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Dr Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Cost – Find Reviews, Photos

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Price Range Between $1,800 – $3200

Dr Muhammet Dilber is a specialized ENT and Rhinoplasty surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey offering solutions to various nose job procedures. He graduated from Uludag University as part of the faculty of medicine and successfully did specialization training in nose plastic surgery, Ear, and throat surgery at the same University. He came to Istanbul after completing specialized training in nose operation. Presently Dr Muhammet Dilber provides rhinoplasty surgery, nose reduction surgery, nose implant, nose fillers, nose lift and broken nose surgery at American Hospital, Safa Hospital, and Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital. Let’s find out more about Dr Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Cost.

Dr Muhammet Dilber provides natural nose aesthetic procedures for every patient. People seeking Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty or Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty can have the best outcome at Dr Muhammet Dilber’s clinic. He also offers treatments of Septoplasty and Otoplasty. Dr Muhammet Dilber has successfully performed 7000 ENT surgeries at different branches. He has worked with joint subjects with combined solutions for rhinoplasty, pediatric ear, snoring surgery, throat surgeries, nose surgeries, and sinusitis treatments with traditional or balloons. He also has the best experience treating dizziness, eardrum surgeries, ear operations, tinnitus, dizziness, and ENT allergies.

Dr Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Price In Turkey

Rhinoplasty Surgery  Dr Muhammet Dilber
Cost $1,800 – $3200
Qualification ENT, Cosmetic Surgery
Experience 22 Years
Specialization ENT Cosmetic Surgeons
Availability Istanbul, Turkey
Technology Advanced
Insurance Coverage Accept
Reviews Good
Ratings 4.8
Hours Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Cost Average Cost in Turkey (USD) Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Open Rhinoplasty $ 2,300 ₺59,955
Closed Rhinoplasty $ 2,800 ₺72,989
Tiplasty $ 2,000 ₺52,135
Filler Rhinoplasty $ 2,400 ₺62,562
Revision Rhinoplasty $ 3,200 ₺83,416
Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty $ 3,200 ₺83,416
Otoplasty  $,1,800 ₺46,921

Dr Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Price

Dr Muhammet Dilber’s cost for Rhinoplasty starts from $ 2,300. The exact cost may vary between patients. Every patient has different desires, and cosmetic surgeons must work differently, increasing the Rhinoplasty cost to $7,800. Dr Muhammet Dilber Istanbul Rhinoplasty Center offer different Rhinoplasty procedures and cost such as Open Rhinoplasty Cost: $ 2,300, Closed Rhinoplasty Cost: $ 2,800, Tiplasty Cost: $ 2,000, Filler Rhinoplasty Cost: $ 2,400, Revision Rhinoplasty Cost: $ 3,200, Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Cost: $ 3,200, and Otoplasty Cost: $,1,800.

Dr Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Cost & Procedure Types

Open Rhinoplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 2,300

Dr Muhammet Dilber offers open rhinoplasty surgery with a minimal incision between nostrils to work on the structural framework. The open rhinoplasty procedure allows the doctor to lift the soft tissues and skin to expose the underlying cartilage and bone for proper adjustments. Open rhinoplasty cost is $ 2,300 at Dr Muhammet Dilber. Open rhinoplasty surgery is helpful for patients needing functional deficits and cosmetic correction of the nose. Rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure requiring high skills. Dr Muhammet Dilber is a highly skilled ENT specialist and Rhinoplasty surgeon offering treatment and follow-up after open rhinoplasty recovery. The open rhinoplasty recovery takes 2 – 3 weeks and shows results in 12 – 18 months.


Closed Rhinoplasty at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 2,800

Closed Rhinoplasty involves incisions created on the nasal layer in diversifying places to get different parts of the nose structure. As the incisions are made in the inner nose, the nasal structure will not get exposed, lowering the surgeon’s visualization. The closed rhinoplasty cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber, Turkey, is $ 2,800. Closed nose surgery is performed to reshape the nose tip, shorten the nose, and remove the dorsal hump or bump. Dr Muhammet Dilber provides closed Rhinoplasty before and after, which helps the patient choose the type of surgery and see the other case results.


Tiplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 2,000

Dr Muhammet Dilber offers a Tiplasty procedure to correct the nose tip. Tipplasty gives a sharp point by reducing the nose width—tiplasty help to sharpen the dull nose tip. Dr Muhammet Dilber provides different types of tiplasty, such as cartilage surgery and Alar reduction for people with low nose tips, long or short nose tips, blunt nose tips, and complete nose lines. Tiplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic: $ 2,000.


Filler Rhinoplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 2,400

Filler Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical technique with injectable filler material provided to improve the shape and complete appearance of the nose. Dr Muhammet Dilber offers filler Rhinoplasty at $ 2,400. This procedure is often chosen for temporary nose changes. It is an alternative for people who do not wish to have plastic surgery. Filler Rhinoplasty results last up to six months. The Dr Muhammet also offers Permanent nose filler, which gives longer results.


Revision Rhinoplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 3,200

Revision Rhinoplasty is a highly specialized procedure. Dr Muhammet Dilber is the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey. As a revision rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Muhammet provides solutions to botched Rhinoplasty, a previously gone wrong nose surgery. Revision Rhinoplasty needs nose size, width, profile, nasal asymmetry, and profile correction. Revision Rhinoplasty also works on respiratory problems resulting from structural failure inside the nose. Revision rhinoplasty cost is $ 3,200 at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic. Dr Muhammet Dilber provides female and male revision rhinoplasty with the best solution.


Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $ 3,200

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty uses ultrasonic technologies for nose aesthetic surgeries. Dr Muhammet Dilber uses ultrasonic devices to perform nasal aesthetic surgery, offering more accurate results than traditional Rhinoplasty for nasal bone correction. The ultrasonic method uses sound waves that do not damage the surrounding nerves, membranes, bone cells, veins, and tissues—ultrasonic rhinoplasty price starts at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic in Turkey. Every patient has different ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost depending on their conditions. Ultrasonic nose job cost may increase more when performing for revision rhinoplasty.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty does not have bleeding, which lowers the chances of bruising. Dr Muhamment uses this less traumatic technique for fast recovery. But the patient still has stitches in the treatment area and needs to wear a cast for one week, which can be removed safely. Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty prevents long-term swelling and creates desired nose shape.


Septoplasty Cost at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey: $,2,500

Dr Muhammet Dilber provides a Septoplasty procedure which is the surgical correction of deformities and defects of the nasal septum; The septum is a structure created of cartilage and bone in the midpart of the nose to separate the nasal cavity. The one-sided block nose due to deviated septum affects the airflow. Septoplasty Costs start from $ 2,500 at Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic. Septoplasty mainly focuses on straightening the septum in the midline position to ease the airways by removing the deviated part and restructuring the remaining cartilage and bone.

Dr Muhammet Dilber Istanbul Turkey: How to Book an Appointment?

You can contact us to book an appointment or visit Dr Muhamment Dilber’s website and fill appointment form. They charge 300 € for consultation, which is non-refundable after 24 hours. Therefore, you must decide before submitting the appointment form and making payments. If you have any doubts, you can write to us for a second opinion.

Does Dr. Muhammet Dilber Accept Insurance Coverage for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey?

Dr Muhammet Dilber is a specialist ENT cosmetic surgeon in Turkey. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by insurance. A patient only gets rhinoplasty coverage combined with septoplasty to improve the congestion, breathing problem, and dry nose. Dr Muhammet Dilber accepts insurance for Rhinoplasty for functional reasons. Patients who do not eligible for insurance can use credit cards.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Reviews in Turkey

  • Dr Muhammet Dilber provides the best Rhinoplasty procedures. He makes the patient feel relaxed and comfortable during the consultation and procedure. He also offers the best aftercare.
  • Patients are satisfied with the Rhinoplasty surgery results.
  • Dr. Muhammet Dilber is an ENT doctor in Turkey providing Rhinoplasty for nose improvement with excellent surgical techniques of plastic surgeons.
  • Dr Muhammet Dilber provides surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, ethnic nose job, male nose, nostril reduction surgery, wide nose surgery and nose straightening.

Why Choose Dr. Muhammet Dilber for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

  • Dr Muhammet Dilber provides different Rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic enhancements. Many people seek cosmetic surgery to have a better nose appearance. A hump or irregular asymmetrical nose shape affects the overall facial appearance. Dr Muhammet Dilber addresses aesthetic concerns and provides pleasing facial balance with suitable Rhinoplasty.
  • Dr Muhamment Dilber provides Rhinoplasty for nasal deformities correctionfor people who have birth nasal deformities like nasal cleft, cleft nose, and deviated septum. Dr Muhamment Dilber works to correct structural abnormalities and enhance nasal functions such as chronic congestion or breathing problems.
  • Dr Muhamment Dilber offers Rhinoplasty surgery for injury or trauma correction. Sudden injuries or accidents affect or damage the nasal structure by causing nose bone fractures leading to aesthetic appearance issues. Dr Muhamment Dilber works on nose implants, nose bridge surgery, and nose shaping, depending on which the total nose surgery price is given during consultation.
  • Dr Muhammet Dilber values his patients and provides quality care for breathing difficulties with natural results. He offers surgical procedures for enlarged turbinates, deviated septum, or collapsed nasal valves, improving airflow and breathing.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Botched Surgery/Bad Reviews

  • There are no bad reviews and botched surgery performed by Dr. Muhammet Dilber. Some people might post on Reddit about the botched Rhinoplasty in Turkey. However, Dr Muhammet Dilber is a board-certified ENT cosmetic surgeon who has successfully done 7000 rhinoplasty surgeries. All the Rhinoplasty surgery he provides are FDA approved.
  • The patient needs to know the exact condition of their nose and should not expect unrealistic results.
  • Rhinoplasty may need to be corrected when a patient chooses an inexperienced surgeon or their nose structure not supporting with desired results of the patient.
  • Dr. Muhammet Dilber work on nose restoration, alteration, reconstruction and breathing issues.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Dr. Muhammet Dilber provides Rhinoplasty before and after photos. These photos will help patients to under the differences in procedures. Photos will clearly show the results after surgery. Patients who are unsatisfied with the results can go for revision rhinoplasty. Every procedure will have photos of Open Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, Tiplasty, and Revision Rhinoplasty, which will help another patient choose their desired nose shape and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a rhinoplasty cost Dr Muhammet Dilber Clinic, Turkey?

Dr. Muhammet Dilber’s Cost Range Between $1,800 – $3200.


Who is the best Turkish doctor for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Muhammet Dilber is one of the best ENT and cosmetic surgeons offering the Latest Rhinoplasty procedures.


Is Dr. Muhammet Dilber safe for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Muhammet Dilber is a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon who successfully performed 7000 procedures.


Is Dr Muhammet Dilber provide all rhinoplasty surgeries?

Dr Muhammet offers Open Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, Tiplasty, and Revision Rhinoplasty.


Dr Muhammet Dilber is a leading cosmetic surgeon specialized in ENT procedures. He is a highly qualified and experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon providing solutions to different nose jobs. Patients are satisfied with his work and achieve positive outcomes with desired nose shape. Please get in touch with us for a second opinion and Dr Muhammet Dilber rhinoplasty Surgery Cost.

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