VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant cost Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital offers kidney transplant treatment for native and foreign patients. This hospital owns a specialized organ transplantation center to provide superior service with high success to patients in Turkey and at the global level for kidney transplants. Kidney transplantation is a very effective method utilized in patients with kidney failure for different reasons. Turkey has achieved widespread acceptance for successful kidney transplantations. Let’s learn more about VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant Cost Turkey.

Turkey ranked top internationally for an overall living donor transplant rate of 53.02 for every million people and living donor rental transplant activity. However, Turkey was 42 for the total deceased donor transplant rate compared to the USA, Spain, and Portugal.

People experiencing life-threatening diseases related to kidneys can have a second chance with organ transplantation. Their quality of life will increase their stay with their families.

VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant Cost Turkey

The average cost of a kidney transplant in Turkey is Turkey $19 094 – $20,000. Dialysis may charge extra around $150 – $200. A kidney transplant donor can be a family member, friend, or stranger with a matching blood group. The patient must stay n the hospital for 20 – 25 days, and a country stay requires two months. Accommodation costs may charge $20 per day.

These costs and prices of kidney transplants, stay, and other facilities charges may change from person to person. Please contact us; we will provide your treatment cost and overall cost for kidney transplants.

Turkey Kidney Transplant Cost

Kidney Transplant in VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey Average Cost in USD Average Cost in Turkish Lira
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants $23, 920 ₺4,46,168
Living Donor Kidney Transplants $26, 520 ₺4,94,665
Robotic Kidney Transplants $24, 960 ₺4,65,567

VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant Cost Turkey

Deceased Donor Kidney Transplants Cost $23, 920(₺4,46,168)

A deceased donor is an individual who has died, and recently after death, the kidneys are extracted from the body to donate to a needy patient. The deceased donor’s organs are taken only if the donor is registered for organ donation. Kidney donations are not allowed without the permission of the family.


Living Donor Kidney Transplants Cost $26, 520 (₺4,94,665)

VM Medical Park Hospital offers living donor kidney transplants. A living donor is a live person who wishes to donate a kidney to a patient. A living donor can be a child, parent, or sibling. The living donor can also be any relative or friend. Even strangers can become living donors to the patient.

A living kidney transplant has more benefits than a deceased donor. It has a high success rate due to the following reasons:

Primary kidney functions after transplant from a healthy person.

Living donor kidney transplants can be scheduled according to patient and donor preparation.

There may be less risk of rejection, mainly if the kidney is from a blood relative.


Robotic Kidney Transplants Cost in Turkey $24, 960(₺4,65,567)

Robotic kidney transplant means robot-assisted kidney transplant is a minimally invasive method using robotic support to do the KT. As a high level of expertise is needed in robotic surgery and KT, RAKT is done by transplant surgeons with extensive experience and training in robotic transplant surgery.

VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant Cost Turkey and International Cost and Prices Comparison 2023

Best Country For Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a standard procedure. Research says that around 23,000 kidney transplants were done in the US in 2021. Looking at kidney transplants, the top countries are the most developed countries like the USAEurope, and the UK. Presently 93 thousand of people are waiting in the USA for kidney transplants.

Due to donor unavailability, people split into different countries for treatments. They want to save their or their family member’s life, so they look for an affordable and fast way to treat kidney problems. If you look at kidney transplants in Germany, it offers quality treatments with dedication and innovative medical services. Turkey is successfully developed in the field of organ transplants. They provide more living donors, and the kidney cost is much more affordable than in other countries.

Country Kidney Transplant Cost
USA $24,4609
Turkey $3,4032
India $10,422
Philippines $10,635
Germany $79,764
UK £5,000

 Kidney Transplant Cost By Country

  • Kidney Transplant Cost in the USA $24,4609
  • Kidney Transplant Cost in India $10,422
  • Kidney Transplant Cost in Turkey $3,4032
  • Kidney Transplant Cost in the Philippines $10,635
  • Kidney Transplant Cost in Germany $79,764
  • Kidney Transplant Cost in UK £5,000

VM Medical Park Hospital Overview

Medical Park Hospitals was established in 1993 and continued as a brand VM Medical Park with several hospital businesses worldwide.

VM Medical Park Hospital has 25 hospitals in different locations in 16 other cities in Turkey. The hospital is founded to help those in need, and international people cannot find kidney transplant donors and keep waiting on the list.

VM Medical Park Hospital Locations in Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital Address Hours
I.A.U. VM Medical Park Florya Beşyol Mah. Akasya Sok. No: 4 Küçükçekmece İstanbul 24 hours
Istinye University Bahcesehir Liv Hospital

Aşık Veysel Mah. Süleyman Demirel Cad. No:1 Esenyurt – İstanbul

24 hours
VM Medical Park Maltepe Hastanesi

Cevizli, Bağdat Cd. No:547, 34846 Maltepe/İstanbul, Turkey

24 hours
ISU Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa

Merkez Mahallesi Çukurçeşme Cad. No: 57-59 Gaziosmanpaşa – İstanbul

24 hours
VM Medical Park Pendik

Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, D100, Cemal Gürsel Cd. No:9, 34899 Pendik/İstanbul

24 hours
VM Medical Park Kocaeli

Ovacık Mahallesi, D-100 Karayolu Üstü, No:34, Symbol AVM Yanı, 41140, Başiskele – Kocaeli

24 hours
VM Medical Park Bursa

Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi Kırcaali Mahallesi No: 76 Osmangazi Bursa

24 hours
VM Medical Park Samsun

​Mimar Sinan Mah. Alparslan Bulvarı, No: 17 Atakum Samsun

24 hours

Aims of VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey

  • VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey group has goals to achieve a new vision regarding the healthcare sector.
  • They aim to provide experienced Nephrologists to handle every complex kidney transplant.
  • Improving the quantity and quality of medical services in every new hospital
  • They have Affiliations with excellent universities in Turkey, which aim to improve the training and education of doctors. They look forward to maximizing healthcare quality.

Advanced and Latest Technology Devices VM Medical Park Hospital for Kidney Transplant

  • Latest technologies and fully equipped operating room
  • robotic assistance technologies
  • MRI therapy system
  • Radiology assistance, Gamma knife, and SPECT scan

VM Medical Hospital Park Turkey Review

  • VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey Reviews for Kidney Transplant
  • The VM Medical Park Hospital has Joint Commission International accreditation.
  • Improved health quality, efficiency, and affordable cost compared to other countries.
  • VM Medical Park Hospital provides treatment and diagnosis units, accommodations, advanced devices, and high-quality technologies to meet international standards.
  • Their mission is to provide a healthy life for all.
  • They apply success-oriented scientific approaches.

Contact us for kidney cyst removal, laser operation for kidney stone, surgical removal of a kidney.

Nephrologist at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey

Kidney Transplant Doctors in VM Medical Park Hospital

Experience Expertise
Ramazan Can Kinalp 26 Years Glomerulonephritis

Polycystic Kidneys

Chronic Kidney Disease

End-Stage Renal Disease

Kidney Failure


Dr. Ayhan Dinckan

General Surgeon | Chief Director Of Organ Transplant Centers

16 Years Kidney Transplantation

Liver Transplantation

Pancreatic Transplantation

Heart Transplantation

Please contact us to take an appointment with kidney transplant doctors at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey.

Kidney Transplant In Turkey For Foreigners

  • International patients can get a free medical second opinion at VM Medical Park Hospital Turkey.
  • VIP services and luxurious accommodations are available.
  • Abroad, patients can get insurance and travel assistance companies to travel assistance and insurance assistance.

International Patient Services Center

Treatment Facilities Money Facilities Facilities During Stay
Medical records transfer Health insurance management Private rooms, VIP Services
Postoperative follow-up Medical travel insurance TV, Phone, and Free Wifi in the room
Online consultation Foreign currency exchange Welcome
Pharmacy ATM Safe in the room
Rehabilitation Credit Card Mobility accessible rooms
Document legalisation Debit Card Family accommodation
Netbanking Laundry, Dry cleaning
Nursery / Nanny services
Transportation Facilities Food Facilities Religious facilities
Airport pickup Diet on Request Personal assistance
Visa / Travel office International Cuisine Parking available
Local tourism facility Restaurant Café
Car Hire Self-Cooking Fitness
Local transportation booking Shop
Shopping trip Language Beauty Salon, Spa, and wellness
Air ambulance Interpreter Business center services
Private driver Translation services Dedicated smoking areas
Special offer for group stays

Kidney Transplant Success Rate at VM Medical Park Hospital

Success rates for deceased donor kidney transplants have a high success rate but lesser than living donor kidney transplants. More Deceased donor kidney transplants are done every year since more deceased are available.

The five years of survival rate for a deceased donor kidney transplant is 74.3% in people above 65 and 96.8% in people ages 18 – 34.

As with living donor kidney transplants, people with kidney failure because of diabetes had the five years survival rate of 81.1%. However, despite the High success rate, the waiting time for kidney transplants is very long. Furthermore, the VM Medical Park hospital in Turkey has achieved a 98% of success rate for kidney transplants.

Maximum Life After Kidney Transplant

For a living donor kidney transplant, the maximum life is 20 -25 years, while the kidney transplant from a deceased donor lasts for 15 – 20 years. It varies depending on the donor, the patient’s age, and other medical problems.

Kidney Transplant Insurance at VM Medical Park hospital in Turkey

VM Medical Park Hospital provides state social security coverage and has owned contracts with private health insurance companies for 25 years. Therefore, they provide insurance coverage depending on treatment requirements and emergencies for a kidney transplant. It needs to be discussed during the consultation and discuss the treatment method. Contact us for kidney operation, kidney stone surgery cost, laparoscopic nephrectomy, kidney transplant donor.

What Should You Know About Kidneys?

Kidneys are two organs in the body present on each side of the abdomen part of the body. Blood filtering and removing the waist is the kidneys’ primary function every minute.

Kidney Functions

  • Filter blood
  • remove waste from the body
  • manage body fluids
  • regulate blood pressure
  • release hormones
  • promote strong and healthy bone
  • control red blood cells

Causes of Kidney Problems

Several conditions affect kidney functions at some point in life. Here are the causes of kidney problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Heart
  • Obesity
  • Family history related kidney disease
  • Abnormal kidney structure


Symptoms of Kidney Problems

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleep problems
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Reduced mental sharpness
  • Urinating more or less

Kidney Transplant Procedure

Suitable Candidate for Kidney Transplant

  • A patient suffering from the last stage of renal disease on dialysis
  • Stage 4 – 5 chronic kidney disease needs dialysis
  • Must have enough nutritional state
  • Have consistent care providers like family or friend
  • Own insurance to cover the transplant cost


Artificial Kidney 2022 – 2023

Artificial kidneys are backpack-sized dialysis devices that could help a person provide blood-filtering dialysis anywhere and anytime. It will frequently remove the fluid and waste in place of dialysis on the go or from home.

It also improves the life quality of a patient. These devices have 5 -10 kg weight and depend on long-lasting batteries. It contains advanced miniaturization and new filtering membranes.

During a Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • Kidney transplantation involves adding a healthy kidney to the body, which can do all the functions that a diseased kidney can not.
  • The new kidney is placed on the part of the lower right or left side of the abdomen and connected surgically attached with blood vessels and the bladder.
  • The vein and artery of the transplanted kidney are joined to the patient’s artery and vein.
  • The newly transplanted kidney’s ureter is linked to the bladder to make urine pass out from the body.

In most cases, the surgeon will not remove the diseased kidney and leave it in the body. In three conditions, the kidney removal will take place such as:

  • Spreading infection out of the kidney
  • Uncontrollable high blood pressure caused by damaged kidneys
  • Back up pee into kidneys or reflux. 

After a Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • In most cases, patients may need to spend three days in the hospital after kidney surgery. Hospital stays will allow the medical team to monitor the patient’s condition.
  • The newly transplanted kidneys start working immediately after the transplant, or the patient may need dialysis temporarily till it begins working. The process of new kidney functions may take some days or weeks.
  • The patient needs to take recommended medication and antirejection medications.

Please contact us for VM Medical Park Hospital Kidney Transplant Cost Turkey, kidney surgery, renal transplant.

Is Kidney Transplant Legal in Turkey?

Turkey allows kidney transplants for people above 18 years old. They can donate or get treatments. The donor must be the relative of the patient.


Pros and Cons of Kidney Transplant

Pros of Kidney Transplant

  • Kidney transplant increase quality of life. Patients can live a normal life with sufficient time for everyday activities.
  • There will be no need for monitoring or hospital visit.
  • Kidney transplant has a better survival rate in comparison to dialysis. A suitable candidate can live for more than 5 – 10 years after a transplant.
  • After the kidney transplant patient has less diet restriction.
  • Patients feel more energetic after kidney replacement surgery.


Cons of  Kidney Transplant

  • The patient may need to wait a long to find a kidney donor.
  • Not every patient is a suitable candidate for a kidney transplant
  • There may be reactions to general anesthesia.
  • Chances of infection and risk of life after surgery.
  • Some patients require to take lifelong medications.

Kidney Transplant Risk and Complications

  • Kidney rejection
  • Anti-rejection medications
  • Bleeding
  • Breathing problems
  • Infection risk
  • Higher possibility of getting cancer
  • Surgery reactions


Kidney failure happens for several reasons, and treating it on time can save a life. But unfortunately, some cases do not cure with medications and need a new kidney to remove diseased kidneys. So before going for any treatment, take a second option.

VM Medical Park Hospital in Turkey offers the best kidney transplant treatments. Please contact us to find a surgeon and cost details at VM Medical Park Hospital.

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