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Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey

Traveling abroad for treatment is increasing day by day. Turkey has established itself as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Every year medical tourists from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries travel to Turkey to seek medical treatments. Stem cell treatment is highly popular in Turkey, and it is the rising star of Europe in stem cell cancer treatment. It is a fast-growing medical practice in Turkey.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

It is a non-invasive medical procedure that replaces the damaged cells within the body. In this therapy, stem cells are used to treat different diseases and chronic ailments. Stem cells are the master cells of the body from which other cells are generated. Stem cell therapy is used to treat autoimmune, inflammatory, neurological, orthopedic conditions, and traumatic injuries. Stem cells can be obtained from umbilical cord tissue, adipose, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and placental tissue. These cells are helpful in regenerating and repairing damaged tissues. These stem cells are administered in various ways, such as IV Stem Cell Therapy, Intrathecal, and Site injections into problem areas.

How does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Mesenchymal stem cells utilize their self-renewal, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and signaling properties to influence change within the body. They also have the capacity to self-renew by dividing into multiple specialized cells. They present no ethical concerns and have low immunogenicity functions that make them a promising candidate for stem cell therapies.

Diseases for Stem Cell Therapy Used in Turkey

Stem cell therapy in Turkey is used for the treatment of different diseases that cause cell and tissue damage. Below we have mentioned a few diseases in which stem cell therapy is used:

  • For Cancer: Stem cell therapy can treat cancer in some forms, and the major type of cancer for stem cell therapy is leukemia and lymphoma. These are blood-related cancers, and the cells can become blood cells and regenerate the damaged blood cells that cause cancer.
  • For Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of damaged tissues, but stem cells can be injected into the damaged areas for regenerating and repairing the tissues. It lowers the effect of inflammation. It helps ease the pain.
  • For Crohn’s Disease: Stem cell treatment for Crohn’s disease is a major breakthrough in this area of medicine. In this method, adult or umbilical stem cells are used, and the fresh cells restart the body’s immune system to decrease the disease’s effects.
  • For Other Conditions: Stem cell therapy is used for blood-related and degenerative diseases. The therapy has been used in patients having heart disease and other conditions such as cartilage damage, Buerger Disease, optic neuropathy, or spinal cord damage. Any disease that results from tissue damage can be treated by stem cell therapy.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey

Stem cells promote natural growth factors that help to increase the body’s healing response. It also helps the patient to lower the pain caused by disease or injury without using pain killer medications. Here we have mentioned the benefits of stem cell therapy in Turkey:

  • Decreases Pain: Stem cell therapy is beneficial for pain management and lowers the inflammation associated with the pain. Stem cell therapy aims to repair and regenerate the affected region and reduces pain effectively.
  • Increases Functionality: After any treatment, the first question every patient asks is when they can return to their normal routine. The best thing about stem cell treatment is it provides fast recovery. It also increases the functionality and flexibility of the body part that was damaged. The therapy restores the injured part to the way it was before the surgery.
  • Safe and Efficient Results: Stem cell therapy is a big innovation in the medical world that repair and rejuvenate damaged tissues, nerves, muscles, and cartilage. It provides fast relief and safe results.
  • Helps Avoid Surgery: One of the best things about stem cell therapy is that it is a non-surgical procedure that helps the patient to avoid surgery. The doctors deliver the treatment accurately with fewer complications. The stem cell injections are administered into the body non-surgically.
  • Best Way to Reverse an Injury: There are many injuries that can cause permanent tissue damage. The individual who faces serious injuries from sports or vehicular accidents has to suffer from severe pain. But with the use of stem cell therapy, damaged tissue can regrow progressively and reverse the injury.
  • No Nerve Damage: There are several surgical procedures that can lead to nerve damage and affect the mobility of the body. When stem cell therapy is applied to the patient’s body, there will be a lower risk of nerve damage. It is because the stem cell is administered directly to the affected area, which prevents any nearby nerves from being damaged.
  • No General Anesthesia is Require: While every surgical procedure requires general anesthesia to complete, stem cell therapy is completed without any general anesthesia. The patient can stay awake during the procedure.
  • Very Minimal Risk of Rejection: Stem cell treatments utilize biological materials that are derived from the patient’s body. That’s why there is very minimal or no chance of rejection. Apart from this, no risks of complications occur after the procedure.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Turkey

The average price of stem cell therapy in Turkey is $6600. The minimum cost is $250, and the maximum is $30,000. The same procedure costs $500,000 in the US. This is the major reason why medical tourists prefer traveling to Turkey for stem cell treatment. Note: The cost of stem cell therapy can vary according to the type of treatment needed. The area and disease being treated should influence the cost of stem cell therapy because every body part needs different cell types, cell counts, and treatment protocols. Stem cell therapy can be varied by:

  • The type of stem cell administered
  • The clinic where the treatment is being performed
  • Whether the cells have been culturally expanded
  • Whether are cells are ethically sourced

Does Insurance Cover Stem Cell Therapy in Turkey?

The insurance companies do not pay for stem cell treatments. But they can pay for the doctor’s consultation and other costs that are associated with the procedure. Insurance companies do not provide coverage due to the experimental nature of most stem cell therapies.

Is There Any Alternative to Stem Cell Therapy?

Exosomes are alternative to stem cell therapy in Turkey. Exosomes increase the natural healing power of the body and also speed up the recovery process. Combining stem cell therapy and exosome treatment are sometimes used for better results with minimal complications.

Why Medical Tourists Prefer Turkey for Stem Cell Therapy?

Turkey is more than sandy beaches and historical monuments. Medical tourism is growing exponentially in the country. Over the past decades, Turkey has also made large investments to improve the medical infrastructure. Turkey is the best choice if you are planning for stem cell therapy. Below are some of the reasons why Turkey is appropriate for stem cell therapy:

  • Quality Medical Treatment at Affordable Cost: Stem cell therapy is an expensive procedure, but one can save a significant amount of money in Turkey. The best thing is that patients don’t have to worry about the quality because Turkish hospitals provide world-class treatment at a very competitive price.
  • Best Hospitals: Patients can find numerous hospitals in Turkey that are JCI accredited, and these hospitals have all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay for the patient. Hygiene is their utmost priority, and that’s why they maintain the cleanliness of the hospital so that the patient can get treatment without any hassle.
  • Qualified Specialists: The country has highly-qualified and experienced specialists who have expertise in stem cell therapy. They are available round the clock for the patients. These specialists are from some of the best universities and have practiced in some of the best hospitals in the world.
  • No Waiting Lines: Unlike US and UK, Turkey doesn’t have any waiting lines for several months. Patients can get a quick response for their treatment because the country values foreign patients too.
  • No Language Barrier: However, Turkey is an Islamic country, but the doctors and medical staff speak fluent English. This allows patients to communicate with the specialists easily. It prevents any kind of language barrier in the country.
  • Easily Reachable: Turkey is located in such an area that it is easily accessible from whichever continent and country you may come from. It is a cultural and political center. Istanbul airport is one of the largest airports in the world that accommodate thousands of passengers every year. Turkish airlines provide discounted flights to medical tourists traveling to Turkey.

Top Stem Cell Therapy Hospitals in Turkey

  • Istinye University Hospital: It is one of the best hospitals accredited by JCI and ISO 9001. The hospital provides a 394-bedded facility with world-class treatment in stem cell therapy. A team of experienced and skilled doctors is always available to take care of their patients. 
  • Liv Hospital: It has been a renowned hospital providing stem cell therapy for many years. It is a 159-bedded facility that welcomes numerous patients every year from all over the world.   
  • Acibadem Hospitals Group: A leading hospital in Istanbul, Turkey providing high-quality treatment at an affordable price. A trained medical staff is available round the clock to provide the best medical facilities. 
  • Hisar Hospital Intercontinental: A JCI accredited hospital for providing international standards for excellent diagnosis and treatment. The specialists belong to national and international medical organizations.  
  • Medicana International Istanbul: It is also one of the best choices for stem cell therapy. They deliver healthcare services at international standards that improve patient satisfaction.

 Final Words

Turkey is one of the preferred locations for medical tourism. Every year a large number of people travel to the country to seek medical help not only for stem cell therapy but for various treatments. If you are also looking for stem cell therapy at an affordable price, Turkey is the best destination for you. Make sure to collect all the information about the hospital you are going to stay in the country. It is even better if you can get recommendations from your friends and family.

FAQs on Stem Cell Therapy cost in Turkey

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