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VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital has a specialized Oncology center for various cancer treatments. Oncology refers to a branch of medicine mainly used to diagnose and treat several types of cancer. International organizations regularly recommend oncologists at VM Medical Park for offering exceptional patient care. Patient satisfaction is the primary goal to serve. Let’s find out more about VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey.

Cancer is a disease that grows without control and spreads in the body or out of any organ. Cancer often occurs because of DNA change. It can occur anywhere in the human body and spread to trillions of cells. Generally, human cells grow, get damaged with time, and die. But in cancer, cells abnormally get damaged and multiply without any requirement. Gradually, these cells turn into a tumor or tissue lumps. As a result, cancerous tumors keep spreading in nearby organs, also called malignant tumors.

VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey

Average Cost in Dollars
Medical Oncology $6240
Surgical Oncology $12 480
Radiation Oncology $9360
Tomotherapy $7 715 – $13 227
Gamma Knife Radio Surgery $6240


VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey

Cancer Treatment Options at VM Medical Park Hospital

Medical Oncology Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital: $6,240

Medical oncology is a medicine type that focuses on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. An oncologist is responsible for using hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or targeted therapy to treat cancer patients. A patient will meet an oncologist after the diagnosis of cancer.

VM Medical Park Hospital has oncologists treating cancer like blood, leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, uterine, ovarian, cervical, and pediatric oncologists. They provide preventive measures with regular cancer screening; in the worst scenario, the tumor or cancer detection in the early stages should be destroyed before it can grow.

Surgical Oncology Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital: $12,480

Surgical oncology refers to the primary treatment method for cancer. It may also be the only treatment required. Surgery is a regional treatment – it only cures the operated part. Therefore, it may cure non-metastatic cancer that is localized at one position. Generally, early-stage removal of the carcinogenic cell is regarded as the most accessible means.

The surgeon work on the tumor and some intact peripheral tissues called clear margins. Moreover, lymph nodes close to the tumor can also be eliminated if there is a carcinogenic cell.

As a patient, you can get preoperative treatment to lower the tumor size and facilitate surgical removal. This treatment method is called neo-supportive or neoadjuvant therapy.

Surgery is unsuitable if the patient has reached the last stage. But hormone therapies, biological therapies, and chemotherapy can slow down the symptoms.

Radiation Oncology/Radiation Therapy Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital: $9360

Radiotherapy is a very effective and oldest treatment method that uses high-energy X-rays, radioactive isotopes, and electron clusters to kill tumor cells and decrease tumor size. Radiotherapy stops the growth and replication of tumor cells by destroying their genetic material. Effects of radiation on tumor cells happen from ionization. This effect is noticed in two ways some cells die immediately after radiation, and others will not replicate due to DNA damage and chromosomal, and then they die. However, normal cells may go through radiation and recover functions.

Presently VM Medical Park Hospital applies advanced 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3DCR). The radiation delivery pattern is determined with highly tailored computing applications to optimize treatment stimulation. They use IMRT to treat head, neck, breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, liver, and gynecologic cancer, lymphoma, brain tumors, and sarcoma. IMRT is also helpful for pediatric tumor treatment.

Tomotherapy Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital: $7 715 – $13 227

TomoTherapy is another effective treatment for cancer at İstanbul Medicalpark Bahçelievler Hospital. In radiotherapy, the necessary dose and calculated ratio can be provided to multiple tumor cells to prevent organs and healthy tissues by TomoTherapy device at only two healthcare centers in Istanbul. The dose of beams may vary in size and localization of a patient’s need. After localization of tumor cells is detected for every patient.

The patient will benefit from tomotherapy benefits such as fewer side effects, targeted therapy, repeated treatment capability, time-saving, and excellent clinical.

Gamma Knife Radio Surgery Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital: $6240

Gamma Knife Radio Surgery is a bloodless procedure for cerebral diseases and intra-cranial tumors without conventional surgery. Neurosurgeons apply this method alone or with microsurgery for eligible diseases and patients. The VM Medical Park Hospital team started doing Gamma Knife surgery in 1997. Prof. Türker Kılıç, M.D. is the first Turkish medical doctor to have radiosurgery training at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Half of million people get treatment of Gamma Knife surgery worldwide. Approximately 1.6.% of all those patients get treatments.

Approximately 200 cobalt-60 sources are in the treatment unit. Those sources may create thousands of beams at a high sensitivity level of more than 0.5 mm. If low-sensitivity therapies are applied, like in patients, treatment may take around six weeks for metastatic brain tumors, which prevent cancer from spreading to another body part.

Pediatric Oncology Cost at VM Medical Park Hospital

Pediatric oncology refers to childhood cancer. Some children have cancer that ranges from infancy to childhood. This cancer can be present in the first five years of a child’s life. It is possible to theorize that 60 – 70% of cancer children can recover if a child gets a diagnosis early.

Leukemia is a blood cancer; the most common cancer of bone marrow is divided into two groups such as lymphoblastic and non-lymphoblastic. This condition can be diagnosed at any age, beginning from birth, and distribution by cancerous cells.

Paediatric Oncology Cost in Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey

Average Cost in Dollars
Radiotherapy $2860 – $15 600
Brain tumor removal $10 400- $83 200
CyberKnife $9360
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas $6760 – $15 600
Tumor Marker Blood Test $150 – $700
Biopsy $1040 – $7280
MRI of one area $200 – $1350
Consultation with an oncologist $140
Oncohematologist Consultation $160 – $180


VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey and International Cost and Prices 2022 – 2023

Currently, there are treatment options available for life-threatening diseases called cancer.

Top countries like USA and UK offer high-quality treatments. Countries like Turkey, India, Thailand, and Mexico provide cancer treatment at an affordable cost. Each country offers different Costs and prices for cancer surgeries.

The highest cancer rate in males and females was in Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, and Ireland. There were 334 people who had cancer in 100,000.

The highest cancer death rate was 224 people in Mongolia, and female death due to cancer was 142 in Zimbabwe.

Scientists from Cleveland Clinic, Florida, and California have discovered new drugs that could fight cancer and COVID. The research found that GRP78 (Glucose regulated protein), a chaperone protein causes viruses spread and spread SARS-CoV-2 (virus), causing COVID-19. In addition, the research found that SARS-CoV-2 replication was lowered by stopping GRP78 production with the new drug. Here are our Costs and prices for different countries for cancer treatments.

Country Avg. Cancer Treatment Cost
Turkey $500 – $9000
USA $4,500 – $30,000
Spain $1050 – $20600
UK £30,000
Mexico $376 – $6735
Thailand $9000
UAE Dh300,000 to Dh400,000
India $1,134 – $34,650

 Cancer Treatment Costs by Country

  • Cancer Treatment Cost in Turkey $500 – $9000
  • immunotherapy treatment costs India $1,134 – $34,650
  • Leukemia Cancer treatment costs USA $4,500 – $30,000
  • radiation therapy in cancer cost UK is £30,000
  • leukemia treatment costs Mexico $376 – $6735
  • Cancer treatment price Spain $1050 – $20600
  • chemo Cancer Treatment Costs in UAE Dh300,000 to Dh400,000
  • Cancer Treatment Cost in Thailand $9000

VM Medical Park Hospital Overview

Medical Park Hospital Group serve various patient in 29 hospitals present in 17 cities. It is now branded at world standard with an advanced operating room, qualified doctors, and a medical team. The VM Medical Park hospital allows every patient to access healthcare services irrespective of social and economic status at global standards based on their principle of healthcare for all.

A patient can access specialists, multi-disciplinary work under one roof, and quality diagnostics and treatments in every hospital branch, including its four JCI-accredited hospitals.

VM Medical Park Hospital Goals

  • Patients’ health and life is the primary goal of medical park hospital
  • Each new hospital branch is looking to improve the quality and provide more services.
  • Providing top-quality oncologists for every type of cancer treatment.
  • Ensuring to have every advanced technology and equipment for cancer treatment.

VM Medical Park Hospital Locations for Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Medical Park Group Istanbul

VM Medical Park Hospital Address

VM Medical Park Samsun Hospital

Mimarsinan, Alparslan Blv. No:17, 55200 Atakum/Samsun, Turkey

24 hours
Medical Park Bursa Hospital

Haşim İşcan Caddesi Fomara Meydanı No:1 Osmangazi, Bursa

24 hours
Medical Park Florya Hospital

Beşyol Mah. Akasya Sok. No: 4 Küçükçekmece İstanbul

24 hours
VM Medical Park Mersin Hospital

Atatürk, 31118. Sk. 3-1, 33340 Mezitli/Mersin, Turkey

24 hours

Medical Park Hospital Istanbul Reviews

Why Choose VM Medical Park Hospital for Cancer Treatments?

  • They follow Value Added Medicine (VM) concept to provide high-quality medical practices and qualified team support under advanced technologies.
  • They provide therapeutic procedures involving the latest and modern technologies in combination with professional staff.
  • They provide free second opinions about cancer treatment to international patients. Different types of cancer are diagnosed here under unique specialists.
  • International patients have more access to services from food to travel and comfortable stay.
  • Patients will have 24 hours medical emergency services, including air ambulance transfer coordination.
  • You can find different options for cancer treatments, such as Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pediatric Oncology, Tomotherapy, and Gamma Knife Radio Surgery.

Contact us for cancer cost, blood cancer treatment, liver cancer treatment and pancreatic cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Insurance VM Medical Park Hospital, Turkey

Cancer is a significant health disease; it has several cancer types and stages. If you are at an early stage of cancer, it can be slowed down with medicine in case of no curable cancer. However, in the case of removing cancerous tumors or diseased organs, it may require surgery. Therefore, the total cost will be calculated depending on the condition and treatment plan. The VM Medical Park Hospital has coordination with insurance companies in Turkey and worldwide, and they provide pre-approved policies. Therefore, you can check about insurance during the consultation of cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Success Rate VM Medical Park Hospital, Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital offers the best treatments for medical oncology and pediatric oncology. 

They are operating successful treatments with various methods and the latest technologies, such as surgical methods, radiation therapy, tomotherapy, and gamma knife radiosurgery.

Cancer treatment success ultimately depends on patient health and expert surgeons to manage complications. The VM Medical Park Hospital has achieved an overall 90% success rate, but different types of cancer have different survival rates. Around 85% of patients can survive five years, and 75% can survive ten years.

Cancer Treatment in Turkey For Foreigners

Preparation Before Visiting VM Medical Hospital in Turkey

Making sure to have everything you need will help you have treatment abroad. It will help prevent facing difficulties due to travel plans, flight cancellations, or treatment delays. Here are essential things to prepare:

  • Get guidance from your local healthcare physician that there is a need to travel abroad for treatment.
  • Plan follow-up health care with a local physician before leaving your country.
  • Get all medical report copies and prescriptions, which are essential for treatment.
  • Take your passport and medical visa with extended validity.
  • Check every detail about airline tickets for your treatment plan.
  • Manage your money for travel, and inform your bank about travel and treatment to have safe and easy access.
  • Ensure to get VISA or MasterCard Credit card.

Contact us for chemotherapy cost, robotic prostatectomy, cyberknife treatment, and radiation therapy for cancer.

International Patient Services Center

Treatment Facilities Transportation Facilities Facilities During Stay
Medical records transfer Airport pickup Private rooms, VIP Services
Postoperative follow-up Visa / Travel office TV, Phone, and Free Wifi in the room
Online consultation Local tourism facility Welcome
Pharmacy Car Hire Safe in the room
Rehabilitation Local transportation booking Mobility accessible rooms
Document legalisation Shopping trip Family accommodation
 Money Facilities Air ambulance Laundry, Dry cleaning

Medical travel insurance

Private driver Nursery / Nanny services
ATM Food Facilities Religious facilities
Foreign currency exchange Diet on Request Personal assistance
Credit Card International Cuisine Parking available
Netbanking Restaurant Café
Health insurance management Self-Cooking Fitness
Debit Card Shop
Language   Beauty Salon, Spa, and wellness
Interpreter Business center services
Translation services Dedicated smoking areas
Special offer for group stays


Cancer Specialists/Oncologist Medical Park Hospital Turkey

Oncologist in VM Medical Park Hospital

Dr. Alper Ata Medical Oncology
Dr. Tuna  Bilecik Gastrointestinal Robotic Surgery, Oncological Surgery (Cancer Surgery)
Dr. Hasan Hakan  Erdibil head and neck cancers
Dr. Cemal  Kurt Kidney cancer, Nephrotic syndrome
Dr. Faruk  Karateke bowel cancer, anal fissure, hemorrhoids
Dr. Mustafa Kemal  Gul Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer

Please contact us to take an appointment with Oncologists at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey.

Advanced and Latest Technology Devices VM Medical Park Hospital for Cancer Treatments

  • PET-CT
  • A medical linear accelerator (LINAC)
  • Radixact System
  • Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery unit
  • X-rays, a CT Scan, MRI

Cancer Treatment Procedure at VM Medical Park Hospital, Turkey

Causes of Cancer

Cancer grows after complex serial mechanisms. Presently cancer is approved as a genetic disease, which means that cancer will not grow unless there is a change in genetic structure.

Cancer grows after consecutive carcinogenic effects. Disturbance noticeable during cancer growth can be treated with a different defense mechanism. The immune system is responsible and removing irritations. Most cancers develop due to the following causes:

External factors:  alcohol, smoke, chemical substances, infections, radiation, nutrition disorders, air pollution, obesity, and an inactive lifestyle

Internal factors: mutations, inherent factors, metabolic and hormonal disorders

These factors may begin cancer development consecutively or synergistically.


Cancer Symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Lump or skin thickening under the skin
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Skin color changes from yellowing to redness
  • bowel or bladder habits
  • difficulty breathing
  • persistent cough

Cancer Treatment Consultation

  • During the cancer treatment consultation, the patient will meet an oncologist at VM Medical Park Hospital.
  • They will discuss your health type, cancer treatment options, insurance, Cost of cancer surgery, and follow-ups.
  • They will talk about risks and complications.
  • Please contact us to book an appointment with a cancer doctor at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey.

Before Cancer Treatments

  • The patient will need to go through specific tests such as:
  • physical examination
  • Laboratory tests
  • blood tests
  • electrocardiogram (ECG
  • Chest x-ray
  • counseling with experts and family
  • The patient and family need to know about chemotherapy and allow the physician to do it.

During Cancer Surgery

  • The patient will be observed under a complete expert team and a cancer specialist surgeon.
  • The patient will get anesthesia to prevent pain during surgery.
  • The surgeon makes an incision on the affected part and removes cancer cells with some healthy cells to stop the spread of cancer.
  • Sometimes, lymph nodes and other tissues near the tumor must be removed.

After Cancer Surgery

  • After cancer surgery, the patient will be kept in the intensive care unit for observation.
  • Once the patient feels healthy and has no complications, the patient needs to take pain control medication and shift to the general room.
  • The patient may require to stay in the hospital for 2 – 3 days or more, depending on the condition.

How to Care After Cancer Treatment?

  • Avoid lifting heavy weight
  • Care incision wound
  • Notice signs of infections
  • Visit for follow-ups

Benefits of Cancer Treatment and Surgery

  • Advanced technologies help to destroy cancer cells from organs or cancer-occurring body parts.
  • The cancer surgery completely removes the cancerous tumors.
  • Patients become healthier and live more.
  • Low risk of death caused by cancer
  • The patient feels more energetic to perform daily activities
  • Treating cancer at the initial stage has more benefits than curing it.
  • Cancer treatment can also slow down the painful symptoms at the last stage of non-curable cancer.


Risk and Complications Cancer Treatment

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhea
  • constipation
  • Chemical changes in your body
  • Brain functions problems
  • nervous system problems

Please contact us for VM Medical Park Hospital Cancer Treatment Cost Turkey.


Cancer is a dangerous disease that grows slowly. Some people have early-stage symptoms, but some patients never know they have cancer and reach the last stage. Some types of cancer that are not curable, like pancreas cancers, are very life risky. However, non-spreading cancer in organs can be treated with organ replacement and removing cancer cells.

If you have a family record of cancer, then never ignore any signs and have regular checks to stop cancer. VM Medical Park Hospital provides advanced technologies to save patient life. They provide treatment for various cancer types. International patients can visit here to get the best treatment at affordable prices. Please contact us to learn how to get treatment at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey.

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