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Brain Surgery in Turkey

The Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey is around $9500.

Turkey has always been a hub for treatments and surgery. However, in recent years, because of the advancement in technologies and medicines, the popularity of Turkey has spread worldwide because of highly successful brain surgery. Neurology Hospitals in Turkey use modern equipment, providing all the facilities to make the patients feel at home. One of the main reasons for patients choosing Turkey, along with the quality, is the Brain surgery cost in Turkey, which is around $8500 to $10500. A package of Brain Surgery in Turkey is provided to Patients, which may include the travel from the airport to the hospitals, tests, consultation, brain surgery and the recovery process.

Professional neurosurgeons perform Brain Surgery in Turkey. Through brain surgery, abnormal growth and brain cell is stopped. The brain tumour is caused due to exposure to radiation or family history, or any brain cancer can be cured by brain surgery. Top surgeons in Turkey use advanced technologies, which provide patients with a high success treatment. Turkey hospitals are famous for giving low-cost brain surgery, but the quality of treatment in Turkey is high. Patients worldwide come to Turkey to get Brain surgery from the best brain surgeon in Turkey, ensuring a successful result and speedy recovery.

Brain Surgery Price in Turkey 2023

The cost of Brain Surgery in Turkey is low, and treatment in Turkey is always low compared to other countries, but the resulting quality is high in Turkey. For example, the Brain Surgery cost in Turkey is about $9500, whereas the cost of brain surgery in the US and UK is twice that in Turkey. The price is one of the main factors that attract patients to Turkey. Along with the low cost of the treatment provided in Turkey for Brain injuries or cancer and the high quality of treatment using the latest technologies and modern techniques, Turkey hospitals achieve a successful outcome. Experienced surgeons and a team of professionals carry out Turkey Brain surgery.

The Average Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey 2023 is about $9500.

Brain Surgery Price in Turkey Package 2023

Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey Amount
Craniotomy Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey $8500-$9500
Biopsy Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey $8200-$9200
Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery Cost in Turkey $9500-$9900

Comparison of Brain Surgery Cost different Countries – Year 2023

Brain Surgery Cost in Countries Amount
United States of America $36000
United Kingdom $39000
United Arab Emirates $30000
Singapore $14000
Thailand $11500
Turkey $9500

For many years Turkey has been known as one of the best destinations for low-cost medical facilities. Today, the best medical services are provided by hospitals in Turkey at a much lower cost. When compared to other countries, the price of brain surgery is less. The countries like the US and the UK charge high for brain surgery. Get your brain treatment in Turkey from experienced and skilled surgeons at a very low price.

Types of Brain Surgery Available in Turkey

Craniotomy Brain Surgery:

The temporary removal of a small chunk of the skull bone is known as a craniotomy. Numerous abnormalities of the brain, including—but not restricted to—brain tumours, aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, brain abscesses, hematomas, trigeminal neuralgia, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy—can be treated using craniotomies. Craniotomy Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey is around $8500.

Treatment Details
Craniotomy Brain Surgery cost in Turkey $8500
Method Surgical
Stay in Hospital 3-5 days
Stay in Turkey 2-3 weeks
Side effects Blood clots, Pneumonia, Unstable blood pressure and Seizures

Biopsy Brain Surgery:

A biopsy is an invasive procedure in which a tiny sample of brain tissue is surgically removed so that it can be studied under a microscope. For example, a neurosurgeon will make a tiny hole in the skull while the patient is under general anaesthetic, then place a thin needle inside to remove a small amount of tissue. Biopsy Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey is around $8900.

Treatment Details
Biopsy Brain Surgery cost in Turkey $8500
Method Surgical
Stay in Hospital 1 night stay
Stay in Turkey 5 weeks
Side effects Bleeding, seizures, brain swelling, stroke, blood clots and infection

Endoscopic Endonasal Brain Surgery:

A surgeon can access the front of the brain and the top of the spine through the nose using the least invasive endoscopic endonasal surgery. In addition, nasal issues can be treated with it. Using this technique, the surgeon can access these locations without making significant incisions or removing substantial amounts of the skull. Endoscopic Endonasal Brain Surgery cost in Turkey is around $9000.

Treatment Details
Endoscopic Endonasal Brain Surgery cost in Turkey $9500
Method Surgical
Stay in Hospital 1-2 days
Stay in Turkey 10 days
Side effects Pain, headaches, Redness, tenderness and Swelling in the area around the nose

Why choose Turkey for Brain Surgery?

Brain Surgery in Turkey is popular because of its high success rate. The surgeons here in Turkey are well-experienced and skilful in performing successful treatments. In addition, experienced surgeons in Turkey use top and advanced technologies, and the highly skilled staff use the latest equipment to diagnose diseases accurately.

Cost is another factor patients choose Brain surgery in Turkey, as hospitals in Turkey are cost-effective, and hospitals and surgeons in Turkey provide high-standard surgery. In addition, Turkey generally offers shorter waiting times, allowing patients to receive prompt medical attention and necessary surgical intervention.

Cost of Brain Surgery in Turkish Cities

Brain Cancer Cost in Turkey Cities Amount
Istanbul $9200
Antalya $9500
Izmir $8900
Ankara $9900

Brain Surgery Cost in Istanbul is about $9200.

Brain Surgery Cost in Antalya is about $9500.

Brain Surgery Cost in Izmir is about $8900.

Brain Surgery Cost in Ankara is about $9900.

Does insurance cover Brain Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Brain diseases are magnificent diseases, and curing it may cost a lot. Turkey has many reputable insurance companies covering the expenses of brain surgery in Turkey. Hospitals in Turkey also accept insurance coverage for Brain surgeries from reputable international insurance companies. To ensure your insurance provider covers the cost of brain surgery in Turkey, contact them before coming for treatment in Turkey.

What is the Success rate of Brain Surgery in Turkey?

The experienced neurosurgeons in Turkey ensure brain-injured patients get treated without delay in treatment and provide highly successful results. A high success rate of Brain Surgery in Turkey is expected as they use modern and state o art technologies to diagnose and perform the surgery.

Brain Surgery in Turkey Reviews and Cost

Past patients from Turkey write positive reviews about brain surgery in Turkey. Therefore, they recommend others get brain surgery in Turkey. The brain surgery cost in Turkey is much less, and the treatment is very highly rated because of the successful results for past patients. In addition, the staff of Turkey hospitals are highly skilled and take care of patients post-brain surgery.

Top Brain Surgeons In Turkey

Dr. Ilya Pekarsky:

The consultation fee of Dr. Ilya Pekarsky for Spine Surgery in Turkey is $160.

  • He is a neurosurgeon.
  • Works at Medical Park Healthcare
  • Graduation: Russian National Research Medical University
  • An active member of Israeli Orthopedic Association (IOA)
  • Special Interest: Brain Treatment

Dr. Onur Yaman:

The consultation fee of Dr. Onur Yaman for Spine Surgery in Turkey is $140.

  • He is a Neurosurgeon.
  • 25 years of experience
  • Works at Memorial Healthcare Group, Istanbul
  • Graduation: Ege University Medical Faculty
  • Special Interest: Neurology Oncology

Cost of Brain Surgery in Turkey Hospital

Cost of Brain Surgery in Turkey Hospital Price Range
Medipol University Hospital $8500-$9500
Hisar Hospital Intercontinental $9200-$9700
Acibadem International Hospital $8900-$9000
Memorial Hospitals $8600-$8900
Anadolu Medical Center $8800-$9200
Istinye University Hospital $9800-10000
Medicana International Hospital $8500-$9000
Medical Park Hospitals $8900-$9700

Best Brain Hospitals In Turkey

Eren Hospital, Turkey:

Brain Surgery Cost in Eren Hospital, Turkey, is around $8500-$9900.

  • It is an orthopaedic hospital
  • Advanced medical technology
  • World-class medical services
  • 47 beds
  • 15 intensive care unit beds
  • ISO-certified hospital

Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul:

Brain Surgery Cost in Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul, is around $8900-$9900.

  • Experienced and skilful 3,000 staff members
  • Orthopedics department
  • 31 ICUs
  • Advanced medical technology

FAQs on Brain Surgery cost in Turkey

How much does brain surgery cost in Turkey?

The brain surgery cost in Turkey depends on the condition of the patients. Brain surgery costs in Turkey are significantly lower compared to many other countries.

What is the average price range for brain surgery in Turkey?

The average price range for brain surgery in Turkey is around $8500-$10500.

Can insurance cover the cost of brain surgery in Turkey?

Yes, the cost of brain surgery in Turkey is covered by the insurance.

Is brain surgery in Turkey affordable in Turkey?

Yes, brain surgery in Turkey is affordable compared to other foreign countries.

Is it safe to undergo brain surgery in Turkey?

It is generally safe to undergo brain surgery in Turkey, as Turkey has the best hospitals using the latest technologies.

What types of brain surgeries are available in Turkey?

Turkey offers various brain surgeries, including Biopsy, Endoscopic Endonasal, Craniotomy, etc.

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