000 NGN 6,865 USD
Abuja 2,789,000 NGN 8,000,000 NGN 7,054 USD
Benin 3,890,000 NGN 7,500,000 NGN 7,447 USD
Ibadan 2,000,000 NGN 6,500,000 NGN 5,558 USD
Kano 2,890,000 NGN 6,750,000 NGN 6,303 USD
Enugu 2,988,000 NGN 7,450,000 NGN 6,865 USD
Kalaba 3,780,000 NGN 6,500,000 NGN 6,722 USD
Kaduna 2,780,000 NGN 6,780,000 NGN 6,251 USD
Aba 2,800,000 NGN 7,000,000 NGN 6,408 USD


Factors affecting the cost of spine surgery in Nigeria

Since spine surgery is an expensive surgery it is necessary to understand what brings such a a huge variation in the cost. The variation could be due to various reasons like the experience of the surgeon to medications required for the surgery.

Given below is a list of factors that might affect the cost of spine surgery in Nigeria.

  1. Consultation fees
  2. Diagnostic tests
  3. Surgeon fees
  4. Anesthesia charges (Local or general)
  5. Implants
  6. Hospitalization charges
  7. Preoperative and postoperative medications
  8. Physical therapy
  9. Follow up visits
  10. Other expenses

Given below is a table that shows the variation that might be caused due to these factors.

Factors affecting the cost of spine surgery in Nigeria Average price (in Naira) Average price (n US Dollars)
Consultation fees 8,000 NGN 10 USD
Diagnostic tests 10,000 NGN 13 USD
Surgeon fees 22,000 NGN 28 USD
Anesthesia charges (Local or general) 89,800 NGN 116 USD
Implants 20,500 NGN 26 USD
Hospitalization charges 1,80,000 NGN 234 USD
Preoperative and postoperative medications 30,000 NGN 40 USD
Physical therapy 22,000 NGN 28 USD
Follow up visits 12,000 NGN 15 USD
Other expenses 10,000 NGN 13 USD

Cost of spine surgery in top hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of spine surgery in top hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (in Naira) Average Cost (in US Dollars)
Reddington Hospital 4,887,000 NGN 6,391 USD
Lagoon Hospitals 4,999,000 NGN 6,539 USD
St. Ives Specialist hospital 4,998,000 NGN 6,500 USD
Primus super speciality hospital 5,000,000 NGN 6,600 USD
EKO Hospital 4,780,000 NGN 6,251 USD
First consultants Medical Centre (FCMC) 5,000,000 NGN 6,500 USD
Euracare Multi- Specialist hospital 4,789,000 NGN 6,200 USD
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital 4,999,000 NGN 6,500 USD
University of Abuja Teaching Hospital 5,100,000 NGN 6,699 USD

Cost of spine surgery in top hospitals of Lagos

Cost of spine surgery in different hospitals of Lagos Average cost (in Naira) Average cost (in US Dollars)
GCEM hospital 5,500,000 USD 7,192 USD
BM Empire Hospital 5,000,000 USD 6,540 USD
Lagoon hospital 4,789,000 USD 6,269 USD
Etta Atlantic memorial hospital 5,150,000 USD 6,736 USD

Cost of spine surgery in top hospitals of Abuja

Cost of Spine surgery in different hospitals of Abuja Average cost (in Naira) Average cost (in US Dollars)
Trust chariots hospital 5,450,000 NGN 7,127 USD
Alliance hospital 4,890,000 NGN 6,500 USD
MEV Specialists hospital 5,444,000 NGN 7,100 USD
The Limi hospital 5,000,000 NGN 6,500 USD

Cost of spine surgery in government hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of spine surgery in government hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (in Naira) Average cost (in US Dollars)
Ashaka Government hospital 2,500,000 NGN 3,269 USD
Lagos state General hospital 2,000,000 NGN 2,615 USD
Karshi general hospital 1,990,000 NGN 2,600 USD
Maitama District Hospital 2,250,000 NGN 2,942 USD

Cost of spine surgery in private hospitals of Nigeria

Cost of spine surgery in private hospitals of Nigeria Average cost (In Naira) Average cost (in USD)
Primus super speciality hospital 5,999,000 NGN 7,800 USD
Lagoon Hospital 5,450,000 NGN 7,140 USD
Royal specialist hospital 5,500,000 NGN 7,802 USD
Evercare Hospital 5,500,000 NGN 7194 USD
Nisa premier hospital 5,550,000 USD 7,200 USD

Success rate of spine surgery in Nigeria

Due to good medical facilities and certified surgeons the success rate of spine surgery in Nigeria is quite high compared to other countries.

The success rate of spine surgery in Nigeria is as high as 96% with very rare instances of complications.

Success rate for spine surgery in Nigeria 96%
Chances of complications Approx. 2 %
Revision rates for spine surgery Approx. 2 %

Success rate of spine surgery in Nigeria compared to other countries

Success rates of spine surgery Success rates (%) Chances of complications
Mexico 96 % Approx. 2 %
India 96.5 % Approx. 2%
United Kingdom 95 % Approx. 5 %
Turkey 95% Approx. 1%
United States of America 97% Approx. 4 %
Germany 96 % Approx. 4 %
Canada 97% Approx. 3%
Dubai 96 % Approx. 4%

Types of Spine surgery

There can be various types of spine surgery depending upon what area needs to be treated, given below are a few different types of spine surgeries.

  • Spinal Fusion (Average price : 6,145 USD)

Spinal fusion is a procedure performed to correct the crooked alignment of spine caused due to a result of disease, accident or congenital (present since birth)The surgery corrects the posture of the patient and hence providing relief from the pain as well.

  • Laminectomy (Average price : 6,212 USD)

Laminectomy can be considered the most commonly performed spinal surgery. The surgery is performed to cure spinal stenosis.In this type of spinal surgery bone spurs and ligaments are removed hence lessening the pressure.

The procedure is effective in reducing pain in the affected regions of the spine.

  • Discectomy (Average price : 6,539 USD)

Discectomy is the procedure where the bulging disc is removed to relieve pressure on the nerves. The procedure is mainly performed to cure herniated disc disease. It is performed in the lumbar region of the spine.

  • Intervertebral disc arthroscopy (Average price : 6,695 USD)

Intervertebral disc arthroscopy or disc replacement surgery is a procedure where the surgeon removes a disc from your spine and an artificial disc is placed in place of it. It is performed in the cervical or lumbar region.

  •  Foraminotomy (Average price : 6,404 USD)

Foraminotomy is a procedure where the bone around.canal (neural foramen) is removed, it is a decompression procedure and it relieves the pain because the pressure is relieved from where the nerve was compressed.

  •  Vertebrectomy (Average price : 6,694 USD)

Vertebrectomy or corpectomy is a procedure where a part of the vertebra is removed to relieve pressure and hence decompress nerves as well as spinal cords.

Cost of different spine surgeries in Nigeria compared to different countries

Name of the country Spinal fusion average price Laminectomy average price Discectomy average price Invertebral disc Arthroplasty average price Foraminotomy average price Vertebrectomy average price
Germany 10,220 USD 10,889 USD 12,000 USD 12,890 USD 12,990 USD 14,880 USD
India 7,480 USD 10,782 USD 8200 USD 10,000 USD 13,450 USD 14,570 USD
United Kingdom 10,300 USD 12,990 USD 12,100 USD 10,999 USD 13,560 USD 13,450 USD
France 12,500 USD 12,900 USD 11,000 USD 11,500 USD 15,760 USD 14,660 USD
China 13,400 USD 11,999 USD 12,290 USD 12,000 USD 15,990 USD 14,780 USD
United states of America 14,800 USD 13,779 USD 14,780 USD 13,500 USD 16,780 USD 16,770 USD
Canada 13,800 USD 13,450 USD 13,440 USD 14,800 USD 15,770 USD 15,720 USD
Mexico 14,700 USD 12,400 USD 13,560 USD 12,780 USD 14,670 USD 15,670 USD

Cost of different spine surgeries in Nigeria

Cost of different types of spine surgeries in Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum cost (in Naira) Average Cost
Spinal Fusion 2,500,000 NGN 6,898,000 NGN 6,145 USD
Laminectomy 2,500,000 NGN 7,000,000 NGN 6,212 USD
Discectomy 2,999,000 NGN 6,999,000 NGN 6,539 USD
Invertebral disc Arthroplasty 2,999,000 NGN 7,240,000 NGN 6,695 USD
Foraminotomy 2,789,000 NGN 6,999,000 NGN 6,401 USD
Vertebrectomy 2,340,000 NGN 7,898,000 NGN 6,694 USD

Minimally invasive alternatives for spine surgery

  • Endoscopic Lumbar discectomy  (Average price : 6,212 USD)

In this procedure the surgeon makes a small incision for a tube-like endoscope to enter your body through which they will remove the disc .The procedure is minimally invasive compared to other spine surgery procedures.

  • Coflex Lumbar interlaminar device (Average price : 6,917 USD)

The procedure is performed with the help of a u shaped device which is called the coflex lumbar interlaminar device, this device is implanted into the affected area. It is minimally invasive surgery but it requires the patient to have a strong skeletal structure.

  • Endoscopic Rhizotomy (Average price : 6,539 USD)

In this procedure the surgeon will make a small incision on your back and insert an endoscope, with its help they will serve your medical branch nerve.

Cost of different types of minimally invasive spine surgeries in Nigeria

Cost of different types of minimally invasive spine surgeries in Nigeria Minimum Cost (in Naira) Maximum cost (in Naira) Average Cost (in USD)
Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy 3,500,000 NGN 6,000,000 NGN 6,212 USD
Coflex Lumbar inter-laminar device 3,780,000 NGN 6,890,000 NGN 6,977 USD
Endoscopic Rhizotomy 2,999,000 NGN 6,999,000 NGN 6,539 USD

Cost of different minimally invasive spine surgeries in Nigeria

Name of the country Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy average price Coflex lumbar inter laminar device average price Endoscopic Rhizotomy average price
Germany 11,220 USD 12,889 USD 13,000 USD
India 8,480 USD 12,782 USD 9200 USD
United Kingdom 12,300 USD 13,990 USD 13,100 USD
France 12,450 USD 13,900 USD 12,000 USD
China 12,400 USD 12,999 USD 11,290 USD
United states of America 13,800 USD 14,779 USD 13,780 USD
Canada 14,800 USD 12,450 USD 13,440 USD
Mexico 13,700 USD 13,400 USD 13,560 USD

Newest spine surgery technique in Nigeria

TLIF or Transforaminal lumbar inter body fusion. The procedure aims to fuse the bones of the spine permanently. The surgery also provides lesser operating time as well as recovery time.

The average price of TLIF in Nigeria is around 7,900,000 NGN ( 10,331 USD)

Risks of Spine surgery.

Just like any other surgery, spine surgery also comes with its own risks and concerns involved.

Though very rare, some of the risks associated to Spine surgery are

  1. Blood clots
  2. Infection
  3. Sores
  4. Nerve injury

What to do for a speedy recovery?

  1. Wear braces
  2. Take medications
  3. Avoid lifting something heavy
  4. Avoid sudden impact
  5. Clean the incision regularly 

Which type of back surgery is suitable for you?

Since there are several types of spine surgery iit could be very hard to know which type is the best for you, our advice would be to have a thorough consultation with your surgeon so they understand which procedure will end your discomfort.


The main thing to keep in mind before the surgery is to consult thoroughly with your physician, share the difficulties and symptoms you have been facing, and tell them about your medical history. Every little detail is necessary as it might bring a great change. Before the surgery try your best to remain fit physically. Ask your surgeon which exercises will be good to strengthen your core and lose your weight as too much weight might cause some complications after the surgery.

Before the Surgery:

Before going for the surgery make sure you follow the surgeon’s instruction, he might have advised you upon not taking a few kinds of medicines and what meal to have before the surgery, how to take your preoperative medications etc. The surgeon will administer you to anesthesia (local or general) .

During the procedure :

Depending upon the procedure you are having the surgeon will make an incision on your back around the area that is causing trouble, he will then remove the disc with precision, decompressing your spinal nerves and hence providing relief. The incision will then be stitched up.

After the procedure :

The procedure lasts for about two or three hours, your surgeon might ask you to stay in the hospital for a day or maybe discharge you the same day depending upon the type of procedure you had.

The surgery has a full recovery period of about a year but you will start noticing changes from about two weeks after the surgery.

Will your insurance policy cover your spine surgery? 

Yes, the spine surgery is covered by healthcare insurance providers but it varies depending upon the hospital and your insurance policy.

It would be better to discuss beforehand with the insurance providers as well as the hospital you chose for your surgery.The surgery should be considered medically necessary by the surgeon.

Given below are a few top Health insurance policy providers in Nigeria

  1. AXA Mansard Health insurance
  2. Clearline health insurance
  3. Hygeia health insurance
  4. Leadway health insurance
  5. HCI health insurance 

Why should you choose Nigeria for your spine surgery?

  • Best Hospitals    

Nigeria has a range of certified Multi speciality hospitals, making your treatment an easy and safe ride.

Good Hospitals are a must for a treatment because they will ultimately ease your treatment process with the facilities available.  

  • Best Doctors

A place with good hospitals will eventually lead you to the best doctors which is always a must for a treatment, a good combination of these two will definitely mean a smooth experience for your treatment.

  • Affordability

   Nigeria is a place that offers you not just best doctors and hospitals but all this at an affordable price when compared to other developed countries.

These reasons are why you should get your spine surgery in Nigeria, with a success rate of almost 96 % and very rare instances of complications Nigeria should be on your list of top countries to get your surgery done.


1.Is spine surgery a serious surgery?

Yes, spine surgery can be considered a serious surgery as just like any other surgery this one also involves some risks and concerns of its own.

  1. Is spine surgery painful?

The answer to this varies from person to person, if you are a person who can handle normal levels of pain then this surgery can be considered mildly painful but the pain medications provided help with the pain.

  1. What is the age limit for spinal surgery?

There is no specific age limit for a spine surgery, however younger patients require less recovery time.


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