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Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin


Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin earned his doctorate in the Istanbul University Periodontology Department after graduating from the Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin to gum disease during the study, dental treatment of gum disease and surgery should gingival treatments, implant operations graft membrane, enamel matrix proteins, etc. advanced in the gums and alveolar bone, such as the application of materials has carried out the treatment of diseases associated with destruction.


Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Information


Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
Istanbul University Periodontology Department
Wroclaw Medical University


Private Practice from Mar 2014 – Present
Citydent from Oct 2014 – Present
DoktorLaçin from Jan 2014 – Present
İstanbul Kent Üniversitesi from Apr 2020 – Present



Area of Interest

  • Dental and Gum Diseases
  • Periodontology Surgery
  • Gum recessions
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum Bleeding
  • Implant

Why choose Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin?

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin is a well-known Turkish periodontist with many years of experience in this field. He handles his patients with care and provides the best services possible. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin offers a variety of services, including Periodontology Surgery, gum recessions, and gingivitis, among others. Patients come from all over the world to see him for treatment. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin graduated from top Turkish universities and performs surgery at his clinic, where he serves a large number of patients with a high success rate of his surgeries.

How to get surgery cost?

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin’s surgery cost is now available through his clinic, primarily to assist his foreign patients in learning everything they can about him and the procedures before visiting him. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin is well-known for his low-cost surgeries and treatments, which benefit many people from other countries. So, in order to obtain Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin’s surgery cost, you must first contact his clinic and provide details about the treatment you desire, as well as reports for them, in order to obtain an estimate of his surgery cost.

Reviews on Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin is a well-known paediatrician in Turkey. He is well-known for his expertise services, and his previous patients value his advice and travel from all over the world to see him. His patients rate him the highest and are more likely to refer him to their friends and family in their home country, which increases Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin’s popularity. In his many years of experience, he has performed many specialised surgeries and has consistently provided excellent results to his patients.

Will I find negative reviews for Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin?

Past patients regard Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin as one of the best periodontists in the country, and they value his surgical procedures and are pleased with the results of the surgeries he performs. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin also provides services at a low cost, which attracts more patients and never gives them the opportunity to write a negative review on Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin.

Summary on Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Qualification Periodontist
Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Address Kartaltepe, İncirli Cd. No:66 D:3B, 34144 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Ratings 4.8
Is Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Friendly? Yes
Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Consultation fee Around 70 USD
Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Contact Number Contact us here.
Is Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Board Certified Surgeon? Yes
Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Currently working Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Clinic 
Common treatments performed by Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Sinus Lift, Impacted tooth extraction, implantology, Jawbone Melting

Where can I find Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Reviews?

You can find Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin reviews here.

Where does Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin work?

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin works at Op. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Clinic.

What is Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Hospital Address?

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin is currently practicing at Op. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Clinic.
Op. Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin Clinic: Kartaltepe, İncirli Cd. No:66 D:3B, 34144 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

What is Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin consultation fee?

Dr Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin consultation fee is around 70 USD – 100 USD.


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