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Dr. Muhammet Dilber – Find Price and Reviews


Otolaryngologist (ENT) treatments are been offered by the high standard experienced and skilled surgeons and specialists. Surgical and non-surgical ENT surgeries is performed widely in Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul, many well-known surgeons are experts in Plastic surgeries, ENT diseases, etc. Today, we will learn about one of the best surgeons in ENT surgeons in Turkey Dr. Muhammet Dilber. And also about his Dr. Muhammet Dilber Price, Reviews, and consultant fees.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber is one of the surgeons who provide services for ENT diseases. He provides popular treatments like rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Nasal Tip Surgery, Septoplasty, and many other services and treats his patients in his clinic in Istanbul. His treatments are cost-effective with good outcomes for any surgical procedure.

If we talk about his educational, Dr. Muhammet Dilber graduated from Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine. And done specialization in Dept. of ENT Diseases from Uludag University. Worked at Safa Hospital in the ENT center for 5 years. Now he practices his operation in Bakirkoy Acidem Hospital, Safa Hospital, and American Hospital. Dr. Dilber is been experienced for over 21 years. He considered his treatment in every age group.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber’s patients are around the world. His staff is good in both Turkish and English language. Their focus is to provide satisfactory outcomes to their patients. They also invite overseas patients to their clinic. The surgeries are been performed by the experts in their clinic. And their clinic is been accredited by the Turkish Medical Association.


Dr. Muhammet Dilber Qualification Specialized in ENT Surgeries
Address of Dr. Muhammet Dilber Ataköy 2-5-6. Mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. No:4 Yalı Ataköy Apart Ofis C Blok B Girişi, D:29, 34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey
Dr. Muhammet Dilber Ratings 4.8
Is Dr. Muhammet Dilber Friendly? Yes
Consultation fee for Dr. Muhammet Dilber Around 100 USD
Contact Number of Dr. Muhammet Dilber Contact us here.
Dr. Muhammet Dilber Currently working Private Clinic
Common surgeries performed by Dr. Muhammet Dilber Rhinoplasty, Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeries



Work Experience

21 Years of Experience


  • Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Specialization – ENT Diseases
  • Safa Hospital
  • Bakirkoy Acidem Hospital
  • American Hospital.
 Turkish Medical       Association

Services and Treatments:

Services Treatments
Adenoid Surgery Abscess Incision and Drainage Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage Anosmia (Inability to Smell)
Application of Tympanostomy Tube Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Displacement of Crystals in the Ear Concha Enlargement
Audiometry-Audiometry Adenoidectomy ear discharge Cyst
Computed Tomography Scan(Bt) Bionic Ear – Cochlear Implant Eardrum Perforation Ear Diseases
Ear Aesthetics Ear Tube Insertion Earwax ENT Diseases
Eardrum Replacement Glossectomy Head and Neck Cancers Fluid Collection in the Middle Ear
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery hemiglossectomy Nasal Congestion Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)
Endovascular Embolization Laceration Repair Nose bleeding Hearing Impairments
Immunization laryngoscopy Nasal Valve Failure Hoarseness
laryngectomy myringotomy Oral Cavity Cancer Nasal Septum Deviation
Middle Ear Surgery Otoacoustic Emission otosclerosis Nose curvature
Nasal Valve Surgery parathyroidectomy Pharyngeal Paralysis Nose Octopus
Nose Aesthetics polysomnography Pituitary Tumor Otitis (ear Inflammation)
Otoplasty rhinoplasty Respiratory arrest during sleep Salivary Gland Cancers
Radiofrequency Applications Septoplasty(Nasal Airway Surgery) respiratory tract infections Septum Deviation
Revision Nose Aesthetics Sinus Surgery Rusty tongue Sinusitis
Robotic Surgery Snoring Surgery Sinusitis Snore
Septum Perforation Repair somnoplasty Tinnitus Postnasal drip
Tympanoplasty Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Throat Inflammation Thyroid Goiter
Tonsillectomy Turbinectomy Wegener Granulomatosis Throat ache

Why choose Dr. Muhammet Dilber?

If you want to treat under Dr. Muhammet Dilber. There are many such things you will be grateful for after the surgery. Such as:
– provide you with a comfortable and painless surgery.
– Consider all situational problems before treating his patients.
– Person with a good attitude and professionalism.
– Well-managed and behavioral staff member to carry out from beginning to end of the procedure.
– Natural-looking surgeries
– Overseas patients find him as the best doctor in Turkey.
– provides various types of surgeries which we are going to mention below.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber’s Reviews?

Reviews of Dr. Dilber is always been satisfactory results giving new hope to many new attending patients in the future. Past patients show them by sharing a picture of before and after which has been a great proven result of a successful doctor. Experienced and skilled doctors always provide good results to their patients. But, with the efforts of doctors, patients also need to take care of them to show good results. Cost-effective surgery, providing accommodation to overseas patients, hygienic hospital all show his medical ethics towards his job. Dr. Dilber’s focus is on providing the best services to his patients which he learned in his medical career and gives good outcomes as per the patient’s needs.

Dr. Muhammet Dilber’s Price:

Popular Treatment Price (USD)
Septoplasty 2000
Closed Rhinoplasty 2100
otoplasty 1500
Open Rhinoplasty 2045

The above provide price list is an estimated one. If want to know any other type of surgery’s price of Dr. Muhammet Dilber. Contact us now. To get the details price list. For example: – Accommodations, Hospital charges, pre-medical check-ups, post medication period etc.

If any botched surgeries of Dr. Muhammet Dilber?

Botched surgeries are considered bad reviews. A bad review of a doctor can happen in many ways,
-related to the consultant (not a smooth process, staff are not cooperating properly)
-hygiene of the clinic is not good
-Staff’s behavior is not up to the mark
-surgery is not properly done
-following with many pre-tests but also surgery went botched.
-doctors have not skilled their expertise in the desired way.
-after the medication process goes wrong by the patient is also considered a bad review.

Contact No.


Consultant Fee

Contact us here Ataköy 2-5-6. Mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. No:4 Yalı Ataköy Apart Ofis C Blok B Girişi, D:29, 34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey 100 USD

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