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Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan – Best Endocrinologist

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is a pioneer in the field of Endocrinology, with an unwavering commitment to reversing the rising incidences of Diabetes in the Indian population. With an experience of 40 years in this field, Dr. Jhingan presently holds the position of Senior Director, Endocrinology & Diabetes, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital.

What sets him apart is his deep passion and commitment to changing the general perception of society towards Diabetes. He firmly believes in prevention and management of Diabetes through lifestyle modifications and self-care, and has undertaken various initiatives towards this end.

With his vast knowledge and expertise, he has helped countless individuals in managing their Diabetes and leading a healthy life. Dr. Ashok Jhingan’s patient-centric approach and personalized treatment plans make him stand out as a leading Endocrinologist. If you are looking for a trusted doctor to help you manage your Diabetes, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is the one to choose.

Education and training

Dr. Jhingan started his journey in medicine by completing his MBBS degree from G B Pant Hospital / Moulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi in 1972. After completing his MBBS, Dr. Jhingan went on to pursue his MD in General Medicine from AIIMS in New Delhi, which he completed in 1974.

In addition to his degrees, Dr. Jhingan has also completed several certifications, including MAMS, FICA, and FIAMS.

Work Experience

  • Jhingan currently holds the position of Senior Director at the Centre for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity & Endocrinology at BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi.
  • In addition to his work at BLK-Max, Dr. Jhingan also serves as a Senior Consultant at two other prestigious hospitals in New Delhi – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and National Heart Institute.
  • Jhingan has also served as the President of the Diabetes Education & Research Foundation in New Delhi.

Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan has been honored with several awards and recognitions for his outstanding work. One of his most notable achievements is creating three individual Guinness World Records for screening the highest number of patients for Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Nephropathy, and Diabetic Neuropathy.


One of the most significant memberships of Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is with the Diabetes Association of India (DAI). He has been an active member of this organization for many years and has contributed significantly to its various activities and initiatives.

Apart from DAI, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is also a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). As a member of ADA, Dr. Jhingan has access to the latest research and advancements in the field of diabetes care and management.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is registered with the Delhi Medical Council, with registration number 10900.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan is a highly respected endocrinologist who has built a reputation as one of the top doctors in his field. Patients who have had the opportunity to receive care from him have consistently provided positive feedback and reviews. Patients have noted his ability to accurately identify and treat disorders related to the endocrine system, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances.

Dr. Jhingan’s success rate is consistently high, with many patients citing significant improvements in their symptoms and overall health after receiving treatment from him. Several patients have also expressed their gratitude for Dr. Jhingan’s willingness to go above and beyond in their care. He has been known to personally follow up with patients after appointments to ensure they are feeling better and to address any further concerns they may have.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan’s Interests

Diabetes Care & Management (Endocrinology): Dr. Jhingan’s professional interest lies in the prevention and management of diabetes, with a focus on endocrinology.

Early Detection of Obesity & Diabetes in Schools: Dr. Jhingan believes in starting early when it comes to preventing diabetes, and he has taken several initiatives to detect obesity and diabetes in schools and promote healthy habits among children.

Spreading Awareness about Diabetes & How to Prevent It: Dr. Jhingan is a strong advocate for spreading awareness about diabetes and educating people about how to prevent it. He often holds workshops and awareness campaigns to encourage individuals to take care of their health.

Eradicating Diabetes as a Social Stigma: Dr. Jhingan recognizes that diabetes is often stigmatized in society, and he is working towards eradicating this stigma by educating people about the disease and its management.

Adopting Socio-economically Poor Type-1 Diabetic Patients for Treatment: Dr. Jhingan is committed to making diabetes treatment accessible to all, and he has taken the initiative to adopt socio-economically poor Type-1 diabetic patients for treatment, providing them with the care and support they need to manage their condition.

Common Treatments by Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan specializes in treating various endocrine disorders in both children and adults. Some of the common treatments provided by Dr. Jhingan include:

  • Growth Disorders: Jhingan provides comprehensive care for children with growth disorders, including short stature, delayed puberty, and other growth-related issues.
  • Insulin PUMP Therapy: Jhingan specializes in the management of diabetes, and offers insulin pump therapy, a modern approach to insulin delivery that offers better control of blood sugar levels.
  • Paediatric Endocrinology: Jhingan has extensive experience in treating various endocrine disorders in children, including growth disorders, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and more.
  • Reproductive Endocrinology: Jhingan offers advanced treatments for reproductive endocrine disorders, including PCOD, infertility, and other issues related to the reproductive system.

Other conditions that Dr. Jhingan commonly treats include cystic fibrosis, high cholesterol, diabetology, metabolism, pituitary disorders, adrenal disorders, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, hypertension, and hypogonadism. He also offers diabetes stem cell treatment and endocrine stem cell therapy, which use stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues and restore endocrine function.

Dr. Jhingan also offers thyroidectomy for patients with thyroid cancer or other thyroid disorders that require surgery.


1. What is endocrinology?

Endocrinology is a medical specialty that deals with the study of hormones, their functions, and their disorders. It covers a wide range of conditions related to hormone imbalances, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and adrenal disorders, among others.

2. What are the areas of expertise of Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan?

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of endocrine disorders, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, pituitary disorders, and reproductive disorders.

3. Does Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan treat children as well as adults?

Yes, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan treats both children and adults with endocrine disorders.

4. Does Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan offer online consultations?

Yes, Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan offers online consultations.

5. How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan?

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashok Kumar Jhingan online here.

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