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Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey Find Reviews, Botched Surgeries, Photos

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost Range Between $2,110 – $3,376

Dr Bora Ok is an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey. He is especially known for closed rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures. He has performed more than 300 ethnic rhinoplasty surgeries every year. Dr Bora specialized in providing superior-quality nose surgery procedures with minimal complications and faster trauma. Dr Bora offers advanced methods to achieve natural rhinoplasty results. Let’s find out more about Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgical and non-surgical procedure in Turkey. Dr Bora Ok is one of the leading Rhinoplasty surgeons offering different nose surgeries. Dr Bora studied the faculty of medicine at Karadeniz Technical University and pursued a career in plastic surgery with well-known Prof. Dr Halit Ziya Konuralp in Turkey. He completed specialized training in microsurgery, hand surgery, tumor, and repair surgery. Dr Bora aims to provide a dream yet natural nose that matches to patient’s facial characteristics. A small change in the nose will change the complete facial appearance. Doing it positively with desired results will increase self-confidence in patients dissatisfied with their noses.

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Istanbul, Turkey

Rhinoplasty Surgery Dr Bora Ok
Cost $2,110 – $3,376
Experience 17 Years
Specialization Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty
Availability Istanbul, Turkey
Technology Advanced
Insurance Coverage Accept
Reviews Good
Ratings 4.6
Hours Mon – Sat 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost In Istanbul, Turkey

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost Average Cost in Turkey (USD) Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Open Rhinoplasty $2,427 ₺65,398
Closed Rhinoplasty $2,954 ₺79,599
Tiplasty $2,110 ₺56,856
Filler Rhinoplasty $2,532 ₺68,228
Revision Rhinoplasty $3,376 ₺90,970
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty $3,376 ₺90,970

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Surgery Price

Dr Bora Ok offers various procedures for patients looking to reshape and resize their noses. Every rhinoplasty procedure has a different cost. The average rhinoplasty in Turkey starts from $2000 and increases depending on the requirements. Dr Bora provides various types of rhinoplasty surgery, such as Open Rhinoplasty, Cost $2,427; closed Rhinoplasty, Cost $2,954, Tiplasty Cost $2,110, Filler Rhinoplasty Cost $2,532; Revision Rhinoplasty Cost $3,376; Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Cost $3,376.

Dr Bora Ok Rhinoplasty Cost and Types of Procedures in Turkey

Dr Bora Ok Open Rhinoplasty Cost: $2,427(₺65,398)

Dr Bora Ok offer open rhinoplasty for nose lifting. Open rhinoplasty involves creating an incision between the nostrils called Columella. Dr Bora works on cartilage and bone structure to get easy access. Open Rhinoplasty surgery is performed with the Piezo method to reshape nose bone with ultrasonic sound waves instead of tools that cut or crush them. It will correct the deformities and shape the nose cartilage.


Dr Bora Ok Closed Nose Surgery Cost: $2,954(₺79,599)

Dr Bora Ok is popularly known for closed rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty procedure involves creating an incision inside the nose. It will work on natural ligaments and tissues for reshaping the nose. Closed nose rhinoplasty improves aesthetic appearance and has faster recovery. A closed rhinoplasty works on the nasal hump, narrow nasal alar base, and refined nasal tip. Dr Bora provides closed rhinoplasty before and after photos to the patient. Patients can feel free to choose their desired nose and keep realistic expectations. Dr Bora Ok also offers closed revision rhinoplasty. Dr Bora Ok Closed Nose Surgery Cost: $2,954(₺79,599).


Dr Bora Ok Tiplasty Cost: $2,110 (₺56,856)

Dr Bora Ok offers tip-plastic surgery for the thick-skinned nose. The thick-skinned nose is an oil, thick, and porous nasal skin. The cartilage structure and bone determine the nose shape. Rhinoplasty surgery helps to reshape the nose structure by working on fat and connective tissues. Compared to a thin nose, a thick nose needs skin and bone cut to shape the new nose. Dr Bora Ok Tiplasty Cost: $2,110 (₺56,856).


Dr Bora Ok Revision Rhinoplasty Cost: $3,376 (₺90,970)

Dr Bora is the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. Dr Bora provides secondary rhinoplasty surgery for botched surgery correction. Revision rhinoplasty is helpful for patients unsatisfied with their rhinoplasty results. The revision surgery aims to correct the mistake that happens in the previous nose surgery. Revision Rhinoplasty is more challenging than the first rhinoplasty because it requires analysis of surgical history and the patient’s nasal structure, which will need the best revision rhinoplasty specialist. Revision rhinoplasty surgery needs cartilage grafting by extracting from the ear, nose, or rib. Minor problems with nose revision surgery can be resolved in a 30-minute procedure, and complicated revision rhinoplasty surgery needs 3 – 4 hours. Revision rhinoplasty price is $3,376 at Dr Bora Ok’s clinic.


Dr Bora Ok Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Cost: $3,376 (₺90,970)

Dr Bora provides the latest Piezo method for the latest rhinoplasty procedures. He is a skilled full rhinoplasty surgeon with good knowledge of ultrasonic sound waves shaping nose bones. The Piezo device helps to protect vessels, soft tissues, and nerves. It also lowers post-operative swelling and pain. The cost of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is $3,376 at Dr Bora Ok Clinic.


Dr Bora Ok Filler Rhinoplasty Cost: $2,532 (₺68,228)

Dr Bora Ok offers non-surgical nose surgery referred to as filler rhinoplasty. He uses injectable hyaluronic acid for nose and facial aesthetic appearance for correcting minor deformation. Dermal fillers are used for short-term nose shape change, but it is unsuitable for patients who wish to change their nose appearance drastically. Also, filler rhinoplasty does not resolve breathing difficulties.

Dr Bora Ok Reviews – Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

  • Dr Bora provides successful ethnic rhinoplasty. Patients are happy with the doctor and team.
  • Patients are satisfied with the rhinoplasty results and feel safe and comfortable during surgery.
  • Dr Bora is very attentive and extremely helpful. He is resourceful and accommodating.
  • Dr Bora provided advanced care and support during every step of rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Dr Bora provides follow-up appointments with professionalism and expertise.


Dr Bora, Ok Bad Reviews

  • Some patients had a bad experience with Dr Bora’s rhinoplasty procedure. They have been waiting for a response for a week about revision rhinoplasty. The patient did not get an explanation about her revision rhinoplasty.
  • Some patients find Dr Bora has high cost than other doctors.

Dr Bora Ok Botched Rhinoplasty 

A patient writes that she regrets having rhinoplasty surgery from Dr Bora Ok. She wrote Dr Bora is not a certified ENT doctor and caused uneven nostrils. She feels disappointed with her appearance.

Dr Bora is a certified Rhinoplasty surgeon who also provides other plastic surgeries. Doctors can only perform rhinoplasty or other surgery with a board or specialized training certification. Also, a doctor should have permission from the Turkish Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Bora is successfully providing several surgeries. Some cases might go wrong if the patient’s health rejects the surgery and interferes healing process.

Dr Bora Ok Photos -Rhinoplasty Before and After

Rhinoplasty is a crucial surgery like other major surgeries. It needs dedication and good experience with the latest procedure because patients follow trends and seek new noses with advanced methods. Some patients get their dream nose in the first surgery, and some cases need revision rhinoplasty, a second surgery to re-correct the nose appearance. Often people get inspired by their favorite celebrities and wish to have the perfect noses. But every individual has a different nose structure; depending on that, a rhinoplasty surgeon can create a natural yet suitable nose for a facial appearance. Dr Bora Ok will provide you with several patients’ successful nose surgery before and after photos. You can choose and understand better the type of nose shape that suits your face.

Why Choose Dr Bora Ok for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey?

  • Dr Bora Ok has 17 years of experience in rhinoplasty surgeries.
  • Dr Bora provides nose surgeries for aesthetic and functional problems
  • Dr Bora provides open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty.
  • Dr Bora Ok provides highly personalized patient care to achieve outstanding results.
  • Dr Bora focuses on reducing bruising, trauma, and complications to get a beautiful nose with fast healing.
  • Dr Bora provides microsurgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and tumor removal.

Get Rhinoplasty Second Opinion

Choosing rhinoplasty surgery can be a big decision when you are unaware of nose surgery. You might get inspired by internet-trending nose jobs and wish for a perfect nose. But it is paramount to know that everyone has a different nose structure, and their type of nose can be other. Every small change in nose shape and size may increase or decrease the rhinoplasty cost in Turkey. A small error could also ruin the outcome of rhinoplasty. It is necessary to understand rhinoplasty surgery and the chosen surgeon. Please get in touch with us to get a second opinion from our rhinoplasty experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a rhinoplasty cost at Dr Bora Ok’s clinic?

Dr Bora Ok’s rhinoplasty cost start from $2,110 – $3,376.


What type of Rhinoplasty surgery Dr Bora Ok provide?

Dr Bora Ok provides open & closed, non-surgical, and ultrasonic rhinoplasty surgeries.


What not to do after rhinoplasty?

Dr Bora advises avoiding strenuous activities to recover well after rhinoplasty surgery.


Dr Bora Ok is one of Turkey’s leading plastic and rhinoplasty surgeons. Dr Bora’s ok price for Rhinoplasty surgery is reasonable yet meets international standard quality treatments. Dr Bora Ok rhinoplasty cost options are different for every nose surgery. Depending on patient requirements, advanced technology use will increase the cost. Dr Bora Ok’s clinic provides high-standard facilities and accommodation to overseas patients during nose surgery. Please get in touch with us to book an appointment with Dr Bora and learn more about Dr Bora’s Ok Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey.

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