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IUI Treatment in Turkey

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an artificial insemination procedure that is used for treating infertility. In this procedure, sperm is placed directly into the uterus with the help of a small catheter. The main of IUI is to improve the fertilization chances by increasing the number of healthy sperm that reach the fallopian tubes. This is done when the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

Why is IUI Treatment in Turkey Done?

Intrauterine insemination is done most often in couples having:

  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Mild male factor infertility
  • Cervical factor infertility
  • Semen allergy
  • Ovulatory factor infertility

Tests Before IUI

  • Before starting IUI treatment, women must undergo an X-ray test, known as a hysterosalpingogram. This is helpful to understand that they have at least one open fallopian tube.
  • For males, semen specimens must be tested for infectious diseases.
  • Apart from this, vitamin D, HSG, prolactin, thyroid, HIV, anti-HIV, HBsAg, and VDRL tests are done.

Preparation of the Procedure

This procedure involves careful coordination, including:

  • Semen Sample Preparation: Your partner will give a semen sample, or a vial of frozen donor sperm can be prepared. The sample is washed to remove the lower-quality sperm and other elements. The probability of achieving pregnancy increases by using a small and highly concentrated sample of healthy sperm.
  • Monitoring for Ovulation: Timing of IUI is crucial, and ovulation monitoring is necessary. You can use an at-home urine ovulation kit that detects when your body releases luteinizing hormone.
  • Determining the Timing: Most IUIs are done a day or two after the detection of ovulation. You may talk to your healthcare provider to plan your timing for the procedure.

During the Procedure

  • The healthcare provider inserts a speculum into the vagina and attaches a vial containing healthy sperm to the end of the catheter.
  • They will insert the catheter into the vagina through the cervical opening and into the uterus.
  • After that, they push the sperm sample into the uterus.
  • In the end, they remove the catheter with the speculum.
  • The whole procedure will take 15-20 minutes and can be done in a doctor’s clinic.

 After the Procedure

  • You will take a pregnancy test at home two weeks after IUI to see if the procedure was successful.
  • Your doctor will do a blood test to detect pregnancy hormones after fertilization.
  • If the test result is negative, you can try IUI again. The same therapy can be used for three to six months to increase the chances of pregnancy.

IUI is Not Effective to:

  • Women with both fallopian tubes removed or blocked
  • Women with severe endometriosis
  • Women who have had multiple pelvic infections
  • Men who produce no sperm
  • Women with serious fallopian tube disease

Risks of IUI

IUI is a safe and straightforward procedure, and that’s why the chances of serious complications are low. Few risks of IUI include:

  • Infection: Your doctor will insert an instrument during the procedure, which causes small chances of infection.
  • Multiple pregnancies: When medications are used to induce ovulation, there is a risk of pregnancy with multiple babies: twins, triplets, or more. Multiple pregnancies have higher risks than a single pregnancy does, including early labor and low birth weight.
  • Spotting: When the catheter is inserted in the uterus, it causes a small amount of vaginal bleeding.
  • Cramping: Sometimes, your ovaries over-respond to fertility medicines which can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. In this situation, a large number of eggs may be matured at one time and possibly released, which can result in an enlarged ovary and cramping.

Success Rate of IUI in Turkey

Every couple reacts differently to IUI, and sometimes it can be hard to predict the success. There are several factors that can affect the outcome of the procedure, such as:

  • Age
  • Whether fertility drugs are used or not
  • Underlying infertility diagnosis
  • Underlying fertility concerns

 Note: The success rate of IUI decreases in women who are over 40 years and in women who do not get pregnant after three cycles of IUI. It is recommended to talk to the specialists about the success rate beforehand.

What is the Cost of IUI in Turkey?

Turkey is well-known for affordable treatments worldwide. This is the major reason why medical tourists prefer the country for different medical treatments. Turkey is an ideal destination to overcome fertility at various stages of life. The cost of IUI in Turkey is $1500 – $1900. The cost for Intrauterine Insemination in Istanbul, Turkey, starts at $663. The cost of the treatment can vary depending on the medical conditions, the experience of the doctor, the clinic’s location, etc. Turkey has made a name as an excellent medical tourist destination because of its flawless healthcare system. Every year several couples travel the country with the hope of becoming parents and getting successful treatments at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Turkey for IUI Treatment?

The industry of medical tourism is increasing in Turkey with the advancement of the latest technologies. Medical tourists from different regions of the globe are traveling to Turkey to avail themselves of quality and affordable medical services. Infertility is no longer a big problem because of the highly-qualified fertility specialists available in the country. There is numerous world-class fertility treatment medical center in Turkey that brighten couples’ lives by creating happy families. These clinics welcome a large number of international patients every year and offer them comprehensive packages at affordable prices. They also provide accommodation and transportation options from and to the airport. These clinics are equipped with all the necessary amenities and latest technologies for a comfortable stay for the patient. Every patient who wants to undergo IUI in Turkey will be treated with respect, care, and professionalism for the best outcomes. The medical staff available in the clinic strictly follows a treatment plan specially developed according to the patient’s needs, specifications, and budget. Besides, Turkey has a pool of renowned doctors who have expertise in IUI. The best thing is that the prices of fertility treatment in the country are significantly lower than in other developed nations. Turkey is located in the middle, which means medical tourists can easily reach here no matter which country they are coming from. Flights and accommodation are way cheaper than in the US and UK. That’s why people prefer visiting Turkey for medical reasons. Another plus point is Turkey doesn’t let medical tourists wait longer. There are shorter or zero waiting for lines for international patients, especially for fertility treatments. If any treatment in US or UK takes around 18 months waiting period, the patient can get the same treatment done within two weeks in Turkey. Medical tourists can plan their trips according to their schedule because of zero waiting lines. Turkey is a beautiful country with eye-catching tourist destinations. It offers beautiful geographic locations to spend some days after your treatment for rejuvenation. Turkey is one of the best destinations to combine your medical trip with a vacation.

Things to Consider While Looking for IUI Treatment in Turkey

Choosing a fertility clinic in a foreign land is an overwhelming task. Everyone has different requirements as per their age and fertility status. Below we have mentioned some factors that every medical tourist needs to consider while choosing a clinic for IUI treatment in Turkey:

  • Accreditation: It is essential to check the accreditation of the clinic or hospital you are planning to visit. Finalize the clinic that has JCI and TURKAK accreditation.
  • Location: Choosing a clinic near to where you are staying will be helpful for you. You can easily reach the clinic on time without any hassle. So choose a clinic wisely which is easily reachable.
  • Services: A fertility clinic offers numerous services, and it is better to review everything on the clinic’s website. Review at least 3 clinics because it will help you to make a better decision.
  • Experience of the Staff: The medical staff’s experience is crucial for a successful treatment. Make sure that the specialists associated with the hospital are board-certified. You can also ask the previous patient about the skills of the doctor.

Top Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Clinics in Turkey

  • Medicana IVF Center Turkey: 

It is one of the renowned IUI hospitals with modern technology and equipment. They provide all the necessary processes required for the patient to achieve quality. They offer assistance in various languages, such as English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, etc., such that foreign patients do not feel left out.

  • Jineart Clinic( Suadiye-Kadıköy, İstanbul,)

Their dedication to helping infertile couples makes them one of the most reputed IUI clinics in Turkey. Founded by Dr. Cengiz Sagiroglu, this clinic had a vision for working in the field of gynecology.

  • EuroFertil In Vitro Fertilization Center

In this center, overseas patients are welcomed and treated at a very reasonable price. Quality service is their main focus and provides detailed health assessment of patients, counseling IUI, etc.

  • Gynist clinic(Istanbul)

Their main goal is to help people grow their families by giving individualized treatment and evidence-based medicine. They have one of the best IUI treatment procedures and have all the certifications required to establish their reputation.

  • Brussel IVF & Women’s Health Center

They have a very skilled team of embryologists and laboratory technicians who are always ready to help to achieve conception goals for couples. They use the best equipment and technology to deal with every situation and patient. They provide services like egg freezing, embryo transfer, stereogram, myoma, IVF, IUI, etc.

Top IUI Doctors in Turkey

  • Kayhan Yakın

He is highly qualified and has a lot of experience in the gynecology field, especially in IUI and IVF departments. He helped many couples to achieve their conception goals. He is an expert in reproductive health, IUI, reproductive genetics, and endometriosis.

  • Hüsamettin Uslu

He is a specialist in gynecology and IUI and has years of experience in this field. Working in the Brussels IVF center for the past 15 years, he has gained the trust of many couples.

  • Dr. Cengiz Sağıroğlu 

Founder of the Jineart clinic and the master of his field, he has dedicated his life to making couples happy who are not able to conceive by natural means. He won many awards, including the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women Residence Research Award in 2006 and Resident Teacher of Year in 2007.

  • Kenan Sofuoğlu

With an experience of about 36 years, he has worked in several organizations and served with great effort. He is specialized in the obstetrician, IVF, and IUI fields. He is currently working in Meditate Kavacik hospital, Istanbul.

  • Dr. Faruk Vanlioglu

He provides high-quality and low-cost services to couples who lost all hopes of conceiving a child. After a detailed assessment, he provides the best solution based on his experience and knowledge.


 IUI in Turkey is a low-risk treatment that gives incredible results to many women or couples trying to conceive. Turkey will be the best destination for fertility treatments because the country offers affordable IUI packages.

FAQs on IUI Treatment in Turkey

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How much does IUI Treatment cost in Turkey?

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Which is the best IUI Treatment Hospital in Turkey?

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Can I get IUI Treatment feedback and Reviews from past patients?

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