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Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

Dr. Serkan Aygin is a successful Dermatologist in Turkey. He has been practicing and working on innovative hair transplant techniques such as direct hair implantation and follicular extraction. He has satisfied 10 thousand patients to have their hair back. Let’s learn more about Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos.

Istanbul in Turkey has become a popular destination for hair transplants. Previously, Istanbul was famous for hair transplants in Europe, but people worldwide visited Turkey for professional help.

Dr Serkan has been performing several types of hair transplants since 1996. He was fondly headed toward a career in hair transplant treatment and observed fast-growing techniquesadvancements, and innovations in the field of hair transplant.

Dr. Serkan Aygin gained a global reputation with his profound experience and quality hair transplant. In addition, Dr.Serkan Aygin is passionate about their art collection, which he displays at the clinic. These art collections create a refreshing environment for the patient to feel positive.

Dr Serkan Aygın Education, Experience, and Membership

Education Experience Memberships
1991 – Studied at the Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University.


25 years International Association of Dermatologists
1996 – Chose A Dermatology Specialty and Completed An Internship At The Vakif Gureba Hospital.

Dr Serkan Aygın Awards and Achievements

Awards Achievements
European Awards in Medicine 2019 Won The best hair transplant surgeon in Europe by European Conference in medical field in 2019
Paris – “European Awards in Medicine – Hair Transplant Surgery” Award
Spain – Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic Receives the 8th LA RAZÓN Tourism Award – 2019

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic Cost

Turkey’s estimated hair transplant cost is $1,600 and $3,600 per 4000 grafts. Therefore, the Hair transplant package cost in Turkey ranges between $$2750 to $8,250. However, the price may be different for every patient as the area and number of hair grafts.

Dr Serkan Aygin Istanbul & Transplant Cost

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost Average Cost (US Dollar) Average Cost (Turkish Lira)
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 1 USD to 3 USD per Graft 20 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 1.2 USD to 2.5 USD per Graft 30 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft
Dandruff Control Program $880 ₺16443
Hair Fall Medical Management $990 ₺18498
Robotic Hair Transplantation $1980 ₺36997
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP $1,540 ₺28775
Augmented PRP $1,320 ₺24664
PRFM Treatment for Hair Growth $2,200 ₺41108
Hair Regen $1,100 ₺20554
Hair Transplant with Scalp Micropigmentation $1,100 ₺20554
Hair Transplant with Hair Cap $1,320 ₺24664
Italian CNC 3D Printed Hair Restoration $1,265 ₺23637
Scalp Micropigmentation $880 ₺16443
Cooling Cap for Hair Retention in Chemotherapy patient $1,980 ₺36997
Camouflage Fibres in Diffuse Thinning $1,925 ₺35969
Hair Anti-Aging $770 ₺14387
Hair DNA Analysis $1,320 ₺24664
Bio FUT 1.3 USD to 2.8 USD per Graft 20 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft
Bio FUE 1.3 USD to 2.6 USD per Graft 30 Lira to 50 Lira per Graft
Body Hair Transplant $880 ₺16443
Super Enhanced PRP $1,430 ₺26720

Hair Transplant Options & Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

Dr Serkan Aygin Prices

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Cost: $1650 – $3300

FUE, or follicular unit extraction hair transplant, is a method introduced to replace the traditional follicular unit transplantation technique. This technique offers more hair coverage and long-term natural results. In addition, choosing an FUE hair transplant can provide a natural hairline with fewer side effects. This hair transplant involves the extraction of hair and implantation of single hair follicles without interfering with natural hair.


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Cost: $1980 – $2750

During follicular unit transplantation, the surgeon will cut a skin strip from the back or side part of the head and extracts single hair follicles. These follicles are later added to the balding area of the scalp. The surgery best covers the empty hairline caused by male pattern baldness.


Robotic Hair Transplantation Costs$1,540

A robotic hair transplant is a robotic machine-assisted hair transplant. It is a method to extract follicular unit hair extraction but done by a robot and not by a physician. However, a physician will monitor the robot while performing follicle transplants. The robotic hair transplant process is similar to the FUE hair transplant. Once the patient gets treatment, the hair donor part will be trimmed to make follicles easy to find and extract.


PRFM Treatment for Hair Growth: $2,200

PRFM refers to platelet-rich fibrin matric as a type of hair regrowth. PRFM allow more viable and intact, activated platelet in the fibrin matrix, which creates more long-term exposure to growth factors in a more natural time. This will help to sustain natural hair growth.


Bio FUT Cost$2145

Bio-Follicular Unit Transplant is a process that helps regenerative cells to enhance the follicular unit transplantation procedure. The complete hair transplant procedure allows this approach for transplant. BIO-FUE is similar to the FUE method. During this method, the growth factors are separated from blood and injected again into the part of the transplant to boost hair growth. It is helpful for transplanted hair and strengthens the current thinning hair follicles. Bio-FUT is an advanced method of painless hair transplant.

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Prices, and International Cost 2022 – 2023

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

Turkey is the best place for hair transplants in the world. You can find below hair transplants in different countries comparison. Every person with hair problem seeks the best hair transplant in the world and the cost in their budget. Each country has different hair transplant prices.

Dr. Serkan Aygin has had enough experience in hair transplantation since 1996. He has international membership linked to dermatology and has been regularly recognized by international patients.

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

Best Hair Transplant In The World

Country Hair Transplant Cost
Turkey $1,600 and $7,500
USA $11,000 to $31,000
UK £1,000 and £30,000
Hungary €2,900
Germany €5,200-6,300
Mexico $4,000 – $6,000
Spain $4500 – $12000
India $302 – $3211
Thailand $7,500


Who Is the Best Hair Transplant Doctor In The World?

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

  • hair transplant cost in Turkey is $1,600 and $7,500
  • hair transplant price in the USA is$11,000 to $31,000
  • fue hair transplant cost in the UK is£1,000 and £30,000
  • hair restoration cost in Hungary is€2,900
  • hair plantation cost in Germany is€5,200-6,300
  • hair transplant clinic cost in Mexico is$4,000 – $6,000
  • the average cost of a hair transplant in Spain is$4500 – $12000
  • advanced hair restoration cost in India is$302 – $3211
  • non-surgical hair replacement cost in Thailand is$7,500

Contact us for hair plugs for men, follicular unit extraction, hair implants for women, hair transplant surgery cost.

What to Expect from Dr. Serkan Aygin About Hair Transplant?

  • Dr. Serkan Aygin performs every treatment at their clinic.
  • Dr. Serkan ensures to respond to every patient before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Their clinic provides a different range of techniques, depending on factors like recipient area and location.
  • Dr. Serkan Aydin uses two main hair transplant techniques: DHI (direct hair implantation) and Sapphire FUE hair transplant. DHI cost in Turkey is $2500 to $3500.
  • Dr. Aydin offers different treatment plans for female patients. Please contact us to book a free consultation.

Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic Review 2022 – 2023

Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos

  • Easy booking process on English language website
  • Free consultation for hair loss.
  • Pre-surgery consultation, facility to reschedule the booking
  • Best accommodation facility, 5-star hotel available
  • VIP transfer facility
  • English-speaking driver available
  • Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic’s hair transplant patients can get comfort facilities such as food, entertainment, bed, ergonomic chair, and clothes.
  • Their clinic is EU accredited with its own surgery room.
  • They own highly qualified doctors and an operational team to work under Dr. Serkan Aygin.
  • Follow-up facility after surgery.
  • The patient can have a minimum of three post-surgery consultations.
  • 90% growth guarantee
  • Patients can get financing options for hair transplants.

Dr Serkan Aygin Bad Reviews

A patient warns to be careful about Dr. Serkan Aygin because she is disappointed with her surgery. She thinks she got nothing in $7000. Even though she recommends hair transplants in North America, she writes Dr. Aygin’s team is only looking for money and deletes bad reviews.


You must think only money or poor treatment cannot make someone world famous. There should be vast patient recommendations through social media or word of mouth from satisfied patients; then, only a doctor becomes famous. Some things go wrong in some cases, which are not in the hands of a doctor. Because every patient has different requirements, and it can challenge to fix.

There is nothing like stealing money; expensive technologies are required for hair transplants.

Dr. Serkan Aygin Botched Surgeries

Dr. Serkan helped a patient named Mohamed from Morocco fix his botched surgery. Unfortunately, his hair transplant has gone wrong. He got affected psychologically and financially when he learned about Dr. Serkan; he was amazed to see the VIP pickup from the airport and consultation.

Mohamed planned another fixing surgery at Dr. Serkan’s clinic. Again, he got satisfactory results in 3 months. 

Dr. Serkan provided the best hair transplant by extracting 1200 grafts from the blackhead and 800 grafts from the beard. In addition, he got 2000 grafts with the help of the DHI technique to restore hair.

Poorly done hair transplants may affect people’s lives. Even a second hair transplant with botched hair requires high skills to correct it. However, some patients still need to get the desired results even if they are in safe hands.

Dr Serkan Aygin Google Reviews

Dr. Serkan Aygin has gained 2990 positive reviews about hair transplants. Patients have rated Dr. Aygin 4.7 stars. Patients from California, and London, visited Turkey to have hair treatment in Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic.

Patients write they are satisfied and happy about the hair treatment and restoration.

Some patients also experienced dissatisfaction; they did not get the expected results. Many factors contribute to poor outcomes of hair transplants, such as:

  • hair transplant eligibility
  • non-realistic expectations
  • graft rejection
  • Poor care after the transplant
  • Experience of a doctor.

Hair Transplant Success Rate at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

Dr. Serkan Aygin has achieved more than a 98% success rate for hair restoration and satisfied 10,000 patients.

When you choose an experienced dermatologist, the hair transplant failure rate is less than 5%. However, even after selecting a well-experienced doctor and not having results, the patient’s health rejects the hair grafts due to hidden health conditions. Therefore, it is essential that the patient needs to be healthy and does not have any disease that affects hair health.

Does Dr. Serkan Aygin’s Clinic Cover Hair Transplant Insurance?

Generally, hair transplants are not covered by insurance, as insurance is meant for dangerous complications. However, a hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery, and insurance coverage may allow it if you have an accident and need reconstructive surgery. This exception improves a person’s appearance.

You can check if they provide financing options for your hair treatment.

Dr Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant Procedure

Fully-Inclusive Packages For Hair Transplant At Dr. Serkan Aydin

  • Consultation
  • Hair transplantation with the maximum number of grafts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Needle-free and painless anesthesia
  • Transfer facility – Airport, Hotel & Clinic
  • 24/7 – Support
  • language facility
  • 3 nights in a 4-star hotel nearby the clinic.
  • Aftercare Medication
  • Shampoo and foam for care
  • Laser Hair therapy

Who Can Be a Suitable Candidate for Hair Replacement?

  • A healthy person with a hair falls problem
  • A healthy person completely loses hair
  • A person has patches of hair loss

Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Here are the guidelines patients need to follow at the given time for a hair transplant. The Dr. Aygin team will assist you.

  • Avoid blood thinning medications
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine two days before the operation
  • Take a shower on hair transplant day and maintain hygiene.
  • Have a light breakfast without caffeine

During Hair Transplant at  Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

There are different types of hair transplant surgeries, such as:


It involves cutting a small part of the scalp of healthy hair. It is also called hair plugs. The patient will be awake during this procedure, but they get medication to numb the surgery part.

Scalp Reduction

It is also referred to as alopecia reduction. During scalp reduction, a surgeon removes some small parts of hairless skin from the scalp. Next, they loosen the nearest skin having hair and pull it on the bald region. Then it gets stitched. Scalp reduction is suitable for a bald part on the back and top of the head.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is recommended for the large bald part near the front scalp. Flap surgery happens in many phases for some weeks. First, the surgeon makes superficial cuts near three sides of the donor part.

The fourth side remains attached, managing the original blood supply. This method helps the surgeon cut and raise the flap on the bald part. This surgery needs general anesthesia.

Tissue Expansion

This hair transplant is suitable for scalp baldness or disfigurement because of burns. It will need tissue expansion surgery under general anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Recovery

Most patients are outpatients for hair transplant surgeries means the patient can go home the same day after the procedure. The hair transplant recovery will depend on the type of surgery. After days of surgery, the patient may be able to:

  • take off bandages
  • wash hair on the second day
  • can go back to work after 3 – 5 days
  • Remove stitches after ten days
  • Can resume exercise after three weeks

How long does hair transplants last for?

It can take around one year before you can notice the complete result of a hair transplant. The patient may require multiple touches up to natural look hair.

Benefits Of Hair Transplant Surgery at Dr. Serkan Aygin

  • Improve hair appearance
  • Permanent hair solution
  • Bald spot removal
  • Increase confidence
  • High success rate
  • Fewer chances of complications
  • Natural hair growth


Risk and Complications of Hair Transplant

  • More blood loss
  • infection
  • Anesthesia reaction
  • no sensation on the scalp
  • scarring
  • failed flaps or grafts
  • Tightness
  • throbbing pain
  • swelling
  • itching
  • scabs or crust

Dr. Serkan Aygin’s before and after photos

After having a hair transplant treatment at Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic, the hair looks thick, and the scalp has full hair coverage. You can view patients before and after hair transplant photos on Dr. Serkan Aygin’s website.

Contact us for best hair transplant, hairline transplant, hair implants cost, Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Cost, Reviews, Photos.


A hair transplant at Dr.Serkan Ayegin is the best hair treatment in Turkey for people from abroad. They provide different hair transplant techniques. They will discuss suitable hair treatment options. Choosing a skilled Doctor like Dr. Serkan will restore hair professionally and fix the botched surgeries. You can get affordable cost options and financing plans which come in budget.

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