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Liposuction Cost in UK 2023 – Find Best Plastic Surgeons, Reviews

Liposuction Cost in UK range between £2,000 to £8,000

 Liposuction procedures are trending customized plastic surgeries in the UK. Men and women are undergoing cosmetic procedures after the pandemic. People choose to improve their aesthetic appearance to flaunt on social media and feel good about their body. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, more than 32,000 liposuctions took place in 2022, which was 15000 in 2021. Liposuction Prices in the UK have different cost options for other procedures. Let’s know more details about different procedures and Liposuction Cost in UK.

More women undergo breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and breast reduction after pregnancy. In comparison, men opt for Chest Reduction. In 2022, many women underwent liposuction, around 2,700 for different aesthetic corrections in the UK. Liposuction procedures remove fat and loose skin and create a rejuvenated and youthful body appearance.

The UK is a leading destination for various types of plastic surgeries with liposuction. UK’s top hospitals and best plastic-cosmetic surgeons bring exceptions that meet patients’ desires and expectations. The UK offers the best team of surgeons who are mastered in their respective areas and operate with the latest liposuction skills.

The best plastic surgeons in the UK make sure that patients know about their overall health, the type of liposuction technique that is suitable, and the possible risk, which will help patients keep realistic expectations. Patients seeking liposuction surgery will have a personalized online consultation where a plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure and liposuction price in the UK. Furthermore, they will help patients know different options such as Laser, VASER liposuction, and 360 liposuctions, the most in-demand techniques available worldwide and in the UK.

Liposuction Cost in the UK 

Liposuction is an expensive treatment in the UK compared to other countries. Liposuction as a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery is available in private hospitals in London and other cities in the UK. The fat removal surgery UK price varies depending on the body part needing treatment—however, the liposuction surgery cost starts at least £2,000. However, the total liposuction cost in the UK includes consultation prices with specialist surgeons, 24-hour patient assistance, post-operative care, and hospital facilities.


Liposuction Cost in UK 2023

Liposuction Cost in UK Average Cost (UK GBP)
Neck Liposuction GBP 3,750
Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction GBP 4,750
Chin Liposuction GBP 3,500
Buttocks Liposuction GBP 4,000
Arm Liposuction GBP 4,125
Thigh Liposuction GBP 4,375
Breast Liposuction GBP 4,500
Love handles Liposuction GBP 3,875
Knee Liposuction GBP 4,000
Back Liposuction GBP 3,750
Calf Liposuction GBP 3,000
Upper Arm Liposuction GBP 3,375
Full Body Liposuction GBP 7,000

Liposuction Prices UK – Different Cities

Liposuction in the United Kingdom Avergae Cost in (GBP)
London GBP 3,250
Manchester GBP 3,283
Edinburgh GBP 3,413
Bristol GBP 3,478
Liverpool GBP 3,445
Oxford GBP 3,429
Cambridge GBP 3,445
Glasgow GBP 3,494
Birmingham GBP 4,294


Liposuction Cost London, UK

Liposuction in London is a standard medical procedure for appearance improvement. There are personalized liposuction procedures available. Patients can have minor procedures like neck and chin liposuction that cost around £3,500 to £7,500. Patients needing large area fat removals like abdomen and thigh liposuction cost around £4,750 to £4,375. Every patient will have different costs depending on treatment areas; liposuction technologies such as 360 liposuctions and VASER liposuction costs are different. Therefore, when consulting with the plastic surgeon and surgery type, the patient will get liposuction costs.


Liposuction cost Manchester, UK: GBP 3,283

Manchester offers the best treatments for Liposuction. There are advanced liposuction methods available such as Lipo 360 and VASER liposuction. In addition, patients will get the best-customized liposuction surgery options in Manchester, like fat transfer with a tummy tuck.


Liposuction cost Edinburgh, UK: GBP 3,413

The liposuction cost in Edinburgh city is GBP 3,413. Edinburgh City’s hospital creates a positive environment for patients facing financial difficulties. They offer vouchers and discounts of 70% off for liposuction treatments. Hospitals provide these offers on their websites for good healthcare.


Liposuction cost Bristol, UK: GBP 3,478

Bristol is another famous location in the UK that offers leading private hospitals for liposuction surgeries. They have the best cosmetic surgeons with several years of experience. Here every single patient gets personalized care and advanced treatments.


Liposuction cost Liverpool, UK: GBP 3,445

Liposuction Liverpool prices vary for cosmetic surgery and skin treatments. Patients can have third-generation liposuction surgery with VASER hi-def for fat removal. Liverpool City is the best location for people seeking stubborn fat buildup from nearby countries. Private hospitals in Liverpool, UK, provide flexible financing options that fit in patient budgets for liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Techniques Price in London, UK

Liposuction Techniques in UK Price Range (GBP)
Traditional liposuction GBP 6,400 – GBP 14,750
VASER liposuction GBP 7,500 – GBP 19,150
Laser liposuction GBP 6,420 – GBP 12,150
Smart lipo GBP 6,149 – GBP 14,150
Cool sculpting GBP 7,045 – GBP 12,150
Microlipo/Tumescent liposuction GBP 6,825 – GBP 20,150

Body Areas of Liposuction and Cost in the London, UK

Neck Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 3,750

Liposuction procedures in the UK cost around Neck GBP 3,750 to create a youthful neck appearance by removing fat and sagging skin and correcting wrinkles. Neck liposuction is performed with minimally invasive surgery that has long-lasting results.


Abdomen / Tummy / Belly Fat Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,750

Abdomen liposuction or tummy tuck is the best makeover option for women to slim down body after pregnancy. Women need to choose liposuction and plastic surgery after completing parenthood because after surgery, patients cannot have a pregnancy for some years, or they may regain the same fat which was removed during surgery. London has the best plastic surgeons for tummy tuck and abdomen liposuction procedures.


Chin Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 3,500

Chin liposuction aims to decrease the double chin appearance and create jawline and chin contours. Chin liposuction makes a more defined appearance. Chin and neck liposuction can be combined same time to get improved results. Chin liposuction in London provides the best plastic surgeons skilled to give the expected results.


Buttocks Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,000

Brazilian butt lifts, or BBL is a fast-growing cosmetic surgery in the UK. Buttocks liposuction increases butt volume and creates a curvier figure. According to 2020 data, more than 39,105 people had buttock surgery, stated to the aesthetic plastic surgery society. It indicates that butt augmentation and a curvier figure are becoming more popular and safe surgery to get desired body.


Arm Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,125

Arm liposuction cost in the UK varies for each patient. The cost change depending on the quantity of fat removal. Most minor to bigger arm fat removal surgery. Upper Arm Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 3,375. Arm liposuction uses less invasive alternatives of arm lifting to remove hanging, loose skin that grows under the upper arm due to weight gain, sudden weight loss, and aging.


Thigh Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,375

Thighs are one of the selective parts of the body for fat storage. The fat deposit forms like bumps and becomes stubborn to go with exercise and diet. Having thigh fat lowers confidence levels and makes women uncomfortable in their favorite clothes. Liposuction surgery using VASER 360 removes unwanted fat and creates good shape thighs. The inner thigh liposuction cost UK is calculated based on the requirement. During the consultation, patients can get complete information on thigh fat removal surgery costs in the UK.


Breast Liposuction Cost in UK: GBP 4,500

Breast liposuction is one of the popular plastic surgeries chosen for breast augmentation and reduction. The cost of breast liposuction Cost in the UK varies amongst cosmetic surgery providers. Expert surgeons of breast surgeries provide tailored treatment options depending on the patient’s desired outcomes and physical needs.


Love handles Liposuction Cost in UK: GBP 3,875

Liposuction surgery is the best way to get rid of love handles for people experiencing difficulties removing stubborn fat with exercise and diet. UK provide 360 lipo procedure to reduce love handles in men and women. Patients seeking to remove love handles in London, UK, can have multiple choices of hospitals and plastic surgeons at different cost ranges. They offer customized procedures to lose love handles fast.


Knee & Calf Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,000

Knee and calf liposuction remove the excess fat from knees and legs. This plastic surgery removes the puffy appearance of the legs. Ankles and calf liposuction help to get slim and toned legs with an attractive appearance. Knee and calf can be done in combination procedures. Knee Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 4,000, and Calf Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 3,000.


Back Liposuction Cost in the UK: GBP 3,750

Back Liposuction and plastic surgery are designed to slim down the back by removing excess fat. The upper and lower back are the wide fat storage parts in the body. Men and women both experience back fat due to aging or weight gain. Back fat will sometimes remain the same even after losing weight. Bra bulges and upper back fat appear like fat pockets from clothes and lower confidence in wearing fitting clothes. Patients can have the option to combine back fat lipo with a tummy tuck, BBL, or thigh liposuction. Patients can have a more voluminous and younger appearance after back liposuction surgery.

VASER Liposuction UK Prices

Best plastic surgeons in the UK offer free consultations for VASER Liposuction. VASER liposuction cost is chosen for different areas of the body for fat removal. The cost for One Area:  £2,600, Two Areas: £3,850, Three Areas £5,000, Four Areas £6,000. A combination of areas may increase the total prices. VASER liposuction addresses the negative effects of traditional liposuction surgery, which can cause the risk of swelling and bruising. 

VASER Hi Def Liposuction Cost UK

VASER Hi-Definition liposuction is a specialized technique that enhances musculature definition in specific parts. Several surgeons use VASER to remove fat cells from different spots in the body. However, VASER hi-def liposuction procedure is only performed by specially trained surgeons, and they are more expensive than other liposuction procedures. This specialized Hi-Def technique freezes the faces stuck on the top layer of muscle fibers. VASER Hi-Definition liposuction cost range between £5,000 and £15,000 at a reputable clinic in the UK.

360 Liposuction UK Cost

360 VASER lipo cost UK varies and falls under £15,000. The cost of 360 liposuction in the UK depends on the treatment area size. This plastic surgery technique comes with an expensive tag. Patients can have options to choose cheaper lipo 360 treatments, but that may cause a slight risk of injury during procedures.

Does NHS Cover Liposuction?

Liposuction is a medical technique for fat removal during plastic surgery. The liposuction surgery aims to create body contours and smooth skin to enhance appearance. Therefore, liposuction procedure cost is not covered by NHS in the UK. But NHS offers insurance for reconstructive surgeries with liposuction, which are medically necessary.

Plastic surgery for reconstructive reasons is carried out free of charge by NHS, but the availability differs around the country and is determined by local integrated care boards. Plastic surgeons in the UK have extensive training and are part of the British Association, so most people get a reference from NHS plastic surgeons by GP or specialist consultants.

Liposuction Procedure Success Rate in the UK

Liposuction has a high success rate of 95% with low complications in the UK. The UK provides standard procedures, the highest quality medical materials, the latest medicines, and various procedures for different needs. Patients are highly satisfied with liposuction surgery results.

Liposuction Cost in UK: Reviews

  • The UK provides the most expensive and high-quality liposuction procedures for facial plastic surgery, breast augmentation, breast reduction, Brazilian butt lift, thighs, and abdomen Liposuction.
  • Patients are extremely satisfied with care and treatments in the UK.
  • Plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and the medical team behave friendly and very informative. They explain everything about procedures and post-operative care.
  • The patient will receive intensive care, follow-ups, recovery medications, and guidelines.
  • Leading hospitals for liposuction surgeries in the UK provide effective and up-to-date techniques like Laser treatments, Lipo 360, VASER liposuction, and hi-def liposuction procedures.

Why Travel to the UK for Liposuction Surgery?

The UK is a world leader in providing top-quality health care. Here patients from the middles east and around the world can get access to standard procedures. Here are the things why you should travel to London, UK, for Liposuction


Quality & Transparency

The UK offers high-quality care for every liposuction procedure. The private hospitals in the UK provide the most expensive treatments at the highest level. Their medicines and technologies are more advanced. The outstanding care and transparency between patient and their treatment make them remain positive and keep realistic expectations.


First-Class Products

The UK is a developed destination for Liposuction and other medical surgeries, where they provide first-class medical services and products required for treatments and surgeries. The well-being and safety of the patient are considered the priority in UK hospitals.


Latest Technologies

Reconstructive and plastic surgery is a combination that has more risk of complications. UK provides top-quality modern equipment and technologies like Lipo 360 and VASER high-def liposuction procedures, which provide scarless plastic and cosmetic surgeons with a low risk of complication.


Best Hospitals and Qualified Surgeons

Liposuction is performed in private hospitals for plastic surgery. UK’s private hospitals are leading among the best in the world. Several specialist surgeons practice in London and lead the world in their respective fields. Every hospital is efficient and clean, with friendly and attentive staff who deal with overseas patients. The UK does not offer cheap liposuction procedures. There are only expensive but highest quality treatments available. Traveling to the UK for fat removal surgery with Liposuction allows you to have treatment in a fascinating country. Along with liposuction surgery, patients can enjoy a tour of UK history and shopping and, after treatment, patients can have fresh air by sightseeing during recovery.

Liposuction Before And After UK

The patient will have to take pictures by the medical team before and after a liposuction procedure. Before and after surgery pictures will help to know the difference in fat removal. Physicians recommend only 5 liters of fat removal during every liposuction procedure, which is approximately 4 – 5 kg. Patients will need multiple procedures if multiple areas are being treated.

How to Book an Appointment with Plastic Surgeons in the UK?

Booking a consultation may be challenging as scammers might catch you up. Please write to us we will connect you with the best plastic surgeons in the UK. Our trusted hospitals and doctors’ network will guide you. You can meet plastic surgeons in your location or via video consultation virtually. Patients can get tailored treatment plans with all-inclusive quotes and private health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is 360 Liposuction UK?

360 liposuction in the UK cost range between £3,750 – £10,000.


How Much Fat Can Be Removed With Liposuction UK?

According to safety guidelines, only 3 liters of fat removal is allowed per session.


Does Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

The removed fat will not come back after liposuction surgery.


Does Liposuction Leave Loose Skin?

No, the plastic surgeon will remove the sagging skin and excess fat during liposuction surgery.


What Are The Dangers Of Liposuction?

Liposuction complications include numbness, infection, fluid buildup, fat embolism, heart problems, and lidocaine toxicity.


Can You Get Liposuction Twice?

A second liposuction procedure is performed if the patient has additional fatty deposits. However, Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.


The UK provides high-quality and expensive liposuction treatments. There is a wide range of liposuction procedures available in the UK. All the private clinics offer different types of cosmetic surgery options with financing plans for elective surgeries and NHS coverage for reconstructive surgeries. Contact us to make an appointment with the Best Plastic surgeon in the UK. Get a second opinion about Liposuction and learn more about Liposuction Cost in the UK.

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