Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Gastric bypass is also called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. It is a type of weight loss surgery that shrinks the size of the stomach. This surgery involves making a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch to the intestine.

Your stomach will be much smaller after the surgery, and the food you eat will no longer go into some parts of the stomach and bypass most of your stomach and the first section of the small intestine.

It is one of the most common types of bariatric surgery and is done when exercise and diet haven’t worked on patients with obesity. Gastric bypass surgery is not recommended for everyone who has an obesity problem because the patient needs to meet the criteria of medical guidelines to qualify for weight loss surgery.

Two steps are involved in gastric bypass surgery:

  • A surgeon will divide your stomach into two sections with the help of staples: a small upper section and a large bottom section. The top section is called the pouch, where the food you will eat goes. This pouch is very small, and because of this, you will eat less food and lose weight.
  • The surgeon will connect a small part of the small intestine into the pouch hole. The food you eat will travel from the pouch to the intestine.

Gastric bypass in Turkey is done in two ways:

  • With open surgery
  • With the help of a laparoscope

Significance of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is usually done to lose excess weight. But, it is also done to reduce the risk of life-threatening weight-related health issues.

There are numerous obesity-related health problems that can be resolved by gastric bypass surgery, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Infertility
  • Stroke
  • Sleep apnea
  • Cancer

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

People suffering from obesity or obesity-related problems are able to lose an incredible amount of weight with the help of gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. With the help of this surgery, people have greatly benefited and resumed back to their normal routine.

Below we have mentioned the advantages of gastric bypass surgery:

  • The patient can lose a significant amount of weight due to less calorie absorption and strict dietary restrictions.
  • The increased risk of type 2 diabetes will be reduced with weight loss.
  • The patient can lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases and hypertension.
  • Problems associated with excess body weight such as lower back pain, knee damage, and joint pain may also improve.
  • Patients who suffer from gastric problems and indigestion also get relief after the surgery.

Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery

If any weight-loss surgery has benefits, then it also contains some risks. It is better to discuss the benefits and risks with your doctors beforehand. It will help you to get prepared for it.

Some of the risks are:

  • The pouch can get stretch over time and return to its original size.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and inability to eat.
  • Restrict dietary choices can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • The staples can fall apart.

This surgery can also cause “dumping syndrome,” which causes nausea, weakness, sweating, and diarrhea after eating. Some patients may also get gallstones when they lose weight quickly. It is better to discuss it with the doctor so that proper medications can be given to dissolve them.

It is suggested to talk to your doctor before the surgery to make sure that you will get all the essential ingredients even after the surgery to avoid any risk.

How Many Pounds Can be Lost With Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is the best way to lose weight out of all obesity surgeries. The person who has undergone this surgery can see a change in their weight from the day after the operation. After the surgery, it is expected that 75-80 percent of excess weight will be lost over a 1.5-year period.

 Note: The eating habits of an individual have recovered in 1.5 years, and there might be reuptake of 10-15 percent of the weight.

The main thing done in the surgery is to divide a stomach into two parts, and this operation is quite a serious operation that is only applied to obese patients.

Eating Habits After Gastric Bypass Procedure

  • After the gastric bypass procedure, the patient undergoes a leak test on Day 2, and if everything is fine, the 15-day liquid diet begins.
  • The diet plan is different according to the individual’s condition.
  • It is a step-by-step strategy to re-introduce the patient to solid foods.
  • The patient can resume their normal eating habits usually after three months.
  • At least two liters of liquid intake is necessary every day to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid drinking liquids 30 minutes before a meal and drink something 30 minutes after a meal.
  • The patient should be careful while eating and drinking to avoid dumping syndrome.
  • Regular intake of protein-rich foods and low-fat and low-sugar foods is necessary.
  • Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.

Is Turkey a Safe Country for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Medical tourism in Turkey has been proliferating in recent years due to inexpensive costs for different surgeries. Weight loss surgery is a famous choice among people traveling to Turkey, and gastric bypass surgery is one of the popular surgeries done in Turkey.

This surgery will reduce excess weight and eliminate obesity-related conditions. The major reason why people prefer traveling to Turkey for gastric bypass surgery is not only because of low costs but because they get high-quality services at such costs.

It is a peaceful and safe country to travel to for not only weight loss treatments but also other procedures. Heavy security on airports, hotels, shopping malls, and tourist attractions is proof that Turkey is much safer and more secure.

The best thing is the country has a pool of well-qualified and trained weight-loss surgeons. They have studied and obtained experience from international hospitals in the US, Poland, and Austria.

It is essential to check the qualification of the surgeon before going for a weight loss surgery. A knowledgeable and experienced surgeon will always prescribe the best weight loss surgery.

There are numerous English-speaking bariatric surgeons in Turkey to communicate with overseas patients. Moreover, many hospitals also have translators to avoid language restrictions.

How Much Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Many patients find that the cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey is way less than in their home country. Turkey is one of the leading destinations for gastric bypass surgery compared to the US and UK.

The good news is the flights, and hotel costs are also relatively lower than in other developed nations.

Cost of gastric bypass in different places:

Country Cost
USA $25,000
UK $20,500
Canada $20,000
Istanbul, Turkey $3,100

As you can see, there is a vast gap in costs that will allow you to save up to 85% on your medical treatments.

 Note: The price and duration of the treatment may vary depending on the complexity of the case, clinics, surgeons, and other factors.

Best Place to Visit in Turkey for Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are varieties of cities in Turkey that have bariatric clinics and provide weight loss surgeries, but Istanbul is the most favored destination. It is the most populated city in Turkey, having top bariatric centers and surgeons in the city.

Antalya and Izmir are the second most popular destination for weight-loss surgeries.

These three cities also have international airports making it easier for foreign patients to travel. These are also the most popular vacation destination, and a patient can spend some of the best days post-treatment.

Why is Gastric Bypass Surgery Cheap in Turkey?

Patients can get inexpensive treatments in Turkey than US, UK, and Europe because labor cost in Turkey is much lower than in any other country. It helps more people to have cost-effective procedures, and surgeons in Turkey are becoming more and more experienced than other European doctors.

Best Surgeons for Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Patients can find various gastric bypass surgeons in Turkey who have years of experience in performing this surgery and have gained proficient skills and expertise.

Choosing the best surgeon who will perform your gastric bypass surgery is a challenging task. That’s why we have shortlisted some of the best surgeons in Turkey whom you can rely on.

  • Dr. Sadakat Ozdil: She is an experienced weight-loss surgeon having more than 39 years of tremendous experience. She aims to provide the best treatment which is 100% satisfactory.
  • Op. Dr. Firat Tutal: He is a leading bariatric surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. His expertise lies in laparoscopic surgery, non-surgery obesity treatments, gastric bypass surgery, etc.
  • Dr. Fatih Tasken: He is one of the renowned weight loss surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been practicing for more than 21 years. 
  • Op. Dr. Murat Ustun: He is a well-known bariatric surgeon with 15 years of experience in obesity and weight loss treatment. He has performed more than 6,000 surgeries successfully.

Best Clinics and Hospitals in Turkey for Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Dr. HE Obesity Clinic: It is one of the best clinics for gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. The clinic has a team of qualified and skilled surgeons who have performed numerous successful surgeries. 
  • Akdeniz Sifa Hospital: It is popularly known for gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and other weight-loss surgeries. Trained and qualified staff is available round the clock for high-quality treatments. 
  • Medema Hospital: It is also a renowned hospital in Turkey, providing numerous treatments, from cosmetics to weight-loss surgeries. They have all the latest equipment available in the hospital for a successful surgery. 
  • Hermes Clinics: It is a network of 10 hospitals in the Aegean region, and all of the clinics are specialized in foreign patients’ treatment. They have a team of highly-experienced surgeons who provide top-quality weight-loss treatments.

Summing Up

Weight loss surgery is the most effective way to treat obesity, and its related problems but not every weight loss method is appropriate for everyone. If you are planning to travel to Turkey for gastric bypass surgery, it is better to gather all the relevant information about the procedures, hospitals, and surgeons beforehand. You can also make an online appointment with the surgeon who can guide you about the procedure. Make sure to carry all your documents for a hassle-free medical trip.

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